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Higurashi and Shiki are similar to each other in that both take place in small villages where mysterious deaths occur. Higurashi, however, contains slapstick comedic scenes to a degree, which is kept to a minimum in Shiki.
report Recommended by Cloud668
When i watched Shiki i felt from the very start the same atmosphere that Higurashi was used to give me. The more the story was going on, and the more that feeling was becoming stronger. Yep, both series really have many similitudes: - in both stories everything starts in those little and "calm" villages - both series' main subjects are the weird deaths (murders) that will shock the villagers - both anime have quite a well-made mystery atmosphere; whenever someone finds something, another thing will happen and you wont have to finish to realize all hints yet, until the end. The mystery affects both pubblic and characters, which i   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both anime gives the same feeling overall, both plots start off mysterious & similar, in Shiki an unknown case of illness spreads around in a village while in Higurashi mysterious serial murders occur. In both, the male protagonists (Natsuno & Keiichi) move from the   read more
report Recommended by LadyMaya
Both animes have the same initial plot: a peaceful rural village that is suddenly surrounded by deadly mysteries. They both carry the mysteries they hold very well, and go gradually solving them and at the same time throwing other hints at the viewers. Coincidentally, Rika Furude (from Higurashi) and Sunako Kirishiki (from Shiki) share an strong resemblance. Both girls have blue-ish hair, both change moods from cute little girls to wise leaders, and also both are revealed to have a similar dark secret. Also, both animes verge on the supernatural when showing the solutions to the crimes/mysteries. The culture of the people, revolving around legends and   read more
report Recommended by Benthos
These animes are very similar .Peaceful villages where starts to happened very weird things.People that are dieing/disappearing.And many atoher similat things.
report Recommended by MsCrazyanimegirl
The three seasons of Higurashi are having the same dark atmosphere as Shiki and both anime contain an ''illness'' all over the village.
report Recommended by xChanChan
The animes both take place in a small town where strange and bizarre things begin to occur. Both have seemingly innocent girls in them who turns out to be murderous.
report Recommended by papercutsmiley
Both are set in an extremely small town where mysteries are appearing. Both seem pretty innocent and calm, but actually have deeper meanings in them involving death. Also, in both animes there is a type of illness or disease that only effect the people of the village.
report Recommended by deadaccount0000
Both Shiki and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni both take place in similar settings, country side villages. There is peaceful atmosphere waiting to shatter, however that is about where their relations end- other than the death and suspense, of course. Shiki is more of a mysterious string of murder cases that have a definite antagonist, whereas Higurashi is the tellings of a small group that switch off the role of the antagonist.
report Recommended by Tapioca-ji
They really look like each other. If you like vampires.
report Recommended by iDream
Part of me feels like Shiki is trying to be Higurashi. Both are very psychological, filled with Horror, and set in a small villiage removed from the general world. Shiki also has moments of violence rivaling Higurashi.
report Recommended by The_Nonaness
Both involve a mysterious "curse" going around the village.
report Recommended by Rezurrekt
Both are about remote villages that start to experience strange deaths.
report Recommended by Amane8009
Both have a very mysterious and intense story. Similar in feel and mood, both kind of have a thriller/horror-like feel.. They're both shrouded in a suspense that keeps one wanting to know what's going to happen next.
report Recommended by QiShinobi
They both have that creepy small-town, many horrible deaths going around & trying to figure out what's causing them.
report Recommended by minorinchan
The first few episodes both of these animes seem to have a calmer feel to them, but as they open up reveal something much darker. Both are packed with blood (At least in the last episodes of Shiki) and have a more psychotic side to them. They also have a good amount of mystery in it, too.
report Recommended by Nozoming
Both anime take place on a isolated village, where strange things start to happen, with a great plot behind everything.
report Recommended by Morbyllan
both of them have a plot about a town and there is a disease in it but the difference is that in shiki, there are vampires and zombies
report Recommended by SHLxx
Both are set in a rural ton where unknown horrific events unfold
report Recommended by KuroAshiSanji
-Both have mysterious deaths in a small village -Both say that there is a cursed/legend that is causing the deaths but neither believes in it at first
report Recommended by Shuule
I think Higurashi no Naku Koro ni relates to Shiki more than Another. Shiki and Higurashi are both set in villages. Also, Another focuses quite a bit on school. Though Higurashi does a bit, not near as much as Another. I don't recall the school ever shown in Shiki.
report Recommended by Ayane
Both are horror/psychological shows are set in very secluded areas in Japan and involve many people dying. They both have strange art styles but still manage to pull off being horror anime very well and give off similar feelings.
report Recommended by Asfaria
- follows a story of a man who just recently moved to a remote town and unravels a supernatural mystery that is occurring in it. - lots people killing and dying. In Higurashi, it is caused by a conspiracy only labeled as "curse", while in Shiki, it is caused by vampires. - same foreboding feel when you watch it. - both have too much killing and gore. beware. - nice plot twist.
report Recommended by raviel_ken
Supernatural thriller-horror. Takes place in a village with a secret. A lot of death, mayhem and confusion. Dark, paranoid undertones.
report Recommended by Redherring23
Both have great, intense stories, both are quite gory, both involves an isolated small village surrounded by a mystery that involves the death of many people. Shiki will fill the void caused by Higurashi better than any other series in the same genre.
report Recommended by Ren0001
Both has a mysterious chain death in some village, and had a similar storyline. both story contain some light gore and produce a same expression. totally enjoyable
report Recommended by Maki-Natsuo
Even though one has to do more with the supernatural and vampires, Each centers around the story and characters than action. Higurashi is bloodier, but shiki is easier to follow. However each treats the audience like intelligent adults instead of stupid kids looking for there next fan-service fap-fest. They have aspects of both surprise and wonder that drags you to the next episode. If there is one thing i want to warn you about though - Watch higurashi subbed, because the dub SUCKED ASS!!!!
report Recommended by oscer191
They are both of the horror/psychological/thriller genre. Both revolve around mysterious, rural towns with some sort of secret (a curse in Higurashi, 'monsters' in Shiki). There is a fair amount of gore and a generally creepy atmosphere in both.
report Recommended by tearbender
Both shows are verry good if you love horror and gore. If you are a horror fan you should give it a try, its one of the best.
report Recommended by SuperZeldaGirl
Both located in some isolated country village where dark mysteries occur. They're both chilling to watch and will make you seriously think.
report Recommended by Blind-1
- Both the shows focus on mysterious deaths happening in a rather isolated village. - Both of them involve students investigating majority of the time. - Both have murders which are disturbing as hell. - Both are extremely depressing to watch. (Trust me) Although Higurashi has different arcs which involve a 180 degree turn, I would still suggest that those who liked Higurashi (I feel sorry for you if you liked all those murders, unless you deeply hated many of the characters, just like I did) will surely like Shiki as well.
report Recommended by One
Both are dark horror anime set in a rural village cut off from the outside world. They both feature the male lead (or in Shiki's case, one of the male leads) moving to the village from the city, and a chain of mysterious deaths starts happening. They both have interesting mysteries and strikingly similar settings, not to mention they both contain quite the gorey scenes.
report Recommended by Scarlet_Fairy23
Do you like horror, centered around a small village? You'll also enjoy this one for sure. Messing with you emotions, is what these series do great. Also: both contain characters with colorful hairstyles, which is nice.
report Recommended by Dinoe
Both are very dark and some of the best horror shows I have ever seen. Shiki may start out with slow but try your best to stick it through until the OVA episode. Definitely the best OVA I have ever seen, and made it all worth it.
report Recommended by Doctor_Ghost
*both are dark horror anime set in a small village where mysterious things are happening. *both have characters that are kind of crazy.
report Recommended by Nashi_Nashi
They both take place in a small village.. some characters from Shiki are similar to Higurashi, also they both have great mysteries
report Recommended by FinNote
A story very Simillar to Higurashi series...Both of them takes place in a Small village,have the same Horror,supernatural feel to It..& both of them deserves a high praise on Tragic horror stories too. A very Dark,Mysterious,Horror,Supernatural,Vampire based thriller that gives off the same vibe as Higurashi series. The anime might seem boring on first few episodes but have some patience...because your patience will be rewarded as the story keeps unravelling & takes a huge turn to being a pure horror,Tragedic thriller that will give you the chills & the thrills. The story is so emotional & tragic that you will even pity the villains at some point. 😣😭
report Recommended by M3Cyberpunk
Small, isolated village settings, full of suspense, violence and death. Higurashi and Shiki skillfully meld their dark themes and messages into their classic horror premise and unique stories. Higurashi stands out as particularly innovative in terms of its story whereas the most pronounced feature of Shiki is its eye-catching art.
report Recommended by Platypus7
Both shows deal with a deadly mystery surrounding a village to which the main characters must fight before the lives of all inhabitants are harmed are endangered.
report Recommended by Tery1015
Both are horror, supernatural and psychological thriller series that center around solving the mysterious deaths that keep happening in their small towns in the countryside. Hinamizawa and Sotoba, the settings of each, are quite similar. The general tone of the two is comparable as well since they share so many genres, though Higurashi takes place over multiple seasons while Shiki is just one.
report Recommended by TheFlyingOrange
Both are playing in a small town/village where people start dying or vanishing through mysterious ways.
report Recommended by ShiionKoro
Although most of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni's and Shiki's story and characters are not alike, their settings are. Both of these great horror series take place in a small, rural village in which a teenage boy has moved to in the past year. He is ultimately important in understanding and defeating the evil within the village.
report Recommended by Baikaiya
Slow-burning horror thrillers about mysterious deaths and disappearances happening in one small village, Masters of long-term storytelling, with a lot of build up that pays off in some of the best and most satisfying finales in anime, in epic and horrific final arcs. Higurashi is not 100% a horror show, with a lot of mystery and slice-of-life elements, but both shows still deliver some of the best horror scenes in anime.
report Recommended by Kiwii_121
Both involve... - A dangerous mystery within a small village - A twisting plot perspective, making it hard to determine who the hero is - A unique set of diverse characters that all have some secret to be kept from everyone else PogU
report Recommended by NewLandofSand
Another really dark, enjoyable anime with some gore that has a lot of psychological aspects to it.
report Recommended by meerkatmarvit
Both stories are set in a small rural village where dark things are kept secret. They both follow a similar story-arch.
report Recommended by siiimon
Happens in a small, isolated village where a series of strange deaths takes place.
report Recommended by Rokudo30
Boy moves to a small village and slowly learns of the dark secrets.
report Recommended by Unkolevi
If you enjoy higurashi, you'll enjoy shiki. Both are really good horror anime, and both have good storyline, and plot twists.
report Recommended by Littlecupcake974
Both have a protagonist that's thrown into a cursed village, they both share gruesome deaths and involve death in general.
report Recommended by Furo6448
Both about diseases and about small villiages and have alot of death and murder
report Recommended by arbok3135
Both are horror-series play out in a small rural town, where people die or disappear in mysterious ways. The main difference ofc being the time a new watcher needs to understand what is happening - few shows throw as many red herrings as Higurashi. Also, even though Higurashi is creepier, I think Shiki is more depressing than it is scary.
report Recommended by Nuke_Gunray
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