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Nov 15, 2019 12:10 PM
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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note
Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note
Oct 17, 2019 4:22 PM
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Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Sep 13, 2018 9:38 AM
Reading 841/56 · Scored -
Golden Kamuy
Golden Kamuy
Jul 19, 2018 5:30 PM
Reading 166/? · Scored 10
Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Jul 19, 2018 5:25 PM
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Balut May 23, 11:00 AM
Let me know if you got my PM!
Mai88 Oct 22, 2019 7:11 AM
Senpai I'm sorry too! I've been so busy that I've been blocking everything else out, like I barely watch anything nowadays and it's been a while since I can enjoy gaming sth. But I missed you too! It's been a while since we talked even though we talked a bit on twitter already! But I miss the old days, remember me writing you novels and apologizing again and again? haha xD
But I know that feel, you take on stuff and then try to do it once you have a bit more free time, then something else comes up or you forget or just got lazy xD For me I just feel so sleepy every day and when I've finished the stuff I wanted to do for the day, I go to sleep LOL or maybe it's just me because I need so much sleep.

but that's so cool Senpai! Being a lawyer and all y'know! I still have all the job interviews and all in front of me, but first need to graduate lol. My deadline for my thesis is on the 11th November, 11/11 see? so weird haha.
Oh I see! I hope you'll find sth that you'd rather like to do! As for me, I don't really know what I want to become, it's so difficult to know what you really want right? and then you try things out but then you realize you don't like it that much >_<'

Oh yes! I've seen YagaKimi ofc, my favorite manga so the anime was a must seen! We need a sequel tho!! and I still need to read the last last chapter lol, been forgetting about it.
I've watched Blackfox recently ( It's a cool action movie about (gay) ninjas in a modern setting xD It wasnt long so you could watch that easily in a session! xD I liked it, even though I want a sequel too >__<
and hmm what else, we only have Fragtime later in November which would be yuri related, and idk if you watched it yet but I loved Liz and the Blue Bird! It's so gay and so beautiful. I love the ship there, and it was so calming and relaxing. It's another movie so you can finish that easily in one go, I really recommend it, I've scored it with 10 on MAL xD there's a bitter aftertaste though because of the KyoAni arson attack ;w; I know that the character designer for that movie died in the attack ;__; really don't understand why people do that but- didn't mean to bring down the mood! so yeah, I recommend these two movies which are for the lazy like us xD I wouldn't be able to finish a whole season anyway, I started Demon Slayer since I saw it being hyped everywhere but- I think 26 eps? I've only finished 2 and already slowly forgetting about it xD but I'm busy and will have surgery after my thesis so maybe I can watch it while my leg heals lol. nothing serious, just a small surgery at my right ankle, but after the surgery I'll be unable to move for a while so I can finally start Fire Emblem three houses and game and watch anime lol

Hope you're okay senpai! Take as much time as you need to reply if you want! If not that's okay too! You'll always be my senpai and I'll poke you on twitter from time to time >:)
Mai88 Aug 7, 2019 3:20 PM
Senpaiiii~ long time no see! Idk if you're active on twitter or not, haven't seen you there for a long time either. Wanted to ask you how life's going for you. Still busy as ever? Did you settle down somewhere yet? Been so lazy with anime/manga lately but maybe you have some interesting shows you can recommend me owo
Balut Sep 27, 2018 9:05 AM
HAPPY BELATED MY PRECIOUS YURI LOVING FRIEND!! Thank you for your amazing birthday wishes. As always, im bad at wishing you a happy birthday on your ACTUAL birthday. I have started work after graduation so its been hectic and have not had a chance to message you back. Perhaps we can try shorter Private Messages so it can be more often? May goddess Utena and Madokami have mercy on our filthy weeb souls LMAO. I love and miss our conversations. I hope you had an amazing birthday!!
Glub Aug 4, 2018 12:43 PM
Yeah I remember you used to play Rusty Hearts acting like a girl.
I tried to play it again months ago but the game is long gone :(

Some guys tried to create a private server to play rusty hearts but they failed hard.
What a shame.

I watched the first episodes from Golden Kamuy and I really enjoyed it specially the little girl.
She is so funny and cute.

This scene is so gold.

Oh she is a bit creepy but her voice is awesome. Is she a bit shoujo ai?
Well, if you like her, probably she is.

Glub Jul 22, 2018 9:00 PM
That was nothing. Years ago I changed my gender to female hoping some otakus would hit on me.
That was absolute madness!!1
Too bad none tried to seduce me :(

I saw some scenes from Golden Kamuy in the yt and it looks like the animation is fine.
Oh? Damn anime elitists! They force the shows to not use lots of hot girls in the anime.
I miss the old days when it was boobs everywhere.

*Gogling GAR*
Oh shit >.<

And who is this new girl on ur profile that doesn't show her eyes?

Glub Jul 20, 2018 8:34 PM
Yeah that was crazy. I never saw MAL going down for such a long time.

I didn't change anything. The only thing I changed was my gender to non-binary because Im a wannabe troll.

Huh? Okay, Im sure it was on your list. Sorry for not noticing it senpai.
Megumin is by far my favorite character in the show. She is awesome.

And Im gonna check Golden Kamuy that you are watching. I saw it in some random youtube list of top 100 shows from 2018 you must watch right now so it must be good.
Btw, are there many hot girls in this anime??

Glub May 15, 2018 4:41 PM
Usually I come back to MAL just when Im depressed but this time Im fine.

Huh? Idk what you are talking about. My favorites are super updated.
Are you ok? Did you hit ur head on a truck or something?

You really need to watch Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (Anime that I added to my fav list years ago) to feel better.

So you will know the best character ever made
Glub May 7, 2018 5:43 PM
Morbylan you really need to update ur fav animes and mangas.
They are so fking old.

p.s Now I speak english very good :)
Balut Dec 24, 2017 5:35 PM
I've been so worried about you, Morby-kun! You haven't signed on since September!

Im so glad you dropped by to wish me a merry christmas and a happy new year. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AS WELL!! I cannot believe we have been talking for 5 years now!! and over 200 conversations!! I think that means I must visit Brazil and you must visit NYC some time soon!

Perhaps we can send each other gifts at some point! But that will have to start once both of us gets less busy! My last semester of college starts at the end of January, so i pray that you will pass your important test :)

Wishing you all the best and holiday yuri kisses!
This 2018 will be the gayest once Citrus starts :D

Talk to ya soon!
Balut Sep 26, 2017 3:03 PM
I hope all the yuri gods bless you with good gay kisses.

Things are going well but also very busy with school :x.

Im glad you are starting on your response! Super excited to hear more, love ya too
Balut Jul 25, 2017 1:07 PM
Hail to you, my Dear-Morby! Hope you are doing well! I will be organizing my reply so it is a little more structured so I can easily go through it!! Hope you don’t mind. Also, WOW IT’S KIND OF ALMOST BEEN A YEAR SINCE I REPLIED, HOW DREADFUL OF ME.

Fall and Spring semester were very hard semester’s work-wise. I started to get into the groove of being secretary of anime club and I am now (AHEM) the elected PRESIDENT of my anime club on campus for my senior year, starting this fall. Spring semester was especially busy since I took 2 online classes and I got an internship that was unpaid but I had a very rewarding time during it. Sorta scared for next year since i’m gonna be a senior and the real career world is so close. Even though I had many breaks I barely had time to reply and I was kind of bad at watching the airing anime I selected.

SPRING 2016:
YES HOW AMAZING IS SANSHA SANYOU. The ending is my favorite, especially Sonobe’s beginning part! Ahhh how I missed the antics, Doga Kobo is turning into my new found fave studio. Such fluid animation for quality comedy SoL anime!! I loved Teru x Nishiyama’s character interactions, reminded me of Kyouko x Ayano in Yuru Yuri at times. Also, Sansha Sanyou is made by the same person who made Mikakunin! Both adapted by Doga Kobo (based god-like studio now).

Have you seen the JoJo live action trailers? Sort of excited for it but I didn’t like Diamond enough to be super excited for it!
Speaking of JoJo, this is important is you haven’t ever seen it. Brings up the question...who is worse? Dio or Chinatsu? I forgot if I told you this or not but I used to have this running joke with my friends who have watched Yuru Yuri and we were always like if something bad happened we were like IT WAS CHINATSU. So like for example, I’d stub my toe and a friend would be like, wow CHINATSU, she did this, it was her, what’s next? Is she going to kill my whole family now? Hahaha, I hope you get a kick out of that inside joke. NOTE: not that I hate Chinatsu or anything, it was always just fitting since she was such a rascal as a kid to Kyouko. But like...she killed my family, you know? Unforgivable.

Side Note: Biba being slang for gay in Portuguese KILLED ME. That is SO FUNNY OMG, I got such a kick out of that. RIP Attack on Trains but not really cause apparently a s2 is coming? Please stop.

SUMMER 2016:
~All will be lightning fast round of summaries~

91 days: 4/10, Western mob movie thrills, yet too many characters to keep track of, bad stop image animation and haphazard character decisions.

Amaama to Inazuma: 8/10, totally recommend, one of my top anime of 2016, Here is a reason why.

Amanchu: 5/10, sweet, but kind of yuri bait with no underwater kiss when there were ample opportunities to.

Bananya: Anime of the century. I’m joking, 5/10. It was a fun short anime but nothing else.

Cheer Danshi: 4/10, Cheer sequences were well animated but everything else was poo and boring.

Kono Bijutsubu: 6/10, Colette (blonde girl) was the source of the comedy, but did repeat jokes sometimes. I find myself missing it, though.

Love Live Sunshine: 7/10, Gay Idols confirmed, Ruby and Dia are my faves, “IT’S JOKE!!”. My body is ready for s2.

Mob Psycho 100: 7/10, wholeheartedly enjoyed, Renge is a paranormal master, I love how ONE’s protags are always like “I really don’t want to be here but ok”.

New Game: 7/10, Very Gay, yet I thought the humor was bland at times, very excited for s2.

Shokugeki no Souma 2: 6/10, good as always but way less cohesive of a story line than s1.

(To address your Beserk side note, I am well aware of how good the manga is but I watched like 5 ep of the 90’s anime last summer and wasn’t into it at first, but will try to take it off hold at some point)

FALL 2016:
~Again, lightning fast round~

3 Gatsu no Lion: 5/10, Great imagery and poetic storytelling through MC’s feelings, but the focus on the second half shifted to way too much Shogi that it became boring. It was 22 or so ep so it ended in Winter 2017, but I’ll include it here.

Brave Witches: 4/10, Good gay stuff and combat, but entertaining in a bad way for me, I missed the original girls but I liked the small appearances.

Flip Flappers: 6/10, colorful zaniness and nice twists, but there were some plot holes that made me feel uncomfortable.

Hibike 2: 6/10, Kyoani ruins my dreams with yuri bait the anime, they tryna act like Reina aint gay, Loved Asuka’s moments, though.

Keijo: 8/10, One of the best anime of 2016 (totally serious). You bet your ass I’ve seen that Keijojo video on youtube. It’s honestly just ridiculously likable and a legitimately hype sports anime. “Why are there cards coming out of her butt?!” “Ass eater Nanase” So many good quotes..

Lostorage incited WIXOSS: 4/10, Full of deus ex machina, Chii-chan hates suzuko and then doesn’t?!, Angsty childhood friends with cards. I found the explanation why the LRIGs didnt end to be stupid and the other series was way superior. However, I really like the WIXOSS world so I would watch the sequel airing in Fall 2017.

Magical Girl Raising Project: 6/10, Very strong beginning episodes and great concept along with character backstories, but fell when I felt like the writers were just killing characters just for the sake of EDGINESS. Still have no idea why the raising project continued... Good hype to chat with my friends about when it was airing though.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go: 9/10, Always poetic, amazing, simple and soothing, makes me smile so much. This season as well as Roku we got to see the POV of characters we have never thought about before.

Stella no Mahou: 7/10, Plain and sweet yet extremely enjoyable. Character interactions reminded me of Yuru Yuri. The ending song is also very good (bad quality but still worth a listen). Totally recommend.

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume (Scorching Ping Pong Girls): 7/10, A very intense girl sport anime that has funny moments and unique, likable characters. Needs a s2. Recommend 100%.

www.Working: 5/10, Repetitive jokes, forced romances, just very eh and made me miss the old Working.

Yuri on Ice: 6/10, Enjoyable to watch yes but not as good as people make it out to be. The music is great and the characters are interesting but the animation is honestly poop during the skating scenes and the gay stuff felt forced. Maybe i’m just butthurt it’s not actual yuri.

DID NOT WATCH: How did Drifters, Occultic Nine, and Shuumatsu no Izetta turn out?

MY TOP 5 OF 2016: 5. Keijo, 4. Amaama to Inazuma, 3. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, 2. Natsume Yuujinchou Go, 1. Sansha Sanyou

WINTER 2017:

~I’ll go over this season a little bit more in depth~
I almost watched Chaos Child for the sake of it being a sequel of Chaos Head but I barely finished ep 1 it was so bad.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai: 7/10, I will always watch something with monster girls in it. This is extremely funny, sweet and addresses the character’s problem/drama very appropriately. It also had great world building, like more atmosphere and setting where the demis coexist. Character interaction is great too. Succubus best girl. I would be willing to read the manga at some point. The reason i didn’t give it a higher score was because there was a character in love with a teacher, and personally I don’t like that recurring plot element in anime. I still recommend it!

Gabriel Dropout: 8/10, Based Dogo Kobo did it again. I freaking loved it. Funny, amazing music, great character dynamics and atmosphere. Satania-sama and Gab’s teleporting skirt/underwear are my faves. 8 and not a 9 cause Gabriel was not the MOST likable protag; her situations and friends were more funny than her character herself. A candidate for top 2017 anime.

Kobayashi-san: 8/10, Oh hoho Kyoani you have redeemed yourself for yuri. We have the same scores so I am sure you feel the same way; Super funny, charming, gay dragons with Nichijou or Denki-gai over the top comedy. Amazing music as well. Was not a 9 for me just cause the father drama seemed sorta unnecessary, as well as shota’s alchemy and elma’s character in general were out of place but a spectacular show. No fave character for me; kana, tohru, fafnir, kobayashi, takiya-kun, lucoa and riko are all amazing. Yet another top 2017 anime.

Kuzu no Honkai: 8/10, gosh this season was just so good for me. A dark, intelligent, profound and realistic drama/romance. It’s got incest love, unrequited yuri love, cheating (sorta?), sex, and just a lot of teenage wild feelings. I loved it, right up my ally. Some characters were irrelevant and the drama could be a tad melodramatic, so an 8 sufficed.

School Girl Strikers: 2/10, we have gone to highs to the lowest. I started watching this b/c i’m pretty sure I played the mobile app game it’s based on but also, the combat scenes in the first episode were VERY well animated and had NO CGI. Surprised, I went in cautious because I knew it was going to be the “bad anime” of this season. It def was; pacing issues, tropes, and deus ex machina plot. The 2 things I liked was some characters were likable and the ED was super catchy.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu s2: 9/10, hands down a top anime of 2017. I believe I discussed the previous season with you, but if not, it’s a beautiful drama not only about the showa-era and the art of rakugo but about what life and death means and it just touched me so much that it amazed me how thrilled I was to see how these characters ended up. You just gotta watch it. I would send you the s2 OP, but its kinda spoiler-ish to what happens in s1.

Urara Meirochou: 7/10, I really enjoyed the setting and topic this one focused on; divination/fortune telling. I see you are still watching this one as well and I hope you can agree with me that there are some Gochusa vibes where it is cute and funny but also the imagery with the divinations are beautiful. The serious plot with Chiya, her mom and her divination was unexpected, hence the low score, but it was a fun time and I would love to see their whole journey to rank 1 urara.

I surprisingly did not watch much Winter 2017, but did watch some gems. (NOTE: I did not include LWA, which I will discuss in Spring 2017, or Precure/Aikatsu Stars, which will have its own part in my “Currently Watching”)

SPRING 2017:

Alice to Zouroku: 2/10, The first episode was really cool with the whole ‘artificial children with powers’ thing but it got too serious and then the serious plot ended half way through the show, became a slice of life and then got way too serious again. However, the OP is amazing and the ED is by one of my favorite artists.

Eromanga-Sensei: 4/10, Typical oreimo feels and incest romance I guess. I didn’t find this anime as funny as Oreimo because the side characters were just not as interesting.

Hinako Note: 4/10, It was sweet and funny cute girl antics with great music but I thought the character dynamics and humor was lacking. The jokes were very repetitive and the theater stuff was very unfocused. I also could not get past the fact that the little girl prodigy advisor has fully formed boobs…

Little Witch Academia: 6/10, Cute adventures that I was looking forward too since the movies were nice and reminded me of a lot of american cartoons but it did suffer from being too predictable at times. I did not like the last episode tbh but I loved all the other episodic stuff.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: 9/10, Great feeling Natsume, It always warms my heart and makes me pray it’s not the last season. Just a very calming show.

Renai Boukun: 6/10, A funny, faced paced typical anime gag-like show, it got a little too serious in the last few episodes for my taste but it was a good time.

Shingeki no Kyojin 2: 6/10, I actually watched AnT 2 with a friend who did NOT watch the first season and still enjoyed watching with me. Same exciting titan stuff, got some more reveals but the slow disposition really made it boring at times. The ending was very hype though.

SukaSuka (Shuumatsu Nani blah blah): 3/10, This was a very interesting and unique anime that suffered from a convoluted adaptation, had an emotional ending but it did try VERY hard to be ~*PSYCHOLOGICAL*~

(I watched one episode of Sin Nanatsu no Taizai, which was an ecchi fest. NOTE: Hero Academia 2 and Sakura Quest will be talked about in Summer 2017)

SUMMER 2017:
About 3 episodes into the season right now so these are subject to change but first thoughts I guess:

Ballroom e Youkoso: One of my friends reads the manga so I decided to watch it on his recommendation. I didn’t think an anime about Ballroom dancing would be exciting, it’s a good time.

Boku no Hero Academia 2: I looove it. I relate to Deku’s worry about not being as strong as everyone else and Tsuyu my frog girl is back (FROPPY!). I get very hyped when watching it but the athletic festival really makes this season waaaay better than the first.

Centaur no Nayami: I have read some of the manga previous and forgot about it but you better keep your eyes on this. Yuri kiss count: 3 so far since 3rd ep came out. The mythological history part of it is cool too.

Gamers!: I watched this on a whim and I really enjoy it. It has the laid back club plot, good character dynamics/humor. There is also a feeling of loneliness that the characters show about gaming and I thought that was realistic. The OP also has ALOT of game references.

Kakeguri: You would really like this because of the amazing scary faces the girls make in the show. It’s about gambling and is very prison school-like. It’s pretty sick.

Koi to Uso: I think this my favorite this season, you know I love drama/romance. Decent amount of kissing already. It’s just really really good.

Made in Abyss: Perhaps the dark horse of the season. An adventure anime with some hidden mystery element that I feel will grant some tragedy in due time. Its super interesting and I could compare it to Shinsekai Yori maybe?

New Game 2: Ready for more gay, that’s all I need to say. I’ll be watching every episode with a friend who is also a fan of the first season and how cute it is.

Sakura Quest: Another P.A. Works family/group environment like Shirobako or Hanairo, It suffers from being kinda bland but they do work in a tourism board so of course it will be. The characters are relatable in the way that the theme of ‘adulting’ is hard. I’m not mad at it.

Symphogear 4: Please stop. Honestly, I watch it while I’m doing chores cause it’s getting so ridiculous with explosions and dinosaurs and I don’t even know anymore.

Classroom of the Elite (Youkoso Jitsuryouku..): I casually watched the first episode and really liked it. It’s like a more serious Baka to Test. I’m curious for more.

I guess I didn’t really watch THAT much after Aikatsu besides catching up to Aikatsu Stars, which I will inform you about in the ‘Currently Watching’.

Re: Zero: 3/10, I started watching after the anime podcast that I listen to did a review episode about it and I watched a few episodes with a friend before he told me it was bad. I didn’t want to give up on it though so I prevailed. My score seems harsh but let me set the stage:

1. Subaru worst MC ever, despite just being overall lame and choosing plain ass girl Emilia, he makes stupid decisions and remains super selfish even after Emilia tells him he is. #1 reason is in the episode where Rem tells him why she loves Subaru, Subaru regurgitates the same "if everyone thinks this of you or you think this of yourself, i will always love you" TO EMILIA. HE’S TRASH IM SORRY.
2. Plot holes galore: how did the witch and repeating death even get into subaru in the first place and what’s the deal with Rosewaal and Ram with the possession stuff? Like they are def fishy and that is never explained.
3. Questionable plot elements: The whale arc, witch cult and Betelgeuse in general. I did not see any part of these furthering the plot or questions in anyway besides furthering the butler’s backstory in the whale arc and the witches cult twisting Rem’s bones just for the tragedy factor.
Feel free to let me know your opinions because I believe you rated it rather high.

Oregairu: 5/10, I think my whole problem with the anime came down to personal taste. I did not relate to Hachiman’s pessimistic feelings and I prefer character related drama that brings development rather than plot related drama. I liked Yui as a character and preferred the first season’s animation. By s2 I was just losing interest in the characters and the ending was too vague for my tastes. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. 3/10.

Kiznaiver: 6/10, I liked this more than I thought solely on the character dynamics and interactions, everyone worked great in the friend group. Very unique characters that are based on archetypes but I believe they branch out from that. However, a pet peeve of mine is when an anime explains everything that was mysterious in plot in the last like 2 episodes and creates a conflict that is jam packed and neatly wrapped up in a bow by the end of the last episode. It was super duper unique and interesting anime so it deserves a watch. It took me a while to finish because school got in the way. Nico was the best character though, so cute.

Nodame Cantabile: 6/10, I really was in the mood for a dramatic romance so I heard great things about Nodame and it being a rather mature josei. That it is not. It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s a very funny rom com with an emphasis on classical music, but I was really in the mood for a romance and there was barely any romantic interactions in the first season. Nodame has likable characters with a simple story but lacks romance and doesn’t give time to develop characters like other shows would; the anime’s focus feels more on advancing the classical music plot than the character relationships. The passage of time also feels way too fast yet the character are very constant. The same can be said with the second season (Paris-hen) except it’s way shorter and it takes place in France. New characters make it fresh and enjoyable but same lack of romance between the main couple. There is pretty good CGI in the anime, though. And the music is obviously a main focus and done well. Here is my favorite ED.

Mahoutsukai Precure: 7/10, How could I forget to talk about the latest precure? I don’t know what to say besides it was a rather weak season as far as the ‘filler’ episodes go but it was NOT bad by any means. What is really unique about it was the last 2 episodes were like epilogues and the very last episode had a Cure Whip cameo, who is the protag of Kira Kira Precure a la mode! The reason behind the magical world was interesting and unique too. You’re just gonna have to watch to find out...haha!

I also rewatched the movie Grave of Fireflies with a friend (which is always full of sobbing) and watched Millennium Actress. It made me miss Satoshi Kon, very cool cinematography as expected.

Please use this space to share your past watches :).


The only thing I’m currently watching is Nodame Cantabile s3 and I’m not very far right now but it will probably be a similar feel to what I previously discussed about the series.

Aikatsu Stars: I started watching it right after I finished the original Aikatsu and it’s basically just the same Aikatsu concept in a different universe with different girls. Obviously has similar emphasis on friendship and dreams but it is kind of more...angsty?...competitive?...than the original Aikatsu. Because of that, I don’t like it as much but I love idols and the Aikatsu world so it is helping my fix. This one is a really catchy song and I don’t have a favorite as passionately as Yurika but Kirara is growing on me.

Kira Kira Precure a la Mode: Hoho wow is this a great precure season. If you haven’t figured it out, everything is modeled from sweets so it is SUPER CUTE. The plot is moving along and we are just getting to see the new sets of villains so it’s very enjoyable. Also, this transformation could make anyone gay. Good ‘ol Precure shoujo-ai is alive.

I kind of put all of the side talks we had in one big section so leave out what you don’t feel is necessary and refer to old chats if you don’t really understand haha sorry:

I did seek your advice and watched the Mother’s Basement stuff you sent me! “Its OP, the Hero” That made me laugh. I’ve seen his what’s in an OP about “SAO is worse than you think” video before. I like the scientific explanations he tries to give for Saitama too. And dude….the Gakkou Gurashi one was so good. About how all the objects show the growth of character progression and stuff made me realize how much I love the series so much. But the manga is still superior. Speaking of which, I was reading updates on the Gakkou Gurashi manga and a translator’s note said that Yuki’s hat symbolizes a japanese proverb “to put a cat on one’s head” (b/c her hat looks like cat ears) which means to put on a friendly appearance to hide someone’s true personality. So, further food for thought. Still haven’t figured out the reason for the difference in the character’s uniforms, though.
I say there is a weeb scale, you know from Elitist Anime Watcher™ to Narutard, but I’m not sure where we would rank?

Whoops I’m super behind on Steven Universe so oh well.
I’ve seen the first Ju-on! I know it’s similar to the american “The Grudge” but I liked the Japanese one better, way more unsettling. I know exactly what you mean by SUDDEN LOUD NOISE, American films do this alot, horror or just general suspense genre films.
I LOVE CABIN IN THE WOODS! I’ve seen it so many times, it’s amazing. You’ve said the basics of what I like about it; the intentional so bad, it’s comedy and how it tricks the audience to seem like something it’s not and I thought the “behind the scenes” of how horror films are made was a very very very clever plot. I love that movie to death (DEASU, Deko voice from Chuunibyou came into my head). I shall check out those other Japanese Horror films, thank you!
I saw that after he defeated the dancer! You can also get her swords, no? That’s such an interesting point of the game, getting the battles spoils haha. (Dark Souls)
I think the character designs in Overwatch are cute, like Mercy! Who is your fave to play as? One time I played as D.Va with my friend and everyone over Xbox Live yelled at me for playing worst character. :( She’s so cute though!
Dude, I love X-Files so much. Legit, the truth is out there, aliens exist, and Mulder is a riot. But Netflix also removed the show so I’m mad at them.

And no I’ve never seen or heard of Death Stranding! I’m starting to flow away from games so much lately since I have zero time to play them. But that sure was an interesting trailer, I’m gonna look more into it since I loved P.T. Not sure why, but that trailer reminded me of the Unity Engine demo, linked if you haven’t seen it.

Talking about Monster Musume our previous convo reminds me of my favorite centorea character song. Check out the others if you haven’t! Also, the uncensored OVA is great.
Omg everytime I use that Sakura Trick bookmark I have to be wary of people around me on the train when I read because of the sweet yuri kiss featured on it haha.
I watched Ghost in The Shell so long ago that I never even put it in my list to remember what happened, will get a rewatch one day.

I LOVED the Hatsuki Yura song you send me “My Beloved Julietta”, I have been jamming to it for a while now. Bless Madokami for giving us permanent Yuri Goggles.
‘Valuable life lessons’ omg that was so funny, nah in reality we are GROWN ASS ADULTS WHO LIKE CUTE GIRLS WHOOPS. I’m so glad you liked all of my Aikatsu videos, if you need anymore Aikatsu tunes, I got them I promise. I also watched the Aikatsu Stars movie recently, which is hardly worth mentioning compared to the first Aikatsu movie but there was a special played with it that included the EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE ORIGINAL Aikatsu girls which was just WOW. Here is the dancing scene from it. Gave me chills seeing them all back again.

Would you say you like FMA or Arslan better? I know FMA is a well known anime and is highly regarded as being very good, but in your personal opinion which is in a setting you like more?
I still have yet to watch Kizu and now Owarimonogatari is delayed until late August to air….yawn what are they doing.
Awww omg your reply about how you relate to Ema in Shirobako make me smile SO MUCH. I shall include a spoiler as well.

Like Ohana says, you gotta Fest it up!!! ULTRA HAPPY!! FABULOUS MAX!!! SHIAWASE GETTO DA YO! (feel free to include more inspiring anime quotes haha)

Aaaaand now I wait patiently for your amazing reply. ♥
Balut May 14, 2017 3:45 PM
Hey there Morby! I hope you are doing well. I sincerely apologize for my absence but I am now done with my junior year of college! Time flies!
This is just an update to let you know I am going to be free now to finally reply to your october comment lol...

It is def going to be edited so it can be as short as possible so we can continue talking regularly. I am going to cut out my reactions to anime that aired like last year which are no longer relevant to talk about (unless i really loved them). Basically a rapid fire comment so i can get to the better stuff.

I love you and look forward to my comment soon enough so i can tell you about cute anime girls and other boring stuff going on in my life that im sure you are missing haha.
Balut Dec 25, 2016 9:23 AM
Merry Christmas by dear Morby-kun!
I wish you an amazing holiday season as well and I will be spending New Years with my friends instead of my family so i am excited. Be sure to look out for a reply after the holidays and we shall discus!
2017 has not one (citrus) but TWO yuri anime (netsuzou Trap). When more than one yuri airs in a year, its the year of yuri automatically lmao.
HALLOWED BE THE GAY AMEN. I crIED when i saw that. I value your friendship so much! All these years ive been on MAL talking to you, it has been nothing but positive and a joy! To more years to discuss the GAY. Love ya morby, I shall be talking to you soon enough.
Balut Sep 25, 2016 7:03 PM