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Guy moves into a town which holds a mystery that unravels troughout the show. Higurashi has some lighter slice of life episodes, but that's cool because it's pretty long including -kai. Highly reccomend both
report Recommended by arnxx
These both have an extremely eerie and dark mood to them making the viewer curious and wanting more. Both start out relatively calmly, with the tension gradually building up into something a lot more gruesome. No holding back with the terror and blood!
report Recommended by DenpaOnna
Small towns with big secrets. Horror series that show how terrifying normal school kids can turn out to be when pushed to their limits by the darkest horrors their towns have to offer. Both also have themes of cyclical repetition, with Another's events happening year after year and Higurashi repeating the same summer over and over again. The main character are very similar.
report Recommended by ChrnoTodd
Both have a main character who moves into a town where mysterious deaths occur. In Higurashi, however, the deaths were caused by murder, rather than other circumstances found in Another.
report Recommended by MortalMelancholy
During watching both of them you get the same feeling. The plot is simillar - a boy going to a new school, meet new friends and everything seems great till.. boom, everything is getting creepy, there's a lot of blood and inexplicable deaths. If you enjoyed one of theese you should see the other one.
report Recommended by dxstar13
Both anime are misleading in that everything "looks" normal when they arent. Blood and death is prominent in both series with a mysterious undertone.
report Recommended by Riptos
Both are some of the best horror animes out there. Both have violent scenes. Characters go mad in these. Great suspense and atmosphere. In the beginning (of both) is hard to the viewer to understand the story. In both you will frequently ask what's going to happen next. If you liked one of them you should also like the other. :)
report Recommended by Meados
Another and Higurashi have lots of similarities A new boy comes to town; Mysterious girl(s) Mysterious murders starts to happen something about a curse
report Recommended by MyuuMyuu
Another feels like Higurashi compressed into one arc. Dieing people, classmates hiding something, dark feeling overall. One thing Another lacks in comparison to Higurashi is comedy.
report Recommended by Selesnija
Main character's family moves him to a new town with dark secrets. Blood and murder and sinister atmosphere. The classmates of the main character have secrets that they'd rather keep hidden from the main character, and are willing to go to great lengths to do so. They also both start off calm, lulling you into a false sense of security before turning up the horror.
report Recommended by baltar
A normal boy moves house and settles in fairly easily, only to later discover that -his new home (and friends) harbour dark secrets. Both are very eerie and tense throughout, and they both contain plenty of horror violence. While I was watching Another, the entire time I kept thinking 'this is so similar to Higurashi'.
report Recommended by _Unused_Account_
An ordinary teenage boy moves into a strange rural town where his classmates seem to be keeping a dark secret from him. There's a horror and a mystery atmosphere. Both are set in the past (Higurashi in 1983, Another in 1998).
report Recommended by VanillaIceCream
Just like another, Higurashi is a bit darker anime, with a lot of mystery, suspense and gore. It'll keep you guessing till the very end, and the atmosphere is simply amazing. The series is also spiced up with various funny moments, which surprisingly enough don't take away from the creepy feel, but only reinforce it in turn. Definitely a must watch.
report Recommended by Vokoca
Both of these anime lean towards a dark aspect with many creepy undertones. However from what I've seen of Another it has much less gore an insanity than Higurashi, so if you want something with more of a creep-out factor than gore, watch Another.
report Recommended by Melkmeid
Both series are about boys who recently move to new towns and are oblivious of the creepy things taking place, but they get dragged into them anyways. Creepiness and unpredictability are present in both series, yet Higurashi starts off as more lighthearted and funny in addition to the fact that it is composed of several arcs.
report Recommended by TrulyAJ
A normal boy moves to a new town. Within the first 3 episodes, we see this boy get involved with many creep factors. Both the series consist of blood, mystery, girls who are more than they seem, and just all out thrillers.
report Recommended by Nozoming
Even before finishing this series, I knew that there was something similar between Higurashi and Another. MC arrives into a small town, meets new people, and let the psychological twists begin. Murders and mystery play a central theme as the thriller-like sequences repeats over and over. In both series, a calamity that has not been lifted repeats in a Groundhog Day-like loop.
report Recommended by Stark700
Horror animes with some bloody death scenes. New guys move to small towns that hold big secrets. The deaths in both series are believed to be the result of a mysterious curse. Both show ordinary high school students driven to insanity and committing horrifying crimes. Both take place over 10 years in the past.
report Recommended by vanillish
Both anime are about some curse/a chain of deaths occuring. Also, the story is full of mystery and confusion at the start, and it contains gore.Very similar, yet different.
report Recommended by SomethingSomeone
It gives you the same feeling.. And it is although kind of the same because in the beginning of both animes, Kouichi's classmates seem to hide something dark from him, while in Higurashi, Keichi's friends are also hiding something 'dark' from him. I love both of these anime, they give you a creepy feeling. I highly suggest watching these two.
report Recommended by shiorashii
If you wished Another was longer and more terrifying, definitely check out Higurashi. It really seems like Another drew a lot of inspiration from the series.
report Recommended by SomewhatMystia
Both animes involve a young man who moves into a new (small) town. Certain dark events have happened before and it starts to repeat itself again. In the two animes, both stories keep blowing your mind; changing everything when the main character finds things out.
report Recommended by NickV
We're dealing with the same dark atmosphere and horror situation, coming from a curse that we discover throught the episodes.
report Recommended by wildpingu
Small town with big secrets, all keep to themselves until something happens, very mysterious characters, you get the same feel from both animes
report Recommended by Skadummy
Boy moves to a new, seemingly normal and quite town. That is until past events start to unravel and everything isn't what it seems. If you enjoyed Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, you should defiantly give Another a try.
report Recommended by Dandey
Both involve a main character moving into a new town. The town has mysterious things going on.
report Recommended by Eren_Yeagar
Each is a horror anime revolving around a mystery and the graphic deaths of students; however, Higurashi is more light-hearted (at points) and less generic than Another.
report Recommended by owlf
Curse related horror animes. Both have gore and suspence.
report Recommended by -miraii
They are both very extraordinary horrors that have a great plot, story, sound and have a polished art style. It seems to have much murders and also have a great story behind it, what ever you liked, Another or Higurashi, I can assure you, this is a must watch. I gave it a 9/10, and I'm slightly strict on my ratings. They are similar in characters, the flow of the story and the flow of the whole series. (Higurashi has a sequel and OVAs, while I believe the prequel for Another is to be watched after the T.V. series) But go check it out. You have nothing to lose.   read more
report Recommended by kmcla79
In a remote village in Japan before the great internet age, a group of high schoolers find themselves at the center of a series of mysterious deaths. They must find out how to survive and stop the deaths. Both of these series also have terrible communication between friends causing most of the drama. Especially in Another where the whole plot could be solved in three episodes if everyone just talked to each other. However, if you like a suspenseful atmosphere and violet, sometimes silly deaths, then try out both of these interesting anime.
report Recommended by Fujaku
Both series start off whit a boy who moves to an unfamiliar town,which holds a curse. A loth of mysterious,and gory deaths occur due to this curse.The horror in both is very well made,and also they are both confusing at first.
report Recommended by deactivated13041
Both are Horror anime and have great animation and music
report Recommended by OtomeXOtaku
The starting premises are extremely similar, young man moves to a new town, odd occurrences, both have horror and a bit of gore.
report Recommended by ladyofd
These two animes are horror and everything is mysterious... If you watched anime Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni then you will definitely like Another. Genre for Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni : Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller Genre for Another: Mystery, Horror, Drama, School :3
report Recommended by Naa-chan
Another is much more like Higurashi than Elfen Lied. They both have a main protagonist who goes to a school in a new place and both try to figure out the mystery that is killing people. There are lots of murders and bloody scenes in both.
report Recommended by Ayane
Another and Higurashi are similar because in both stories they have a calamity which people die from but the plots are completely different. Both are very great anime but are different an alike. Higurashi consist on more of a different plot rather where in Another it focuses on the death both have surprise endings and unexpected event. Even though Another has a shocking ending, unexpected, Higurashi has a lot of turns of events and is longer. Both series are different while Higurashi has more than 30 episodes while Another had about 12 or so :]
report Recommended by Sakura918
- follows a story of a man who just recently moved to a remote town and unravels a supernatural mystery that is occurring in it. - a lot people dying. In Higurashi, it is caused by a conspiracy labeled as "curse", while in Another, it is plainly caused by a curse/grudge.
report Recommended by raviel_ken
Supernatural mysteries are indeed interesting, but what if it's being packaged with a little gore scene? Another is more mild but gives a serious atmosphere all the time, while higurashi has a slight changes in the atmosphere but when it comes to gruesome scenes, higurashi offers more. Both anime are ready to fulfill you desires!
report Recommended by sylphet
Both have supernatural elements, a somewhat dark atmosphere and are the what-the-hell-is-going-on type of suspense anime. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni however seems to operate at a higher level of the latter, I swear I had no clue what I was watching until after reading up on the series' origin. Plot twists, nail-biting action and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your chair/couch/bed (and at times knock you off of said furniture and into the floor, much like the corpses of characters in both animes). Blood, dementia, and oh did I say blood?
report Recommended by Sanseidorei
Both series have an unaware main character who wants to find out more about his surroundings. Both anime hold a strong horror element and seem to have an "avoiding death'" feel to them.
report Recommended by Momoirooooo
Both have a similar storyline. A guy moves to a new town where mysterious deaths keep happening. Another and Higurashi both have really creepy scenes, and a few death scenes which are similar because of the amount of blood. They say you shouldn't watch either of these alone at midnight 0.0 I love both of these shows. If you like Another, you'll probably love Higurashi..
report Recommended by Rokhii
- New guy moves in to town - Both Keiichi and Kouichi are very similar. - Classmates won't tell them the secret of the "curse." - Both involves a "curse" where someone dies every year. - Overall mood very similar.
report Recommended by kurokenshi07
It's similar for the mysteries and the curse
report Recommended by Tingui
both has the same creepy aura
report Recommended by denticer
People start dying in a high school class. Both are super gory and both heavily focus on the reactions of the people in the schools.
report Recommended by Asbestos_In_Cans
Both are school anime Both are gore Both have mysterious girls
report Recommended by Parantica
both shows involve people being slaughtered to death. even both of the main characters are similar. btw, I wouldn't recommend watching these in the dark
report Recommended by hungergamer012
Both shows have sudden plot twists and their endings are both just 'wow' when the culprit is revealed. The main characters' names for both of the show are almost the same: Another: Koiichi Sakakibara Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Keiichi Maebara Both of them move into a new town/village and school only to find out that people are hiding terrible secrets from them. The supernatural theme is in both anime, though very different (one more to do with death, the other to do with, well, you'll find out). One great similarity is how they both make you think that something specific is happening at the start, however, they lately reveal something   read more
report Recommended by S-Mazoku
Both are horror series involving a city boy moving to a small town and discovering the bizarre tragedies that occurred there years earlier. His friends act strangely when he asks about these events. Another is very short (12 eps) whereas Higurashi is very long (50 eps)
report Recommended by LoveLikeBlood
Both series have that sort of "Guy transfers to a small, new village and goes to school and everything is quite dandy until OH WOW okay people are dying frequently and brutally... well then" feel to them. While both plots have been done before, they're done in a verry riviting way that kept me watching intently form start to end. Highly recommended!
report Recommended by Kaboom_07734
The main characters move to a new town. Both series start off calm, but things soon take a turn for the worst as gruesome murders begin occurring. Mysteries are solved as the shows progress.
report Recommended by ArakidaAkemi
both Higurashi and Another are centered around what is called a curse, and both have more of an in depth complex idea at the very end. For example in Higurashi the main character, Maebara Keiichi only recently moved to Hinamizawa and has been there for around a year or six months, which is quite like the main character in Another, Kouichi Sakakibara who only recently transferred to Yomiyama north and stayed in the town. If you're looking for violence and gore both of these share an equal amount, and are very well made. You also find out what's going on through each one, bit by   read more
report Recommended by 2kool4skool69XD
Both of these spine-chilling horror animes have a surprisingly similar setting: Your somewhat typical highschool guy MC moves to a small village, only to find himself in the middle of a vicious mystery. However, they are definitely not completely the same - The 'Higurashi' series is more focused on the story and suspense with it's super complex plot, while 'Another' is more focused on the artstyle, atmosphere and the fountains of blood.
report Recommended by Jcherry
It is also a horror story. If you like another you might as well like Higurashi.... -both of the anime has the exact atmosphere for the entire season -both are horror and mysterious :p (Spoiler) -Higurashi has murder and so on while Another doesnt really have(except for the last episode) -Higurashi's horror is centered on one specific at a time while Another isnt
report Recommended by TakeshiRaito
Both have a brunet boy move into a new town and try to make friends amid a 'curse' situation that leads to the death of many people close the main characters.
report Recommended by LeaOotori
When I first started watching Another, I was 100% sure it'd be extremely similar to Higurashi. - Both of them start with a student who just moves into the village and strange murders start occuring around him. - Both of them involve students dealing with most of the investigations. Although Another can't be called as brutal as Higurashi, it's still a very similar show.
report Recommended by One
Both are horror and mystery series with Higurashi being psychological thriller. Higurashi is similar to another in many ways be it the mystery element or the horror or the gore or the pure mindf**k you go through.
report Recommended by Johan_Liebert_
Both involve a bunch of classmates and a chain of eerie deaths.
report Recommended by Dark_Abolisher
- A guy moves to a small town full of mysteries - Gore, bloodshed - Deaths - Higurashi has more slice of life episodes but it's still horror
report Recommended by numanumaiei
The time how hard point, but all around full of mystery and more blood because atrocious acts will happen and one person is the one can stop this madness!
report Recommended by Ranxomare
To be blunt, Another is not as good as Higurashi. Unfortunately, there are not many good horror anime to choose from. If you enjoyed the brutal deaths and mystery of Higurashi, then you will enjoy Another. Another offers a melancholy and dreary tone with sudden, terrifying deaths keeping you intrigued. Also, the mystery behind the curse is akin to the mystery element of Higurashi.
report Recommended by Lugengeschichte
Seems like I was late. so nevertheless by majority votes: both shows have gruesome death and gore both shows have this so called 'cursed' both shows are very well made both shows are good and many more.
report Recommended by GRACED_GOAT
1.Both of them have a setting where most of the characters go bat shit crazy. 2.Both of them are "horror anime" {higurashi being better imo} and use mystery around a certain "thing" to create the atmosphere of horror+mystery+psychological thriller.
report Recommended by Anime_lover987
Similarities 1.gore brutal killing 2 interesting plot twists 3 group of friends who are dying one by one due to certain circumstances 4 curse 5 set in a cursed village
report Recommended by Otaku329
Wanna watch some good horror anime with some mystery behind them, then these two are definitely the right choices for that category.
report Recommended by Tyrannicswine117
The anime have the same feel to them. Both of the plots revolve around a small "cursed" village and mysterious deaths. They are both excellent as well, if you liked one of them the other is a must see.
report Recommended by Dieblapo
Both have a boy teenager moving to an isolate village and both have extreme gore scenes. I kinda say that the purpose of the plot have similar traits, like solving mysteries. Both have incredible openings!
report Recommended by MordecaiMapper
Both animes have a main character who is a young school boy, in a new town, a mysterious town, and mysterious people. There are several crime implications, and as he tries to find out all the secrets, he finds himself in danger, in creepy situations... He can't trust anyone... He is alone... (Also the atmospheres of the animes and drawing style are similar) TLDR: They're alike.
report Recommended by JGirlMusic
Some of the best examples of horror anime, with curses and deaths and blood, but also some cool characters (in particular the protagonists feel very similar) and incredible endings that justify all of their build-up.
report Recommended by Kww_121
Austerity to hide agony. Another and Higurashi bring with the protagonists Kouichi and Keiichi moving into a new eerie town only to learn the awful truth of their new locations. Both anime give the protagonists a chance for a learning experience of the places that they live in. Through these times, mystery and questions arise in what if truly going on around these towns and the deaths that occur within them. While Another has a much more depressing atmosphere to it, Higurashi takes it time, to answer your question whilst still bring out the best of horror.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both are very good mysteries with a lot of gruesome deaths. With each episode, we slowly learn more about why certain things are happening and how to prevent them.
report Recommended by Rokudo30
SPOILER WARNING Ok. Listen. Higurashi and Another have a lot in common. But I also have my own little theory. Higurashi is set 11 years after the first class 3-3 incident in Yomiyama. But, 1983 is also the year that Kouichi Sakakibara’s aunt, Reiko Mikami, was Also in class 3-3. Both have their own curses. Higurashi with Oyashirosama and the Class 3-3 phenomenon in Another. I believe that Hinamizawa and Yomiyama are connected in a way. Both include murder in one shape or another. But unlike Higurashi, all the kids aren’t maniacs! So if you want to watch a show that has a lot of traits   read more
report Recommended by SolariaNights
both of these shows are gory and feature murder and people dying, though higurashi might be a bit darker. but in general if you liked one of them might as well check out the other i think.
report Recommended by Erin_46
They are both mystery shows about a curse and they both have very gruesome deaths.
report Recommended by Sonnyman45
Both of these are great thriller mysteries with plenty of brutal killings. Higurashi has more comedy scenes and three seasons.
report Recommended by ItsLeviOsa
Both anime revolve around mysterious killings affected by a curse. It is then up to a cast of students to determine what the reason behind the murders are and how they can stop them from occurring.
report Recommended by The_Neighbour
Both anime are horror and very gory. Both anime have a very similar protagonist, Koichi Sakakibara in another and keiichi maebara in higurashi.
report Recommended by Truegamerman
They both involve deep mysteries about supernatural phenomenons
report Recommended by LegsGoneLOL
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