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Revenge, Suffering, Agony and Redemption... Shingeki no Kyojin has a feeling of FMA Brotherhood in which a kid who lived a peaceful life gets thrown into a dark grim life full of tragedy and agony due to losing someone important to them. However, both main characters refused to move on and dedicated their lives for revenge and redemption. If you enjoy a full packed action dramatic plot you'll love both of these series.
report Recommended by CEMPUNK
There's a reason they have both become such a hit. Because they were brilliantly epic! If you intend to make your tv show life worthwhile, watch this show next. Strong plot, strong character, strong music. All in one made a show the best.
report Recommended by chanz
The loss of mothers plays a significant roll in shaping the characteristics of the protagonists of these two shows. The main characters are enrolled in some kind of military because of personal reasons and are fighting against supernatural enemies. The setting is an alternative steampunk-ish world with the similar use of tools and weapons. Both are considered shounen anime but tend to look like a seinen because they feature above-average violent situations and epic fights but also deep conversations and some philosophy about the human mentality. The animation is not really that similar but the coloring is, using earthy and dusty color almost always.
report Recommended by Skyclad-Observer
FMA brotherhood is my favorite tv anime, but shingeki kyojin has the potential to top that which i thought was impossible. Both protagonists have an incredibly tragic beginning which opens up into an amazing story that is based off of this tragic event. warning fma brotherhood leans more on the shounen side, while shingeki no kyojin has a lot of gore and a a good amount of "what the fuck moments". 見てください!このアニメわすげい楽しいですから見て!
report Recommended by StreetSmartz
- Kids used to live in a peacefull city - The main characters are siblings + childhood friend - The 'trigger' is the death of the mother (and wow, they look similiar and they even have the same Voice Actor) - Even though the father is alive, he seems to be absent in the beginning. Both dads have a similar appearance and they seem to be involved in the 'mystery' (titans/alchemy) - There's a focus on military - Almost the same amount of blood/violence/gore - There are also some strong female characters, without fanservice - Both live in a westernized world
report Recommended by Lypse
Well, there's certainly a similar vibe in terms of family loss based on the two main characters of the series. In fact, Eren & Mikasa from SnK/Edward & Alphonse from FMA: Brotherhood lost family members after tragedies. These left emotional scars in themselves and made a strong impact throughout their lives. However, they are able to stay alive and take back what's theirs through determination and instinct. There is a focus of military in both series although for very different reasons. The main characters gets involved directly with the military for their own reasons as well. Throughout the series, their skills increase as they fight for   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Now plot-wise these two share little similarities other than the fact that each anime's main protagonist is a younger male who loses his mother in the beginning of the story. The reason for my recommendation is the incredible quality these two (mature) anime share. Both have incredible stories, with numerous plot twists. Both are very action-heavy and don't hold back any punches with gore and mature themes. If you enjoy one of these, then I'm certain you will enjoy the other.
report Recommended by TurtleHermit
*Also similar to the 2003, but Brotherhood was better* There's a thing that makes the main character different from the rest, a special power of some sort. Their parents play a key role in the plot, and both the daddies are mysterious fellows. The stories themselves are amazing, and also pretty dark and gory. To top it off, the soundtracks for both are phenomenal.
report Recommended by FirstFamiliar
The main characters are both thrust into the epic battles after losing their mothers. The enemies on both series tend of get their body parts blown off a lot, but they just regenerate themselves. The orchestrated soundtracks are really good and fitting for the situations they're used in, and battles tend to span multiple episodes.
report Recommended by 1231415333
Both feature Teen's boy with terrible home-live, fighting to protect humanity, alone with their sibling and Blonde sidekick. Have very engaging stories, with actual character development and plot-twist a plenty. Both are very famous in the Anime Community, so you really should watch both
report Recommended by Janeeyre
- Eren and Ed both lose their mother and this changes their lives for ever. - Both mothers happen to be voiced by Yoshino Takamori. Coincidence? I think not. - Similar amount of gore - Stories that never fail to leave you guessing - Easily breaking all 'typical' shounen story cliches - Lots of thought provoking underlying messages - NO blatant fanservice and weak female 'damsel in distress' characters - LOTS of badassery - High quality animation, AMAZING OSTs and faithful-to-the-manga adaptions - Historical settings The two anime have similar underlying themes but are different in terms of actual plot so it's easy to compare them without feeling like one is ripped off from the   read more
report Recommended by sodiumfluoride
Both set in the past but with some form of futuristic technology. Both protagonists start off as young children and the story is about them maturing and becoming strong. Both have dark themes and good action sequences.
report Recommended by DangoFett
While both series are basically not comparable to anything else ever created i think they have similarities in the realism of characters in there reactions to situations.
report Recommended by hypernova_00
Both series involve main characters who face through extremely difficult situations from loss, revenge, sadness, pain, and suffering. Edward Elric and Eren Jaeger have a strong drive that motivates them to achieve their goals as Edward wants to recover his body back from committing a taboo while Eren wants to not only adventure outside the walls, but also wants to kill all Titans. They also want to protect their friends no matter what the cost is. There are many plot twists and many moments within both series where you don't know what the outcome will be. They have a lot of suspense and have very intriguing   read more
report Recommended by paulyhchun
Both protagonists from Shingeki no Kyojin and FMA:B (Eren and Edward repectively) have lost their mothers and both their fathers are missing. Both protagonists are arguably of European descent and live in a westernized world. They are both determined to make things right in a cruel world but they quickly realize the dream they are chasing concerns not only themselves and the people the hold dear but the rest of the world too. All the while, they try to figure out the enigma that is the world they live in and reconcile themselves with the cruelty of such a world and a sense of helplessness   read more
report Recommended by thekillinglights
Both main characters have a goal to pursue. Both animes are full of light-hearted, dark and serious moments and both have plot twists which will leave you speechless.
report Recommended by Benny_Boii
Let me start off with how both anime are complete masterpieces. You will notice some anime have good stories but aren't well told. These, however, are on godly levels. The most enjoyable anime are the intense ones, and fullmetal alchemist delivers. I wasn't kidding when I said that it is on a godly level. Not like in dbz where goku surpassed god in the first series, but to the point where the main villian in the show must sacrifice the entire world to gain the literal earth-shattering power to kill the god people admire so much. And only then will he unlock the true secrets of   read more
report Recommended by Fatherdom02
- The main character's mother death is the key that makes the main characters start an adventure. - Both are about military and corruption. - There are unexpected villains
report Recommended by enxe
- The father is gone and is a cruacial factor in the mystery. - The mother is dead as of the beginning of the story and is crucial for the enactment of the plot. - Siblings/best friends/cousins trio with two boys and one girl. - Epic female characters without fanservice. - Shingeki no Kyojin is more mature, whereas Brotherhood has plenty of (badly placed) humour. - The grand-scheme of things, the "who the bad guys are" aspect. - Both stories are set outside of Japan. - Military aspects - Main difference is that Shingeki no Kyojin is heavily muffled on its shonen aspects. It's more seinen than shonen, while Fullmetal Alchemist is Shonen all   read more
report Recommended by Gandeloft
Both are about a main character that lived a normal life but one day their life turns dark and grim, full of tragedy and agony due to losing someone close to them, both main characters refuse to move on from their past which makes them want redemption and revenge
report Recommended by Arquarion
Revenge, Suffering, Agony and Redemption... Shingeki no Kyojin has a feeling of FMA Brotherhood in which a kid who lived a peaceful life gets thrown into a dark grim life full of tragedy and agony due to losing someone important to them. However, both main characters refused to move on and dedicated their lives for revenge and redemption. If you enjoy a full packed action dramatic plot you'll love both of these series.
report Recommended by IMxArmy
These anime series share the same formula, you can see other recommendations where people already mentioned those similarities. FMA has a little more light and funny tone with cheesy jokes and funny characters, while AoT is much more brutal and gives a lot of sad and dramatic moments, giving a taste of despair. Despite those differences they are very similar and the plot is quite intriguing. I enjoyed both, FMA is my favorite and AoT is the second favorite, but it may change when the story of AoT will be finished.
report Recommended by DPM-JaMaN
Fullmetal Alchemist (FA) has super humans or homunculus that preys on humans. Shingeki no Kyojin has Titans doing the same thing. Both anime is about the survival of human against a stronger species. Both are packed with action. Both anime have protagonists aging about 15-16 years old. Both have characters having European names. Both anime belong to the Military genre.
report Recommended by Sadi-st_Tanmoy
A lot of fans have drawn similarities between the plot and the characters - Edward and Eren have very similar goals, character arcs, and backstories. The plot is also very similar - tragic childhood (Eren's mother was devoured by a Titan before his father went missing, and Edward's mother died due to an epidemic after his father went AWOL - he and Alphonse later attempted the sin of human transmutation in an attempt to resurrect her), etc. Both have a ton of action, feels, and great characters. Just watch out for the fandoms.
report Recommended by fullmetalassbutt
Both are in the action and adventure genre, and both have this intense level of suspense that keeps you on your toes throughout the whole series. Both also have wonderful character development.
report Recommended by EmberJuliet