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The series that Kill la Kill truly reminded me of on the most consistent basis was definitely Utena. I saw so many elements of the first season of Utena in this series that it became a bit ridiculous - RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME that is! If you like the fighting aspect of Kill la Kill, than you are certain to enjoy Utena's duels. BONUS for you Touga fans - there is definitely a boy for you in this fantasy! ^_^
report Recommended by starshinesMonet
Both take place in strange school ruled by mysterious student council, in both heroine is trying to fight against council's power. KLK is more fun to watch, with plenty of dirty jokes, Utena is more symbolic and slower
report Recommended by helensan
Ryuko and Utena have a similar tomboyish personality, both are set in a academy where are fights between the protagonist and other classmates occur.
report Recommended by EdenBaggins
The heroine need to fight againts a student council that rule the school. There are also some crazy random stuff happening in both anime, some nanami's episode in Utena almost as crazy as Kill la Kill
report Recommended by millo
Kill La Kill is a very clear homage to many anime, and one of it's most frequent and obvious influences and spiritual Godmother is Revolutionary Girl Utena. The two series bear uncanny similarities, with the biggest difference being that Utena is very much a shoujo while Kill La Kill is more along the shounen side. However, I feel that both series can appeal to a wide audience.
report Recommended by Amberleh
More of a contents-wise recommendation, but otherwise two extremely enjoyable shows in different ways. The two are set in a school, rather untypical schools with pretty (or creative) designs. They are both episodic with a different focus and mini-stories, tied into a bigger picture (the main plot). They focus on fighting opponents, often with substance in its characters; it may be obvious who would win, but the main juice of the battles and scenes are its developments and general messages that connect with our world, society and nature. Lots of other things makes the two similar too. They have transformation sequences despite not being magical shows.   read more
report Recommended by tommy73
Kill la kill has a lot of Utena references, both series have a very similar "feel", given they are both about tomboyish female leads who "revolutionize" their "academy" while "dueling" student council members. Both end up deconstructing various anime clichés in order to tell their existential tale. Utena is more serious and all of it's "weirdness" is not to be taken as face value since it's used for it's great character study and handling of philosophy and psychology. Kill la Kill is mostly satire humor thriving on entertainment value. Both series require thinking out of the box to enjoy.
report Recommended by Tarextherex
A tomboyish main character has to duel student council members. The main characters are alike and Wakaba and mMakoi are very similar. Kill la Kill makes some obvious references to Utena.
report Recommended by BirdofSummer
A bit of a long-shot maybe....? Ah screw it! Kill la Kill and Utena both have a very similar story; They're both magical girl shows with very little actual "magical girls" in them and they're both about a very average tomboyish student who goes to a very unusual school, and who has to fight memers of the student council, as well as the president of said student council. They also both have a secondary villain who is revealed later on in the series, and who the defeated student council members (to some extent at least) help the main character out in order to defeat. Now, just   read more
report Recommended by FistsOnFire
Kill la Kill stems from the kind of queer, feminist sword-fighting story-telling which Revolutionary Girl Utena proudly introduced us to in the 90's. While Kill la Kill is stylistically more outlandish and messy, Utena started the surreal, school-based struggle for a mysterious power in a clean, almost romantic style. Where Kill la Kill uses sexuality in a tongue-in-cheek homage to sexy magical girl transformations, Utena's use of sexuality, while still bizarre and sometimes hilarious, tends to conjure scenes which are sometimes uncomfortably familiar, making them all the more compelling. While Kill la Kill uses humor almost anywhere it can, Utena tends to use humor to   read more
report Recommended by mayoi89ji
Both shows have a tomboyish girl as the main character, who by herself fights against powerful student council which rules a weird school. Kill la Kill has many references to Utena and some of the characters are a lot alike. Kill la Kill is fast paced, has more comedy and it's main point is the crazy, engaging action, while Utena takes a slower approach, focuses on psychology of the characters and is filled with symbolism. Both, though, share a similar feel and setting and are extremely enjoyable. If you liked one, you are most likely going to like the other.
report Recommended by Imaishi
A tomboy girl fights an overpowered student council. Both shows parodied genres tropes and cliches: Kill la Kill battle shonen and ecchi, Shoujo Kakumei Utena classic shoujos.
report Recommended by BlancaXLobo
KLK and Utena share similar basic structure and setup (academy which is a battle ground for outlandish duels) and indulge heavily in surreal humor and bombastic imagery. While KLK is definitely a lighter show, both can be summarized as being thematically about a young girl coming to terms with her growing up.
report Recommended by awerture
Both are semi magical girl shows in battle high schools that are both not all they seem.
report Recommended by _Noil
A tomboyish girl comes to a weird highschool to find someone, then engages is a series of duels with various people from the said school. Kill la Kill is a wild cartoony experience with lots of fanservice, while Utena is a symbolism-filled LGBT-oriented shoujo drama.
report Recommended by DurangaVoe