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Very high priority in both titles is loyality, trust and naming Nakama, main characters are near to each other. Very important is that, the both are just comedies. One of non-many differences is that the OP is about pirates and FT is about mages :)
report Recommended by -Karma-
Very similar in art, humor, plot and everything goes around "nakama"
report Recommended by doorotka
Let's start: - similar artstyle: true it can be seen, and a simple motivation is that Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail's author) and Eiichiro Oda (One Piece's author) are of the same generation who grown up admiring Akira Toriyama (Dragonball's author). Rumors are that their styles were so forged by their worshipping Toriyama; this of cours makes works of both of them share a similar, very cool art style and character design. - special powers: in a Jump's shonen manga those can't miss. Characters with awesome strong incredible powers are everywhere in both series. In One Piece we have devil fruits which give to their users incredible abilities,   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
it's not just similar .. i'll say it's exactly the same .. the only difference between them is that one piece is about pirates and fairy tail is about magic ..
report Recommended by Lelouch_sama
Natsu = Luffy (Cheerful Main Protagonist that wants to protect his friends) Lucy = Nami (Similar Personalities, loves money, but is always being protected by the protaganists) Gray = Zoro (Serious and Thoughtful) Erza = Robin (Mysterious Women) Happy = Chopper (Cute Mascots) Gildarts = Shanks (Strong, Red Hair Members that are well respected) Farewell for Laxus in Fantasia (Fairy Tail ep 48) = Farewell to Vivi in Arabasta (One Piece ep 129) Juvia = Sanji (Crazily in love) Master = Whitebeard (The way both masters/captains care for their guild/crew) And to mention that each main character have their own sad pasts on their certain arcs too!
report Recommended by mariochua
Same Art style , Same main characters , almost the same plot but fairy tail is with guilds and one piece is pirates. but personally fairy tail is a mistake and its so obvious that one piece is way way better
report Recommended by Yamato-Takeru
very similar.
report Recommended by tyuwan
It's impossible to say that Fairy Tail isn't similar to One Piece... Main Character of both Shows are quite alike (powerful but kinda idiot). The whole Adventure-style plot of both anime's (manga's) are very similar. Quote by Pokymon: adventure + nakama + power ups..enjoy
report Recommended by peroxid
The drawing style of both anime looks very alike. The main character is a powerful yet a dumb and therefor a funny person. Both anime got the "Nakama" factor.
report Recommended by Ryuuketsu
One piece is about a boy name luffy who becomes and pirate and heads off to find one piece the great treasure and does whatever is necessary for his crew in the other wise. Fairy Tail, a guild for mages, we follow their story as they face any challenge and adversity. Each member of Fairy Tail will do whatever they can to protect what they cherish the most; their friends. A truly noble goal. Overall both of the animes are almost the same just with a few substitutions for there powers example
report Recommended by Xdeath12
Fairy Tail is very similar to One Piece because both main characters cherish their friends and believe in the concept of Nakama. Both mains would go to the ends of the earth for their Nakama.The comedy/humor aspect is also the same. The only real difference is that One Piece has Pirates and Fairy Tail has Mages.
report Recommended by KariSenpai
both animes are filled with humor and the main character are very alike.
report Recommended by mads_bs
Besides the other the 35 recommendations for this anime, the main reason why Fairy Tail lovers should try One Piece is because of the characters and the atmosphere. The two main protagonists (Natsu from Fairy Tail and Luffy from One pIece) are Comedic and Cheerful. The personality of one character mirrors the other character perfectly. The overall atmosphere of the animes are similar due to the art, music, sounds, and characters. In short: Every time I watch Fairy Tail, I always think about One Piece.
report Recommended by RevolutionZeal
First off, both are based on long shounen manga series, so they follow a bunch of story arcs in addition to the main goal. The artstyles are quite similar, with characters looking very lanky and lots of wild and colorful animations. Both also have a general theme of friends/teamwork/nakama, with the main teams of the series (Team Natsu for Fairy Tail, Strawhats for One Piece) always working with and fighting for eachother.
report Recommended by TrickedOutHoro
It has the same kind of feeling when watching this anime. The character models and personalities are somewhat similar to the characters of One Piece.
report Recommended by M-n-M_boy
Meet Luffy's doppleganger. The story is great, it's all about bonds that grow between nakama, and is filled with hilarity, awesome epic win, and more. Trust me, if you liked One Piece, you'll like Fairy Tail.
report Recommended by Marquis_D_Luffy
Both shows are based on friends and making your own family with those friends. Main characters of both shows continuously grow stronger to help their friends. The groups of friends from both shows are all a bunch of misfits who somehow all get along.
report Recommended by Jay_Brief
Perhaps the most done rec in this new season, Fairy Tail and One Piece! The first and most obvious similarity, is STYLE. The character drawings, emotion-depicting faces, and character personalities are very similar to each other which is due to the fact that both creators went to the same art school! Luffy and Natsu are both clueless about what goes on around them, but both are overwhelming powerful when serious. Both storm the word "NAKAMA," and care deeply for their companions, close, if not closer, than family. The most common similarity are the eye-pop comedic faces. Whenever something very surprising or unexpected pops up, the   read more
report Recommended by MyVermillion
if you loved One Piece please try out Fairy Tail its has so many simularitys u may mistake it to be related to one peice in some way :P
report Recommended by Zetka
The concepts are nearly parallel to each other but one face remains the same One Piece is and always will be better.
report Recommended by G_Saiko
They both have a main group of characters, all with their weird quirks and personalities. Plus they both have awesome adventures, good action, an interesting story, and theyre both hilarious.
report Recommended by AgehaMist
They use the same recipe, and are both very well made, except that Fairy Tail is intended for a bit more mature audiences.
report Recommended by dimomarg
First of all the styles of drawing they are in are pretty similar. Also some characters seem to act similar like they did in One Piece. For example, the Zoro - Sanji relationship is similar to the Natsu - Gray relationship in Fairy Tail. I really like it, so just watch it ;) Lots of funny jokes and characters :) Worth watching !! =^.^=
report Recommended by carina-chan
THe main characters are similar in a way in their peronality, also the animation is very much alike. The whole atmosphere of the two anime and the genre are very much alike.
report Recommended by Nepheloh
Both a fantasy type anime except Fairy Tail is about guilds. One piece and Fairy Tail both have same art type and you may enjoy it.
report Recommended by hitsutoush
drawing and characterization styles are REALLY similar. the main characters are really alike (Luffy and Natsu) :D
report Recommended by jasmineskho
Both have a similar feel. If you like one you most likely will enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Overlord3k
If you liked OP, you'd probly like FT. I think Nastu (from FT) is vary much like Luffy (From OP) Also in lots of other ways this anime is kinda OP style. :)
report Recommended by MermaidGalaxies
Both of these shows revolve around the relationship of friends and your comrades. They both have lots of action to offer, while having great story lines and adventures. Basically, if you like one, you'll like the other.
report Recommended by djsjr
you can't get anymore shounen then these 2 they main characters are exactly alike, their both baka's to the extreme yet they somehow make everyone like them. they also has big plans when they were little and their trying to fulfill these dreams as we speak. their also trying to find "something" but what their looking for is different. also Nami = Lucy in almost every aspect except hair colour. their both the "straight woman" in their jokes. and chopper = Happy. cmon, their like mascots to each team. and you can't help but hug them at least once. and Robin = Erza because they both have horrible pasts and   read more
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Same Art style, big boobed girls (Nami in One Piece, Lucy in Fiary Tail)l and an idiot main character with amazing powers and determination.
report Recommended by StudiosAMVS
Both have great action and great comedy..If you like one..there is no way you wouldn't like the other
report Recommended by Reaper_1992
Fairy Tail, just like One Piece, presents the power of friendship and the will to never give up. The characters in both series are similar, while both shows emphasize comedy scenes. The main difference is the world these heroes live in. One Piece takes place in a world of pirates and treasures, Fairy Tail in a world of magic and monsters. I'd say Fairy Tail is another version of One Piece.
report Recommended by CelestialAgency
the author for Fairy Tail did apprentice for Oda for quite some time. So there will be similarities between the two. Nami + Lucy Luffy + Natsu Ace + Gray
report Recommended by vendodonchan
well its a shounen action type anime with awesome, very funny and unique characters similar to One Piece it has a good storyline and awesome art and animation .If you liked
report Recommended by Eyzi
These anime share a common comedy style and artwork. Furthermore some of the main characters exhibit similar personalities.
report Recommended by AnimeFan25
Both Have Similar Art Works. Both Main Characters (Natsu (Fairy Tail), Luffy (One Piece) Have Similar Eating Habits And Are Both Confident In Their Strength Allowing Fans To Fight Who Is Better. Both Animes/Mangas Are Rivals To Each Other. One Big Differents Is That One Piece Is Pure Strength And Pirates And Fairy Tail Is About Magic And Mages
report Recommended by Autumn_534
-They both have action, comedy, fantasy & shounen in their genre -Their main casts have some similarities -The characters have strong bonds to each other -Both of these anime will teach you the true meaning of friendship
report Recommended by mshitsugaya10
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen, Superpowers, Unique character, Unique story as well, Both anime has a good comedy scenes, Romance scene, Not like the others that are corny when they tell jokes, Natsu from Fairy Tail is really Similiar to Monkey D. Luffy, And the others as well, For the manga, Some of the both anime characters really look the same, Lucy and Nami has the same... err, What do you call that? But if you compare this two young ladies they really have similar right? I just can't explain it as hell as I am. It's almost the same story as for it,   read more
report Recommended by SEKl
Main character is honest but a little silly.. in a good way. All the characters evolve in quite a slow rate during both series so when they do evolve it's always like you've been hoping and waiting for it which makes it even more awesome. Love them both!
report Recommended by luvis
Both the protagonists are looking for something while using powers that most other people don't have. They both value friendship very much, as is clearly seen in both animes.
report Recommended by IntenseGenius
Both have the the same feel. Natsu is like Luffy. Erza resembles Nami in a way where she beats up Natsu. The way Gray and Natsu fight, however, is like Sanji and Zoro.
report Recommended by flychristian
Luffy is very similar to Dragneel, Natsu, both show shows people who's traveling together which means their friends. both stick together and helping each other until the end. both of the show shows some comedy/ funny episodes.
report Recommended by Invel
The art style is very similar and they are both shounen/comedy series. Both have themes of teamwork and helping 'nakama' or friends. Both have their series moments and their hilarious moments
report Recommended by Berri-chan
Both are about being loyal to one another and protecting their nakama. Both have their serious and comical moments. The only differences are is that One Piece is about pirates and Fairy Tail is about Mages, but over all they are very much alike.
report Recommended by LunaNoodle
It's a shonnen anime, the pricipal character (natsu dragneel) is same as luffy based in their personality, both of them are strong, both of them love their friends & proctect them.
report Recommended by sakura2910
these two names are very similar in both characters especially the main characters and the kind of story is similar, except that fairy tail is about wizards and one piece is about pirates
report Recommended by leedsmort
the main char cares about his friends just like luffy and somehow the battel style is smilar everyone has a deffrient power but fairy tail has a deffrient story and more comedy than one piece
report Recommended by yamamoto-san
-Both anime speaks highly about friendship above anything. -Both protagonists are truly idiots but can be serious as hell when the action starts.
report Recommended by keyofdestinys
Other then their difference in goal , they are pretty similar to each other . How the story develops, the characters behave , adventures of course ( fairy tale less ) . Hate to say it but yeah their ''logic'' seems pretty a like ( I will let you guess what i mean with that ) . Oh yeah another word ''easy''
report Recommended by FormerObserver
Both Fairy Tail and One Piece are shounen animes and have a lot of similarities. The art quality may resemble one another(both authors have the art based off from dragon ball's author) and the way they draw the characters in both are really similar. As for as I've seen, people like Gildarts and Shanks, Rufus and Cavendish, and there's more out there where they look alike. The one major thing I think they have in common are that both are about a group of people who go through adventures fighting together and have a strong bond with one another. Also, theres a lot of emotional   read more
report Recommended by babyblue999
Both series involve the bonds of friendship, with One Piece having the relationships between the Strawhat crew while Fairy Tail involving the relationships between the Fairy Tail guild. Both have a vast amount of characters that have interesting and unique backgrounds and different environments for the characters to explore. Both main characters (Luffy and Natsu) are extremely similar as they have the ambition to protect their friends. Both series have a large amount of action and use of supernatural powers.
report Recommended by Zeal_Seal
They both include action, and mainly fight for their nakama. If anyone harms their nakama they both won't stand for it. Strange similarity: both main character have articles of clothing that they treasure, as well as both being generally viewed as 'stupid'. If you like One Piece, than I suggest giving Fairy Tail a go!
report Recommended by b-ko
natsu is preety much luffy just with standing pink hair lucy like to spend money and nami like to keep zoro and erza are preety much the same just that erza has boobs happy is chopper and more more and more...
report Recommended by PurpleLAZERbeam
Both the main characters likes to sleep, eat and are pretty dumb, there is a time gap in both of these anime which means both of the main characters will become even more stronger. The only real difference is that One Piece is about pirates and Fairy Tail is about wizards and witches. BTW both of the main characters are pretty OP (Over Powered). Oh and Naruto is also the same as these 2 anime but Naruto is about ninjas.
report Recommended by Paleradiance
Both follow groups of close friends who go on adventures in ivast, in-depth worlds! They both will make your emotions swing wildly and get you attached to the characters
report Recommended by Cernalpxnai
Out of all the shounen anime there are, Fairy Tail is probably the most simmilar to One Piece. Both have some kind of powers (magic/devil fruit), caring for frends, fights as well as comedy. Main characters are very simmilar. Both are airheads with love for food, but can get very serious when their friends are in danger.
report Recommended by abystoma2
One Piece and Fairy Tail are almost pretty much alike (my opinion). But I like Fairy Tail better though because the arc isn't that slow like One Piece's. - One arc of One Piece lasts about ONE year. An arc of Fairy Tail is about 3-4 months in average. - The goal of the pirates of One Piece is to travel trough the sea and to achieve One Piece treasure. Fairy Tail doesn't necessarily have a big goal, but they do sign up for 'works' to achieve money to make the guild better. But there is one main character who has a goal: his name is   read more
report Recommended by Kriegjaheed
If you enjoyed Fairy Tail you will sure love One Piece. Both have a strong main character that never gives up and has his goal in mind all the time . For the romance lovers I am sorry but there is not much love in this series.
report Recommended by Shole
Both anime focus on the story and progression of a group of people towards a main goal.Both anime also are similar in style ie both contain comedy,action,romance(although in a comical sense) and most importantly the strong bond of nakama.
report Recommended by shahzain
Both are battle shounen anime about a group of friends, working together as a team both show also have a very similar art style and very likeable cast of characters that all have great backstories, most of all both shows are about friendship.
report Recommended by Jayage
They both have similar characters and a similar story line. One Piece has pirate crews and Fairy Tale has mage guilds.
report Recommended by kurumoo
Fairytail and One Piece both heavily revolve around one key point: friendship and the power behind it. Both Natsu and Luffy are really strong already, but hurt their friends and there’s no holding them back.
report Recommended by EveOfDarkness
Similarities: -Main protagonist are strong but stupid. -Story emphasized on nakama/friends. -Each character has a sad past which is shown and solved out in specific arcs. -Main protagonist's guild/crew usually ends up causing an uproar or fighting higher ups. Dissimilarities: -OP is about Pirates (many possessing power of Devil's Fruit) whereas FT is about Mages (possessing various magical powers).
report Recommended by Rkpandey
Both are simple shounen manga that focus mostly on fights and humor, while adding some doses of ecchi. Both have characters that embark on adventures and encounter several enemies, while also making new friends. Both have similar art and animation, and teach similar ideals (such as the value of friendship).
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
One Piece and Fairy Tail have similar characters. The characters have similar personalities. One Piece and Fairy Tail have action, comedy, and very little romance since they are Shounen Jump titles. Both shows can get intense and serious, but most of the time it is pure humor. Hope you enjoy!
report Recommended by TheLastFairyTail
Chances are if you like Fairy Tail, you'll like One Piece. But if you like One Piece, you'll hate Fairy Tail because God know you can only be fan of one anime and One Piece is the best Shounen right? Sure Fairy Tail is flawed, but so is One Piece. So if you like flawed shounen anime give it a shot, the music is good.
report Recommended by BasikLee
Almost Everything in FT and OP are same, including friends, humor, fights, characters. But the only difference is the theme of the story wich Fairy Tail including magicians invert One Piece including pirates though. Overall i think that both of them are the best shounen anime that i have ever seen.
report Recommended by yuriilover96
Both have lots of action, intense fight scenes, and that MC that always proves that he's the strongest character
report Recommended by MasonShadow
-Both are shounen anime (which says a lot) -Both feature really strong friendship I guess? -Both have really strong characters But yeah if you liked fairy tail you will probably like One Piece due to both animes sharing genres, both also having pretty good fight scenes and close bonds between the characters.
report Recommended by DNS
Like, Naruto or Bleach. This anime is quite popular (in my opinion). Some characters are actually similar with one piece characters. Like Luffy and Natsu who are both main characters and both have the same personality (silly yet serious when they have to be), they both love their nakamas and think highly of them. The characters are not only the same thing, but there is also genre. They both contain adventure and comedy. It's the same "style" I should say. Both of them just makes you want to laugh out loud and just want to cheer them on during fights/battle scene. Also, they both have   read more
report Recommended by EmeraldTulips
Very good old anime, beautiful line from the beginning to the end. The power of friendship and much more.
report Recommended by HawkSenpaii
Colourful, full of adventure and versatile characters anime that is similar to One Piece in many ways. Recommended for hardcore One Piece fans seeking for another fantasy realm to consume;)
report Recommended by susan00
They re both great Shounen anime Fairy tail is more about wizards and OP is more about pirates
report Recommended by EndriMirto
I put off watching One Piece for so so SO long because I just didn't like the animation style. I'm sorry One Piece fans (IM ONE TOO NOW I LOVE THIS) but I just couldn't. I finally sucked it up and watched it. Sure, at the beginning it was ..... 5/10? But as you go on the animation gets better and the plot is AMAZING. I love One Piece so so much now. I'm stuck on episode 741 because I don't want to keep on watch because even THINKING bout waiting every week for it to come out is killing me :D Also, Luffy gave   read more
report Recommended by Am1m3Fr3ak
It's hard to like one series without liking the other. A cheerful cast of characters, most of which with supernatural abilities, going on adventures and defeating enemies through bonds with one another. Both have the power to make you laugh, make you cry, make you excited, and make you feel. My love for One Piece made loving Fairy Tail very easy!
report Recommended by iMustang
Natsu is Luffy, Gildarts is Shanks and many others lookalike characters, most arcs come down to the power of friendship and fighting for our friends and nothing else matters, alot of comedy and cool fights/powers, same vibes in doing Guild Missions in Fairy Tail and Pirates Traveling in One Piece
report Recommended by RafaKiyoura
Have you ever seen anime with the main character being an exact copy of another character from another anime? Well, this is your chance. As a bonus, whether you've seen One Piece or Fairy Tail first, you'll say "Hey, what is Shanks doing in Fairy Tail?" or "Hey, what is Gildartz doing in One Piece?". Prepare for an epic adventure because these two have lots of episodes and feelings, and they don't suffer from the Naruto-Filler syndrome.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Funny moments. They have their own friends to protect. Action packed anime. The authors are student and teacher, I think.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
fairy tail is one piece with fan service, magic natsu = luffy lucy = nami happy = chopper gildarts = shanks
report Recommended by XCOS
The power of friendships is very prominent. Then, the main character for both have a similar personality. The fighting scene is very epic and about how to finish that fighting is so amazing. Ps : Many characters have a similar character design
report Recommended by Chan_Chun
One Piece and Fairy Tail have a lot in common. Both are long running battle shōnen anime. Both anime have the same vibe, and the main protagonists in both series, Luffy and Natsu, have similar personalities. The art style is also very similar as well! The biggest differences are the story and the fact that One Piece is about pirates while Fairy Tail is about mages…but aside from that, they are very similar anime!
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
If you like fun characters, hero's, pirates and wizards, fun adventures and the power of friendship ;) u should definitely give fairy tail a try! its in my opinion one of the most underrated big shonen! One piece is so similar to fairytail, but where fairy tail is more about guilds and wizards is one piece about pirates! and one piece is so good, if ur a fan of fairy tail or not u will definitely like it!
report Recommended by Tikaas_m
Great adventures! Fantasy and action! They both have well-written characters that are both serious and humorous. Both plots have amazing character develoments and amazing arcs. You can see in both Fairy Tail and One Piece the characters going out of their way to help their friends, going on adventures and fighting in great battles for personal and greater reasons. Luffy is like Natsu, a little silly boy with big dreams who loves adventures and his friends. If you love Fairy Tail there is no way you won 't like One Piece.
report Recommended by lin_chan_
1. Similar characters; if you have seen One Piece, you can pretty much tell that some characters have similar personalities as with Natsu=Luffy Loke=Sanji Gray=Zoro 2. timeskip; this also happens in the middle of each series where the characters have some change of appearance and become stronger 3. Lore; the lore of both series are very deep and mysterious 4. Friendship; both seem to have this close-bonded trait with each member, but in Fairy Tail, friendship makes them get powered up in fights, while in one piece, it's more strength and skill based
report Recommended by pugsowe2
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