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Days: 534.2
Mean Score: 8.01
  • Total Entries1,176
  • Rewatched324
  • Episodes32,196
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Jun 16, 9:01 PM
Watching 8/10 · Scored 10
One Piece
One Piece
Jun 16, 8:39 PM
Watching 889/? · Scored 10
Fairy Tail: Final Series
Fairy Tail: Final Series
Jun 16, 8:26 PM
Watching 36/? · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 87.2
Mean Score: 8.16
  • Total Entries631
  • Reread40
  • Chapters11,689
  • Volumes1,333
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Kimi ni Todoke
Kimi ni Todoke
Jun 16, 6:00 PM
Completed 125/125 · Scored 10
Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
Jun 8, 11:45 PM
Reading 176/? · Scored 10
Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet
Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet
Jun 8, 11:34 PM
Reading 73/? · Scored 9


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Shirasenpai Sep 16, 2017 5:26 PM
I acidently finished it during this day ^^
Shirasenpai Sep 16, 2017 4:32 PM
Like Japanese have the word "shoganai" which means cant be helped directly translated and its ultra useful when speaking with friends or people you are on equal lvl with!^^

Yeah I also want to see the Sanjipart hahah XD

Koi to Uso.. is so enjoyable, dont know how to thank you for it! Can barely wait til the next episode :3 Not often Im moved to tears but this one hit the spots <3

Shirasenpai Sep 15, 2017 4:49 PM
Korean and Spanish:O Cool combo!! Is there any specific useful word you can teach me?xd (wierd request I know..)

I havnt really considered if I want to fully mayor the language but it would feel badass :)

Im already following both boku no hero academia and one piece and I love them ,although as you say not much is happening in OnePiece atm and I dont really look forward to Luffy fighting that buiscuit guy x) But I really look forward to see if some sort of devolopment will occur in BnhA between Deku and Bakugo.

I will look up Koi to Uso , your taste in anime is nice so I will for sure see the whole thing probably ^^
Shirasenpai Sep 13, 2017 3:35 PM
Daishoubu^^ School is filling me with energy, studying Japanese so it feels kind of hype, but sure there are times even on those lessons all I want is to go home and watch anime or just die xD
Thought about the new ones mostly , airing, but if you recommend some other anime I will be sure to look it up aswell if not already seen:p
Glad to hear you are fine and all atleast;)
Shirasenpai Aug 25, 2017 4:09 PM
Yo Havent heard from you for a while, are you doing fine? Any new anime which you recommend?:)
Sereshay Apr 27, 2017 4:52 PM
Aww well at least you did something nice ^_^ When I was in college, my birthday would always be during finals week too so I feel your pain =_=
Sereshay Apr 26, 2017 8:16 PM
You're welcome <3 Hope you had a fun day ゚.+(〃ノωノ)゚.+°
Sereshay Apr 25, 2017 2:42 PM

oliviasyl Nov 16, 2016 12:28 AM

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Cold_coffee Oct 11, 2016 4:03 PM
Sereshay Aug 26, 2016 3:26 PM
Yeah at least girls tend to be much neater than guys, I've heard guy's bathrooms are abysmal >.<
I have about a year left :)
Aww I'm sorry to hear you're still sick :(
It's difficult working full time and going to school at the same time, it's best to focus on your studies, then get your degree so you can get a great job ^^
Lol I'm not that young, I work full time and in a few years I'll be 30. Compared to people on mal, I'm a grandma (◕◞౪◟◕✿) Everyone here is still in high school or college. I've only ever found one person older than me >.>
Sereshay Aug 24, 2016 10:58 PM
I don't mind moving my toiletries back and forth, it's the germs that I have a problem with >~> Luckily when I lived in the dorms, I only had to share my bathroom with one other person, and it was attached to my dorm room.
If you move back to California, you'll find lots of practice here :P
Yeah I'm pursuing my masters in business accounting ^^
It's okay, when I'm sick I drink hot water like crazy lol. And I add in the emergen-c powder packets. It tastes awful, but it makes me feel a bit better.
Yup part time is under 30 hours and full time is above 30 hours, it's the same across the nation, it's set by the department of labor.
Oh man I miss being young and not having to work >.<
Sereshay Aug 24, 2016 8:05 PM
Lucky you! It's always nice having the place to yourself :D
Oh man I hate communal bathrooms, they're usually so disgusting. I'm glad I didn't have to put up with that in the dorms.
Lol I wish I were fluent, but I'm still not even half as good as a native speaker :P I was thinking about it, but I decided not to in the end. I already had my hands full with my major.
Yeah I really want to visit Japan as well ^^
I'm pretty sure full time is always about 30-45 hours. I need to make money for rent and food after all :)
Sereshay Aug 24, 2016 2:51 PM
I think it's fine if you're not very social, I actually prefer roommates who are that way because then I don't have to deal with them partying all the time and bringing people over and making noise. I'm someone who needs my own space and I like coming back to a quiet place.
Do you and your roommate have your own bathroom or is it a communal bathroom?
I started taking french in middle school and continued through undergrad. I really want to visit europe some day.
I'm taking three classes- an econ class and two accounting classes. Sometimes I take two classes, which is still a full plate for me since I work full time.
Sereshay Aug 23, 2016 8:47 PM
Lol I've never heard of anyone dying that way XD
That's good you don't get sick much, I'm the opposite hence why I'm such a germaphobe lol.
I always had horrible luck with roommates, I never got along with them, let alone be friends with them. Sounds like you got lucky!
Are you the kind of person who doesn't like talking much in class? I'm fine as long as I don't need to get up in front of the class and speak. I have a fear of public speaking... my heart thumps so loudly >.<
You speak spanish? I used to take french.
I'm taking an econ class and two accounting classes.
I really should be doing homework right now, but I'm procrastinating D: