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Both series deal with spirits and youkai and the exorcism of them but Noragami is perhaps more entertaining
report Recommended by Allografter
Both are about spiritual powers, youkai etc. and in many parts of both series you'll find lots of familiarity. Perhaps Yato's social awkwardness is nothing aganist Akihito's pervert self, but in any case both of them are quite entertaining. Kyoukai is has more dark side story compared to Noragami thought.
report Recommended by _midori_
These two shows are both popular examples of a certain type of supernatural stories that have become a staple of anime in the past few years. Mixing the mundane, calming feeling of the slice-of-life genre with a very distinctive supernatural element that you find only in anime and manga. The world is not as one-dimensional as you think and a roaming spirit might lurk in every corner. Only few humans can see them and only fewer are gifted enough to fight them, But drifting to the other side is not all fun and games because while our beloved heroes might have good intentions, there are   read more
report Recommended by Skyclad-Observer
Both have the same type of vibe to them, I feel. Both seem to contain happy and shallow characters at first, then you fall in love with all of them and learn of their struggles and want them to be happy. Both are great and I recommend both!
report Recommended by Katiekat1228
Noragami and Kyoukai no Kanata are supernatural theme series involving spirits and apparitions. The main characters gets themselves involved in a variety of ways that changes their lives while helping others. Throughout both series, there's internal struggles explored regarding the main characters, in particular with their pasts that are reflected by flashback scenes. At the apex of the story, these internal struggles manifest and brings out feelings that are reflected by our characters' reactions. There's a small cast of characters with strange interactions between them. Expect comedy, drama, and action.
report Recommended by Stark700
These are really similar anime. Only a handful of people can see the supernatural events and monsters. The characters fight against evil. The story setting and characters are more interesting.
report Recommended by Mallony
Both series are about a 'boundary' between two realms/worlds, where evil spirits are coming into the real world. Both have protagonists that have superhuman powers (Yato and Mirai) that are funny characters who are hiding an important issue, and both have a 'normal' friend (Hiyori and and Akihito) who try and lead them in the right direction, morally.
report Recommended by MrCave
Both series have to do with the supernatural (i.e. yokai, spirits). The two also share a fair bit of drama, subtle comedy, and even brief romantic undertones. They're also similar in the sense that you're allowed to watch characters develop and grow stronger together as they help one another reach their goals.
report Recommended by madohomu
Both main character got terrible past story. Fight against supernatural creature to get money.
report Recommended by shiburagi
the art and general theme of the plot are very similar. they both have hints of comedy, but mainly deal with fighting youkai, etc.
report Recommended by kkkkimk
Both have supernatural themes regarding fighting of spirits, I found both beautiful and soulful with emotional ties. Highly recommend both series.
report Recommended by MrFlawedLogic
Though obviosuly different in many ways, they do share significant similarities. For example, both give off the same fantasy vibe, and they both involve a character that gets caught up in something to do with the supernatural.
report Recommended by heavens-reaper
Both series have supernatural elements, but more than that they have the same elegant and sincere approach to deep inside of human soul. Both made me smile and cry at the same time.
report Recommended by sora-to-hoshi
Both animes have spirits where only a handful of people can see them. Both main characters have "bad" pasts. Both deal with a term they call a "boundary" Both have a supernatural theme where they fight spirits. Both are comedic in some ways. Both have a romantic feel that's not totally canon at first but seems like it might be.
report Recommended by karasunoh
Both animes deal with a theme similar to fantasy; they both contain otherworldly creatures. They also both have protagonists who fight said creatures. Both rely on humour and plot alike. Viewers be warned that I enjoyed Noragami far more than KnK.
report Recommended by WinglessBird
(NOTE: This entry keeps messing up no matter what I do. I am recommending KYOUKAI NO KANATA for fans of NORAGAMI, not the other way around.) While Noragami is undoubtedly the more popular of these two, both are supernatural action series featuring a distinct variation on similar subject matter: battling against creatures unseen by the general public and focusing on those charged with the task of defeating them. Kyoukai no Kanata a.k.a. Beyond the Boundary has perhaps slightly more slick animation, but just as humorous and action packed; with great characters and slice of life segments that don't feel much like filler. It's an easy recommendation for   read more
report Recommended by ArenaMax300
If you liked the concept of people defeating "other world monsters" then you will certainly like either of these series. Each will have a mix of serious episodes and fun to watch ones. Each have a character who is stuck between being a half human half monster and needs to figure out themselves.
report Recommended by spike12ify
- Both consist of supernatural themes and contain similar action. - Both have similar stories and ways with the phantoms. (They both focused on a small group, both main charactesr are supernatural beings of some sort.) - Both anime about the characters trying to fend off supernatural monster while building relationships and getting to know each other. - Both anime use the same style of blending comedy, drama and action. - Both are modern fantasies with an underlying mystery and a well-rounded, interesting cast. - The Animation and Art is also somewhat similar. - Both have the same plot style of blending comedy , drama and action. The action   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
They are really similar . Both are actions anime, based on supernatural spirits borned from human's feelings that the main characters are hunting . Animation and fight scenes are comparable . They both include a romance story between two characters . And to end with, the charm of those series lies in the humor, which is very concentrated and distracting .
report Recommended by Val2612
A special group of people fight and get rid of demons, just like in Noragami. Even some scenes look very similar.
report Recommended by ReeDani
Both series' involve the extermination of spirits (youkai), and both involve a central protagonist that has the potential to become way stronger than the rest. Both series also have their share of comedic and dramatic moments, however Noragami is more focused around the former
report Recommended by Short_Circut
If you’re a fan of the supernatural, fighting demons, and a touch of school life you’ve found the right series. Noragami and Kyoukai no Kanata have very similar atmosphere and gorgeous animation, coupled with some golden comedy to lighten the dark parts of the story. Lovable characters, enticing action sequences, and a tiny bit of the touchy feely. Noragami and Kyoukai have such a similar feel not just in story but in setting, while being completely unique to each other. If you enjoyed one of these I highly recommend you check out the other.
report Recommended by Shinobistalker
Both are similar in that they are engaged in exorcising spirits or youkai, bad creatures, something supernatural. Also similar in their genres: romance, drama, comedy; and also its atmosphere. Why do I recommend Noragami, because this anime title is better and more interesting, the music in it is simply amazing, a very mesmerizing plot, also very cool characters: D However, I recommend both of them, because Noragami and kyoukai no kanata are very funny TV series, I really liked both of them, I recommend!
report Recommended by _Mixonic15
Fight demons, good shonen, bit of comedy
report Recommended by Wiasza
kyoukai no kanata and noragami resemble quite a lot both series are supernatural theme involving spirits that attack human both series have well-blended comedy, action, romance? the female protagonists are saved by the male protagonists
report Recommended by i-kize