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Both have deep world building that focus on a sense of mystery to the show's world which our heroes must try to figure out. Both have deep rooted deception and secrecy. Both have creatures that are a huge source of fear for the humans characters as they actively eat people.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
-Similar atmosphere of dread and hopelessness beyond their control. -As quickly as the story progresses so does the urge of survival. -Dark mystery twists.
report Recommended by I_Am_Drunk
Both series include dark mysteries. Both are about survival. Humans against non-humans. In both series the main three characters are close childhood friends, bonded with something stronger than blood relation, and they protect each other like a family.
report Recommended by reimei_no_ai
-Both have huge plot twists towards the end of the first episode -Both have a post apocalyptic setting -Both focus on kids trying to fight against the cruel world they've awoken to -Both create drama by making the main villains primary goal to eat humans, implying that we aren't on the top of the food chain in their world
report Recommended by thelectricow
- Almost same set up where there is an outside world that is different from the world they knew. - Trio protag - Same dark vibes/atmosphere - Both dystopian
report Recommended by rowsenpai
The enemy forces are unknown creatures without a clear origin ,with the traitors everywhere,The environment is isolated from the other world
report Recommended by ace_san
My first impression of this anime : 'This feels awfully like Attack on Titan' There are three main protagonists like Eren, Armin and Mikasa. They were surrounded by wall and trying to escape it (Although the wall doesn't play that big role in here like in Attack on Titan does). There's also these human eater creatures. Also I think Eren say something similar about them being trapped inside a wall like cattle. Well, in this case they are literally the cattle. I'd say there are also Death Note feel to it, but I lean more towards Attack on Titan.
report Recommended by jellybene
We have a dreary, mysterious World, young people risking their lives for freedom, and plenty creepiness, darkness, and heart-stopping action!
report Recommended by dazaimaru
A group of people trapped inside of walls trying to escape from "monsters " that are trying to eat them. Both groups do some kind of training, trying to fight/escape the titans/demons. The main three characters of each anime have some similarities as well.
report Recommended by FinNote
If you liked the plot about humans not being on the top of the food chain in Attack on Titan then you will definitely like story about kids trying to escape the fate of being eaten in The Promised Neverland
report Recommended by Gaabss
At first sight these animes may not have to much similarities but the sensations of mistery and intrigue to know what is outside the primary and early location of the plot.
report Recommended by TrafalgarNicolas
Both shows feature characters inside an area closed off by a wall/fence, possibly keeping someone/something out. Without spoiling much, they're both dark and are based on the main characters trying to survive their situations.
report Recommended by Thorf
Both manga are about humans trying to surrive in a world in which they aren't the dominant predators anymore.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Both have a scary deep world where there is creatures that are a huge threat for the human race and the main characters are trying to get out of their bubble that they have been locked in to try to kill/stop the creatures that are basically eating humans as their lunch
report Recommended by iPiolex
Both are dark, mystery horror series with lovable characters, nice ost and awesome animation.
report Recommended by 5trawberry
The setting of both shows is very similar. Both shows start of with three main charakters living in a place encircled by walls seperating them from the outside world. The main charakters both have a very strong sense of freedom and have their own idea of a true peaceful life. They also have a very dark atmosphere and lots of mysteries about the world with some twists here and there.
report Recommended by SSet
In both anime - children heroes live in a cage surrounded by monsters.
report Recommended by Saburiminaru
same concept on what's in the outside world .
report Recommended by Iambakasur
The two series both subvert expectations. Sometimes you think where a series is headed, but its probably wrong. There are a lot of mind fucks going on. The Promised Neverland doesn't really have to do with politics or have gore like Attack on Titan, but they both really mess with the viewer. (I really can't say anything else or it will probably spoil)
report Recommended by StardewFellow
Both have mystery, being trapped behind a wall and monsters trying to kill them
report Recommended by ChrisCx
-eating humans -trying to discover the world outside -smart protagonists
report Recommended by Macho_mango
Walls, man-eating monsters, and ways to escape, both of these keep you on the edge of your seat.
report Recommended by Shashwat1807
Both animes make you ask alot of questions about the anime, there also leaves alot of cliff hangers too which adds suspense
report Recommended by Pyswar
People often recommend these with one another, and they really are similar. Both have similar three leads, and both have similar premises. In AOT, giants are eating humans and you are forced to live in a wall. In TPN its the opposite, you are eaten inside the wall. Both want to escape to a better world. There is gore, horror and psychological aspects in each titles. However AOT is more long running and is alot more violent and dark. I cant guarantee if you like one you will enjoy another, but they are similar af and are both good anime.
report Recommended by NoonDaMoon
Both very dark anime, with great storylines
report Recommended by Echo137
Both have creatures that are a huge source of fear for the humans characters as they actively eat people.
report Recommended by IshaIsha
Both anime about humans trying to survive from other creatures😶
report Recommended by Vee_And_Vee
- trio of main protagonists - shock value - horror themes - destroyed peace - tension - intergenerational "racial" conflict - theme of war and peace - dark, mysterious and well-structured world - "outside the walls" motive
report Recommended by mib23
Both based on determination to survive, strategy making and existential themes. Arguably Promised Neverland is more intense about all the three mentioned above but that's subjective since it handles that in a more subtle and often plot driven way. It's attention intensive due to that reason. Comparatively, it has more psychological horror, strategy making, mystery and suspense instead of action but also with less edge of the seat moments. The promised neverland although has similar and very well-written characters, doesn't have as much character variation and if action wasn't AoT's best aspect for you, it can definitely fill the hole AoT leaves. Without comparison, Promised neverland   read more
report Recommended by hour-friend
In both of the anime, there are 'monsters' that eat human beings. In both of the anime, humans want to get past the wall and know what is and what can be seen beyond it. In both of the anime, tactics and strategies are needed to get past the wall. In short terms, humans are using their brains and not force or magic powers.
report Recommended by Gumdroppop
Both have great OST. Both have great animation. But most importantly, in both of these amazing animes there are so many questions. In time they both answer these questions but those answers result in even more questions. While watching them you always feel on the edge and wonder what's going to happen and I think this is one of the most important things. Both are dark and lowkey twisted. Overall, they both are great animes and if you love watching Shingeki no Kyojin I believe you'll love Yakusoku no Neverland as well.
report Recommended by httpsgod
-main characters want to know what's beyond the walls -humans are food -action, horror, gore
report Recommended by notalyssa
Both shows are very similar in concept. Without going into spoilers, they follow the same structure. Think of The Promised Neverland Season 1 as the equivalent of Attack on Titan Seasons 1-3, as they can both be separated in two parts: before “x discovery” and after “x discovery”. The story-telling and world-building in both shows are great and I’m excited to see how The Promised Neverland will follow Attack on Titan’s footsteps.
report Recommended by blondedzero
Both anime are dark fantasy, and are set in a world where monstrous creatures feed on humans. Both of them add a horror-mystery element to the shounen genre. Both serve up the mystery and worldbuilding bit by bit, doing so beautifully. And there is a lot of character death, of course. Both have characters that completely change the perspective of the audience from what we initially thought. And also, remember to never underestimate the side characters of these shows!
report Recommended by abitextra099
deep world building and edge of your seat plot are both in these super popular thrillers that will have your mind searching for unknown answers
report Recommended by VeryBigLuffyFan
Prey fights back. Also both anime have the question, what’s on the outside?
report Recommended by InSae
Post-apocalypse! World-building! Plot twist! If you like animes that are dark then Attack on Titan and Promised Neverland are the best for you. People trapped inside the walls in attack on Titan and kids trapped in farmhouse. Both are similar in plot wise that it will get you invested throughout the whole show. Both involving mystery you will love it. These shoes are a must watch in case of my opinion.
report Recommended by Scordolo
both of the animes want freedom, both of the animes are also about escaping
report Recommended by Violetstars8
Both anime have a strong mystery element that will make you question the nature of what exactly is lurking outside. What is outside? What is the world like? As a viewer, you really want to find out. This mystery will grip you almost instantly!
report Recommended by Schwarznight
There both inside walls and about to get eaten by 'monsters'.
report Recommended by WolfDMoonStone
Wall , slaughter , plot , violence.
report Recommended by LeviLawliet211
Yakusoku no Neverland is almost similar to Shingeki no Kiyojin because they are inside the walls without knowing what is outside the walls. They want to go outside the wall. And there are man eating Demons/Titans.
report Recommended by no_one_knows
Similar plot start-up with a mysterious world that is expanded upon over time
report Recommended by 3amEpsilon
I recommend this anime to all those who want to approach an anime that over time, without spoilers, will have an unprecedented story. If you also like swords and giant monsters, this work is for you, even if this is the peculiarity of the work. The attack of the giants is a mixture of mystery and discovery, it will lead you to follow the story by making you empathize and identify with the characters of the story. In my opinion, the attack on the giants is one of the most successful anime transpositions from a manga that in my opinion is clearly superior to the   read more
report Recommended by MikiSpine
I think that the freedom and fear elements are what make these anime similar. The freedom element is similar as in AOT they are trying to get beyond the walls and Paradis island and etc and TPN is that that they are trying to escape the slaughterhouse. The fear element is that in AOT they fear the titans and in TPN they fear the demons that want to eat them.
report Recommended by 0megaH
The Promised Neverland is similar to Attack On Titan in the sense that neither you nor the characters know what's going on, i.e, you discover the plot of the anime together.
report Recommended by giovranna
Both have similar vibes - children having to make tough decisions where their lives will depend on their actions, humanity under attack, and just really interesting themes and sacrifices being made
report Recommended by artychaild
Both are about a group of people who are trapped in some sort of environment that is closed off to the outside world. They fight to uncover secrets about a world dominated by monsters. They have similar premises but also are very different. Only watch Season 1 of The Promised Neverland, after that I highly recommend reading the manga.
report Recommended by Murp_
in this anime some kids are trying to get rid of some demons that want to eat them.
report Recommended by AlexAnime09
The world outside the walls
report Recommended by ash-nime
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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