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The remaining humans risks their entire race on a fight for survival or face extinction, the rich and powerful ruled for either the good of everyone or the greed for power. 'Black Bullet' demonstrates that good and bad are not very different depending on how you perceive it. 'Shingeki no Kyojin' has a darker history as the people have lived under fear for a longer period of time and any beings that are different from them have to be destroyed. Kill or be killed is a way to describe the ways of life of the people. Freedom of action is not permitted to the   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Humanity on the brink of extinction. They built a barrier/wall to protect themselves from the Titan/Gastrea. That wall will soon collapse. Only a select few of people are capable of killing these Titan/Gastrea. End of humanity is upon them. Will they survive in the end? Kaji Yuuki does the voice of the main character in both series.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
In order to to save humanity from the brink of extinction from a mysterious catastrophe, the remaining people have built a barricade around the area that they live in. In both series, only a few special individuals have the power to fight the monsters. While SnK is set in a medieval-ish world, Black Bullet is set in a futuristic one. Both MC are voiced by Yuki Kaji.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
- humans almost extinct - in Shingeki no Kyojin the cause of extinction is titans while in Black Bullet is Gastrea - walls - special weapons and people fighting - the MC parents are dead - also in both the MC voiced by Kaji Yuki
report Recommended by lkhalid
Both series take place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is on the verge of extinction due to giant monster like creatures. Both series have a city built inside giant walls to keep said monsters out.
report Recommended by Alaczer
*Both series are set in apocalyptic worlds where monsters have wiped out most of humanity *Both series are set inside enclosed communities with giant walls to keep the monsters out *Both series feature characters that are part-monster, and are thus not trusted by society *Eren Yeager and Rentaro Satomi are virtually the same person, and are even voiced by the same guy *Both series are dark in tone, with plenty of graphic violence (though SnK is darker and Black Bullet has more ecchi/harem elements) *Both series have minor political elements
report Recommended by F1Krazy
Throughout watching the series Black Bullet, I can definitely note some key similarities to that of the 2013 success "Shingeki no Kyojin". Firstly, the most apparent similarity is that of the theme subject that evolves through both of these animes- Humanity suffered a terrible crisis in the past, and built themselves protective 'walls' or 'barriers' to help prevent the crisis from reoccurring. What was the crisis? The evolution of dominant species who have it in their power to wipe out the entire of humanity. In Shingeki no Kyojin these manifest themselves as 'titans' who posses a minorly gigantic human appearance, and in Black Bullet they   read more
report Recommended by Vrai
+ Violent action shows about humans surviving in an urban area protected by a barrier from mysterious creatures that threaten to destroy them + MC is voiced by Yuki Kaji and his parent/s died when he was young + Good soundtracks and animation with strong and enjoyable beginnings - Black Bullet is more futuristic and Japanese while SNK is less technologically advanced and set in a European setting
report Recommended by Asfaria
-both express the themes of suffering and the loss of humanity -both depict worlds blockaded by Monoliths in Black Bullet and Walls in Shingeki no Kyojin -these defenses are to protect the area from the Gastrea in Black Bullet and the Titans in Shingeki no Kyojin -both feature specific weapons specialized to defeat the enemy party, Varanium bullets in Black Bullet and the 3D Maneuver Gear in Shingeki no Kyojin -both have similar Openings -they give off the same vibe Conclusion: Both indeed have similar qualities despite Black Bullet having a slight lighter ambiance.
report Recommended by LeFlower-kun
Both involve the human race confined to a small area, some force constantly terrorizing them (Gastera and Titans), and those who are helping save the humans are feared (Cursed children and Eren).
report Recommended by cremseru
In both animes, people are almost extinct. The ones who are left live in a small enclosed earea and are threatened by big "things". They'll have to fight to survive. Also, some part in the intro song from Black Bullet immediatly made me think of the intro from SnK.
report Recommended by Lwaxana
The obvious post-apocalyptic comparaison. They are both set in an universe were the humanity have almost fallen and his constantly torn by internal and external conflict. The MC have different goal, but they both do well in what in they do. While I think SnK is better, his slow-pacing can be annoying, though BB is sometime way too fast-paced.
report Recommended by minouneetzoe
In both of those animes there are big monsters which want to destroy the human world for an unknown reason. They both are about the humans who strike back to defend their world from those monsters. In both of them the humanity is driven into a corner and on the brink of extermination.
report Recommended by dadnaya
- humanity near extinction - in both there are barriers protecting people - enemies which are killable only by some people, big and scary (Titans/Gastrea)
report Recommended by voy
both have a different race that threatens humanity, city surrounded by walls to protects it, and people who fight that other race its bloody and has amazing fights scenes and death ones
report Recommended by GodOfTheDead
Humanity is attacked by some kind of monster and almost gone extinct. The barricade themselves while only few people can fight the monsters.
report Recommended by abystoma2
- Both have something that is wiping humanity from extinction. - Both have the same voice actress (Eren Jaeger)
report Recommended by kalon
-Dark action -Much Blood -Main character has same voice actor -Enimes that are easy for someone to kill and hard for others. -Enimes that are monsters and have regeneration power
report Recommended by EatMee
Both of them are similar because both of them are about human civilizations being on the verge of extermination. Both are epic post apocalyptic type genres. Shingeki no Kyojin tells about the sorrows and pains of young boy named Eren Jaeger who has lost his mother due to titan eating her. Rentaro, in Black Bullet, is similar to Eren in that sense, who becomes a civil security member because of the death of his parents who died because of the gastrea virus.
report Recommended by kurokenshi07
If you like horror and blood, this is absolutely perfect for you. Both anime involve being hidden inside walls, and battling supernatural beings.
report Recommended by ryuukachan
Black Bullet and Shingeki no Kyojin encompass a world in which humanity is in a brink of extinction and are threated by a supernatural force. Both of the male protagonists are voiced by the same person and have very similar attitudes. They are also known by their peers as "humanity's last hope
report Recommended by msantiago49
Humanity on the way to be exterminated, they build a wall for protect the last part of the humanity against monsters (Titans/Gastrea), The main protagonist (Rentarou/Eren) want to fight against the invader for survive and exterminate them, some people will join the main protagonist for fight against the invaders.
report Recommended by azer467
-Titans(SNK)=Gastrea(BB). They are basically creatures superior to humanity -Mankind defeated by Titans/Gastrea in both animes to the point of near extinction -Both animes are in a setting protected by walls of some sort against the opposing force -Time frame of 5 years(SNK)/10 years(BB) after the defeat of humanity -Survey Corps=Initiators (last hope for mankind) -Main character hates Titans/Gastrea since they killed his parents -Mysteries: SNK-What is inside Eren's basement? BB-Who is the masked man that claims to destroy the world? -Mankind in both animes will be exiled into smaller territory in the future
report Recommended by Eitori
Both have humanity close to extinction. Both have only certain people able to kill the titans or gastrea. Both have humanity build I giant wall to protect them. Both have this wall threatened to be brought down.
report Recommended by Scrom
Each story is based around the human race being almost erased by giant monsters and they are now living in a limited space. Main characters have many similar qualities (and the same voice actor in Japanese). Contain people fighting against all odds to save the human race who have powers that could save the human race.
report Recommended by Theguymatt
Both story is apocalyptic and has a common enemy which makes humanity endangered. Although Shingeki shows more gore and violent scenes than in Black Bullet
report Recommended by NexusRaiser
Both of these anime are about getting invaded about something surperior than your own kind. In these anime series they try to find a way to defeat these creatures and both of these are very dark
report Recommended by GiantQAACSleier
-Both are about saving humanity, which is on the brink of extinction -In both, humanity is threatened by strange creatures -The beginning of the Black Bullet op is similar to SnK's -The protagonist is young(and male) -In both, there are more than one enemy (the creature and humans) -The protagonist share the same voice actor While watching Black Bullet, I found myself reminded of Shingeki no Kyojin. Black Bullet is very different though, as there are initiators and promoters, which actually has a bit of a twist. I'll stop there, but if you liked Shingeki no Kyojin, I recommend Black Bullet, and vice versa.
report Recommended by Shanayaaa
disasters that threaten human populations
report Recommended by liercykazumi
-They are both about two post apocalyptic events -They both have a similar enemy (Titans and Gastrea) -They both have a similar direction in plot -Both have a good OP (even the OP is somewhat similar) Still a good series even though... ^
report Recommended by Ddortp
They both deal with humanity trying to survive against extinction. In both animes there is a "barrier" that protects the humans against the enemy.
report Recommended by Bvern004
Both have: -walls -things that try to kill everyone -"subspecies" that ultimately helps them survive -lolicon senpai bread rice cheek
report Recommended by ferboterbo
Both take place mostly within protective walls that keep their predators out. The main complication in both animes is that the walls are broken and the characters must fight to defend humanity against their predators. In other words, both have their main defense against creatures that have been preying upon them broke down and they must fight against them in order to save humanity.
report Recommended by giraffuh
1) Both are post-apocalyptic anime 2) In both anime humanity has fallen/in critical danger due to giant monsters 3) In both anime humans built and surround themselves with giant walls to isolate themselves with the monsters 4) In both anime humans fight against the monsters to survive
report Recommended by tsert7459
Similarities: In both universes , peapole figthing versus environnement for the survival of the humanity , in SNK u got the titans , but in black bullet , there is also the Geastras .
report Recommended by Cahrpediem
Both series have the same kind of plot: the humanity is threatened by some kind of monsters, and the protagonist have to save all the people he loves.
report Recommended by aryax98
In both animes there people attacking monsters. The MC has a special power. In both animes there is a girl who is supporting the MC. In Shingeki no Kyojin there walls. In Black Bullet there is some kindo of strange walls that protects the city too.
report Recommended by JustJ0ke
- Both series' have a similar apocalyptic setting involving large creatures (Titans/Gastrea) that have previously caused havoc in their respectives homes, with "walls" built for protection as a result. -Both protagonists are confined within the protection of the walls and serve to defend their people from said creatures. -The openings. Just listen to the openings. (•̀⌄•́)
report Recommended by ccalistaa
- Both stories take place in a post-apocalyptic setting. - They also have the same messages to the viewers, for example that the apocalypse is not their only enemy. - The two shows have a similar feel to them, with humanity having to combat giant creatures. - Both of these animes follow same kind of plot, and have some gruesome battle scenes. - Both have good special effects which makes watching them more enjoyable. - In both anime people are living in secured environments surrounded by deadly monsters, and one day something goes wrong. SnK has a better developed story though. - They both have good drama scenes in my   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
Humanity struggles against a powerful threat inside barriers that (at least in theory) should protect them against said threat.
report Recommended by Yoeli
Humans are trapped in massive walls surrounded by monsters, one of the walls is broken by the alpha monster.... Groups of people fight for humanity. Main character had experience with the monsters when they were younger. Both pretty dark and involve lots of death.
report Recommended by Alexx_12341
-Giant walls to protect humanity of monsters -organizations to fight monsters -same voice actor of the main character -the parents of the main character are murdered by monsters -the main character fight against the monsters
report Recommended by Yofran
So many similariities that i seriously recommend everyone to watch both if you love this kind of plot >Humanity on brink of extinction >Humanity confined within walls/barriers for survival >MC is part of govt/military >MC is serious, mature and battle capable >Questionable actions on moral grounds from government/monarchy within walls
report Recommended by ZenAnonX
they both are set in cities with big wall/pillars and have giant enemies, both of them are not afraid to kill characters off, also both Main characters are awesome, Eren Yeager is more of Crazy powerful nut job which i prefer
report Recommended by Kylelord2004KL
Again post-apocalyptic = AOT And story wise AOT is far superior But you'll find lolis and a yandere in here
report Recommended by HimethS
Both series have humanity living inside walls, blocking them from the rest of the world because of a supernatural species outside the walls that threatening their livelihood.
report Recommended by veravv
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