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Okay, too many similarities. Both are school-life-centered comedies with a plot involving a laid-back club and it's awesome members. I absolutely love both. Watch one, be ready to love the other ;)
report Recommended by TragicRomance
Both have the same set of weird girls and a guy who has to deal with them. One anime focuses solely on the club, while the other is spread evenly between school, guy's friends, and other cast members. The girls are three times weirder than the girls from the other anime.
report Recommended by Nasty001
Looking for a series involving a club with cute girls doing fun activities? A school setting where there is fun, drama, and comedy going around for everyone? Or just some slice of life experience with a lighthearted background? GJ-bu and D-Frag will definitely be the answer to those questions. There might be only one main male character in both series' clubs but they learn to adjust and get along with others. At the same time, they get involved with the clubs' special activities that they have mixed reactions to. Expect engaging comedy with an appreciation for fun and laughter.
report Recommended by Stark700
The same harem genre about a boy and a group of poco locas chicas in one obnoxious club, except the chicas in the new anime are 2X mucho locas than the chicas from the old anime.
report Recommended by Baddie007
"How would it feel like when you are being abducted by cute girls and forced you to join their club? Satisfying or weird?" In the story a main male character was suddenly capture by cute girls and forced him to join the club. Though, he first thinks it is weird, but instead joins them for reasons. It follows the daily lives of the characters main club activities. D-Frag starts off with a delinquent character who was forced to join the club with weird abnormal girls. GJ-bu starts off with a normal male character with normal club activities.
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both MCs are forced to join a club with weird girls. The art is similar and the character types are reminiscent of each other. I wanted to find an anime like Gj-bu while I waited for the OVA to come out later on this year, and I think I found one quite similar. In both anime, the female characters have an interest in the male MC, but are too shy. (I am judging this off the manga for D-Frag since the anime just started airing), and the male characters in both don't seem to have a specific girl they are interested in, but instead, switch around   read more
report Recommended by ThisIsNotMyName
Both are gag comedies about guy dragged into wierd club full of weird people (mainly females) and most of them developing a crush on him. MC is not amused with the club at first but later starts to like it.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Not much of a storyline that is made up of tales of a club full of weird members and even weirder acts. If you like one, you'll like the other.
report Recommended by _Aaron_
Both have a very similiar comedy style and theme. A boy is (forced) to join a club with all girls. In both shows the clubs tend to just have fun. In both they often tease the guy or have him as the butt of the joke. They only real difference is while GJ-Bu is certainly over the top D-Frag! is on it's own level. But if you liked one ypu will like the other.
report Recommended by Conventrix
They are quite similar to each other 'cause they both are about a boy who is essentially nice and is forced to join a club with members who are kinda strange.
report Recommended by ThatOneAsianDude
Similarities are covered in most of the recommendation descriptions already but I would just like to add that liking one series won't really mean you'll like the other. GJ-bu focuses more on kawaii girls <3 and D-Frag! is pure comedy. But everybody loves kawaii girls and comedy, so yeah, you'll still like one if you liked the other. (What the fuck am I even trying to say :l)
report Recommended by MALSucks
Both series take place in a club of a highschool, the clubs are quirky and have very wierd members. Both of the MCs are forced to join the clubs and puts up with their shenanigans throughout the story. They are bost mostly silly fun.
report Recommended by alb388
-Both male MCs have to deal with girls form the same club -Both shows are school life and comedies centred -Both shows involve school club -In both shows the girls are showing interest over him
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
Are you looking for a quick round of comedy? D-Frag! and GJ-bu are two shows that will not disappoint. Both being slice-of-life anime, D-Frag! and GJ-bu try to make humorous situations out of the everyday adventures of their respective clubs. Furthermore, the club setups in both shows are very similar too, as there are one male main character and multiple female main characters. Finally, both shows also have some moe-style art to them too.
report Recommended by -Remix-
The setting is primarily set on the school about having a club both are interpolated in having a club at school both are great anime's for appreciating the added spoof in a sense they are similar beyond reasonable doubt.
report Recommended by GRACED_GOAT
Both are about doing nothing on the club with mostly has no purpose at all. Anything is about having fun and doing nothing. While D-Frag is about a game club but GJ-bu is doing nothing beside just having fun with the main clueless main character.
report Recommended by mcid47
It maybe dumb to say that GJ-bu similiar to D-Frag but look at the similiarities : - Both have same style story, no-activities school club - Both have same style comedy. Simple, understandable, and funny (for some people) - Both have some cute schoolgirl if you really into that kind of thing - Both have some dere-dere things if you really into that kind of thing If you enjoying GJ-bu but bored with the story life of the story, D-Frag is maybe for you
report Recommended by SterlingNmK
Both are slice of life animes pertaining to an after-school club whose members laze around doing random stuff! If you want a more crazy upbeat anime, you should like D-Frag. If you like a more relaxed, quiet anime you should prefer GJ-bu ( I personally prefer GJ-bu). Both are comedy and contain almost no romance (pretty rare for a SOL harem I must add)
report Recommended by mocris