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Similarities: Both have the same school, romance, comedy and slice of life genre. Both main male character have the same personality and even are in the same ridiculous predicament. Both involves main female character, who are stoic and weird. Both were set in some kind of boarding house. Dissimilarities: The female character in one anime is completely depended on the male character, while the female character in the other anime is a tough nut to crack. The male character in one anime is at the same age and the same year level as the female, while the female character in the other anime is a year older than the male character.
report Recommended by Nasty001
Have you ever felt how heavy is to look after a female that's attractive enough to be your next girl? Have you ever felt how airhead can she be and she wouldn't notice? Bingo! The comedy of these show is one of the best here, you're going to find it fun to watch any of these.
report Recommended by lightningfalcon
A fairly normal guy enters an old dorm filled with social misfits. While Sakurasou is filled with mostly geniuses of one kind or another and Kawaisou people that don't fit in for slightly different reasons they share a very similar atmosphere. Also, romance ^^ Note: Based on only one episode of Kawaisou, but they already seem similar enough for a recommendation
report Recommended by samonus
Both are about teenage boys who move into dormitories with a cast of crazy residents. They both have romance, although Sakurasou has more drama while Kawai Complex has a lot more comedy.
report Recommended by SilverChariotx
•both anime are pretty much set in the exact setting as each other •both anime focus on the main protagonist male which moves into a dorm/house, where the not so average residents reside and make the most out of their lives fun •both protagonists are totally different in personality,you have one that over reacts to anything that leads to romance in any sense, and is not realistic at all, wheres as one is more realistic and more normal •if you like one, you would possibly like the other, with the random personalities of each resident that resides in the dorm, that carry the show.
report Recommended by Lupta
kawai-sou opens up with a male high schooler having his fantasy about living an eventful high school life as a reflection to how he used to live middle school. afterwards, he found out that he will be living in a mixed boarding house together with the girl he admires just like sakura-sou. both anime emphasize on character development between the main character and other unique members of his boarding house. of course this includes the main heroine. that being said, both sakura-sou and kawai-sou isn't an exact copy of the other, making it worth your time to watch as sakura-sou has more comedy in it while sakura-sou   read more
report Recommended by sora2eugene
The same scenario where it is set in a boarding house, where the people are a bit unusual and there is one member of the house who is the only normal guy around who has to deal with these people on a day to day basis.
report Recommended by RazorRamona200
These are slice of life school, romance/comedies. In both we follow a relatively normal boy that moves into a dorm/house filled with "lunatics" Making it feel very similar. Even though, Sakurasou is much more drama based, ups and down that give good character development. Also having more episodes to do so, and Kawaisou mainly focuses on comedy all through.
report Recommended by TiigerLily
+ A group of misfit high schoolers (though Kawaisou has some older inhabitants as well) live together and try to get along + Above average animation and character designs + Similar romance element + Enjoyable comedic moments mostly brought about the characters' quirks - So far, Kawaisou doesn't seem to have the good drama that Sakurasou has
report Recommended by Asfaria
First of all, they even have similar settings. Both is set on, well, as we all know that 90% of anime is set in, high school, in a dorm or at least dorm-like setting. Main character falls in love with main heroine immediately in both ones. Only difference I'd say is that one is...well...better than the other. Sakurasou shows how harsh life could be while Kawaisou doesn't and is more of a love comedy than a slice of life. Preferring one might not immediately mean you prefer another.
report Recommended by MotherOfUltra
The both main character's had a ordinary life that are be ruined by their boarding house.The boarding house have a contain strange types of people which one of them will has a close relationship with the main character.
report Recommended by Lithranduin
Both shows have an interesting set of quirky, really strange characters and the humor of the shows is mostly based on them. The characters are great in both shows, so the humor is also great. They both have somewhat ecchi moments, however, and can be quite lewd, but overall they are both really funny, and the ecchi parts are not unbearable by any means
report Recommended by enpicie
both are romantic comedies that follow the lives of an ' average ' guy alongside of some rather eccentric characters in a particular residence. sakurasou is a school dorm, and kawaisou is a boarding house. the endeavours and respective development undergone is notably different in the two series, with sakurasou being more impressive in that aspect. however kawaisou has a very appealing dynamic in regards to the relations between characters; both platonic and romantic. the animation and colour is truly breathtaking in both, though kawaisou is considerably more vivid. both also, both have truly standout soundtracks.
report Recommended by opunhato
Both revolve around the main character being forced to live in a very odd complex with very very odd people. Both have an interesting and cute love story with tons of sexual humor or just plain comedy. I enjoyed watching both immensely with Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou being my favorite. I definitely recommend both for those romance/comedy lovers!
report Recommended by Revanants
both are slice of life anime with tons of characters and try to be unique and funny . difference is that bokura managed to be consistent with how good the characters are and how funny the show is which is the complete opposite to what sakurasou did .
report Recommended by RPWPA
Both anime are very great. As i started watching Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, I came to realise that it is very similar to Sakurasou. You have an ordinary guy stuck with weird people. He falls in love with a silent and shy girl, somewhat like Shiina from Sakurasou. Their relationships in both anime develop from day to day. If you really like romance animes give it a shot. But if you like anime with lots of "lovey" scenes, you might be dissapointed.
report Recommended by MariusXK
Both Sakurasou and Kawaisou have a house that is followed by sou... In all seriousness, both anime follow a main character who ends of living in a house full of "unique" characters, Sakurasou, and Kawai Complex. In this house they deal with the shenanigans of their new roommates, try to get used to it, and of course, meet a love interest. They are both funny RomCom's that will have you awwing, crying, and laughing. Well worth a watch!
report Recommended by Backin2020
* Lots of different kind of people living under the same roof/dorminatory...(Danger!!!!) * In both we have «kuudere» female lead & goody-two shoes/annoying male lead... * Weak romance feeling ( Bokura wa Minna especially )... * Both shows has a little bit of [ecchi stuff] [mostly imaginery] * Both has really nice char designs [SnPnK has a little bit better eye designs]... * Both have really awesome side characters (they're funny, interesting) †SnPnK is a little bit dramatic ( BwMK fails at it )....+ Sakurasou has 24 episodes (pacing = good) & ( Bokura wa Minna has 12+ ova/special (terrible pacing)
report Recommended by Konte
They both take place in a similar environment where everyone needs to deal with each other in order to learn and further develop their relationships. They comedic aspect is present in both, while one strides at romance much more than the other Very enjoyable and addictive
report Recommended by uberVelocity
Main characters of both anime live in the same apartment and have both characters trying to understand each other better while slowly improving the bonds between each other
report Recommended by XyriaLight
What if a normal guy who just wants to enjoy his adolescence begins to live in a house full of strange people of all kinds? These two animes reflect exactly that, with the added similarity which is that both protagonists are interested in a very introverted girl that is impossible to feel contempt. It is noted that Bokura doesn't deepen as much as Sakurasou in terms of dreams and concerns of each character because of its short duration, but in my opinion Bokura has much more comedy. In short, if you liked the way Sorata suffered and appreciated their neighbors, definitely you will like Bokura   read more
report Recommended by Blacarde
Almost the same thing. - Both the settings involve a dorm with weirdos. - The female MC is silent and socially incept. - The male MC's characters are also about the same. But Kawaisou's MC is not a whiny little bitch. Here's how Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is better though, - No overbearing drama. Just comedy. - No immature love-triangles. - Although the animation in Sakurasou is not bad, it is much more gorgeous in Kawaisou.
report Recommended by Ganz7
basically it almost got the same templete what make it different that Kawaisou more focusing on the comedy and the story is not that amazing if compare with Sakurasou. But Yeah just for fun sake recommend watch this
report Recommended by _Kay
The setting is similar, which is a boy who moved to a dorm and meet some "unique" people , like the masochist , the drunk old lady who cant get a boyfriend , and of course the main heroin is a kuu-dere (which is a plus for me). but over all i'll give it a 8/10.
report Recommended by MuraSamee
if you want Good story proper teenage Romance school life in the end, Entertainment where these two r fell in similar condition
report Recommended by mingyurAchi
Hostel environment. Character troupes. Main female character is indulged in her own hobby while sort of proves to be a challenge for the MC.
report Recommended by MetalZ1
Bokura wa minna kawaisou is kinda similar to Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, because of the fact that both main characters living in a dorm, where they met the girl they like. In both animes there are a lot of slice of life and we see them come closer to each other every episode.
report Recommended by Cambeezee
The hero and the heroine live in the same dormitory at the school love comedy.
report Recommended by NutSR
Similar characters and art Both of them are really good in comedy
report Recommended by MmDZ20
- Both are comedic - Both are about a guy moving into a dorm with a unique cast of characters - Both have the main MC fall in love with the quiet girl
report Recommended by NickRedMachine
Strip off the heavy drama going on in Sakura-sou and you get Kawai-sou! They have a lot of similarities especially the main characters, both being in high school, both living in a shared apartment/dormitory, and both somehow being the only level-headed person in their group.
report Recommended by LaurensDenila
Cute silent main girl living in the same complex as the MC. A bunch of weirdos as the other residents. It's pretty much the same thing.
report Recommended by Cannynj88
It is very similar to Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo. They both have a shy female and a too nice guy. Since I'm here for Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou I must that have really enjoyed it. Its a shame that it was cancelled. The ending was a little less dramatic or explanatory as I have imagined to be. But they fixed that with their Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou: Hajimete no. Which was just a side story or should I say more of the best finish episode ever. If you are looking for an everyday life in an anime with wonderful character than I really recommend   read more
report Recommended by lukaazman
both have the same story setting
report Recommended by profsatjipto
The setting is the same: boy comes into a dorm filled with weirdo's. Very likeable cast, hilarious moments. Same awkward kind of romance. Very different kind of characters, wich is a nice change and feels like something new.
report Recommended by miblan