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Sep 14, 2015
I tried not to mind it. I tried to overlook the always-changing faces, the weird camera angles, the god-awful direction. I tried to stay optimistic, and episode after episode I just told myself I'm overreacting. But no more lies. Time to say it - this anime is bad.

Before anybody get's angry - don't get me wrong. Sailor Moon Crystal isn't bad because of the new look, CGI transformations, new voices or new theme music so many people are angry about. These things really don't matter, regardless whether you watched the original 90 version or not.

Sailor Moon Crystal is bad because, to put it plainly, read more
Jul 13, 2014
This anime is like wish-fulfillment drug for male teenagers and adults who're addicted to online gaming and can't deal with real-life challenges.

It basically shows them what they want to see - a perfect male hero who is loved by all the girls (including his effing cousin), who can solve any problem, and despite only playing games since he was 10 - is still fairly handsome and thin (yeah, that's how it works!).

All the girls are cute, forgiving, compassionate and inferior in terms of skill and wits to the main male character. Even the main female lead, who stars of quite good and strong read more
Jun 21, 2011
This is my childhood dream come true. The main character, Kilala, travels through all of the "Disney Princesses" world in order to collect gems for a magic Tiara that will same the country of Paradiso. In this quest she is assisted by Rei, a handsome blond boy skilled in sword fighting.

Kilala helps each of the Disney Princesses and they help her, giving her "princess advise". Each princess teaches her something different, and gives her a different kind of gem. The plot is very simple, yet sweet at the same time. Of course the target group for this manga are girls from 7 to 13 read more
Jun 5, 2010
"Kemono no Souja Erin" is an anime with great plot potential, well build characters and pleasant design, but unfortunately - horrid storytelling and structure. It takes 50 episodes to tell the story (which is supposed to be understandable, since it's long one), but dragged scenes with badly animated conversations, and lots of flashbacks make you feel as if it should be done in 26 episodes instead - and maybe it should have.

As I mentioned, the story has great potential - we have our main heroine that we meet when she is still a little kid, we watch her grow, mature, and struggle, through all read more
Feb 18, 2010
If I ever write a review here, it must be because the manga or the anime have been so bad it's simply inhuman not to warn others about it. "Koizora" is of course, the case of that. It tells a story of incredibly stupid teenagers, who should be rather be called robots, since they act NOTHING LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE. The main character - Mika, gets in all sorts of very unpleasant situations, and her reactions are always far from understandable. Her boyfriend is the same.

Generally speaking, the author wanted to throw some big problems into the story, but could not draw decent psychological portraits read more
Dec 17, 2008
How can I describe '666 Satan'? Probably the first word that comes to my mind would be 'typical'. If anyone is looking for a generic, typical shonen series, than this manga is just what you are looking for. However, I suggest picking another title, because this one is a sad disappointment. The main characters personalities are extremely similar to Bulma and Goku from 'Dragon Ball', with a touch of 'Naruto' - ' I will make my dream come true' philosophy. That being said, we can't expect nothing more of them than dull friendship speeches and fights (which, in my opinion, are just average). As read more