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Apr 9, 2019
Overall: 7.5

With the most impressive, in-depth world building of all the Precure shows, you'd think it would go to great places... except that it mostly does not.

Story: 7.5

You could divide this show into two halves - the first half, which is well thought out and consistent, and the latter half, which goes from unique and interesting to a messy abomination and back within a few episodes. While there is some filler, most of it does actually contribute to the character's relationships, and aren't totally useless for a change.

Characters: 7.5

Not the most unique set in the Precure universe, nor the most developed. But they're not irritatingly read more
Apr 9, 2019
Overall: 8.5

This anime is nothing if not inconsistent, which is a shame given it has so much to offer the Magical Girl genre.

Character: 9.6

Like most Precure, this is where HUGTTO really shines. Each character goes through some serious troubles, and subsequent development. I very much enjoyed the way the 'relationship-but-not' and 'rejection' elements were handled. Each character is unique, without being too over exaggerated, and the friendships, while unconventional, seem very natural and believable.

Story: 8

The villain concept and plot is definitely unique, as is Hana's and Henri's character development. The pacing is decent, though it wouldn't have hurt to cut down on the read more
Apr 9, 2019
Story: 8.5

Ho-ly! Of all the Precure series I've seen - which is to say, all of them - this one still has the absolute best writing in terms of character development, emotional attachment, and consistency. Unfortunately, the last 4 episodes tried a bit too hard and threw logic right out the window, which, while it makes sense with context, definitely keeps it from hitting a 9 or a 10.

Characters: 8

The characters - and more specifically, their relationships - is where this show shines. Love, Miki, and Buki all know each other prior to the series' start, which is a unique take for Precure, and this read more