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May 13, 2020
Oh Kiratto, how much potential you had... and mostly wasted.

STORY: 6/10

This is, perhaps, the worst part of all. Unlike similar series, where each episode brings a new challenge or arc, Kiratto insisted on shoving the same generic issues at the audiences' faces, over and over and over again. The show just never evolved, which in turn, seriously held the characters back.

Every similar series makes sure to show their characters working hard, working out, training, studying, taking things seriously - but Kiratto seemed utterly determined to keep their characters silly, stupid, and just having fun. There were a few moments of real work, but they were read more
May 5, 2020
If you're looking for a pretty cure series so bad it's past the point of even being a parody - congratulations, you've found it.


It's an indecisive mess.

They collected dress up cards, then seemingly forgot all about them because I guess nobody cared enough to actually buy them in stores.

There's a love triangle that makes you want to slap all involved because, ew, and also, you're like 10. It also can't go far, because this is Precure, and Japan's laws don't like dating on kids shows. So why they felt the need for a love triangle, I really don't want to know.

The character read more
May 5, 2020
It's best understood when you realize that the theme of this series isn't just about sweets - it's about what you love, and what you don't, something that comes across much better with a little understanding of Japanese that it does without it. That said, it's still far from the best Precure ever.

STORY: 6.5

Oh, how it tried. It's perhaps best seen by splitting the series in two.

The first half starts out ambitious, before loosing steam. The protagonists motivations seem not entirely logical, the enemies aren't that interesting or even scary, and frankly, not much really happens. Sure, you get to know all the cures, fairies, read more
Apr 6, 2020
22/7 (Anime) add (All reviews)
Most Idol series focus either on a single idol as a competitor, or else a united group against the world. 22/7 is neither, yet is better off and far more unique for it.

22/7 starts with Miu, a girl who believes she must do well at what she hates in order to become an adult and help the struggling family that she loves. And idol work is everything that she hates - it's superficial, feminine, in the spotlight, and fake.

From there, each character has their own episode, where their background and reasons for being an idol are explained. Often, the reasons they became an read more
Jan 27, 2020

They're diverse in age, body types, and even abilities - something rare for any anime, let alone a cute-action one.

I love that the 'disabled' character actually has so much more to her than her disability - in fact, it's only ever brought up in context of her relationships, and even then it's not really the issue at hand. Too often, disabled characters seem to become their disabilities, and it gets played for sympathy and laughs - Genki is neither.

Half the characters come off as either Love Live or Precure copies initially, but every single one has far more to their character than meets the read more
Nov 24, 2019
Oh, AiParade. I had such high hopes for you! (NOTE: This review has been edited upon completion of the series.)


I've already reviewed the previous series' casts, so instead I'll stick with the exclusives of this series, and how they've used those old casts.

The new character, Raki/Lucky is...excessively annoying. She's prone to literally repeating back what other characters said, to an extent even Aine can't compete with, and says her 'lucky' catchphrase far, far too often. She's compulsive and brainless in a way that's less cute airhead, more intentionally ignorant. I'm not a fan. It doesn't help that almost everything she tries, she excels at read more
Nov 24, 2019
Of all the Aikatsu series so far, Stars is the most difficult to rank - partly because it doesn't seem to know what it's supposed to be.


The separation of classes creates an unequal skill balance between the many, many characters, and makes their competitive stories far less interesting, given tit makes the results of every audition even more predictable. Right from the start, it's clear that only one character can ever achieve their goals, and it's going to be the lead. At least in previous Aikatsu seasons, the lead wasn't always - in fact, rarely was - the winner.

Then, there's the second season. read more
Nov 17, 2019
Tokyo Mew Mew was, in fact, the first ever anime I watched. Recently, I went back and re-watched it, and decided it was time I gave it a proper review (now that I'm feeling rather old!)

STORY: 7.5

There's a lot to unpack here. While the initial concept has been a bit worn out, at the time it was quite fresh - a group of girls gain magical animal powers and are sent off to fight evil. Simple, right?

Except nothing ever is. With love triangles, bad magic side-effects, and a maid cafe, Tokyo Mew Mew has plenty of fun plots and side-plots to keep you guessing. Plus, read more
Nov 17, 2019
This is a solid 5/10 anime. There's nothing truly horrible about it - but there's also nothing particularly great about it, either.


Well it's... average. Honestly, I only finished watching this yesterday, and it already escapes me!

Okay, no, I do remember it - it's just the most lackluster attempt at a 'spin' on Idol anime. While I can appreciate that Hanako is for once a realistic 'fan' - unlike the many other 'fans' who become instant idol talents by some kind of osmosis - the fact is that the story isn't really about her at all, and therefore falls into the usual 'idols chasing fame read more
Sep 27, 2019
Oh, Aikatsu, how I missed you being so good!

NOTE: This is the first season where Voice and Song actresses are the same people. That's why some of the earlier songs are a little rough around the edges versus the seasons with professional singers, and honestly, I think that's just fine - in fact, it makes sense given their characters are supposed to be 'bad/new' at the start too!


Unlike Stars, which felt like someone slapped new names and hair colours on OG characters, FRIENDS actually creates a very unique crew, with surprisingly realistic arcs.

I love Aine's growth from simply following Mio along, to actually being read more