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Nov 1, 2017
I'm not typically one to criticize a work for being too gory. Grotesque imagery is typically fine by me, as long as there's some substance to go along with it. The problem with Ultra Gash Inferno is that it has almost no substance, with it's stories having very little point to them at all, most of them simply trading on shock value alone. The characters in them also aren't very memorable.

The only good story out of the nine of them was also the longest; the final tale, titled "Nonresistance City". It didn't exactly explore any interesting themes or ideas, but it at least had a ...
Sep 4, 2017
Well, gosh. This was painful to watch. I'm really glad this was only 5 minutes, because even just that 5 minutes was almost unbearable to sit through.

The characters are annoying, but on top of this, they're written nonsensically. The story consists of one random gag after the next, to the point where it's almost impossible to follow what's going on, and even if you could, I don't think you would want to. Each gag is meant to gross-out the viewer and give a certain amount of shock value (since these are cute little girls doing and saying these kind of things), however, this aspect isn't ...
Sep 4, 2017
Dark Cat (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Dark Cat is an early 90s OVA that has two main focuses in it's story. The first follows Aimi Koenji, who is hopelessly in love with a boy in her school, Hiroki Koizumi. However, Hiroki is in love with somebody else, who ended up rejecting him. The other is a tale of two brothers, Hyoi and Hiroki Koizumi, who have the power to transform into creatures known as "Dark Cats", and who are busy fending off evil monsters that are being awoken in humans by the main villain, an ogre named Jukokubo.

Either story on it's own would be somewhat generic, and combining the two makes ...
May 16, 2017
Shounen Kenya (Anime) add
An odd film based on a manga by Yamakawa Souji, Shonen Kenya (or, "Kenya Boy"), tells the story of 11-year old Wataru Murakami, who gets separated from his father as they are travelling through Kenya. He must then survive the perils that he encounters, with the help of a few allies he meets along the way.

The story is pretty standard when it comes to adventure films, and it seems to have taken much inspiration from classic black & white jungle adventure films of the 30s and 40s such as King Kong, Gunga Din, or the many others that were released during that era. However, the ...
Jul 4, 2016
Mixed Feelings
A lot of OVA based on manga don't do very much character set-up, and instead just drop you right in, assuming you're already familiar with the manga and it's characters.

The Legend of Koizumi is no stranger to this, and does very little set-up for it's cast of characters. Despite the fact that they're all political figures, the lack of very much introduction is very jarring.

The story is also very jarring, as it simply jumps from one scenario to the next, trying to squeeze as much as possible out of each episode's 8-minute runtime. This seems unnecessary, especially considering each story doesn't actually have very much ...
Mar 11, 2016
Mixed Feelings
The fifth One Piece film centers around Roronora Zoro, which is a nice change of pace, but does it live up to the name of "One Piece"?

Story: 6
The story isn't too complex, with a lot of standard tropes that we've seen before. Luffy & crew are in search of treasure as usual, but Zoro ends up going off on his own after receiving a message from an old friend in the form of a knife. This old Friend of Zoro's is known as Saga. From there, there's lots of adventure and conflict between different groups, as well as a predicament that involves a ritual sacrifice. ...
Oct 2, 2015
6 Angels (Anime) add
6 Angels is a contentious work, it gets a lot of flak from the community, and I feel like much of it is deserved. However, I went into it without any pre-conceived expectations, and in this review, I shall judge the show based purely on it's own merits.

Set in the year 2031, the show tells the story of a special task force named the Rose Guard, who apparently patrol all over the world. However, we never see any of that, as this tells the story of them crash-landing in a specific place and trying to fight off some crazed cyborg terrorist.

The story is kind of ...
Aug 23, 2015
Nekojiru-sou (Anime) add
God, this was incredibly strange.
It starts off somewhat mundane, but after the opening moments, each scene ended up taking place in another surreal, abstract setting.
In some ways it's like watching a series of surrealistic paintings come to life. The visuals are absolutely incredible, and everything is animated very nicely.

However, the part where it falls apart for me is the incredible lack of a plot, storyline, or character development. The main characters simply go on this wild adventure through these random lands of insanity and they discover them together with the viewer, without having much of a personality at all, simply being there essentially as a ...
Aug 14, 2015
I went into Jinrui without any real expectations about it. I went into it after only seeing one clip, so I had almost no idea what to expect. However, what I got wasn't very enjoyable, and ended up just being somewhat average, with slightly more negatives than positives. Let me explain why.

The show's story felt very... aimless. Everything that happened in it was somewhat incidental for the characters, and even within the context of these episodic plots, everything that happened in the show came off as very... flat... bland. The ideas for each of the episodic stories seemed interesting, but the execution seemed poor. It ...
Jul 26, 2015
I went into Colorful not knowing what to expect. I hadn't watched any previews beforehand, or read any synopsis. The only thing I knew about the film was the front cover, with a boy laying in flowers. Well, the movie that I watched ended up being more interesting than that, but I still feel it has some flaws. Let's discuss.

Story - 6/10 (Concept - 10/10; Setting - 7/10; Structure - 5/10; Pacing - 5/10; Theme - 9/10)

The story has a really interesting setup. A person is revived from what appears to be "purgatory" at the beginning of the film. He then has to fill ...

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