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Golden Kamuy OVA
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Megalo Box
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1F: Fukushima Daiichi Genshiryoku Hatsudensho Annaiki
1F: Fukushima Daiichi Genshiryoku Hatsudensho Annaiki
Jan 11, 10:11 PM
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literaturenerd Jan 7, 6:29 PM
Depends on the target demographic. It would lose the fans of the first series like my buddy Aesthetic Onion. He seemed to mostly like it because it reminded him of Lain. Meanwhile , it could potentially be more popular with a wider audience.
literaturenerd Jan 7, 1:58 PM
Not really. I expect the modern adaptation is likely going to follow closer to the light novels and be less abstract. I could be wrong though.
literaturenerd Jan 7, 4:35 AM
I totally agree with your ratings philosophy BTW. Trying to assign an objective measurement to a subjective work of art just ends up being pretty arbitrary. I try to be objective, but I'm aware my own ratings are affected by various factors. Some of these include: my mood when I'm watching a series, what company I watch it with, and my expectations going in based on what others said.
literaturenerd Jan 7, 4:17 AM
Thanks man! I had a fun time writing that one.
LoneWolf Sep 1, 2018 3:36 PM
LoneWolf Apr 22, 2018 12:10 AM
Yeah Thunderbolt is originally a manga, I haven't read it myself though. Yeah the manga is really ramping up for Berserk... its been a long while since people have been so excited including myself. Yeah I feel like it can be difficult to avoid spoilers these days, especially with really popular manga like Berserk. Speaking of Naoki Urasaw (the creator of 20th Century Boys) he started doing this series called Manben, where he interviews other manga artists, which is super interesting, definitely worth checking out. He did an episode on Junji Ito, Ino Asano, Hanazawa Kengo and a lot more. I just wish more of the episodes were translated.

Wow FLCL was really popular back in the day, I'm surprised you haven't seen it yet. I fucking love Yoshiaki Kawajiri and all his stuff. I feel like hes extremely underrated. Especially his more acclaimed works like Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D. He had a bunch of projects that ended up getting put on the back burner like a new Ninja Scroll and a new Vampire Hunter D series. I feel like he doesn't really have the same kind of power that he used to at Madhouse, even though hes the only founder thats left. They did end up making a teaser trailer for the Ninja Scroll sequel, but as far as I know the project has been shelved.

LoneWolf Apr 4, 2018 1:47 AM
Oh wow, I haven't heard of anything related to Boogiepop Phantom in a long time. Speaking of bizarre sequels though, they released the new FLCL early. I just finished the episode... gotta say I was pretty bored out of my mind though. 75% of the show was just a SoL about 4 girls making a rocket ship and thne like the last 25% something actually happens lol. Pretty much it seems like the original, but instead of the MC its his sister... The last bit was pretty decent though and its only 6 episodes apparently so I'll probably ride it out.

Anyway yeah Piano no Mori seems interesting, I remember watching the movie, but FMP is definitely the one I'm most looking forward to... its been years since I saw the original and I'm really curious about how the story ends. Also really need another season of Gundam Thunderbolt... hopefully that comes out soon. The last episode of Origin should be coming out soon too. Also if you follow the Bersek manga something big just happened... like fans have been waiting 20+ yrs for it big. I haven't been so excited reading a Berserk chapter since I was in my teens lol.
Danpmss Mar 11, 2018 7:07 AM
NOW I'M FUCKING HYPED (just saw the announcement)
Danpmss Mar 10, 2018 6:40 PM
New Boogiepop anime? I've only heard about the two new manga (and that's pretty hype-worthy too).
Pemulis Mar 7, 2018 10:18 PM
I listen to several musicians from several genres. Other than Rush and Zappa, some other musicians I'm particular fond of include: The Beatles, Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, Gorillaz, Radiohead, Björk, Metallica, The Velvet Underground, MF DOOM, The Misfits, The Residents, Tool, and Led Zeppelin.
LoneWolf Feb 23, 2018 2:19 AM
Oh yeah, No Longer Human is a masterpiece, no matter how many different times I've seen the story told. I actually haven't read the original novel, but I saw the version done in the Aoi Bunaku anime and also the Furuya Usamaru manga version which were both great. Good literature will be retold over and over again I guess. I'm also really enjoying the Junji Ito collection anime that is airing now. They will also be doing a Tomie OVA which I'm really looking forward to as Tomie is one of his better longer running stories.

I think that the shitty anime is even more magnified now, because there is more anime coming out now than ever and it is all available to us in subbed form. Usually the shitty anime doesn't even get subbed, because fansubbers don't give a fuck about them, but with networks like crunchyroll and netflix bidding on anime to license they are sometimes fighting over scraps on the off chance it might be even slightly good lol. I think like all good things, only time will tell what anime gets forgotten and what is still talked about... I don't think this is always good, because I feel like a lot of good shows get overlooked, but in general I think its a good concept. I don't think there will ever be a time more "most" anime is good, but I'm still consecutively finding anime I enjoy every season and year.

Yeah next anime season looks pretty amazing, especially for sequels. I'm looking forward to a LOT of stuff... especially shows that I haven't seen in a long time like Full Metal Panic, a new Lupin III and Fist of the North Star series. A Cutie Honey reboot, A new Persona anime, new Steins;Gate... yeah just a lot of potentially amazing stuff. Probably one of the best seasons in a long time and it seems to have a lot of variety for different types of anime fans too.
LoneWolf Jan 12, 2018 11:52 PM
Idk how viable it is to drop courses, I did lower my course load when I was still in school though during my last 2 years, because I wanted to get more experience actually working.

Yeah I think a lot of people when they first get into anime they think everything is so great and its so different, when it truth its just as bad as most mainstream western shows, just a different type of bad. Mediums are all the same in that only a small percent... I'd say maybe 10-20% of it as actually really good and the rest can be easily ignored. So far the shows I'm watching so far are pretty good... I saw the first ep of Gancrest Senki... I feel like the interactions between the characters were fun and a little more interesting than usual... but the visuals were really lacking and the world was kind of boring and generic.

Having a little bit of info might help, but honestly I don't think you need it. Gundam is just one of those things that is ingrained into the anime culture. The originals are good though. I would recommend the compilation movies since they condense a lot of information and cut out a lot of the meandering and slice of life scenes. The UC storyline is definitely the most interesting in Gundam though. Also Gundam the Origin is a great OVA and it takes place before the original series.
LoneWolf Jan 6, 2018 1:31 PM
No worries. I'm just in between jobs. I actually had an interview for 2 positions last week and for one of them everything is pretty much done and they just need to check references. I also start military in March so I'm pretty excited for that. I feel you though, things have been weird since school ended and I'm getting a lot of pressure to "be an adult" more or less lol.

Yeah the seasonal stuff can get really tedious. I still watch like maybe 3 or 4 things though that are to my liking. Recently I really liked Devilman Crybaby and the new Junji Ito anime that just came out. For last season I thought Inuyashiki was pretty great too. As for this one, definitely check out Devilman and Junji Ito and also the Basalisk sequel might be good if you're into battle royale anime... with ninjas lol. Also if you haven't seen in yet definitely check out both seasons of Gundam Thunderbolt. IMO the best gundam show in a long time and don't worry you don't really need to be familiar with the franchise to enjoy it. It's pretty much a war drama with giant robots lol. Also both season of Rakugo were one of the best things I've seen in a long time. I'll have to check out maybe 3 or 4 more of the seasonal anime... but tbh I don't think there is much I'd enjoy.
Monster Jan 5, 2018 5:00 PM
It's unfortunate. Too many great series all together that probably wont get licensed in the near future, as well. KnI is at least available at the consumers disposal.
Monster Jan 3, 2018 4:14 AM
Thanks. KnI was great. Yeah it's a shame that not many people have read it. Although the reasoning for that is the lack of available translations. You have to own and support it legally. Not many people are willing to do that, let alone on something that is not critically acclaimed like other manga.