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Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
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Boku no Hero Academia
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Oyasumi Punpun
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Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
May 18, 2014 4:45 PM
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Taliesin23 9 hours ago
hey dude, it's been a while. how ya doin, if you're still on here?
ChangeItSelf Sep 15, 10:49 PM
man, you can't just leave me again.
Do you have other forms of contacts
ChangeItSelf Jan 26, 2:15 AM
Bro, that description is nonsense and has been there since 2016. I mean not saying it doesn't reflect my mood currently or forever. Doing well is such a pointless concept. The only time I ever feel anything is when I make someone else feel better. I want to make the world a better, empathetic place. I guess I kinda want to be a therapist or a teacher.

My first year was a lot of exploring what I actually can care about and then I did lsd at the end of it, and I never thought a phenomenal thing could exist. It was literally the epitome of freedom and introspection. I actually figured out what I care about or that I can even care about anything.

Currently a 2nd year, I suck at school because school is stupid so my gpa is low, but then I realized I actually do enjoy learning so maybe I should try to raise it since I am not smart enough to change the system. Time feels so irrelevant. Things go by fast, and it will keep going even faster, the older you get. It implies you should stop and think about why care about trivial things. You don't need a social life. You just need 1 good friend. It seems you have ppl messaging on facebook. You should appreciate that.

I go to UCSB. This school is ridiculously easy but so hard because of all the distractions. People here are weird, it is just a bunch of sex and drug crazed people. Yet, it is such a fascinating environment. Anyway, dismissal from college. College is special as in it is a period of self-discovery but it is also just a bunch of overworking. You can literally learn comp-sci by yourself. I love UCSB but I don't give a shit about the school.
ChangeItSelf Aug 16, 2018 2:55 PM
respond on facebook kiddo or be alive
Taliesin23 Aug 14, 2018 1:06 AM
Pxi2 Jan 9, 2018 8:43 PM
AhooAhoo Oct 5, 2017 1:50 AM
where u at
Chrysanthemums- Apr 2, 2017 6:56 AM
The artist has some other cool artworks I must say.
ChangeItSelf Mar 31, 2017 2:41 PM
No, there is truly nothing important in there. I don't remember, and I most likely disagree with certain things I have said as it is natural. Although, I still want to know what city you are from. People always ask why I always ask questions. Because I like questions.

It is ironic because you ended up talking about it later. I lost my will to use arrows and copy/paste.

>major personality(?) problem

Personality disorder or just an extreme lack of self control? Blame the internet like your parents.You are not the only one doing badly. College doesn't really seem like something that everyone should pushed into doing. Like with high school, letter grades are so archaic. You can solve the problem of people not wasting their time with college by simply only letting in the ones who show true passion for a subject of their choice. And then judge based on how well they apply that information. And if a grading system continues to be utilized, maybe they should be making high school an actual preparation for college? As of now, most high schools are disproportionately easy and it makes people think success there will have any weight to how well they will do later on. We also need more people in trade jobs, but I am hypocritical since I would prefer to something a bit more "intellectual" as I find that more valuable even if we still need bridges and buildings, albeit everything is ultimately meaningless. However, not everyone is conditioned the same so there should be no stigma placed on such jobs so more people who would actually trust themselves to enjoy it. I only know one kid from my school who has the potential to do anything impressive. He is the only one I know who is super augmentative. Real competition and motivation arises from those who are able to question the world around them, otherwise people will just be average which is fine. However, potential might come with a caveat as he is an avid trump hater. Nothing wrong with being a trump hater since I don't know why anyone would like him, but his reasoning is generic and boring. If he can't even question his own personal values, maybe I am overestimating him.
Digressing from that...I am willing to listen to anything. Sometimes just saying things to someone helps the person speaking find a solution, based on personal experience with therapist who didn't really do anything for me, but it was still helpful nonetheless.

>Yup. Which is why I'm hesitant about leaving pre-med.

I am partially joking. When your school is mostly known for pre-med, being something completely different can provide you with more opportunities since there is less competition...I think. Either way, I don't really get why pre-meds are going towards gigantic, difficult schools. It may provide a lot of research/clinical opportunities, but you have fight 1000s of people for a few positions and if you know you are not the most capable candidate, they should go towards smaller schools with less competitive pool just to boost one's chances. Better yet, community college is the best option for most majors or if you are becoming a teacher. I give great advice that I am apathetic to follow myself, of course. Then again, why do teachers need to go towards 4 years of schools and then another year? Besides giving them something do while growing up.

I ask around school and everyone's mundane choices are compsci, a random engineering, and biology for pre-med. Biology is the most memory based and broad of the hard sciences.......but it is still hard and overcrowded. Every beginning class for a major is going to be a weeder last since there way too many people with no passions doing generic things. Supposedly, my stats could have gotten me into any major besides eng/comp so I really didn't need to exploit English, especially for the CSUs. If I had the stats I would have tried for chemical engineering because I like the word chemistry, but I seriously don't know how a person chooses what random engineering to do. The only straight to a job major that I could switch into would be economics/accounting, but those lead to dreadful jobs omg. Can you even switch into computer science (?), because I would prefer that in your case. I used to hate math. I realized this year that I just hated trying and math is super fun, more fun than people. I joined several "class of 2021" facebook pages and it has disillusioned me into thinking that none of the UCs choose correctly. Everyone who posts looking for roommates seem to bland clones of each other. I am again questioning if I should go to UCSD for the peace and quiet or if I should still risk irritation at UCSB. I don't know what I would enjoy more.

>You prefer FOB Asian girls?

I prefer people who have love for learning, love for thinking love for questions,, driven by anger, works tirelessly for a passion that is based on experiences that helped them rise from the infernal torments of living, kind to even the most disgusting ruffians, cynical yet confident, flawed yet self-aware, courageous yet unsuccessful, clever and facetious yet ambiguous and last but not least, nonexistent. Girls are useless unless you want a child. And you should only have a child when you need a distraction or more pain. Speaking of facebook groups, 99 percent of people who post are females. Facebook can have a lot of societal implications.

I will have you know that I changed 11 useless facebook people to over 200 useless facebook people and growing in only 3 months. Eventually, I will delete most of them when I am bored.
Were you a popular hottie teen 2.0? Also, how can I be reclusive if I am the president and the founder of the charisma club?
I am not reclusive anymore. I am just lazy and generally misanthropic. Although laziness is not even a real thing, it is called demotivation. People call me really friendly and compliment my ability to have eye contact. Any faculty I talk to considers me mature for my age and even teachers everyone hates have liked me despite me doing or not doing work. None of these mean anything since I am pretty sure the adults only like me because i am curious about their lives while most kids don't realize that they are humans. I joined the tennis team without even trying our or even knowing how to play the game because I convinced the coach it was my senior year and I just wanted to try something new. After 18 years of no relationships, people say hi. I tried being with the popular kids all these years and I realized they weren't even popular or useful and I might be more well-known in my senior class inadvertently. I guess people were surprised about my changing from a quiet kid to being loud af (albeit it took some working to gain confidence as I needed to learn how to communicate fast). Additionally, I am edgy and blunt which I guess is hard for other people? I would call myself annoying, but apparently some people actually like my thoughts or find them funny. I hate them. I prefer the ones who disagree since i learn more rather than "lol xd, I can't believe you said that lol" I might be a little rare when you live in a bubble, but I am just a parrot of things I read and see.
Anyway, I thought people were happy because they had a large social group and normal family. Nah, everyone is clueless, people are mostly boring, and being social is useless when it doesn't distract you. My ability to get people to like me on first impressions might mean I could have been extrovert 2.0 if I had my voice working since the beginning of school? But that would mean I could never be as c00000l, mysterious, or funny. Introvert and extrovert. Who cares. Either type seems miserable and has their own escapism tactics. I choose what i want to be when I want to.

>My excuse for my moral consciousness

Immorality may arise from admissions thinking they can judge a person's value subjectively based on their own preconceived beliefs, life circumstances and table-talk. Considering the facebook groups, they need to rethink evaluations. Also why is everyone saying they are more active on instagram? That is least versatile and most dull social media.

A computer science major makes no money, it is what you do with that makes money. Humanities degrees can still lead to options so it doesn't matter. Although, college is mostly learning things by yourself so people who there are clueless no matter what. Communications is popular but a person can learn how to speak just by practicing, so why does every brainless fool choose that as the go-to "I don't know what to do with myself' major? All business jobs are based on experience, while education is just something weed out people. Public speaking is a community college class I am taking right now as period and it is so boring as you learn nothing new. I understand going to elite schools as they feed you internships, rich peers, and connections, but the everything below top 20 is mostly the same.

>My excuse for my moral consciousness

We are both raised in a relatively safe financial bubble. My psychology teacher was born poor, fatherless and with a drunk mom. All he wanted was money and a big home, so that is the only motivating him to keep going. He ended up being teacher but his dreams came true. He seduced girl with a high-paying job and ended up being a trophy wife while having the easy job of being a psychology teacher. Now he has a giant home in a rich neighborhood and three children. But now what? You can buy anything you want. Now what? Watch your kids grow up in an easy, safe environment so they can get generic jobs and have kids of their own and then you die. That sounds boring to me, but of course that is am amazing time for him. Nothing specific will make you happy. It is all based on your philosophy. I don't really know what makes me happy or if I even care to survive, but if money makes you happy, go for a job that gets you money.
That guy is really cool, though. He helped me out what I asked him for help on my issues and anxiety. He was the first one to say that I am completely normal, which made me realize what my problem was. I just wanted to be "normal" because I always felt abnormal, but I seem to have greater social skills and intelligence than most people, despite having an abnormal path and parents. Great, I accomplished my grand goal of wanting a normal life and it ended being nothing. However, if I am normal than I guess I don't have to worry about doing anything which means I can just do anything. All things crumble down to "everything is pointless" which means everything you do is fine.

Anyway, if you want money, don't be a computer scientist. Go into business or luck out as a celebrity. To be rich as a computer scientist, you need to have been coding from age 1 month.

>And do you feel like that's a good use of your time?

I spent my spring break watching let's players play golf. Just a regular teen. Now I have to finish a million things in two days. I mean one day, since saturday is nap time. I mean one night.
Snapchat has shown me that I am not doing anything worst than everyone else. You could say rationally that I should be comparing myself only to the 1 percent of interesting people on this planet, but nah, they suck too.

Sorta like why people live in general? :%)

No one stalks as hard as me, sooooooooooooo I don't fear putting it here, but I will make you happy by pming.
Zally Mar 31, 2017 12:51 PM
oh my League name is : Zäl
ChangeItSelf Mar 30, 2017 1:35 PM
Add me on facebook. I am trying to get to 421 people I will never talk to.
Also that social media is completely useless and cancerous, you are so wrong.
ChangeItSelf Mar 30, 2017 1:29 PM
There is nothing important in those comments to reply to (but reply if you can since I like talking obnoxiously). Considering you are pre-med, you really shouldn't be thinking about this at all. How are you doing in your classes now? The graduates that I have to talked to seem to all be struggling. One of the benefits of not going to a UC is that other schools are way less competitive and unfairly difficult. I think most kids aren't aware of that or the fact that they are research institutes that try to prepare you for graduate school instead of the work force.

LA is only for wannabe doctors and actors. LA itself is an awful city, especially when you are right next to the Beverly Hillls, a place for people who don't do anything useful in life. It took me 5 hours to get to santa barbara because of LA traffic. My teacher asked me why UCLA is one my top choices if I have no reason to go there. I said it is because I know two people there and it would have been funny. "Then wouldn't you just become bored after the initial meeting like you always are." She knows me too well. I wanted to go to Irvine because it is peaceful and Asian girls are cute. Then I visited it and realized that it is way too peaceful and Asian girls aren't cute, especially when they are all white-washed. So I decided on SB because it is the complete opposite of what an introverted kid would want, so why not. Best way to spend a 120k since I will hate any school. (Also smallest number of students surprisingly. I suppose it is because of the mass shooting two years ago and bike thieves. Cool.)

Berkeley hasn't even released decisions yet which is pathetic. LA is a public school that accepted 6k out of 100k which is also pathetic. There purpose was to be public schools that provided tax payers the chance to get good education at an affordable costs. They have no right to be pretentious when LA is not even in the big leagues. I wouldn't want to go UCB (except to meet that one guy) unless I somehow had the stats to get into their business school. I chose Boston College just to see what two teachers would say about me, and because one guy from MAL was going there.


I assume all the extra stuff is to weed out the people who don't even try or have the skill to lie/write complete sentences. I asked some people why they didn't even apply to riverside if they have the fee waiver and they said they didn't want to write essays. How asinine. I wrote those essays in a few hours on the last day. My last essay was so edgy about my mom that if they actually read it, I would not be accepted.
I only know two people from my class who got into LA. They had a 4.7 (there are thirteen people ranked 3). I would have had that if I had all As sophomore year and I am stupid. I only managed a 4.1 because I took the easiest honors classes last year (4.8 and 3.5). Easy is a contradiction because they are all easy if you try. If only people told me those secrets instead of harping on about nonsense like volunteering or clubs. It is ridiculous how people actually keep track of hours. One shouldn't be active in world because of college. They should be active because they are depressed, and banal.

Not sure how our rank 1 and 2 were able to get their gpas without any ties. I guess it because they are the only ones that took zero period PE and then an extra weighted class. I am glad Boston rejected me so that I didn't have think about paying 80k a year. My dad is already disappointed that I like being a teacher, so might as well not put that burden on him. I don't like listening to anything he says anyway.

I majored in English (I assume it was least impacted) for everything except for UCSD which lacked English, so I chose linguistics. It is probably the only reason they accepted me because I am certain most kids don't know what linguistics means. I will switch to biopsychology in SB, since it is the closest to neurology. I will try for pre-med or a master's unless I suck, then I wouldn't mind being an English teacher. My only passions are helping dumb kids grow and helping out with mental illness due to my connection with my mom's schizophrenia.

I am still spending all my time browsing the internet. Anime Amino had no aesthetics.
Chrysanthemums- Mar 30, 2017 3:25 AM
I stole it from some random MAL dude' ava, so yeah, I don't know.
ChangeItSelf Mar 29, 2017 4:28 PM
I was accepted everywhere except for LA, Berkeley, Irvine, and Boston College. I suppose I never needed help since all they cared about was stats which is so boring. I will go to Santa Barbara.
jumpy Dec 31, 2016 2:06 PM
hi narutofan
merry new years