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Hotori: Tada Saiwai wo Koinegau
Hotori: Tada Saiwai wo Koinegau
Oct 21, 10:29 AM
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Ihatov Gensou: Kenji no Haru
Ihatov Gensou: Kenji no Haru
Oct 12, 11:03 AM
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Yojouhan Time Machine Blues
Yojouhan Time Machine Blues
Oct 12, 5:45 AM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 7
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Chi no Wadachi
Chi no Wadachi
Oct 21, 11:34 AM
Reading 131/? · Scored 6
Oct 21, 11:33 AM
Reading 34/? · Scored -
Glass no Kamen
Glass no Kamen
Oct 7, 10:52 PM
Reading 45/? · Scored 9

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llorando Nov 7, 3:41 PM
you good?

Nonamour is being scanlated. same group from Tokyo Girls Bravo. dunno if you saw it
sockerdricka Nov 5, 1:52 AM
So how did you get into manga in the first place?
tragedioness Oct 29, 10:26 AM
Hey! Some time ago I finished Oniisama e... it was so pretty :)

Somehow I feel that the ending is quite incomplete, in a way. I feel that there are still things yet to be uncovered about the characters, although the anime ended at a perfect time it doesn't feel very well fleshed-out. Especially about Mariko, I felt that there was a lot more to her character, but yet the show seemed to subject her personality flaws to mere daddy issues. There was something provocative, even borderline seductive about her that isn't quite normal... and the whole Kaoru marriage thing was really odd.

This is one of the few shows in which my favorite character was actually the MC themself. I suppose no one but her suffered the most loneliness. To be faking for the people that care about her but being incapable of helping the people that really mattered to her. She was a victim of everyone. She writes letters to her brother but doesn't send most of them, there's something quite sentimental about that... I love that the series captures a youth's innocence and loneliness so immaculately. "When you face a work that you know in advance is markedly dramatic, you can go with or without prejudice characteristic to this type of work." someone wrote this in a review and I guess this perfectly captures Oniisama e, because beyond those dramatizations I feel that they're like a device for a greater motive. Perhaps it could be argued that Nanako's feelings towards Rei, or Mariko toward Kaoru's, are all somewhat part of these dramatizations? I don't think Nanako's feelings towards Rei was of a romantic love, it was just mistaken as such by her naivete. It was a combination of desperation and reverence, idolazation of Rei that led to this emotional turbulence...although I can't deny that it's a "hatsukoi" if she believes it to be so. The series was consistent and engaging right until the end...and the soundtrack!!! If anything I'm more tied to the music than to the anime itself XD I'm in the middle of transcribing some of the tracks to piano.

Anyhow, it's been a while! I hope you're doing well. It's actually over a year since we knew each other, yet nothing has changed and somehow our correspondence still feels like a novelty to me. I guess thats because we keep finding new things to talk about. I recently discovered that the members of Lamp loves Yoshiharu Tsuge, and many of their music are inspired by such old-school mangaka. One of their songs 'Sachiko' was directly inspired by Sachiko from Red Colored Elegy by Seichi Hayashi! Now I dunno if you've read that one but I'm guessing you have XD
Protocultured Oct 7, 12:00 AM
Could be.
Protocultured Oct 6, 9:54 PM
I can't believe they made Gundam political.
she-devil Sep 30, 7:16 PM
Sounds cool I like the thing w the POVs! I'll check it out soon, Thanks x
she-devil Sep 30, 3:04 PM
Interesting favorites! How's Flag? I've been meaning to watch that
tragedioness Sep 10, 10:06 AM
Right…as though he is somehow in denial of his own catharsis. It would totally make sense why he would turn to art as a means to purgate his own fears, as in some cases it feels better to face your fears. At the same time it’s as though he is running away and in denial of his own creation, being a “coward” and downplaying the influence of his own psyche. I don’t think there is any sure way for him to know that he was truly terrified of what he was writing about or if in fact he was symbolically purging his cathartic/psychotic subconscious desires. Because it doesn’t make sense why he could seem so nonchalant. Same goes to the majority of Japanese authors really.

Hmm well we live in different countries now and as a result we are obviously more distant but in a way it’s also better because we don’t really have an incentive to have anything to do with each other anymore much less fight...though we’re going to meet each other in less than 24 hours so hmm. As we grew up she started ignoring me like any other older sibling as they entered their teenage years, and that phase sort of hasn’t worn off yet…I think XD

Right…it does feel good to write out things in your head that you can’t say out loud. Some certain things you just cannot say to anyone. Although I’ve been very busy so I don’t have the time to write anymore, or it’s more like, I do have time sometimes but I can’t because I’m either too tired or mentally exhausted and I don’t want to write something half-assed. I have this habit though when writing of somewhat feeling like I’m not writing presently but to almost write down my feelings to preserve the memory of it. If that makes any sense haha.

I read Hanshin around the same time you did, hmm I was wondering what made you like it. I could only find the first chapter of Hanshin online, did you read the full anthology along with the other chapters? Since Hanshin was so short I honestly forgot what it was about, but I read through the chapter a bit so now I kind of have the idea. I’m not really a fan of the author. I do remember though one of the things that I found interesting when reading it for the first time was the concept of identity. I watched a movie called 3 Women and there was this line along the lines of, how do you know if you are one or the other? Or something like that. I believe that identity is something fluid, not really something you are born with. And there is also the existence of personas. How do you know which is “you” and which is the persona? Or if personas don’t really exist at all, and are just part of the fluidity and malleable character of identity. I’m very curious of what you think of it.

I somewhat understand now what you mean by watching anime at the end of a tiring day haha. Now that I’m much more occupied than before, I barely read manga anymore and opt to watch anime, although it’s not so frequent. I have lots of other things I wish to converse with you about in another time. By the way, I finally watched Oniisama e! It's pretty neat, the artwork is lovely beyond words. I didn't expect it to be so. Although some moments are cringe and way overdramatic, I intend to watch it to the very end :) What’s going on in your life? I hope things are going well with you :D
Cazqui-09 Aug 31, 11:18 AM
nice to meet you, and no problem. glad to make your acquaintance, ohohohohohoho.
St0rmblade Aug 27, 1:08 PM
Katanagatari also, but it probably owes a lot to the uniqueness of NisioIsin's storytelling, so I don't normally expect it for other things. Shorter anime episodes are far more common than extended ones, actually.
St0rmblade Aug 27, 11:01 AM
Oh and if you're talking about Yakyuukyou no Uta, the premise indeed sounds pretty exciting, but I was also surprised that each episode is apparently 45 minutes long, which is super weird for a TV anime. I'm not even sure I know other precedents like this. Well, provided this info is correct, of course. Some Japanese sites mention 60
St0rmblade Aug 27, 10:32 AM
I had a similar frustration with Mitsuru Adachi. Really liked some short stories that I've read but most of his stuff is also baseball ;_;

I liked all the "arcs" tbh, including Ken's struggles with milk delivery and such, some "tactics" were pretty creative. Don't find this kind of manga often, at least in English.
St0rmblade Aug 27, 4:17 AM
How did you like Mizushima's Zenikko? Feel disappointed that the author's other works are pretty much exclusively about baseball?
Masoumi-San Aug 12, 1:09 PM
Hi, you're welcome!
Nice to meet you too ;)
St0rmblade Aug 2, 11:11 PM
Yeah I didn't find anything translated unfortunately, at least I can look at Japanese covers though ;_;

Gekiga isn't popular after all. Even well-known creators like Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima have only a few works from their ouevre translated besides Lone Wolf and Cub. But the guy who brought her to my attention was Koenji Shawn, btw. Maybe you know his YT channel.