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Oct 9, 2018
Honestly this is review is not free of bias, I watched this show when I was five and I absolutely loved it as a kid. I will do my best effort to be not biased, but do take this review with a grain of salt.

The story is pretty simple. Our hero gets possessed by an alien who calls himself Ultraman and he goes around and beats up Kaiju that threaten Earth. The story does have progression despite how it might seem at first. I cannot say much because spoilers, but the ending is pretty spectacular. However, getting there can take lots read more
Oct 9, 2018
I personally enjoyed this series for how short it is. I started reading this thinking it was a romcom, then assumed it was a joke manga. However, the unexpected conclusion and the story that lead up to it is truly worth the read. I am amazed how attached I got to some of these characters despite the manga's wackiness.

Story: 7
The story is based around our main character Yuu who has one mission: to find a way to fix his mother who is in a deformed vegetative state. But luckily for him, he awakens the ability to "time slip" where he can read more
Sep 29, 2018
This show should not be viewed for its story. It is a personification of our bodies that is brimming with character. On the surface, Hataraku Saibou is very much a bland edutainment series, but in some moments you can see a lot of humanity.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering in high school biology class and anyone who is simply looking for a good Killer T(ime).

Hataraku Saibou does not have the most interesting story. You can easily generalize it with this formula:

1. Everyday life ruined by wound.
2. Red gets scared.
3. New biological problem introduced
4. White read more
Sep 22, 2018
This show shouldn't be taken seriously. I saw many that gave this series a 1 out of pure hatred. In my case however, I found amusement from this show. While this show did a horrible job with its story and characters that cannot be fixed with Flex Tape, I had fun because of its poor quality.

It was amusing to see how bad some of the actions scenes were and how pathetic some of the "heart warming" scenes were. I was also pleased that they actually wrapped up the story.

I give this series a 4 based on my enjoyment of the read more
Sep 28, 2017
"Youkoso Jisteuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e" has many great points and many poor points.

The pacing is unstable. It fluctuates when it reaches the climax and crawls when it's building up the arc. During this pacing, the story slowly and almost massages the ridiculous scenario and 'boring' stereotypes into your mind. Many people hate the unrealistic setting questioning the origins of the funding or idiocy of setting. They point out how unrealistic the currency works and how the plot bends for its own convenience. The biggest point is the underdeveloped the characters and the typical wish-fulfillment main character that gets all the girls. For read more
Apr 3, 2015
Basically a family of five people got shipwrecked and crashed onto a stranded island. They have to survive and wait for someone to find them. It's pretty interesting and you can learn a few survival tips from this anime! (I learned how to cut a tree down lol)

The art style is old (so the characters have weird faces) so depending on your taste I cannot say that this is good or bad. It's not so HD though... The trees look awesome. The nature is everywhere.... YAY!

Not bad. you can hear a lot nature stuff. They all sound legit. Wolves sound like dog growls and read more
Mar 22, 2015
Here are some Q&A to help you get a grasp at what the anime is like. (SPOILER ALERT....kind of.)

What kind of ending does Arcana Famiglia have?
A: A round about way to end. No progression in relationship with other characters what so ever.

How is the action/violence in the anime?
A: Yeah..... lame sword fighting..... thats it...... (Unless you want to include the powers which they don't use what so ever.)

Who is the antagonist?
A: What antagonist?

Ok, here's the actual review:

It starts of near a city next to the ocean where a "clan" lives. They all have superpowers that hold great power. The head of the family wants his read more
Jan 5, 2015

The story is blatantly boring in the beginning. At first it is slow. It constantly gives you side stories, but somewhere along the middle, the story takes a much more rapid pace and starts packing more action into every episode. The finale for this show is really a spectacle and a fitting end to the series. While I would ask for more from this series, Tezuka Osamu is no longer with us and I do not believe there could be a better ending to this show.

EDIT 2019: I found this portion I wrote years ago lacking so I'm here to add more read more
Jan 5, 2015

I feel like I'm being very generous since it has the classic "Beat every mini-boss guy you see" set up. The ending was weird and it doesn't really explain anything. Triton the main character is accompanied by a weird dolphin with a check mark shaped tattoo and is trying to defeat this bad guy who supposedly killed his clan.

Every "mini-boss" has his (or her) own aquatic animal they use to beat Triton. They usually stump him for twenty seconds and then Triton comes up with the "most genius" solutions ever. The series repeats this about all the way to the end. Even the final read more