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May 5, 2018
No payoff for any of the millions of questions raised during the previous five movies, and an incredibly blue balling resolution to the 02 kids tease in the first movie. The only things that get revealed are the identity of Hackmon and an undoing of a facet of the entire premise of the second half of the series. That facet hasn't been relevant since the fourth movie, but it was still a changed status quo.

As with the previous entries, it's barely even animated. The sky is an ugly digital filter. Atrocious.

Do not watch these. For the love of God, just don't.

It even had the read more
Feb 6, 2018
My biggest worry going into this was about the rumor that they were going to add original footage about Adroc Thurston and the Summer of Love. One of the key thematic arcs of the show was Renton's feelings of resentment for his father's reputation as a hero, having to live in the shadow of someone who lived this exciting life and became a hero to the entire world. We never got to see the Summer of Love in the show, so the gravity of what Adroc did got to be filled in by our imagination. How could they actually depict Adroc's sacrifice and make it read more
Feb 6, 2018
This preview episode essentially continues the trend of the Build Fighters subseries by focusing on fights to the exclusion of all character and story. Not only that, we have completely abandoned the semi-realistic premise of the first two series by including anthropomorphized animals to the cast with no explanation. I hope the main series gets into an explanation of that, but I'm really mourning the first show's focus on the characters and their love of Gundam as the main driver of the show, not necessarily the fights.

In the end, we see that the characters featured in this are considered inspirational by the actual main character read more
Aug 25, 2017
As a bridge between Build Fighters and Build Fighters Try, this certainly goes through the motions of connecting the old series to Episode 1 of the sequel, but it does little else. If you've ever heard of Build Fighters, you've probably heard the criticism that it's "just mech fights," and, although there are copious mech fights, that's not exactly true. The first series was also a loving sendup of Gunplay culture and Gundam itself, often taking time to make fairly esoteric jokes just because it could.

Try downplayed that element of the show quite a bit, and this ONA discarded it entirely. It's a very mechanical read more
Jun 13, 2017
Ashita no Joe is considered a classic, and it's pretty clear why even from this abridged movie. Its arc has a very iconic feel, reminiscent of other underdog sports shows as it follows an unrepentant asshole on his path to redemption through hitting other guys in the face.

The visuals are limited through most of the run, but there are parts, specifically the more intense fights, that get really intense, emphasizing how the fighters are pressing themselves to their limits. When people aren't fighting, it's slow, but I feel like that's just a consequence of having to cut down a 70 episode series into 2.5 hours read more
May 23, 2017
This is an odd one, and I fell asleep for a bit towards the middle. Basically, an experimental animation about a woman who finds liberation through sex and inspires a revolution among the people by showing them to indulge in and accept their sexual desires. The problem is that doing so is combined with her accepting a devil penis, so indulging in sexuality is also connected to evil symbolism. Eventually, the patriarchy comes and ends the party and some pictures of women revolutions are shown to let us know that it's meant as an empowering film. If it's supposed to be empowering, why have her read more
Feb 27, 2017
Look. At the start of this movie, we are three episodes into this series and the only constants have been bad animation, raising a million questions per film, and not answering any questions. At the very least, the movies before this one had positives like decent character development and some OK action. This movie doesn't. Instead, it doubled down on all those bad aspects.

Animation: The *vast majority* of the movie is static shots or one character moving a little bit per cut. This is not film caliber animation. It's barely TV quality. There is a scene at the end where they have like five minutes read more
Aug 14, 2016
Skip these, definitely watch the first OVA set.

The second set of YKK OVAs is significantly not as good as the first. Main reason: the dystopian elements of the world were absent. Here's this beautiful, water-covered world, and they mostly only show parts that may as well be current-day Japan. The art is just bog-standard and sub-par. There's nothing you haven't seen 100 times before and drawn better elsewhere.

Also, there's the lingering ass shots. They even introduce Misago in the second half of the second of two OVAs, just so the show can have some boobs. She has no lines, interacts with no-one, and the only read more
Jul 3, 2016
I'm dropping this one.

Neither of the characters seems to have any interests outside of dating each other, which is a particularly glaring, instant shift for Mei. Their first two kiss scenes were contrived sexual assaults. They've now introduced two girl characters who fall over Yamato whose main contributions to the plot are just asking "Why do you even like Mei?" The show doesn't even bother to answer that question, except for him to say in Episode 3 that he fell in love with something she did *after* he started to notice her. And to top it all of, the dialogue is atrocious, so when the read more