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Sep 28, 2022
Absolutely a filler episode stretched to film length, but quite enjoyable. The padding felt so natural that I couldn't tell you exactly what was in the original.

Also quite funny as a piece of fan service. They do flashbacks to famous moments from the early parts of the series. Char even gets one line, lmao.

It fits Gundam thematically very well. At its heart, it's an anti-war movie that depicts a family struggling to live in an inhospitable environment caused by that conflict. There is a bit too much children crying for my taste, but it felt good.

Beautiful score.
Sep 24, 2022
"Reminisces" is a stretch. We do get to see Yuu as an adult, but they didn't do anything interesting to her character design. They just drew her with adult proportions instead of as an anime mascot. They didn't even show Shingo or the other characters. I feel like the fact that she's an adult in a few shots is a pointless tease, really.

It looks like one of those early 2000s anime where they were experimenting with digital coloring and there isn't much going on visual-wise or story-wise. The OPs and EDs of the original show had a lot more panache than this.

I don't dislike it. ...
Aug 4, 2022
This one was remarkably well-plotted for a shoujo anime tie-in movie. Lots of moving pieces. Every new character was there for a reason beyond simply being the bad guy of the week, and the preexisting cast outside of the Straw Hats were well-integrated. And who doesn't like a heist movie?

That said, its message is at once something I deeply agree with and something I despair over it needing to be said at all. In our global economic system, money equals power and ownership of other people. Employment is indistinguishable from slavery, only instead of whips they psychologically torment us with the threat of homelessness. There ...
Jun 30, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Having seen "Macross: Do You Remember Love" in between the two "Macross Frontier" movies, I can't help but feel like... "DYRK" comes down to one thing: it promises you that the song at the end will be the best thing ever. There is one song at the end. It is, indeed, the best shit ever. And then it is over.

This is "Buy Our CDs: The Movie". Which isn't bad. I like the songs. "1000%" and "Valkyria" stand out for me. But it's not enough.

The movie fills itself out with some cool energy during music video segments, although it just can't reach the heights of Sheryl's ...
Jun 21, 2022
Macross: Do You Remember Your Annual Sexual Harassment Training?

There was a time when this was the go-to anime movie standard. Those days have long-since passed, but it's interesting to think of all the IRL anime fan stereotypes who watched this and saw themselves reflected back in the aliens who can't comprehend culture or women. Who see the depiction of either as immoral. Who see displays of affection as unthinkable as they do titillating. I'm sure someone has hit this angle harder than I care to.

But, yeah, our heroes are, broadly speaking, men directly out of the 70s and they don't want to let you forget ...
Jun 16, 2022
Available officially in America for the first time, I went to see it without having seen anything "Macross" aside from vague memories of "Macross Plus" and "Robotech".

I liked it quite a bit as a faux-jukebox musical. It's not my favorite example of any of my favorite genres, but it is an example OF a fuckton of my favorite genres all at once. Songs, cute girls, mechas, a little romance, some intrigue, some comedy, a side-hustle montage... That's the good stuff.

It's kind of a shame that it's held back by its obsession with one-sided, increasingly obnoxious objectification of all the girls. Even the side-cast girls who ...
May 2, 2022
Bubble (Anime) add
The first 30 minutes of "#Bubble" are so pretty and so fucking vapid. Completely devoid of content. A Special Boy and a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. It's written by Gen Urobuchi, so I'm expecting a twist, but... Like, the set-up of Madoka was interesting before the various reveals about their powers, y'know?

And the twist is that this is some kind of pastiche on "The Little Mermaid" novel, which, OK, but it never coalesces into a film. None of these characters has any depth to them. The team set up as cheating bad guys with some other kind of significance are actually just Fellow Competitors. It ...
Apr 28, 2022
I'm just now watching "Mirai", the anime movie nominated for the Best Animated Film Oscar as an apology for snubbing "Your Name" the year before. This... This is "We have 'Your Name' at home" energy. Which is a bad sign because I thought "Your Name" was just, y'know, fine.

This is 90 minutes of kids screaming because they're being in turns unreasonable and emotionally abused. The kids being unreasonable part I can understand, because they are especially little and little kids can get quite loud. But the main kid just screams So Much, and his parents largely ignore his feelings. Which is where this goes into ...
Apr 21, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Admirable message that fits well into the New World, post-timeskip "One Piece" narrative, when the series has firmly become a four-dimensional chess game with a million characters. Had myself a good giggle when the cover of "Remind me of who I really am" by Nickleback was followed by just straight-up "I don't give a damn about my reputation" by Avril Lavigne. So poignant.

The action was good for the most part. There were points when it was trying too hard and the 3D effects made it look ugly, see Zoro's final fight with the woman. But I still liked it.

The gimmick of this movie, aside from ...
Apr 19, 2022
Really nice semi-hard science romp with a sci-fi tech upgrade. All of the characters who get fleshed out are endearing. Pretty much all of the setups pay off. And, as any good mystical sci-fi story should, it goes completely off the rails in the final act. Good times.

I don't have much to say about its themes, because it sums up to kind of a fantasy solution to climate change and those just can't move my shriveled heart as much as they used to. But the earthers and moon children learning to trust each other across their hostile culture gap was classic and fun, with "Dennou ...