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Jul 27, 2021
You should watch this right now. It's 4 minutes of an excellent animator at his peak. It's a music video for a positive song that follows the song's emotional highs through the life of a boy growing up. The transitions in this are beyond words. The crumpled paper and photographs. The aging. The relationship with the dog. The song itself is also just great. If it seems like I'm struggling for more words to fit the minimum, that's because I am. But the reason I am is that this is an emotional piece first and foremost. I'm not in a mindset where I can put read more
Jul 27, 2021
Rough start because the premise is a little off-putting. Not in a gruesome way, but in a "really?" one. Violet begins the series as a traumatized former soldier haunted by her final battle along side her father figure/love interest, who died immediately after he told her that he loved her. She begins working at a letter-writing service after the war and talks to people dealing with emotional traumas of their own, and comes to understand those things. And at at the center of it is, yes, her constantly wondering what "I love you" means. There is no deeper meaning or bait-and-switch to the "I love read more
Jul 15, 2021
To be quietly placed in the same drawer as Haruhi Suzumiya labeled "Cultural artifacts overhyped by 00s anime fans because their childhood media environment was completely different."

Totally understand that someone might like this if they had memed all the bad line reads to death over the years. Totally understand why this was such an interesting oddity in a different time and place.

I get it, but it's not that time and place anymore. It doesn't appeal to me. The anime was uninterestingly bad. The dub was uninterestingly bad, albeit with a few chuckle-worthy line reads here and there. That's all it was.
Jul 12, 2021
I'd never heard of Hi-Fi Set, but I liked this sampler of their songs. There is a loose story about two dragons who are in love but can't quite make it work between them that is as sweet as their designs. And a few scenes where the animators flexed a bit, but the main draw for this is definitely supposed to be the band. I liked it. The songs "Rainbow Signal", "I Want to be Frank", and "Magic Mountain" were my favorites, and they were all strong songs. If I had a quick way to dive into their discography, I would give them more of read more
Jul 11, 2021
Mmmm, it's a no from me. The soundtrack is OK (even if the theme music is terrible). I enjoyed the world-building they did to fill in some things between this and "Char's Counterattack." (I have not seen "Victory Gundam".) There were also a few enjoyable, chaotic moments that marked the story as a Tomino joint. But, other than that?

...What else is there other than that? Not much.

The most obvious (I hesitate to say) "change" is the art style, which is modern and follows in the footsteps of "Gundam Unicorn" and "Narrative". I seriously don't think it should have. This should have been more of a read more
Jul 11, 2021
There are memorable death scenes happening constantly throughout this entire movie. Like, "the mobile suit legs are just for show; the brass will never understand that" was a HUGE brained line that casually pointed out they had thought this space war stuff through, but they just spent the whole movie iterating on what it means to die in a space war to drive that home in as gruesome a way as possible. Amazing.

The story was a little too disjointed for me, though. Not necessarily in a bad way, but I felt like I was drowning in all the exposition about the ongoing battles and missed read more
Jun 3, 2021
Cute little omake shorts that are, as usual, easily skippable, but are still a neat little time if you like the idea of telling some jokes with the characters from the main story. The bulk of these ones are fake science lectures with the characters playing straight-man and the fool together. I didn't think any were particularly clever until the "Shin" ones that released several years after the first two volumes of "Gunbuster" came out. In the very last one, there is a delightful shout-out to "Sailor Moon" that feels like a payoff for 90s anime culture generally as well as a running gag from read more
May 22, 2021
Yasuke (Anime) add (All reviews)
MAL users: "'Yasuke' is historically inaccurate. 5/10."

Also MAL users: "The historical figures in 'Drifters' are so interesting. 8/10."

And I wish I could say that in defense of a better show. I don't mind the mechs and robots and magic in concept, per se, but it doesn't feel like they serve any purpose other than identifying this as an anime. It comes off as self-conscious and insecure, like it's worried people won't recognize it as anime without these things. And so they kind of take up space as the story unfolds. It's very ho-hum. The art style didn't work for me. I watched in English and read more
May 15, 2021
This is an unremarkable baseball anime, and its only major differentiator is its light shoujo ai element. There's not enough of that to justify watching it specifically because you like shoujo ai, but the show is sufficiently low stakes and easy to watch that it doesn't really matter. I want to say that it would have been better if it had actually gone further with the gay element, but I doubt it would have had the time. And, looking into the mangaka, they definitely do write GL stories, and Tamayomi seems like their attempt at broad appeal. If you like baseball, this will be meh-to-OK. read more
Apr 25, 2021
Tiresome. Utterly tiresome.

In ~2008, I remember staying up until like midnight on Monday nights in order to watch this on the Sci Fi Channel's AniMonday block. Looking back on it now, I feel so...cheated out of the 30 minutes of sleep I could have gotten instead of this, though this obviously wasn't the only show playing on those nights. At the time, I had dial-up internet and I didn't know how to watch whatever anime I wanted, so I was limited to whatever got dubbed and made it onto TV. And this did. We were so deprived.

It's kind of hard to describe exactly why I read more