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Oct 5, 2013
Before I start praising this series, let's look at negatives first.

For one, if you do not plan to read manga afterwards, don't bother. If season 2 is ever to come, then only in about 2-3 years. And even then you'll end up waiting for another season to conclude the story.

Isayama plans to have around 80-100 chapters over all. This season only covered 33-34 chapters. If you do the maths, you can see how many seasons are needed to see this story finished.

Instead of getting answers, you'll end up with more question by the end of this season.
You will also end up with half developed cast read more
Jan 5, 2013
By now I think every anime fan has heard about SAO and seen thousands of reviews for it but I still want to write my own version. It was actually one of the main reasons why I continued to watch this show.

To be honest, I have no idea where to begin...

Well for starters, do you like the main cover? Looks fascinating does't it? Some interesting character designs too! Do you want to learn more about the characters? Really? Well then... FORGET IT!

The things is, this shows doesn't have characters. Especially in the first and main arc. The only characters we ever see are Kirito read more
Nov 10, 2012
I'm not the best at writing reviews but if I don't write them, I'll never learn =P

If you are about to watch season 3 then I'm sure you have seen the other 2, otherwise why the hell are you here?!
Without season 1 you won't understand Goro and his family and without season 2 you won't understand the plot of this season for everything that happens here is a continuation of a conflict that started in previous season.

Ah! So you did watch them?

Then let us begin!

After season 2, this one might be disappointing for you and the reason is that we are going back to read more
Apr 19, 2012
Writing review for other seasons is a bit pointless but I really feel like talking about it. I'll try to keep it short and straight to the point.

I really liked season 1 as well as the movie but this season I found quiet annoying and the main reason for that is Goro himself. As you know he is a determined and stubborn guy who does deserve some admiration. However this time it was brought to whole new levels which I did not appreciate.

One good thing is that Goro learned not to bash his team mates when they miss the ball but did it make read more
Apr 4, 2012
I never played the game and the first time I heard about this show was through Carnival Phantasm. Going by cover and the fact that it is created by Type Moon, I got really excited to watch and boy was I disappointed.

Have no idea how good the game is but anime felt really plain... at first it drags and then when you actually need to space things out, it rushes like mad!

Characters got under developed and over looked.

Spoilers up ahead.

Story: I really liked the idea of having a character who can see lines of life and expected something cool to happen but it never did... read more
Mar 19, 2012
I've been dying to make a review for this show since like forever! Didn't want to write one in the middle of the series so I waited until I'm done and DAMN that took a lot of time!

I'll start with negatives since they are just too glaring for my eyes. Also this review will be spoiler full!

1) Who in the right mind starts series with filler? I wouldn't mind if it had some point but it didn't! It was a replay of same jokes and scenarios all over! The whole character introduction should take maximum 10 episodes and even that is too much! If I read more
Dec 24, 2011
Idolm@ster are series which you will learn to love or will keep hating from the beginning till the end.

The basic impression series give are K-ON style and if you hated K-ON then there are very little chances that you will like this series.

However, in comparison to K-ON, Idolm@ster actually tries to have some kind of story even if it is a basic one. Series also have some kind of progression, Idols are actually progressing in their careers while K-ON members spent whole series drinking tea =/

A minus is the fact that Idolm@ster has a VERY huge characters cast which just didn't get enough time read more
Dec 21, 2011
Few, I'm finally done with the series! What I'm about to write will be a bit spoilerish so be wary.

As you know, the main story is about a girl who takes bad guys to hell after they were cursed by the victim.

The main idea is fighting the morals: is it right to curse/kill bad people or no? Almost like Death Note.
The problem is that series don't really explore it that well since every episode things end up the same way. The bad guy never admits the fault what is a bit refreshing though I really believe that there should be some exceptions.

Victims are ready read more
Nov 19, 2011
Where do I start... this shows had risen so many emotions that I don't even know what would be the best part to start with.

Well for starters I defiantly enjoyed it far more than I expected. I didn't have any high hopes for it and had delayed the watch for a quiet a while but now that I'm done, I'm really excited to check other seasons.

Even though the main topic is baseball, it still covers a lot of other themes such as family, death, dreams, hope, determination, friendship, bullying... such great variety! I barely know any other good shows that have so much covered. Besides read more
May 30, 2011
It was about a year ago since I watched the series and only now have I decided to leave my review. I know that I will get bashed most likely but hey! That's my opinion!

As you can see I gave this series only 5 but before I mention negatives, I'll start with positives that allowed me to give this series 5 and not lower.

In comparison to many shounen out there, characters actually DIE here! Be you a good or a bad guy, you won't be saved like for example in Bleach. Series also have some unexpected deaths which will get you suprised.

Lots of action, constantly read more