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kightzeareau Jan 17, 2:57 AM
Finally updated this profile. Some really good anime over the years!!
Oshou Dec 3, 2015 5:46 PM
life4death Mar 17, 2013 12:37 AM
Yeah Starry key is pretty much pointless, don't need to watch it at all. The next arc is really good, the games one, but now Fairy Tail is almost over now, the anime has only 2 more episodes. Manga will still go on so will just keep on with reading that. Haven't been able to watch as many anime as i want to either, exams are coming up now >.<

Mirai Nikki is really psychological, it's pretty good though the main characters are weird, and the ending was both good and bad. Inuyasha finished a long time ago, the original series i watched a long time ago, but the second season which finished off the manga i just watched recently.

Hahaha XD There aren't a huge amount to watch right now, but the good ones that are airing are Boku wa Tomodachi season 2, Zetsuen no Tempest, Magi, and there are a couple that'll start in a couple months that look really good.

I've started Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 but haven't gotten around to finishing them off, still in the first half of the campaigns for each of them. Also have the new Devil May Cry which is amazing, only played the first couple missions but the game is awesome. The graphics are great and the fighting/movements are really smooth, lots of button mashing but it's really fun. Right now in the middle of Hyperdimensional Neptunia mk2, decided to just finish this one off first before getting about to any of the other ones above. Also in the middle of Persona 4 Golden, though right now at a point where i have to get stuff by luck, so have to keep redoing it until it goes right >.< And doing Corpse Party, great horror anime game. Really want to get Fire Emblem Awakening, looks really fun and liked playing one of the other ones i played, played it on a computer emulator during classes last year XD.

Yeah Hong Kong seems like there's a lot of freedom, not much stuff about the government here, like no pressure and stuff. Also police are pretty relaxed here lol

No problem, i'm also pretty slow with replies, lots of school work right now.
life4death Jan 21, 2013 2:41 AM
Yeah actually only read m first light novel a couple months ago, now have finished around 13 volumes, 10 from Toaru Majutsu no Index and almost up the the end of the anime so it'll all be new content after that. Kuroko no Basket is pretty good, and as a basketball player/fan like it a lot, it's still pretty entertaining after the end of first season, lots of new moves and opponents so when it comes up you might want to follow it when it starts, unless there's a lot of great series airing at the same time XD I only keep up with the airing ones mainly, maybe one other show but very slowly, and even this season i'm watching less than last season (also cause not as many good ones). Fairy Tail is great, but the filler arc "Starry Key etc" was really boring for me.

I finally finished Mirai Nikki which i put off for almost a year, and Inuyasha which i've put off for even longer XD Also manga haven't started any new series, and one of my long series just ended, Cage of Eden, ending was so annoying >.< but now might start something new to replace it.

Yeah the dub is pretty good, much better than a lot of dubs out there, but also not the best dub i've seen.
I really liked the second season because of the random comedy and episodes XD It does lack story in a lot of the episodes but it's pretty funny, and if you really like that type of humour guess you'd find it amazing/great, like me XD

I've heard of it, haven't played it but a couple friends have and said it was pretty good, though i've got enough unfinished games on my plate, think have at least 10 recent games that i have yet to finish, ones i'm closest to finishing are Black Ops 2 and Persona 4, also starting Zenonia 5 soon.
Yeah Halo has a pretty big universe, like if people looked into some game/book/movie franchises then they'd see just how big of a universe is made in it, like Lord of The Rings has so much extra stuff in the index and stuff that people who only read the book and skipped that part might think that a lot of the stuff in the movies was added in by the director.

Hong Kong is very free compared to places like China, no censorship on the Internet and such and also there's no one child policy. What were the other high ranking countries? Bet there were a couple European countries there. Also since it have it's own government don't think that there's a lot of similarities with China and Hong Kong's policies and such.

The wimpy protagonist is annoying, but the idea of the Accel World is really interesting, and also it's by the same guy as Sword Art Online.
Yeah Guilty Crown had great animation, and the initial story had a lot of potential. Attack On Titan won't be ruined though since it's just so awesome^^ The post Apocalypse and mystery/action story is really interesting.

Yeah that's probably a good idea, too much of a good thing will make you tire of it eventually XD
I tend to just watch 1-3 hours a day of anime, and still manage to be good in school and everything since manage my schedule pretty well.

Same for you, have a great new year :)
ajin12 Jan 15, 2013 8:05 PM
yeah, it was college applications for me, all the way to new years. now i'm preparing for midterm exams in two weeks (but still watching anime, haha)
thank you :)

that's a good counterpoint. i think i generally haven't had any issues with the 24-ep shows i've watched so far.

i've gotten into the habit of visiting ANN and MAL daily. i'd better not get started collecting though. college students are notoriously poor and i don't want to start spending too much on anime merchandise xD

yep, it's slightly bigger with a different string and deeper sound. thanks- i do plan to keep playing in orchestra and taking lessons while in college. good for you with piano and guitar too! i've always liked the sound of guitars as well.
haha, i'm glad you thought of me! i read the synopsis for kiniro no corda: primo passo and it definitely sounds worth-watching. i look forward to hearing the soundtrack :)

"secrets" by one republic... i occasionally search for sheet music online, but most songs are played better on the piano. i play vocaloid music for fun sometimes :)
ohh nice. is beck good? haha i've heard so many things about HIMYM... i may watch that sometime too but i haven't seen any tv in quite a while. i used to keep up with suits, white collar, NCIS, and covert affairs though. they're my favorite tv shows!

i sure will! it's nice to get all philosophical once in a while

i think i'm in the opposite situation. i keep stumbling upon all these titles that i want to watch, and getting through the mountain that is my "plan-to-watch" list is going to take me forever... i've been disappointed in some of the recent shows though. don't know what's going to be worth watching of the current winter season. i just saw a brief clip of wakfu and that is some good animation! :)

thanks and i hope 2013 is going well for you too!
Himena Jan 15, 2013 2:33 PM
Oh right, I see now. ^^ I'll probably watch it once it finishes airing then.
Himena Jan 14, 2013 9:31 AM
Which one is currently still airing? And thank you for that recommendation as well. :)
life4death Dec 28, 2012 12:43 AM
I started reading manga after a friend introduced me to some though didn't get around to reading light novels until recently. Have read loads of manga and have my set of weekly release manga so get new chapters to read every couple of days. I normally just read the series online, since not all of them are in english, but do collect some that are not translated online or are my absolute favorites. But am more likely to spend money on games first, though i haven't really brought any anime dvds except for the original full metal alchemist i got a long time ago. Lol they just announced a 2nd season of kuroko no basket XD so can't wait to see it, though already know what's going to happen now.

Nah i doesn't have an anime, at least yet, but the novels are finished, just have to wait for the translations to catch up. But it is good that the translations are pretty regular, cause translating a full novel is a lot of work, and there are a lot of series that get started but just get dropped after a while.
I think i've seen the synopsis for that anime once before on MAL, though right now i've got too much to watch right now. Have to finish 3 series i've been procrastinating on and all the airing shows are ending these next 2 weeks, and also just got the english dub of Kore wa Zombie Desuka? Season 1^^

Yeah it looks pretty good and friends have found it really good, i'm just more drawn to turn-based RPGs right now for some reason, FPS like the new CoD and Halo just aren't as fun to me as some of the other games i'm playing right now, maybe it's also cause the story is more interesting to me XD
Can't wait for the next Dragon Age game, it looked like the two stories are connected so hopefully that's what the next game is about^^ Would be pretty fun to work on one of those huge franchises like Dragon Age and Assassins Creed.
I tend to just watch the airing anime, so brand new episodes every day, and don't really watch many completed ones unless i'm on holiday or have loads of free time, also since this season is ending there'll be a week or so without many airing ones now so going to try and finish some that i've put on hold for a long time, like Mirai Nikki.

Yeah watching anime can also be pretty relaxing, like it's nice to know that there's always something new i can lie back and watch everyday. And yeah you do get to know a lot more of the culture of Japan through it, though it probably doesn't include as much of the more westernized japanese. Also it's sometimes funny when there are shows when they switch between english and japanese that are dubbed in english, more like the parts when they joke about how bad their english is, just imaging the Steins;Gate scenes when he speaks english XD Also seen some similarities between Chinese and Japanese cultures around here, like recently saw a sports festival of one of the local schools here and it looked just like a scene out of an anime XD

Accel World is kind of alright, the idea and story is really good, like the brain burst and once you get further into the story it's better, but the series drops off at certain times. Like the main guy can be really annoying, the VA for him is the same as the MC for Guilty Crown and both are annoyingly wimpy sometimes, and even worse is that he's going to play the main character for Attack on Titan, one of my favorite manga and the MC is badass >.<
From the ones i recommended last time, Darker Than Black is way better for an action series, and Another has great mystery/horror in it, and Acchi Kocchi is just something light and funny :)

Thanks, happy holidays to you too :)
ajin12 Dec 25, 2012 8:13 PM
hey, i'm sorry for not getting back to you until now :(

wow yeah 24 is quite a lot. but i do think the extra time allows for more along the lines of character development. it is what it is - in the end, we don't get a say on series length xD

i really enjoyed madoka! it was intriguing and i loved the concept of reworking the whole magical girl genre. very good, and kyubey has got to be the creepiest little creature i have ever seen. hahaha

i visit ANN a lot too, and if you've ever read the "shelf life" column there, some people have enormous libraries! i wish i could afford that!
yep, viola for 9 years now (: ahh yeah i have been wanting to watch an anime that relates to music. and if you have the time, i would say go back and try violin again. it's hard, but it's rewarding too! haha i would pity your college roommates though...
guitar's cool too. i love playing pop songs (or anime music) on viola, but i think that kind of music often translates better to guitar (or piano, which i also can't play)

watching with my friends never really worked out - we always had conflicting schedules. i agree that i probably wouldn't really enjoy discussing ergo proxy with them though, i prefer to contemplate things on my own. i'm thinking about buying the ergo proxy box set though...
awww that's really too bad. i enjoy discussing anime with people in real life (though MAL is good too). i think it's still a niche though - just a bigger one (:
i guess i've never really seen any really bad anime for myself. but i'm quite happy with what i'm watching these days, quality shows that should be introduced to people with no exposure to anime!

haha i never really get the chance to marathon... especially recently, since i have college applications due in a few days! (haha, now back to writing essays)
Himena Dec 20, 2012 4:37 PM
Tamaki was a bit dim for noticing so late. :P Haruhi and Tamaki are so cute together though. <3

I've already seen Vampire Knight and I've been planning on watching Toradora! and Kimi ni Todoke but I'll add the others to my Notepad list. Thank you - I reckon I'll enjoy them when I finally watch them.
Himena Dec 17, 2012 12:00 PM
I will.

Well I'm into pretty much everything except hentai. If you check out what I've currently watched that may give you a few ideas. I am currently looking for a comedy like Ouran High School Host Club though if you have any recommendations?
Himena Dec 16, 2012 7:59 AM
Thank you. I've been planning on watching K-ON! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (not the Haruhi-chan version though) but I'll add AnoHana to my list as well.
life4death Dec 12, 2012 12:12 AM
I started out reading manga with a series that hasn't gotten an anime, and probably wouldn't get one since it hadn't by now, then started reading more to continue off of where the anime seasons left off. Like recently just read all of Kuroko no Basket since i really liked the anime and they didn't say there would be a 2nd season right away (so i was too impatient XD). And also for a lot of series the anime never catches up to the manga, like The World God Only Knows just recently announced a third season, the first 2 only covered 50 chapters and the most the new one could get up to is 100 if it's 24 episodes, but the manga is already past 200 chapters. Also i read manga/light novels at the end of the day to wind down and help sleep a little bit. Claymore is really good, and the anime wouldn't catch up to the manga even if they had another season.
Music is definitely fun, just not enough time to do everything i want to in the day lol Holidays are a lot easier but still end up saving a bunch of stuff to do over the holidays, like finish off games and watch some series, can't wait for the Christmas Holidays. Yeah since to meet someone who likes music and K-On! a lot too :)
Also just started reading Sayonara Piano Sonata light novels, which has a lot of music themes in it, guitar and bass but mostly classical music, the story is really nice.
Tighten Up is really fun, haven't finished with the guitar cause been busy with tests and also doing some stuff with One by Metallica, but learned the Drum part first which is really fun cause the main groove of it. Most of the time i just get tabs and stuff from the online sources.
Persona 3 for PSP is awesome, loved the story and the characters, and for Christmas i'm getting a PS Vita and already got Persona 4 Golden for it, which is going to be awesome since it also comes with a new character and new ending^^ Also playing Disgaea 3 and 4 which are enjoyable strategy games and funny XD
Final Fantasy was awesome at 7, didn't play the game but have watched the movie several times which is awesome^^ Heard 13 wasn't that great, and 13-2 is better, but it's not amazing, though Final Fantasy has awesome graphics. Also Resonance of Fate has great graphics.
I couldn't get into Oblivion so didn't get skyrim, though a lot of my friends played it quite a lot. Think one of the RPGs i've played the most was Dragon Age 1 and 2 which are both awesome, can't wait for the sequel cause it's probably going to join up the 2 stories. Also Borderlands 1 and 2 are both awesome^^

Hmmm, thought that sounded weird before lol Bakemonogatari is awesome, the characters and stuff are great, especially Senjougahara^^ Nisemonogatari is pretty good, though it doesn't have Senjougahara that much in it :( The sisters where more of the story this time, the Karen Bee took quite a while though, and the toothbrush part was really random. The seconds half was very good though, especially liked it having Shinobu a lot more which is really nice, especially liked the donut shop scene and the bath tub one XD
The next 2 of the Monogatari series that are coming out will be Nekomonogatari and Kizumonogatari, both are prequels, the first is 4 episodes and is about how Hanekawa became a cat and Kizumonogatari will be the best thing next year, all about how Araragi became a vampire^^ Sadly both won't have a lot of Senjougahara :(
Wondering what the sequel for AnoHana will be about, though it'll be pretty good. I normally get my info from the news feed here or use to see what shows are going to air in the next season.
Lol i'm watching/have already watched all of those :) Tonari and Chuunibyou are awesome and hilarious 2 of my top ones for the season, Sukitte and Kimi ni Todoke are both interesting romance ones. I tend to watch a lot of airing shows, list is like watching 30 shows but it's just a couple episodes every day.

You should check out:
Accel World
Acchi Kocchi
Darker than Black
life4death Nov 24, 2012 11:18 PM
Nah, not really, don't study music in school and still in highschool and haven't decided what i want to study in the future. Yeah you should check it out, dunno if it's better than a one designed specifically for classical/acoustic guitar but it works well with mine, and love it with my electric.
Beck has a great atmosphere, good characters and the story is really nice. The way they portray the difficulties and challenges of being a professional musician is really good and the story is very interesting to read. The song i really want to hear "Electric Fly" is described as having the best guitar in it, though i think it come in the part after the anime so that's why there's no song for it. Beck shows a great description of how hard work and passion in music goes a long way in becoming a professional, and K-On shows the fun that comes with playing instruments, both must see for musicians. If you don't want to really watch the tv series again a lot then i highly recommend that you try the manga, the anime only covers the first third of the story and the latter part was the best.
It's just these public exams that are from Rockschool or Trinity, a person assesses your performance of a bunch of songs from their book. I tend to play music on and off, always have lessons for them but only practice outside of them sometimes not that much, and sometimes a lot. It depends on factors like my mood and school work etc. I sometimes learn a whole bunch of songs but tend to forget after a while, and sometimes just learn a fairly easy song or two in a night cause i'm bored and have nothing else to do. Like a couple days learned Tighten Up by The Black Keys and Last Night by The Stokes on the drums in under half an hour.

It sounds pretty hard, don't think i could play that in a long time, must also be a little hard to tab it out.
Damn torrent is broken >.< Might just try to look out for it in the local shows here, can find it with subtitles but not dubbed :( It's tough to pick between games and anime but had to go with games this time, ordered a whole bunch of JRPGs including Persona 4 which is the sequel for one of my favorite series (there's a TV adaptation that came out this year and was pretty good), and in total have over 100+ hours of game play over all the new games now XD
Yeah Bakemonogatari is very unique, it is a mainly dialogue driven anime and rides on it's deep dialogue and the character relationships. Not everyone likes it but it's one of my favorites. Fans of it are going to be really excited, the entire novel series is getting animated with the 3rd season starting on the 29th of December and the prequel movie coming out next year, and 2 more season are covering the rest of the 2nd part of the novels, the last part will be covered by more seasons^^
Also saw AnoHana is one of your favorites, new info on the movie just came out, it's going to be a sequel 1 year after the TV series. And there's going to be a Toaru Majutsu no Index movie, another series that i really liked and you should try out.
Already seen the first 2, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is having it's 2nd season starting in January, and planning on reading the novels for Toradora when i have more time.
Nichijou i've been thinking of watching sometime but haven't got around to it.
Baka to Test is unknown if it'll have another season, same with The World God Only Knows but the's an OVA airing now that covers the Tenri arc (next girl after main season).
I'd recommend to you:
Code Geass
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (supposedly kind of similar to Nichijou, another gag anime with short skits)
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
Seitokai Yakuindomo
Seitokai no Ichizon Lv. 2 (Airing right now)
Right now i'm working on getting Evangelion 2.22 to work with my TV, great movie series.