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Jan 13, 2018
A Silent Voice deals with the consequences of bullying and social isolation in its focus on our lead character, Shoya Ishida, who had participated with his classmates years earlier in bullying a deaf girl named Shoko until they choose to isolate him when their bullying gets more attention from school staff and they attempt to avoid any ramifications for their actions. This isolation continues into high school for Shoya as he deals with the social pressures of his isolation and tries to atone for the suffering he inflicted upon Shoko.

Before I review this film, I should explain more about how serious an issue that bullying read more
Dec 31, 2017
This spinoff for the Fate franchise focuses on two factions of Masters and Servants competing against one another to claim possession of the Holy Grail for themselves. As a result, this series sports a bigger cast compared to what is found in the Fate/stay night timeline which contributes some major pros and cons for Apocrypha.

On the one hand, the battle between two sets of Masters and Servants creates a more grand-scale conflict for this particular Grail War and makes for some entertaining fights between the Masters and Servants participating in the Grail War, especially when multiple characters are involved in elaborate action sequences. The series read more
Dec 22, 2017
To say this remake of Kino's Journey is a disappointment would be an understatement. The original 2003 series was a hidden gem of the decade that depicted a series of short stories that were parables focused on elements of the human condition observed through the traveler, Kino. The stories tended to vary in their mood and intensity, being either bizarre, insightful, or having a dark and twisted element to them. In spite of the changing moods, the 2003 Kino's Journey adaptation did a great job with balancing them out with exploring both the joys and pains of being human.

This remake sadly lacks the subtlety and read more
Dec 9, 2017
Blue Exorcist is focused on Rin Okamura, a teenage boy who is a half-demon born between his human mother and the demon Satan. With the death of his adoptive father, Rin seeks to become an exorcist to slay his father and any demons that threaten humanity.

At a glance, Blue Exorcist doesn't really break any new ground for a shounen series and it certainly shows with its premise. An action-loving young boy outcast from others due to differences in his origins seeking to prove his worth through hard work and perseverance has been hammered out a good deal with a number of other similar titles like read more
Nov 4, 2017
Seven Deadly Sins may look like yet another typical shounen action title in its focus on Meliodas and the titular gang of criminal outlaws. But the series does quite a bit to buck many of the typical cliches of many shounen action titles as the series focuses on Meliodas trying to find the old members of his group while protecting the princess of Leones, Elizabeth, from the corrupt Holy Knights.

The major thing that sticks out with Seven Deadly Sins is the careful balance it delivers with storytelling and action. Many shounen action titles get in the bad habit of focusing too much on their action read more
Oct 31, 2017
Perceptions can be deceiving when one sees promotional artwork for Strange Dawn. What may seem like a children's anime on the surface with its tiny human characters and the two high school girls whisked away to their world actually offers a surprising maturity that you don't typically find with many titles aimed at younger viewers. Focused on high school girls Eri and Yuko being whisked away to another world and worshiped by its inhabitants as gods, the two girls find themselves at the center of a war between two kingdoms with both sides desiring to exploit the status of the girls for their personal gain.

The read more
Oct 20, 2017
Naruto (Anime) add (All reviews)
Naruto is another in a long-line of popular shounen battle anime in its focus on the titular, simple-minded and obnoxious titular character desiring to become his village's leader through hard work and perseverance despite being a societal outcast because of being the human host for a demonic fox. Essentially, whatever typical shounen action anime tropes you can think of apply to much of what Naruto has to offer up from the titular character being a worst case of the simple-minded hero character than Dragon Ball's Goku, Sasuke being the revenge-seeking loner, Sakura the short-fused kunoichi with a single-minded interest in Sasuke, powerful sage Jiraiya being read more
Oct 10, 2017
If folks wonder where famous Gundam director Yoshiyuki Tomino got his infamous moniker of "Kill Em All", Zambot 3 is an obscure, yet notable, mecha title that first showcased Tomino's habit of creating high kill counts with mecha titles he would direct. A fairly standard entry in the "super robot" mecha genre at a glance, Zambot 3 focuses on the efforts of the Jin family who learn they are descendants of an alien race whose home planet was wiped out by the Gaizok race. Seeking to protect Earth from destruction, the Jins utilize the alien technology left behind by their ancestors to combat the Gaizok.

On read more
Sep 8, 2017
An animated adaptation of the decades-long medieval fantasy-adventure novel series, Guin Saga focuses on a leopard-headed man named Guin with no memories of his past and finds himself tasked with having to protect the young twin heirs in line of the throne to the kingdom of Parros, Remus and Rinda.

Guin Saga is a series that many older anime fans may reflect back to older medieval fantasy-adventure anime titles like Record of Lodoss War and Berserk with its storytelling and characters. For an older series, Guin Saga offers a rich world that it takes the time to explore dabbling into medieval elements, magic, and supernatural creatures. read more
Sep 4, 2017
Made by the same light novel writer behind Oreimo, Eromanga Sensei is another otaku-themed romantic comedy focused on teenage light novel writer Masamune Izumi trying to bond with his younger stepsister Sagiri, a hikikomori who he later learns is an acclaimed online illustrator named Eromanga Sensei known for drawing erotic female artwork.

Compared to Oreimo that at least believably explored public perception to life as an otaku, Eromanga Sensei opts to go into more conventional territory for its storytelling with all the cliches and pandering you can expect out of many modern anime titles. All the female characters are shown to be cute and following whatever read more