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Apr 2, 2017
In this second series of Iron-Blooded Orphans (which I'll refer to as IBO for the remainder of this review), Tekkadan serve as bodyguards to a new organization created by Kudelia to help restore the independence of Mars while also contending with the remnants of Gjallarhorn, when the military organization's credibility to the masses became damaged following the events of the first series. However as the series progresses, multiple parties are able to exploit Tekkadan's brutal reputation on the battlefield to decredit them and cause things to go on a downward spiral for the group as the series progresses.

IBO's second season will perhaps become remembered in read more
Mar 3, 2017
Sweetness and Lightning is a slice-of-life title focused on widowed father and teacher Kohei and his daughter Tsumugi, who get together with one of Kohei's students, Kotori, to make delicious meals at the restaurant of Kotori's mother. The series mixes around some light humor and drama with exploring the everyday challenges that Kohei has with raising his daughter as a widowed father and establishing their current relationship with Kotori for the three to get together to learn to prepare meals.

What makes the premise for this series work is that it strikes a balance of both being relateable to audiences thanks to Kohei and Tsumugi's domestic read more
Feb 23, 2017
Tokyo ESP is focused on the struggles of high school student Rinka Urushiba and several others who are granted esper abilities from mysterious fish that enter their bodies. While making sense of their unique predicaments, Rinka and her comrades have to deal with an enemy organization trying to organize an esper resistance against humanity by using the mysterious fish to force people into becoming espers.

My thoughts on this series as a whole are a bit mixed. The series starts out like Berserk and Ga-Rei: Zero where you are tossed immediately into the main conflict of the series without any buildup before the second episode takes read more
Feb 20, 2017
Coppelion is set in a future where the city of Tokyo has been left abandoned due to the city becoming inhabitable due to the high levels of radiation contamination that plague it. In the search for surviving inhabitants of the city, a trio of genetically engineered teens called Coppelion are tasked by the Japanese Self-Defense Force to track down survivors as all of them are immune to the negative effects of radiation and each have their own unique special ability.

On the surface, Coppelion offers some storytelling themes that would make it seem like a solid sci-fi adventure title on paper. The series is set in read more
Feb 18, 2017
My Love Story focuses on the relationship developments between the big and intimidating Takeo and the beauty Rinko, whom Takeo saves from a molester aboard a train. Like Kare Kano, My Love Story sticks out from many romance anime in that rather than build up to our main couple eventually confessing to one another and starting up their relationship by late in the show's run, the couple confess and start up their relationship early in the series thus focus is then devoted to exploring the developments in their relationship. The series takes its time in slowly developing our main couple's relationship that include going to read more
Jan 20, 2017
Being one of the highly anticipated titles I laid eyes on from the Fall 2014 season, I have been holding off on seeing Your Lie in April over the past couple years since I was just recovering from anime burnout in 2014 and I cut down on the number of titles I watched from said season since quite a bit got my attention at that time. Focused on middle schooler Kousei being disinterested in playing piano since his mother's death, he encounters the lively and free-spirited violinist, Kaori, who works to restore the boy's interest in being a pianist. I'll admit the premise was a read more
Jan 16, 2017
Alderamin on the Sky is a fantasy/ war-drama focused on a group of teenagers who become Imperial Officers of their empire's military after they save their kingdom's princess and are caught in the middle of a war with an opposing kingdom where the skills of our group become tested.

In spite of having a fantasy element fueled by each human in this series having fairy companions that support them in varying capacities, this is just a small part of Alderamin's story as it is largely focused on how Ikta and his companions deal with the ramifications of being part of the military and engaging in war. read more
Jan 5, 2017
Suppose third time's the charm for me to finally complete this series. I originally dropped Akame ga Kill when it originally premiered over two years ago in Japan and then ditched it a second time after I attempted to watch through its airing on Cartoon Network's Toonami block. But having bought the complete series in physical format, I suppose being able to marathon through episodes finally afforded me the opportunity to plow through this train wreck of a series.

Set in a seemingly medieval/fantasy world with a good deal of anachronisms, Akame ga Kill is focused on a young man named Tatsumi who joins up with read more
Jan 1, 2017
This one's an oddity. Set in a seemingly corrupt future, Asylum Session is focused on an aspiring art student named Hiyoko, who bonds with the residents of a tent town called Asylum who have set up their own society and are under threat of eviction by the town authorities.

Before I go into the story and characters, let me first address the rather obvious issue with this film that comes in the form of its CG animation. The rendering of it is quite rough with characters looking rather crude with how they look at many points in the film and animation looking just as crude with read more
Dec 30, 2016
Perhaps more better known as Yamibo, this H-game anime adaptation lacks a linear storyline as it uses the Great Library (what serves as the center of all worlds in the universe for this series) as a framing device to split its storytelling in exploring our female lead, Hatsuki, seeking the whereabouts of her missing friend and love interest Hatsumi traveling through the different book worlds, and the machinations of a villainous young man named Gargantua who is also seeking Hatsumi for his own personal gain.

Based on what I've dug up on this series, Yamibo is a yuri H-game with its focus obviously on romantic developments read more