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Sep 18, 2018
This latest installment of the Lupin III franchise adds some new elements to Lupin's thieving adventures that helps freshen up the now 50 year old franchise. First, it explores Lupin dealing with the challenges of modern technology such as the Internet and smartphones. This adds some new challenges for Lupin to deal with as technological elements like hackers, webcams, drones, and social media serve to complicate Lupin's crimes in the modern era. Yet in spite of this and unlike his companions who feel overwhelmed by the changing times at points, Lupin is shown to be quite adaptable in changing technologies and gains a new companion read more
Sep 15, 2018
Big Fish and Begonia may have you drawing parallels to Studio Ghibli films and Avatar: The Last Airbender with its visuals and elements of its premise. But in spite of this, this Chinese animated film does quite a beautiful job at establishing its own identity in exploring a focus on love and sacrifice with the challenges faced by Chun to resurrect the soul of a young human man who saved her life during a venture into the human world.

The obvious thing that was a highlight for me with Big Fish and Begonia was the animation. Outside of the apparent drawing style being inspired by Ghibli read more
Aug 31, 2018
Before I start my review, please be aware my review covers my thoughts for all six films of the Digimon Tri film series. That said, on with the review.

Digimon Tri serves as a continuation of the Digimon Adventure series featuring the Digidestined as teens where they reunite with their partner Digimon to combat a mysterious computer virus that is causing Digimon to go berserk and tearing portals between reality and the Digital World for the berserk Digimon to wreck havoc. Outside of the eight original Digidestined, they are joined by a new classmate named Meiko Mochizuki and her partner Digimon, Meicoomon.

Digimon Tri has its fair read more
Jul 20, 2018
Ideon: Be Invoked serves as an alternate retelling to the final several episodes of the TV anime when it was abruptly cancelled the year prior before Sunrise could wrap up the anime's plot. The film serves to wrap up events in the escalating conflict between the human crew of the Ideon and the alien Buff Clan.

Be Invoked starts where the TV anime left off in depicting Karala's confrontation with her father before the Ideon's power surges upward in response to the hostility between both factions. From then on, the film doesn't let up in showing how these hostilities result in an all-out final conflict between read more
Jul 19, 2018
Following his work on the famous Mobile Suit Gundam, director Yoshiyuki Tomino moved on to direct what is yet another one of his famous works in the mecha genre with Ideon, an entry in the super robot genre focused on humanity's clash with the alien Buff Clan by utilizing the titular mecha of the series.

Personally for me, Ideon felt like a step down with what Gundam contributed in being one of the grandfathers of the "real robot" anime genre, though has some glimmers of potential. Whereas Gundam took the time to explore its world and offered enough fleshing out of both the Federation and Zeon read more
Jul 8, 2018
Set an unknown number of years following FLCL, FLCL Progressive focuses on middle-school student Hidomi dealing with growing pains, while becoming entangled in a conflict between Haruko and a new alien named Jinyu as the two seek out the great power coming from Hidomi for their own differing reasons.

Being connected to the original FLCL, Progressive certainly had some big shoes to fill in trying to make as much of a strong impression as the classic series did in mixing up manic comedy with exploring coming-of-age themes. I was initially cautious hearing news of the series having new seasons made as I felt the original series read more
Jul 7, 2018
Darling in the Franxx is a mecha anime set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is fighting against a mysterious alien threat called the klaxosaurs using mecha called the Franxx that are piloted by a pair of boy-girl teenage pilots. The main focus of this conflict is on Hiro, a former mech pilot who finds himself struggling with being incapable of piloting any of the Franxx until he partners up with the aggressive Zero-Two to pilot the Franxx called Strelizia, which has acquired a bad rep for killing any male pilot who partners with Zero-Two in fighting with it.

There are quite a number of issues read more
Jul 6, 2018
Kiznaiver centers around Agata and several teenagers getting roped into a secret experiment utilizing a linked system called the Kizuna System that allows everyone in the group to experience the pain and emotions of one another. Agata's situation, in particular, is a unique one as he suffers from a lack of apathy and an inability to feel pain.

On paper, Kiznaiver seemed like it wanted to offer a stylish, yet interesting, commentary regarding personal communication between others with the Kizuna System being the means in which this theme is explored. The exploration of this is a bit hit-or-miss throughout Kiznaiver's run, but the positives of this read more
Jun 26, 2018
Golden Kamuy follows the journey of Japanese soldier Sugimoto and the Ainu girl, Aspira, partner up to track down the whereabouts of stolen Ainu gold with the map of it being tattooed in portions to the bodies of escaped convicts. Also in the search for the convicts are a couple rival parties consisting of a criminal alliance and Japanese imperial officers who are seeking out the gold for their own ends.

Golden Kamuy sticks out particularly for its historically accurate depiction of the Ainu indigenous people. Through Aspira and other members of her tribe, the series offers a look at the indigenous customs, appearance, language, and read more
May 22, 2018
On the surface, I could have mistook this as a shounen-based title with the focus on magical action against demons where the majority of its run is set at a church. But researching on it, I found out 07-Ghost's source material is josei-based, which does make some sense considering nearly all relevant cast members in this series are attractive boys and men.

Nonetheless, the series is focused on former slave and soldier Teito Klien trying to seek out answers regarding his origins and evade capture by the merciless military captain, Ayanami, and his forces. 07-Ghost attempts to make Teito's struggles a dramatic one as he tries read more