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May 15, 2020
Dragon Ball Super: Broly's existence in the Dragon Ball franchise is to make the popular anime exclusive character from the 90s Dragon Ball Z movies into a canon character for the franchise. Surprisingly, this movie does a pretty solid job of integrating him into the series canon and changing up his character backstory and personality greatly from the 90s movie. Rather than being a one-note villain who is bloodthirsty and single-mindedly obsessed with killing Goku, Broly's character is given a good deal more fleshing out throughout this movie's run to make him into a more sympathetic character.

For this movie, Broly is a victim of abuse read more
May 9, 2020
Demon City Shinjuku is a horror-action anime that focuses on the district of Shinjuku falling prey to demons, with the villainous Levih Rah having made a contract with them for ultimate power and to open up a gateway from hell to allow the demons to take over Earth. A young ninpo master named Kyouya Izayoi, whose father was slain by Levih years earlier, is given the task of stopping Levih’s plans, under motivation from the pleas of the young daughter of the world’s president, Sayaka Rama.

As far as plot and characters go with Demon City Shinjuku, they’re as paper-thin and cliched as you can get read more
May 9, 2020
Vampire Princess Miyu follows a Japanese vampire girl named Miyu and her Shinma companion Larva who are tasked with banishing stray Shinma, a race of god-demons that manipulate and consume human souls. This OVA adaptation of the manga series explores some of Miyu’s cases in hunting down Shinma and her origins, while being observed by a Japanese spiritualist named Himiko Se.

Like many OVA titles of its era, this adaptation of Vampire Princess Miyu mainly exists to give fans a sampling of what its manga source material is like and have them buy the manga to see more of Miyu’s exploits beyond the anime. As an read more
May 5, 2020
Diebuster serves as a sequel to Gainax’s classic mecha series, Gunbuster, that is set thousands of years following the events of Gunbuster. Focused on a seemingly clutzy teenage girl named Nono, she aspires to become a space pilot and comes to idolize Lal’C Mellk Mal, a girl around Nono’s age who is the pilot of the Buster Machine mecha known as Dix-Neuf. Lal’C is part of the Fraternity, a group of teen mecha pilots called Topless who each have their own Buster Machines used to combat a mysterious space monster threatening humanity’s expansion into space. As Nono interacts with Lal’C and the Fraternity, she comes read more
Apr 28, 2020
An entry in the "super robot" genre of mecha anime, Voltes V focuses on five talented youths specially trained to pilot five combat vehicles that form the mecha Voltes V in order to combat the alien Boazan Empire who plan to take over Earth. Each episode of the series features the pilots of Voltes V taking on a different Beast Warrior created by the Boazans in "monster of the day" formatted plots to attempt destroying Voltes. Throughout the conflict, the three Go brothers who pilot parts of Voltes V try to locate the whereabouts of their missing father, Kentaro, responsible for creating the mecha.

Before I read more
Apr 4, 2020
Space Warrior Baldios was a 1980s entry in the "super robot" mecha genre focused on the settlers of the ravaged planet S-1, who choose to invade and attempt to conquer Earth as their new home world following a military coup organized by the military fanatic Zeo Gattler. One of the S-1 residents, Marin Reigan, is opposed to Gattler's plans following his father's murder during the coup and allies with the human members of the military organization Blue Fixer to combat them. Using the technology of his spaceship, Blue Fixer are able to use it to form the mecha Baldios to combat the threat from Gattler read more
Mar 30, 2020
Dorohedoro is set in a post-apocalyptic world that consists of two dimensions: a dismal city called Hole that is home to humans and an alternate world that is home to Sorcerers who have the ability to create magic through manifesting "smoke" and are contracted with demons. Within Hole, a mysterious man with the head of a lizard named Caiman has no memory of who he is and a mysterious figure is within his stomach. Seeking aid from a young woman named Nikaido, the two hunt down Sorcerers who enter Hole to find the one who transformed his head and discover more about his lost past.

Dorohedoro read more
Mar 22, 2020
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken was a unique little gem of the Winter 2020 anime season focusing on a trio of oddball high school girls who team up to form their own anime club, while maneuvering around students and school faculty to realize visions for their works. The fun of the series comes from the chemistry between our three female leads within Eizouken. Kanamori typically serves as "straight man" to be realistic in the club's efforts and usually snaps Asakusa and Mizusaki back to reality when they get too immersed into envisioning their ideas. The imaginative spots with Asakusa also serve as the creative highlight read more
Feb 16, 2020
Gankutsuou is a loose anime adaptation of the classic French novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexandre Dumas. Set in the far future, the series focuses on a young French aristocrat named Albert de Morcerf who befriends a mysterious self-made nobleman called the Count of Monte Cristo, and acquaints him with members of Paris’ high society. Unbeknownst to Albert though, the Count has ulterior motives for wanting to befriend the young man that stem from wrongdoings and corruption committed against him years earlier by three influential aristocrats that Albert is close to.

Before I dabble into this review, I do want to concede that read more
Feb 6, 2020
Spice and Wolf is a fantasy-adventure series focused on a traveling merchant named Kraft Lawrence who encounters a wolf harvest deity named Holo who wishes to travel back to her homeland of Yoitsu, as the town she maintained a harvest with for centuries is no longer dependent on her. Lawrence allows Holo to travel with him back to Yoitsu, while she uses her wisdom to help Lawrence in his merchant dealings.

While Spice and Wolf is set in a medieval historical setting with mention of deities worshiped and the Church a powerful influential presence within its world, it differentiates itself from many anime titles in read more