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Mar 26, 2022
This latest installment of the Lupin III franchise appears to go back into the "green jacket" roots with its major characters. Mixing ongoing and episodic story developments, Lupin III: Part 6 dabbles into two ongoing story arcs with the first exploring Lupin and his gang crossing paths with the modern incarnation of Sherlock Holmes connecting him with the murder of his former assistant, Watson, and the second half featuring Lupin trying to gain possession of a diamond stolen from his family years earlier while crossing paths with a group of women thieves going after the same valuable item. Whether episodic or ongoing, all the episodes read more
Mar 26, 2022
My Dress-Up Darling is a romantic comedy focused on a introverted high school student named Wakana Gojo with an interest in crafting Hina dolls and is distant from other teens his age due to fearing he will be teased for his interests. A popular and attractive girl in Gojo's class named Marin Kitagawa takes notice of Gojo's proficiency in sewing and asks if he could help her create a cosplay for an adult visual novel game character she is interested in, revealing herself to be an otaku. Marin's acceptance of his interests and his interest in the idea of crafting a human-sized costume motivates Gojo read more
Mar 22, 2022
Please note this review covers both TV seasons of the Black Lagoon anime. The anime is set within the crime-infested harbor city of Ronapour in Thailand with the series mainly focused on the mercenary/ pirate group known as Lagoon Company, who are hired by the many criminal organizations of the city to smuggle, transport, and acquire items.

Black Lagoon strikes up a nice balance of gritty action, black comedy, and drama dabbling into the various missions and criminals that make up the crime-infested world of Ronapour. The series is divided up into a series of arcs lasting anywhere from 2-6 episodes that involve the members of read more
Mar 22, 2022
Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino was made by Artland in 2008, adapting chapters from manga volumes 3-6. In this season of the series, the SWA come into conflict with a pair of bombers working for the Five Republics Faction and a skilled assassin within the organization named Pinocchio. The latter comes to be a problem for cyborg Triela, who loses to Pinocchio in an encounter and wishes to avenge said loss. There were also two additional OVA episodes made for the series adapting side-stories from the manga’s sixth volume that explore elements of the pasts of the Croce brothers, Jean and Jose, who serve as cyborg read more
Mar 22, 2022
Please note that this review covers my thoughts of both TV seasons of Emma. That said on with the review.

Set in Victorian-era England, the titular housemaid finds herself falling in love with a member of the wealthy class named William Jones, who is the elder son of a family of merchants. However, their relationship runs into complications due to the differences in social status between Emma and William, with the latter’s family disapproving of their relationship and attempting to push him toward an arranged marriage with another wealthy family.

When many think of maids for anime and manga, they may think of their use as a read more
Mar 21, 2022
Jin-Rou (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade is the third film made in Mamoru Oshii’s Kerberos Saga multimedia franchise set in an alternate 1950s Japan that is under German totalitarian rule following World War II with mass resistance from civilians due to the country’s high poverty rate and a special paramilitary force called Kerberos Corp created to counteract the resistance movement. The central character of focus in Jin-Roh is Kazuki Fuse, a fresh officer in the Kerberos Corp who hesitates to kill a young girl serving as a bomb courier for the resistance fighters before killing herself with a bomb she has on hand. Fuse is punished by read more
Mar 21, 2022
Outlaw Star is a sci-fi/ space adventure series set in the far future and focused on Gene Starwind, a young man living on the planet Sentinel III who runs a jack-of-all-trades business with 11-year old computer engineer Jim Hawking. The two find themselves caught up in a conflict between the space outlaw, “Hot Ice” Hilda, and a magic-wielding pirate guild called the Kei Pirates who are trying to gain possession of the bio-android, Melfina, programmed to serve as the navigation unit of an advanced spaceship called the XGP15A-II.

Outlaw Star is a well-known gateway drug for many Western anime fans in that it was perhaps one read more
Feb 10, 2022
Set in the near-future, Orbital Children focuses on a trio of Earth children brought upon a commercial space station to meet Touya Sagami, a young boy who is the first of a number of children born in space undergoing physical therapy on the space colony to adapt to Earth's gravity. However, a collision with a comet leads the computer systems on the space station to malfunction, leaving the children having to figure out a means on their own how to survive without adult assistance.

The animation style and story focus on children and technology for Orbital Children may look familiar to those who have seen or read more
Dec 22, 2021
To Your Eternity is a supernatural adventure-drama focused on a mysterious entity creating an orb that he casts onto the Earth, having the ability to take on the form of anything inanimate or living it comes into contact with. The orb eventually takes on the form of a wolf that is the pet of a young boy seeking to be reunited with his fellow villagers. However, the boy dies after succumbing to a fever from his attempted journeying and the orb takes on the boy’s form. Traveling to different lands and interacting with other people, the being who becomes known as Fushi comes to experience read more
Dec 19, 2021
Set in a world similar to Cold War era Soviet Union in 1960, Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut is set during the space race between the Zimitra Republic and United Kingdom of Arnak to attempt launching the first person into space. Lev Laps is part of a cosmonaut candidate training program, who was demoted to a backup candidate due to insubordination against a superior officer. Needing to test how the conditions of space would affect human candidates, Lev is tasked by the Zimitran government to train a teenage vampire named Irina Luminesk to be used as a guinea pig for testing out how humans would fare read more