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Mar 14, 2021
Human Lost is meant to be an adaptation of Osamu Dazai's novel, No Longer Human, whom some may be familiar with from its earlier animated adaptation from the 2009 anthology series, Aoi Bungaku Series. However, this film only has faint resemblances to the classic psychological novel as it instead dabbles into a dystopian sci-fi world where advances in technology and health have led to certain "chosen" members of society being able to dabble into these benefits at the expense of the majority of the populace. There is resistance from some in the populace against those benefiting from these advances, but they are all being manipulated read more
Feb 20, 2021
Detroit Metal City is a black comedy anime focused on Souichi Negishi, a young man who unwillingly serves as the lead guitarist and frontman of the popular titular death metal band under the guise of Johannes Krauser II, a supposed demonic terrorist from hell who raped and murdered his parents. Negishi despises his involvement with the band and desires to be a successful pop musician. But he finds his direction with this career going nowhere and he uses the anger and frustration from this and other low points of his personal life to vent as Krauser during the band’s musical performances.

Detroit Metal City is largely read more
Feb 16, 2021
Studio Deen’s TV adaptation of Fate/Stay Night adapts the visual novel game’s Fate route focused on Shiro Emiya, a young man caught up in a magical conflict called the Holy Grail War. In it, magi summon seven heroes from different points of history to serve as their Servants with the last surviving Master and Servant able to claim the legendary artifact, the Holy Grail, to make a wish. Shiro unwillingly summons a Servant of the Saber class to aid him in the conflict, as he comes to discover some shocking truths regarding the true nature of the Holy Grail War.

Fans of Ufotable’s richly animated adaptations read more
Jan 28, 2021
Gleipnir focuses on a high school student named Shuichi Kagaya who has the ability to transform into a dog-like mascot costume with a large pistol and can unzip itself from the back to allow someone to take control over him. One night, he saves the life of a girl his age from a building fire, unaware that she was intending to commit suicide within the building. The girl, Claire Aoki, blackmails Shuichi under threat of revealing his abilities to others to help her learn more about others with the ability to transform like him and mysterious coins connected to this phenomenon. As the two work read more
Jan 16, 2021
Weathering with You is the latest film to come out from director Makoto Shinkai. The film focuses on a teen runaway named Hodaka Morishima arriving in Tokyo and struggling to get by on his own until he becomes part of a shady occult magazine. Through the magazine, he comes to learn of a story involving a girl that has the power to bring about the sun through prayer, something considered miraculous with the heavy rainfall that comes down upon the city daily. Hodaka comes to discover this story is true upon encountering a girl named Hina Amano who has this power. The two then decided read more
Dec 26, 2020
Based on the ongoing popular South Korean manhwa, Tower of God depicts a mysterious tower home to various unique environments on each of its floors and said to allow whoever reaches the top of it to be granted any wish they desire. Twenty-Fifth Bam is a young man trying to locate the whereabouts of his missing friend, Rachel, who chose to venture up the Tower. Choosing to climb the Tower himself to find Rachel, Bam encounters and befriends other participants of the trek up the Tower who have their own hardships faced due to their upbringings within the Tower.

I suppose I’ll get things out of read more
Sep 25, 2020
Appare Ranman is set in the late 19th century where the eccentric Japanese mechanic Appare Sorano and swordsman Kosame Isshiki find themselves in America after the former made a small steamship he intended to use to go on a journey, before Kosame's meddling led them both to be stranded in the ocean before being saved by a large American steamship. Seeking money to return to Japan, the two enter a race crossing the country from Los Angeles to New York City, with Appare converting the steamship he made into a steam-powered car to compete in it.

From the looks of things, Appare Ranman appeared to be read more
Sep 2, 2020
Her Blue Sky mainly focuses on teenage Aoi Aioi finding herself disillusioned with her life as her older sister, Akane, was forced to raise her on their own years earlier due to the loss of their parents in a car accident and assumes she led to Akane's separation from her former boyfriend and aspiring musician, Shinnosuke Kanamaro. Wanting to be a musician like Shinnosuke, Aoi has become a skilled bass guitarist and is shocked to see a past manifestation of him appear bound to an abandoned building at the same time an older Shinnosuke returns as a supporting guitarist for an enka band.

Her Blue Sky read more
Jul 15, 2020
The Gunslinger Girl anime was made in 2003 by Madhouse, adapting the first two volumes of the manga series. It is mainly a character-driven series exploring the pasts of some of the cyborg girls before becoming part of the Social Welfare Agency (SWA) and the different fratello relationship dynamics. Being more a character-focused series, the series does a great job dabbling into the different relationship dynamics with the fratello being either professional or family-like and how each cyborg regards their experiences working with the SWA. The series is well aware of the morally questionable treatment that the girls have received due to being made into read more
Jun 20, 2020
Interspecies Reviewers is a fantasy/ erotic comedy anime that is set in a fantasy world where prostitution is legal and there are plenty of brothels to cater to those with various fetishes and particular species that catch their interest. A group of adventurers provide reviews of their sexual experiences at each of the brothels they visit and post them at the local tavern they drink at.

Before I offer my thoughts on this series, I’ll be the first to admit that the ecchi genre isn’t typically my cup of tea to dabble into for anime to a large degree. This has nothing to do with me read more