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Feb 19, 2023
Note: Please be advised that because the light novels go into material concerning major plot and character elements of the Tenchi Muyo OVA series, there is the likelihood that I will dabble into spoilers concerning these throughout this review. Unless you have seen at least the first three Tenchi Muyo OVAs, I’d advise against reading this review at the risk of spoiling your experience watching the series.

The True Tenchi Muyo light novel series is supplementary material for the classic OVA series that explores elements of the series lore never dabbled into for the anime and is written by series creator Masaki Kajishima. It helps to ...
Jan 22, 2023
Shadows House (Anime) add
Set in a mysterious mansion, Shadows House focuses on the denizens of the titular household each having their own Living Doll that regularly clean up the soot emitted from the bodies of their Shadow masters or mistresses. The series mainly focuses on the young Shadow, Kate, and her Living Doll, Emilico, slowly developing a bond together. But as the two spend more time within the mansion with other Shadow and Living Doll pairs, they come to realize some rather dark secrets involving its denizens.

Shadows House is a series where first appearances can be deceiving. While seemingly starting off as a sort of slice-of-life series involving ...
Dec 30, 2022
Chainsaw Man (Anime) add
Chainsaw Man is a series I’ll admit isn’t my typical cup of tea considering my murky interest nowadays with many shounen titles. Well known for its gory violence and dark humor, the series is set in a world where devils are capable of gaining power depending on the amount of fear humans have toward specific objects or concepts.

Living in debt to the yakuza, a young man named Denji works as a Devil Hunter to pay off said debt using his chainsaw devil companion, Pochita, as his weapon. However when the yakuza attempt to make him into a sacrifice as part of a contract with ...
Dec 24, 2022
Mixed Feelings
The second season of Classroom of the Elite continues exploring the students of Class D overcoming the different challenges assigned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School to test their cohesion and individual capabilities under the school’s merit-based system, with things intensifying with the class’ rivalry with Class C led by the feared Kakeru Ryuuen.

The second season retains focus on the competition for students in each class to overcome different challenges through working out the rules and mechanics of the challenges and working within or exploiting loopholes with said rules to have things swing in their favor. This element still makes for one of the ...
Dec 20, 2022
Set in a fantasy-like setting and focused on the young prince Bojji, Ranking of Kings explores the prince dealing with overcoming being ostracized by others due to his small size in spite of being the son of the giant king, Bosse, and being born deaf with the inability to talk.

Ranking of Kings is another anime where first appearances can be deceiving, both with its aesthetics and storytelling premise. While seemingly aimed for a younger audience with the storybook like visuals and fairy tale setting, the series is shown to have a more mature and serious focus to its storytelling with its tone and themes. ...
Dec 6, 2022
Set in the near future, Time of Eve explores the interactions between humans and androids as the latter have come into common use for humanity’s conveniences. High school student Rikuo Sakisaka owns a home android named Sammy and realizes she has been behaving unusually independent as of late. Investigating Sammy’s activity, Rikuo and his close friend, Masakazu Masaki, encounter an unusual cafe called the Time of Eve where humans and androids are allowed to interact with one another normally without fear of prejudice.

Over a decade ago, my first exposure to Time of Eve was through its ONA adaptation released online. I will admit it was ...
Oct 20, 2022
While a bit on the simple side, Oruorane the Cat Player works as a light slice-of-life drama focused on a young man developing a bond with an old man who trained his cats to sing following his loss of an orchestra job. The OVA appears to want to express the hardships that come with adult life, shown with the cold, wintry city setting and the struggles faced by those attempting to get by with their lives, particularly the young man's situation. However said challenges don't necessarily mean it's wrong to seek a temporary escape from it as the young man is granted the opportunity to ...
Oct 8, 2022
Munou na Nana (Anime) add
Talentless Nana focuses on a school full of superpowered teens called Talented who are being trained to use and control their powers to combat "enemies of humanity" and seemingly focuses on a young man named Nanao Nakajima seemingly being a Talentless, one without any superpowered abilities. However like Deca-Dence, this series deceives its audience by revealing that the main character of focus is actually Nana Hiiragi, a girl who claims to have mind-reading abilities yet is actually a Talentless contracted by the government to kill all the Talented on the island school they are at.

One of the effective elements of Talentless Nana is its titular ...
Sep 30, 2022
Summertime Render focuses on teenage Shinpei Ajiro returning to his island home of Hitogashima from Tokyo after learning about the death of his childhood friend, Ushio Kofune. However, he comes to discover some suspicious circumstances surrounding Ushio's death and comes to discover some supernatural causes surrounding the case that involve him undergoing time loops to repeat any events he underwent and dealing with mysterious shadow-like beings.

Summertime Render offers a mix of mystery and suspense in exploring Shinpei's attempts to dabble into the mysterious events effecting his island home. The first half of the series explores Shinpei going through a series of time loops covering the ...
Sep 11, 2022
Set within "Nyallywood", Pompo the Cinephile focuses on the titular producer who is the granddaughter of a famous producer yet finds herself enjoying the development of creating trashy B-movies. Wanting to develop an ambitious drama for her next film, Pompo develops a screenplay for it and has her young assistant, Gene Fini, become the director of it. Being an diehard movie buff determined to make a masterpiece out of the film, Gene commits himself to working on the film, coming to learn of the creative and financial challenges involved in it as the film's development presses on.

Pompo the Cinephile largely does a solid job exploring ...

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