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Jun 21, 2017
March Comes In Like a Lion may have you draw some parallels to Your Lie in April in that both focus on teenage boys gifted in particular talents who suffer some sort of mental trauma due to facing strong familial pressure to engage in their talents and getting out of whatever trauma that is negatively affecting them. In the case of March Comes In Like a Lion, this involves Rei and his interest in shogi as he is under pressure to use the winnings from his victories in the game to maintain living independently from his estranged adoptive family. However unlike Your Lie in April, read more
Jun 9, 2017
Violinist of Hameln is a dark medieval-fantasy based drama focused on a pair of adventurers and childhood friends named Flute and Hamel who find themselves chosen to defend humanity from the threat of the demon race, who seek the means to resurrect their sealed ruler Chestra. The series is actually known to be a rather divided one among those fans who have been able to see this obscure and forgotten 1990s anime series for some major reasons related to its presentation and storytelling, that I will touch upon.

First, let me touch upon the biggest criticism of the series and one that would be hard to read more
Jun 3, 2017
Sword Art Online is an anime that popularized the "trapped in another world" storytelling premise that is overexposed in varying capacities with a number of recent anime and was originally explored a decade earlier than Sword Art Online with .hack//SIGN. Like the mentioned show, both have divided opinions among fans for one reason or another as many were turned off by .hack//SIGN for being dialogue-heavy and not as full of action compared to Sword Art Online, an element which is one part of what drew fans more easily to the series. However what may be more accessible to casual anime fans does not always necessarily read more
May 20, 2017
Betrayal Knows My Name focuses on a teenage orphan named Yuki who gets caught up in a conflict between the human Zweilt Guardians and the demonic beings known as Duras. The Duras seek to kill Yuki due to his powerful ability called God's Light being a potential threat to their efforts to take over humanity. Outside of the Zweilt Guardians, Yuki also has protection via Zess, a Duras who is a traitor of his kind due to his mysterious contract to protect Yuki from enemy threats.

Before I get into reviewing this series, I should address something that is fairly infamous with this anime and that read more
May 18, 2017
ReLIFE (Anime) add (All reviews)
ReLife is a comedy-drama focused on a NEET young man named Arata Kanzaki who participates in a one-year experimental project where he is regressed into the form of a teenager via taking a mysterious medication and re-experiences life as a high school student, as a means for him to repair whatever personal defects prevent him from being a productive member of society. While under the project, Arata puts up with the behavior of his supervisor Ryo Yoake, tends to some of the personal problems affecting his classmates, and reflects on the personal problems of his past that led him into becoming a NEET.

ReLife strikes up read more
Apr 2, 2017
In this second series of Iron-Blooded Orphans (which I'll refer to as IBO for the remainder of this review), Tekkadan serve as bodyguards to a new organization created by Kudelia to help restore the independence of Mars while also contending with the remnants of Gjallarhorn, when the military organization's credibility to the masses became damaged following the events of the first series. However as the series progresses, multiple parties are able to exploit Tekkadan's brutal reputation on the battlefield to decredit them and cause things to go on a downward spiral for the group as the series progresses.

IBO's second season will perhaps become remembered in read more
Mar 3, 2017
Sweetness and Lightning is a slice-of-life title focused on widowed father and teacher Kohei and his daughter Tsumugi, who get together with one of Kohei's students, Kotori, to make delicious meals at the restaurant of Kotori's mother. The series mixes around some light humor and drama with exploring the everyday challenges that Kohei has with raising his daughter as a widowed father and establishing their current relationship with Kotori for the three to get together to learn to prepare meals.

What makes the premise for this series work is that it strikes a balance of both being relateable to audiences thanks to Kohei and Tsumugi's domestic read more
Feb 23, 2017
Tokyo ESP is focused on the struggles of high school student Rinka Urushiba and several others who are granted esper abilities from mysterious fish that enter their bodies. While making sense of their unique predicaments, Rinka and her comrades have to deal with an enemy organization trying to organize an esper resistance against humanity by using the mysterious fish to force people into becoming espers.

My thoughts on this series as a whole are a bit mixed. The series starts out like Berserk and Ga-Rei: Zero where you are tossed immediately into the main conflict of the series without any buildup before the second episode takes read more
Feb 20, 2017
Coppelion is set in a future where the city of Tokyo has been left abandoned due to the city becoming inhabitable due to the high levels of radiation contamination that plague it. In the search for surviving inhabitants of the city, a trio of genetically engineered teens called Coppelion are tasked by the Japanese Self-Defense Force to track down survivors as all of them are immune to the negative effects of radiation and each have their own unique special ability.

On the surface, Coppelion offers some storytelling themes that would make it seem like a solid sci-fi adventure title on paper. The series is set in read more
Feb 18, 2017
My Love Story focuses on the relationship developments between the big and intimidating Takeo and the beauty Rinko, whom Takeo saves from a molester aboard a train. Like Kare Kano, My Love Story sticks out from many romance anime in that rather than build up to our main couple eventually confessing to one another and starting up their relationship by late in the show's run, the couple confess and start up their relationship early in the series thus focus is then devoted to exploring the developments in their relationship. The series takes its time in slowly developing our main couple's relationship that include going to read more