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Feb 4, 2018
This manga is totally same as the movie and light novel.

8/10 story - Two teenagers, totally stranger to each other living in two different places starts to body swap and a melodramatic and romantic story sprinkled with a bit comedy follows.

8/10 art- above average, the few color pages that this manga have are very beautifully drawn and pleasing to look at at just like the movie.

7/10 chatterers - not much to say they are just average,seriously.our main guy is a shy boy who is nervous to ask out his coworker while our main girl is a country bumpkin who has father issues and read more
Feb 3, 2018
story- a man with the face a wolf saves a little girl while traveling in a town. the girl is a orphan and insist on joining him on his journey and adventure follows.

art- art is ok.

characters - mc is normal not dense not perverted.girl is also kinda normal.

enjoyment - it was an ok series not too bad. what rose my enjoyment was its ending, its quite good.

one more thing, its translation is very very bad lol.


extra text- Lakute, a man with a wolfs face, rescues a little orphan girl named Kukaru from certain death. The two then begin traveling together. Lakute wants read more
Feb 3, 2018
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first of all this manga is not fully translated and might not get translated anytime soon.

story - wimpy loser mc miraculously finds a gorgeous girl,both ends up living together in same room and generic romantic drama follows.

art- this manga is by my fav hentai mangaka so obviously it has quite a lot high quality ecchi scenes, the characters are beautifully drawn and the all the ecchi scenes are top class level.

Character - the main girl is a kinda tsunadre but not rude or mean or anything shes is average, our main guy is a pervert which at least is better than having read more
Feb 3, 2018
im surprised.. this is so underrated...and does not even have a review.
well im no pro at writing reviews so i gonna be to the point.

some important tags for this manga- manga authors,family issues,sex used as escapism.

this manga is about mangakas aka manga author. it depicts how they sacrifice their family relations,love,affection in exchange for chasing after their dreams of becoming a mangaka.

this manga has drama( a lot of it) ,romance,a bit action and some ecchi.

story - we have 2 main leads in this manga who in start are strangers and one of them does not like the other one eventually they become best buddies and read more
Feb 3, 2018
not much to describe this manga, its just your average romcom with a scifi and supernatural elements sprinkled.

our mc is infected with a mysterious disease.This disease changes the surroundings weather according to the mood of mc. a mysterious cute girl is sent to earth to help find a cure for this disease. they both have to live together and the typical 'living in same room' romantic drama follows.

art- ah its modern. just average nothing too good nothing too bad.

characters - mc is not a lot dense and not perverted either just average. girl is funny,obviously show cases a lot of her body parts read more
Feb 2, 2018
A manga based on a light novel about a girl who likes to read and write short stories as well as a fellow student that she enlists for the classic “experience love for writing” plot.

it has romance,drama and a soothing atmosphere.

art - it really feels more like a light novel than a manga with little use of the (quite capable) art to drive home points without using pure text.

Character- Intensely character based without any supernatural or unusual elements.

i enjoyed it a was short adorable reading experience and im glad i found this manga.ending was also ok.

important tags- Pretend Lovers,Quiet Female Lead and Unrequited read more
Nov 6, 2017
story - mc is a cold contract killer who have been entrusted with the task of protecting a young girl.

art is average.

characters - our mc is not dense and not perverted either. he is a badass contract killer for gods sake.female mc is a happy and caring girl.

enjoyment- i enjoyed every moment of this short manga. it was soothing.ending was good.

extra text to increase length- A unique take on the anit-hero theme, "White Dragon"'s main character is Tatsuto Shriakawa: a pragmatic, cold, nearly-emotionless, independent witness protection agent-thing. Anyway, his life is pretty much ok for him until one day a young girl Ayaka Nozawa knocks read more
Oct 23, 2017

Action Drama Ecchi Fantasy Historical Mature Romance Shounen supernatural tragedy

it has rape/attempted rape,blood and gore so not for faint of heart.

story- our mc is a normal child living in a ancient city who somehow gets associated with a strange girl and a interesting story about love and war follows.

art- average art

characters - our guy mc is just normal not dense not perverted, female mc is shameful,daring and mentally very strong.

enjoyment- well i still cant decide if i enjoyed it or not...the attempted rape scene really broke my heart and the ending made me cry read more