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vriskabell May 24, 12:48 AM
oh nice! what've you been playing on your nintendo switch?

OMG I LISTENED TO FIRST BURN! i had no idea that that was the first version of hamilton, it just never occurred to me and i thought the title just happened to be first burn HAHAHA. as much as i like it, i still think that the musical version is better. the one line that i really like from first burn is "i know about whispers, i see the way you look at my sister" LIKE DAYUMMMM THE FIRST TIME I HEARD THAT I HAD TO PLAY IT OVER AND OVER BECAUSE SHITTTTT ELIZA.
vriskabell May 21, 12:30 AM
i'm on summer vacation now so i'm tryna find ways to busy myself ! reading manga, watching anime, learning songs on the piano, maybe i'll get a job & HOPEFULLY i'll get my license

wbu? are you still stationed in korea? also i was scrolling through the pinned selfies in bc and i saw that you met lime ?! that's crazy, how did that happen !!
vriskabell May 18, 7:39 PM
hai dere mr army man huehue
IcyFlames May 1, 10:50 PM
IcyFlames May 1, 3:15 AM
thanks batfoytfw


totally not on purpose
Kikitsune Apr 29, 3:20 AM
silvally Apr 26, 4:03 PM
is okay dw fatty, uwu
YayaChibi Apr 11, 4:53 AM
Thank kamisama for all these ports and remakes lol.
I know I'm gonna be busy with them lol
YayaChibi Apr 6, 10:07 AM
As long as your're enjoying it lol

Lmao I really do want to rewatch Gundam too, so I can watch the Iron Blooded Orphans arc/series, cause I've seen everything in the series but that lmao lol. I'm rewatching/rereading the monogatari series, jojo, childhood animes like pokemon, sailor moon, etc
Basically stuff I euther hated/loved as a kid and want to refresh my mind lol lmao or stuff I generally really like too
YayaChibi Apr 5, 4:56 AM
Oh that sounds great actually lmao lol. It's basically what I do everyday, but at work lmao lol.

I think that's why its so forgotten too. Not a lot of people watch long running series unless it's the big 3, or something they stood with like FMA which isn't even a long series lol. But not a lot of people watch a 50+ ep anime anymore lol. I've been wanting to rewatch the whole series over from day 1, but I'm working on rewatching/rereading some favorites of mines currently rn, and its a big line up on my plate lmao lol.

Same here lol.
YayaChibi Apr 4, 8:03 PM
How's work being going for you?

It doesn't catch my attention at all either lol.

Also you always have such good themes lol. I really like Gundam and its been rare to see anyone acknowledge it in the western community anymore lmao lol

Same lol Hopefully it'll happen soon, since they carved through the classics lol
YayaChibi Mar 23, 8:03 PM
Hey dude
Relized we haven't spoken in like what? A month lmao lol.
What's up?
btw did you see the synopsis/concept art of the Megaman cartoon released yesturday? It makes mighty no. 9 looks like a top tier 4k game lol
Dokubachi Feb 25, 1:20 AM
Some softcore for start, merely to make you somewhat prepared before we take a step towards hardcore.

YayaChibi Jan 7, 4:49 PM
You know who best RWBY Grill is lol. Respect up lol.