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High Score Girl
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Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!
Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!
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Blame! Movie
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Spirit Circle
May 17, 11:17 AM
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Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
Apr 18, 2:25 PM
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Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou
Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou
Apr 13, 4:46 AM
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Hartvig 6 hours ago
yeah i know, but i got a pretty good deal on a bunch of courses so i bought it, i like the way the teach stuff but when i'm done with the courses i'll move on to youtube or try freeCodeCamp.
do you play any video games?
robertrufus 10 hours ago
That's good to hear ^^
Exxord 11 hours ago
Okay. Well I agree with you that in the movies the characters and their behaviour are better compared to the anime and I absolutely see your point, but I think the anime is more focused on the "every day life" of Nobita and friends, while in movies they're on adventures - and yeah the situations in the anime are repetitive, but it's still enjoyable, like you said. Maybe my opinion is based on my love for slice-of-life anime or that I have never really thought that one is better than the other because I like them both (they're all from the same "Doraemon-universe").

It was quite a while ago when I last watched Doraemon, but do you know if there is any story progress in the newer episodes or is it still the same?
Lixa 12 hours ago
Yeah all my friends think that pathology is disgusting hahaha. But it doesn't bother me. I was afraid of blood and organs before but since I started to watch videos online I have become used to it. I can watch it without cringing now. I didn't know nursing is hard but I guess every profession has something advanced.
karatekid770 12 hours ago
Thank you! :D
Pixelzs Today, 9:03 AM
ah, thing is over here worshiping teachers doesn't matter as they have no actual say in what your final grade would be, and tbh if you're still passing and thats what you need then its fine.

for some reason i'm on a anime block or something, like everytime i go to watch anime i just can't something i really love, maybe my standard's have got too high idk, but the only anime i've been watching recently is demon slayer.
WinterFB Today, 8:37 AM
Thank you!
gaviria Yesterday, 9:49 PM
jeje, don't think so far away xD
EmilioX Yesterday, 1:54 PM
Okay, so a bit like me. So what do you find difficult about being extroverted?

Well kids can indeed be monsters, I think I was qualified enough to handle them, I just didn't like the fact that I had to behave like a police officer sometimes. During P.E. it's fine to let the kids act a little crazy and make them enthusiastic for it, during class you have to keep them calm, I didn't like that, it got boring pretty fast. I like to make people enthusiastic, not demotivating them to be active and passionate.

Well if I'm doing it for the money becoming teacher is probably one of the worst choices. I think I can earn double the money I get being a teacher, with other jobs that connect to my degree. I'm not gonna lie, I do care about making enough money, enough to have a decent normal living, with a normal house, car and such, of course I also want to do work I enjoy, otherwise it won't work.

thanks for the motivating words!

Also a lovely job, I wasn't really good at that aspect of my education, therefore I choose Business, it involves a lot less coding skills, but more communication skills. Good luck with it!
How many years till your diploma?
uberdrew Yesterday, 1:44 PM
thanks babe<333
Exxord Yesterday, 11:40 AM
The movies are nice but so is the anime - I like the stories and especially the comedy parts! And the catchy main theme song! <3 Unfortunately no, but I'll surely catch up with the rest in the future. What about you - have you seen them all already?
Lixa Yesterday, 11:25 AM
Wow that text hit me hard. I believe it's important to really think over what you want to become. If you choose wrong yeah you will learn but it will also waste time of your life. I want to become a pathologist, work with dead bodies. I know it sounds horrible but it's very interesting.
Thank you very much :)
EmilioX Yesterday, 11:23 AM
Yeah I see, but is it such a problem if you can do it, but won't do it on your own? Like I said before I like to spend my days alone, and only when It's needed I get extroverted. Or do you want to be able to enjoy being more extroverted?

That was my plan to go and become a sport/P.E. teacher at high school, unfortunate I wasn't good enough at sports. Then I made a switch to learn to become an Elementary teacher, but after a half year I found out, it wasn't working out for me. I just didn't like it.

So now I'm studying IT, in the Business direction. So a bit between IT and Business. I still have the dream of becoming a teach. I think I'll go work a few years after my study and then try and become a teach in College or University in the IT subject. Well first I have to make sure I'll finished school and get my degree ^^

What are you doing in terms of school?
EmilioX Yesterday, 11:08 AM
Yeah I'm not sure what your age is, but I also had a more introverted phase at high school. After highschool I made little steps to becoming more social when the situations asked for it. Well I kinda forced myself by going into school to learns to teach P.E. to children. So I had to learn to stand in front of groups and such. It really helped me get out of my shell, even though I don't do anything with P.E. anymore.

No, I just have a final project I'm currently working on. In 2 weeks we have to submit it and if I pass, I'm completely done with my second year in college. We don't really have finals anymore, only a graduation internship in year 4 :)
Exxord Yesterday, 6:39 AM
Haha xD Like I said, I grew up with them so that just happened over time.

Yeah, Doraemon is superb! <3 I used to watch it with my family when I was little and I also have some of the movies at home. I even had a t-shirt from the 23rd movie (the one with the robot kingdom).