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Nov 4, 2013
Ping Pong Pang Pong!

It’s time for a raving review from super university student level dagengarmaster92. A riveting critique of this anime will commence now. Feel free to have a rebuttal for this review by simply visiting the user’s page and pressing, “Submit Comment”, but beware of sudden accidentals such as improper spelling and grammar mistakes as that could result in a null comment, decreasing the power of persuasion.

The rule of thumb is, whenever an anime is based off of a well-known game and if one completely finishes that game prior to the anime adaptation, DON’T WATCH IT! The exception of course applies to me read more
Jun 14, 2013
Before I start my review, I will state something:

YES, I am guy and no, I don't have a girlfriend (so I'm single lol) who forced me to watch this. Also, this review will include my perception on Axis Power as well.

Here's my opening act...what do you get when you have a bunch of good looking lads who embody the very stereotype of their countries and live like ordinary people with political, economic, and even social problems? Well, this anime is the answer to my question.

Hetalia, even the anime title, itself is quite synonymous to the actual plot with the Heta- part meaning, "useless/pathetic" (in a read more
Apr 30, 2013
Before I do a formal review of this so-called, "mediocre" anime from the majority, let me just say a couple of things.

1. NEVER, EVER, EVER especially for you teenage boys out there who experiment with, "love/romance," ask someone who is close to you and of the opposite sex for their advice on love/dating advice because things WILL definitely go smoothly from there.

*^ Note my sarcasm in that last line.*

2. Screw the majority, I personally LOVE this anime!

*Ahem* Continuing starts off as a generic, romantic, school life drama with the protagonist, Makoto gazing at the love of his life, Kotonoha on a train station read more
Apr 25, 2013
Here we go again with the Neighbour's club!

Boku wa Tomodachi Ga Suknai NEXT immediately picks up the pieces from Season 1 with Yozora's hair cut off and the, "BIG reveal" between the protagonist, Kodaka and Yozora, which was the climax from that season. The wacky bunch endure more social events such as organizing a birthday party, watching a yaoi, going to an amusement park, setting up a booth for the school festival, and making a movie to get themselves out there in, "da outside world."

In comparison to Season 1, which was all fun and games, Season 2, yes, there were some funny moment, that read more
Mar 9, 2013
A, "mysterious" voice resembling a little girl narrates her, "dream" of snow falling upon a town known to have some, "supernatural" power (also said by the protagonist's aunt)...

What a nice, but very, "Key-ish" way to start off this series. Usually, when Key introduces a girl's arc, there's always a supernatural element that correlates with what is currently happening or going to occur between the protagonist and the girl.

Now, I wanted to watch this because I adore Key animes and also, because of the winter season and vibe, I felt like why not go whole hog with watching an anime that takes place during read more
Feb 20, 2013
What a great anime or should I say, in the name of all that is HOLY, GOD BLESS this anime!

When I read the synopsis of this anime, I was worried that the, "ecchiness" would totally ruin the potentially good plot (i.e. random flashing tits, panty shots), BUT HELL NO, I was quite surprised it wasn't as fanservice as I would've thought and I do like fanservice, BUT just as long as it doesn't destroy/take from the intentions of an anime *cough cough* Rosario + Vampire Capu2.

Now, probably the ONLY ecchi/fanservice parts to this anime are probably ALL the eroge references the Viagra in a bottle read more
Feb 17, 2013
Time for my VERY 1st anime review. This is simply my opinion so I'll try to NOT give any hints/spoilers as best as I can.

Angel Beats! is about a boy named Otonashi who is at first, unaware that he is, "dead" YES, moved on, RIP... you get the idea. When meeting Yuri, the leader of some rebel group, he decides to join in and fight the Angel that the rebel group thinks is the, "bad guy" in the story. As Otonashi fights along side this rebellious brigade, Otonashi slowly regains his memories of what actually happened to him BEFORE he died...

You know how much I read more