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Jun 20, 2018
I can't get enough of Komori Youko's manga. Once again, she's produced a lovely package of gorgeous artwork, unique narrative, and loads of charm.

Kokage-kun wa Majo follows Satou Yumeko, a high school girl infatuated with romance (and herself). Yume quickly became one of my all-time favorite characters due to her personality: Seemingly bold, hot-headed, hell, even confrontational, she's nothing like any romance lead I'd ever seen before. Kokage-kun wa Majo's story takes Yume through a mental journey as she comes face to face with conflicts that challenge her dreams, outlooks, and self-indulgences.

Largely through Yume's mind, Kokage-kun wa Majo explores some pretty personal and serious topics read more
Jan 17, 2017
Mitsuami no Kamisama is a short manga with very pleasant, simplistic art and writing styles. Partially due to this, I was not expecting such profound thematic and metaphorical depth that I was presented with while reading.

Mitsuami no Kamisama follows just a select few human characters in a setting which already seems to lack extensive human involvement. However, with the prevalent use of personification, much of the manga’s focus, as well as the source of nearly all of its dialogue, is the vast number of normally-inanimate objects which occupy its world. This use of personification is relatively common in literature, but with it, Mitsuami no read more