Jan 17, 2017
badsprings (All reviews)
Mitsuami no Kamisama is a short manga with very pleasant, simplistic art and writing styles. Partially due to this, I was not expecting such profound thematic and metaphorical depth that I was presented with while reading.

Mitsuami no Kamisama follows just a select few human characters in a setting which already seems to lack extensive human involvement. However, with the prevalent use of personification, much of the manga’s focus, as well as the source of nearly all of its dialogue, is the vast number of normally-inanimate objects which occupy its world. This use of personification is relatively common in literature, but with it, Mitsuami no Kamisama manages to portray countless themes and allegories in very unique ways. The contrast between the deep themes explored in this manga and its overall charming presentation helps make Mitsuami no Kamisama a special and memorable experience.

As the characters, story, and setting are built upon, a central theme aimed at the reader begins to form: taking aspects of daily life for granted, or unjustly finding trivial. There are numerous additional concepts within the manga that stem and branch out from this idea. The author sets up these sub-themes in ways which allows them to be interpreted in different ways thanks to her slightly vague, simple, and open-ended writing style. Because of this I am certain that everyone can find something to connect to while reading. The overarching story in Mitsuami no Kamisama proves to be surprisingly expansive; throughout the plot's progression, its tone and further messages manage to range anywhere from happy and lighthearted to quite somber and tragic. Once I reached its conclusion, I was left extremely satisfied and somewhat in awe of how well different aspects of the story and themes managed to come together and reflect each other.

I have nothing but praise for Mitsuami no Kamisama, I consider it an incredible piece of literature and possibly the best thing I've ever read. A wonderful experience whether you choose to interpret it as a nice, light read, as something deeper which provides plenty to think about, or as something between the two. I highly recommend it and hope that over time it can receive more exposure as I feel it greatly deserves.