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Rozen Maiden (2013)
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Strong May 9, 2021 8:30 PM
gupipy Mar 16, 2017 9:14 AM
Lol kasnim par meseci sa odgovorom, eto koliko pratim ovaj sajt.

To je razumljivo skroz! Svaka tebi cast sa faksom i svim tim, baš onako uspešno/produktivno zvuči :D
Ja sam nastavila sa japanskim, sad to studiram na Filološkom. Mislim prošao me je hype ali prelako mi je zbog srednje, dajem sve ispite u roku i tako. Verovatno sam mogla necim konkretnijim da se bavim ali sam htela da olakšam život sebi, pa ćemo videti šta ce biti.

Tako da volim i dalje sve te J stvari, mada ne u tolikoj količini kao pre par godina haha, zanima me sad milion drugih stvari u životu (npr. crtanje!!). Od ovih ljudi sam i dalje u kontaktu jedino sa Tamarom i Petrom Ricom, i sa Borisom (mada se njega možda ne sećaš, nije bio mnogo aktivan), zajedno smo 4 godine ahaha.

Nema opcija da te dodam na fejsu, mogu samo da te pratim, sad si celebrity :D Ali sad sam ti videla post za Fordham University, čestitam od srca, stvarno svaka čast! :D
gupipy Nov 22, 2016 12:05 PM
Dobro, bitno da makar nekad dolaziš, većina ljudi se izgubila potpuno lol. I dalje sam u kontaktu sa možda troje njih. U srednjoj uopšte nisam dolazila ovde, niti sam gledala anime nešto preterano - vidim da ti isto nisi gledao godinama ;(

Sad sam na faksu i počela sam ponovo da se bavim ovim sajtom jer me stalno hvata nostalgija i ludilo!! Nije loše u životu though. Šta ima kod tebe? Poslednje čega se sećam je da si bio u Americi, je l' tako :D
gupipy Nov 6, 2016 8:33 AM
Alane, je l' koristiš ti ovo i dalje? :D
(ako se pitaš ko je, ja sam, Višnja (Milošević), možda se sećaš haha)
Nešto mi je sad došlo da se opet čujem sa "starim ljudima" sa interneta, pa rekoh da se javim posle jedno 5 (?) godina. :')
Shuu Jul 17, 2016 8:16 AM
I won't. Also my answer will always be "late" too, so never mind XD

I have tons of email accounts on yahoo (mainly from back when I was doing membercards to have different photobucket accs and other stuff), but like four major ones (one paypal, one for "official life business", one that is like my "official" online business and a #2 of that, because the first was hacked a while ago). And one gmail. But I have them all connected to my phone, so I get the emails there and dont have to check into the accounts online (where I'd surely do it less often and like you see stuff too late).
But otherwise that sounds totally like me. "OH A COMMENT" ... *a month later* "I think I forgot something". Even for sitting down and answering a comment of this length it might take me between 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how much I get distracted. IT SUCKS and probably the reason why I take longer in the last years to answer stuff than I did before.

Please dont say that, that makes me feel even older. And no you didn't tell that story yet, but I CAN RELATE. Like my one cousin is like 3 years younger than me? And till he was ~15 he was always kinda normal sized, maybe even small compared to his family (father, mother and sister all tall). And I dont see him often, maybe once a year. So one time we see each other again and he's nearly as tall as me because of a growth spurt. And the time after that he was taller than me. He's now really tall. But I think nowadays the kids change way earlier than our generation did back then? But yes, it makes me feel old seeing changes like that!

Yeah this whole the rich rule the world is so annoying. Like just because they studied longer they are something better? You people would be shit without us small people. Not that it will change, or take forever. Maybe we'll ruin the world before that, who knows *shrug*
Saaaame. Sometimes I think that we are sometimes much better off than people in the last century, or 300 years ago. But on the other hand, they usually just did the same work their parents did. And while being told who to marry, you would at least get a partner in that time. So I dunno if that would be so much worse than today.
If you can switch to Insurance/Finance and are interested, then do it. At least they usually are pretty safe jobs and pay well.

Someone on tumblr made a post how they were looking for a doctor (I think it was a psychiatrist, but not for depression) and they were upset how they have fucking answering machines to leave a message and *maybe* you'll be called back. Sorry I'm having issues, I do not have time to wait half a year until you *might* get back to me if you can or can not help me. I s2g what is it with doctors/specialists nowadays??? Same with me looking for a psychotherapist. They have that too. And the only time I can make calls and appointments is at my free afternoon on tuesday. And they only have answering machines and I'm a nervous wreck when I have to make calls anyway? So this sucks. And a reason why I've been putting it off so far *sigh* I have the second appointment with the psychiatrist next month and she'll probably give me hell. But what does she really expect? Like I need hours to get motivated enough to do stuff I used to like or that takes like 10 minutes and she wants me to call around until I find someone to help me while one side of my brain tells me it wont help anyway? I dont think they really thought that through lol

On some level I get that, but it doesn't really help. Like how do people in their mid-twenties and upwards working even meet new people? I work 40 hours a week, when I get home I'm literally dead and going out to be "social" exhausts me. Not considering how going alone to places always brings me close to panic attacks. Sometimes sitting in a full bus makes it hard to breath. Usually you keep friends from highschool or before, then college. It's not like you meet a ton more after that. I wouldnt even know where to go and I've never been good at talking to strangers just like that. I mean I could try going to a book club, but it's not like I'm reading really that much (especially real books) and that aside... *shrugs* I'm really out of my depth and dont know how to deal with this. Like of course I want to have friends, but it's not like you said as if I could stop people on the street.
I mean I would even prefer to use online meeting sites for people close to me, but pretty much all we have are dating sites? Germany doesnt really seem to do the meeting websites thing >.>

No it surely is not just you. Too many people I know always say that their parents put way too much pressure on them. My father usually doesn't say anything, but my mum did. And even if she didnt, I still always feel like a failure. I think it's one of the reasons why many people move out as soon as possible from their parents. If living alone wouldnt be so fucking expensive, I would do that too probably. But then again as said I dont really have friends, so aside from work, my parents are more or less the only realy social contact I have. And even if they pressure me (without meaning to at times), they are still at my back in case anything happens.
Shuu Apr 10, 2016 6:18 AM
I think it's becoming a thing now to take around a month to answer. January, February, March and now in April LOL
Anyway you can expect this from me too, depending on my mood and depression phase. Tbh sometimes I wonder if I have ADHD too xD I get so easily distracted, this has been going on for more or less ten years and it's really annoying. But meh. Doing what we want, when we want and feel like it, works the best!

How is 24 old? Please. we crossed that border with 18 times flies by, it's amazing. when I think about how one of my cousins is 16 now, THEN I feel old xD but I luckily dont see her often, so every time I do, it seems like she got 2 years older again ahaha

yeah, 2010 was really a turning point. I dont even understand why. It probably started adding to me having less interest too. Well if other generations want to take over. in worst case we just use MAL to update lists and search for new anime/manga. that's good enough too.

Kinda like that. I think people at insurance companies (and legal protection insurance) do even less and use more pre-written texts, so their payment is kinda ridiculous. But that's what happens when you get paid by labor contract *shrugs* Anyway, yes, the transisition would be quite easy, IF I manage to get a job in one >.< Most lawyer's offices are way too stressful and paralegals do way too much for the shit money they get. I seriously dunno why I decided to go that way.

Can agree on that. I mean Europe has a lot of stuff they are ahead of other countries (even the US), but depression & Co. really are a thing where we are behind with same with prisons, like our "imprisioned for life" in Germany is literally 15 years, while in the US it's really for life.
If meds and drugs alone would help "cure" depression, then that wouldnt even be a problem. But they dont help take care of the root of the problem. And searching around until you find a psychologist that fits and is willing to help, that really sucks.
I mean everyone has like "depressive moments", but they are in no way like actual depressive episodes/depression? Not like they'd understand. Them saying stuff like "it will go away" just proves that fact.

I went to finally see a psychologist and she wasn't all that interested either. Didnt even listen to everything. Also told me that I should stop having so many internet friends and just go out and get new ones. Like if it would be that easy, then I wouldnt be here right now? Especially if I cant seem to keep friends, finding new ones will probably suuuuper easy. She described me meds and told me to look for a psychotherapist for behavioral therapy to help me change my way of thinking etc. Currently on that and will see how it goes *sigh*

Well it's still some time until NZ, but I will do if I remember :D My mom wanted to do it next year, but for now they pushed it another year until 2018. Didnt plan to go much earlier anyway. But cant wait <3
I think the natural beauty alone is worth the trip. Usually I'm not even that much interested in nature (I can appreciate nice places tho), but NZ is just stunning. By sister was there and she showed us pics too.
Ahaha I feel you. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't much worse that you can easily go places, communicate all over the world, study here and there and so on. Compared to generations ago. And how they had other "problems". And at the end of the day society (and family) put too much expectations on us too.

Waiting sucks. Always did, always will. And you dont wanna bug them and ask, but let's just hope they are just lazy and slow to get back to you =D
I mean all the English I really spoke was in school up till grade 11 and then dropped it, because what we learned was just stupid. And even watching tv series/movies in English is not helping thaaat much, because a lot of actors pronounce words also different. But even though it would be a disaster, we could speak enough to get around. It's not like one needs much more than everyday expressions :D

Alipio Mar 26, 2016 12:52 AM
Lol it ain't late. And what is late anymore? None of us use MAL anymore hahaha

Arggh I might do translating one day too. I met a court interpreter on a field trip once and he makes a quarter of a million dollars a year. (In America, that is considered very very rich). Those are life goals. But we're still young trying to figure out our lives. A lot to learn from places outside of the classroom, you know?

New update actually. That same friend begged me to go see Il Volo in concert here. This will be an interesting night because just two hours before the concert will start, I have class D;

I don't think its dead; it's just that we have moved on to other things in our lives. Also MAL itself is also changing. There's more focus on reviews or those public blog posts or whatever.

But yeah, whenever my friends nowadays mention anime I pretend like I don't know anything about it haha. And if they insist on asking me, I refer them to my profile and are always shocked by my history here. It surprises me too sometimes xD
Shuu Mar 4, 2016 11:15 AM
Hope you have great Birthday and wish you all the best, Alan :D
Alipio Feb 14, 2016 11:50 PM
I sent you a friend request on fb. It's up to you if you want to accept, I would not be offended if you declined. :)

Tbh, this entire time I thought I would get into teaching, but right now I think I might change that. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for not doing teaching anymore but.... we'll see how this goes. x.x

I am not a big follower of Eurovision but my friend recently got me into Il Volo. Heh.

It's super weird remembering the past. When we'd spend hours and hours working on our profiles and clubs years ago. Now I hardly do anything with anime or MAL. ANd now the website is changing rapidly. Where has time gone?? ;__;
Shuu Feb 14, 2016 5:29 AM
I'll just blame the always worse becoming depression on me taking still so long to answer >.<

Yeah, good old clamining. It feels so long ago and now when I pop in around here it feels so dead. I mean people are still around but most clubs died? I barely see anyone making membercards anymore. Though once a year or so when I feel bored enough I go back to catch up with the few requests, because why NOT :D

Well for insurance company you usually do a slightly different apprenticeship. But in the end it's similar enough that I should be able to switch over. If I find a place to take me in that is, because they have a lot of people trying to work there >.< They hardly do much though, depending on where you go. And more often than not they have pre-made texts and just update them a bit before sending them out. It's laughable for that salary compared to what a paralegal gets. But then again, fucking lawyers as freelancers *sigh*

Yeah it's just hard to find a good doctor. I don't know if I'm just unlucky or most doctors in simply don't give a shit and try to get rid of patients asap. And if this doctor turns me away with my depression, I'll probably just go back into hiding for another ten years till I can try again.
I honestly don't even know where I'd start, because I think pretty much everything in my life had a bad influence and put me in this place, but I also hope that the doctor can help in some way. Because I honestly don't know what to do anymore at this point :S
Pff, nothing bad sounding like Oprah because it's still meaning much more coming from someone that went through it too (and got better, so yay), than those people that make like of your depression and treat it like it's some cold you can heal in two weeks, while telling you it will be better. Just ugh >.>

Hopefully that works out for you then! Sometimes I think just going to another country might just bring the needed change in your life to make it better. Though I dunno if /I/ would go to the USA for that. But I can believe it would have an impact - no matter of what sort - to be there for once. Well I will see tho! First ist New Zealand - hopefully next year.

It sucks when you have to take courses that are boring or which grades dont even matter much and you just don't see the point in them. As if one couldnt do more important stuff in that time. Schools/Universities are so weird in that aspect, idk. On the other hand, there will be an end to them in the future too, so you might just as well think about how those boring courses wont last!

I wish you good luck for that program then! And we could surely think about meeting up then.
I actually met with someone I met on tumblr, she's from Hungary and there was this Teen Wolf Con supposed to be in Germany last summer. But it got cancelled because the organizers went insolvent. But she had her flight booked and so on, so we met up anyway. It was fun and us trying to talk with our broken English was super fun too, believe me! We all just mainly write and learn it online, but dont get much actual speaking training. On the other hand, you know enough basics to get around *g*
Alipio Feb 6, 2016 5:47 PM
Wait, are we friends on facebook? I forget. You can tell a lot about my life through fb these days. Yes, I'm still going to UCLA, I'm a senior now so I'm looking for jobs. My major is Linguistics. I want to teach English somewhere hopefully abroad.

Still can't get over how many changes this site goes through. It's like not even MAL but still MAL if you know what I mean.

I wish she had more attention. She has so much talent. And that voice! She has the power to turn the music industry to new heights. Oh well. I hope she doesn't stop. She has the potential to do anything. Blessed.
Shuu Jan 17, 2016 4:29 AM
All the time we spent on the clubs back then, ahaha. But it was fun and luckily I also remember more of the good times than the annoying members bugging us when their membercards will be ready :D

Paralegal (lawyer's secretary) it still is! I'll probably work for one more year at the current place and then will look closer to the town where I'm living (right now I'm working a town over). Possibly try to get into an insurance company, because they pay better xD
Well among other things probably sinking into depression, it's reaching a point, where I can't even enjoy the things anymore that I like and I do them more out of habit. Will see a doctor about it in march and hopefully they will help. With my luck they probably turn me away with it just being a "phase" and waiting it out or something tho *sigh* Anyway, nothing to do but wait :3

Glad to hear that you had a great time in the USA. I'm sure it's worth the trip, though I dunno if I'd ever do it. My sister was there for a month (visiting her boyfriend who was half a year over there for a year abroard (tho it's just half a year in Germany xDD)). She said it was expensive, even though a lot too see.
I also hope you checked out at least one casino in Las Vegas!!

Well you might always go back to the USA in the future! Even if it's not the place you belong to and it might just be for vacations.
School should suffer if it means making our life a bit more endurable :D I always saw it as a "as long as I pass, I don't really care" thing. After a few years no one asks anymore how you were doing there anyway. But wish you luck with finishing it this summer!
At least your life sounds much more filled. And again so much can happen in a short time.
Shuu Jan 10, 2016 10:50 AM
Heya :3

Time flies by. But it's not like I was active much in that time in the anime/manga world, so meh *shrugs*
well I finished my apprenticeship, was jobless for give or take 3/4 year and have been working at a new place for 10 months now. Got some health issues I need to take care of, but more or less still alive and kicking :D

How have you been? Last time we talked you planned to go to the USA!
Alipio Jan 10, 2016 2:39 AM
Alipio Jan 10, 2016 2:22 AM
Umm for me I don't even know why I come on MAL lol. I don't watch anime anymore but I come here to procrastinate haha.

Yes, school. -_- And you?

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