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Flying Witch
Flying Witch
Jun 12, 12:01 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Isshuukan Friends.
Isshuukan Friends.
Jun 12, 11:54 AM
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Maison Ikkoku
Maison Ikkoku
Jun 12, 11:22 AM
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Days: 31.8
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One Piece
One Piece
May 29, 6:34 AM
Reading 801/? · Scored 10
Yotsuba to!
Yotsuba to!
May 29, 6:33 AM
Reading 42/? · Scored 10
Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun
May 18, 9:02 PM
Re-reading 147/147 · Scored 10


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Daconator Jun 20, 11:53 AM
An advantage of comments is we can take our time, so I would prefer if both of us felt comfortable to delay for as long as we want. We both understand there can be various reasons to not want to reply right away and so on. Let's not mention it. :)

Well that's another way of asking me to use more terms, ahah. The sort of show that mainly aims to soothe you will naturally have a more positive impact if you feel anxious or tense, right? I tend to feel calm however, that's what I meant. So that is not the kind of stimulation I look for.
Veone Jun 18, 8:25 AM
I hope you didn't get sad over my absence

Hey, that's probably me!
Well, sort of like me.
Underweight cigarette addict with a lighter under his boobs!

though that guy smells like danger color me scared
Nunnally03 Jun 16, 6:04 PM
Hello. I like your forum set and you look so cute.
Daconator Jun 16, 2:46 PM
It appears to me that your uptake on Texhnolyze is quite telling of your optimistic nature.
I am typically a serene person, and I think Aria like Mushishi and others is the sort of show you need to watch for soothing purposes -- like you did. I am yet to try it in the right state of mind, I might give it a second shot someday.
Keiski Jun 16, 9:42 AM
Oh, don't feel bad about that. When I think about it, even though it did a lot of things right, I simply didn't enjoy it as much as anime I had rated lower. You simply helped me realize it didn't deserve the score I gave it. Maybe i'll rewatch it eventually. Yeah, I haven't see a whole lot of anime, but of the ones I saw I haven't gave a 1 yet. I think my lowest is a 4 iirc.

Yeah, the LOL was just because I was surprised to see that, that's all. But yeah, i'm glad we got to talk for the first time!
Daconator Jun 16, 9:37 AM
It is, and it's interesting to see it amidst others like NGE or Texhnolyze in your favourites.
I think it's a testament to your versatility.
Daconator Jun 16, 9:20 AM
I see. It does fit the feel good environment of the series, even though I have only watched part of the first episode.
Daconator Jun 16, 9:15 AM
Is the quote in your profile yours?
Quixii Jun 16, 6:53 AM
Sorry for the late reply! >.<' It's was already 2 AM when you replied. :<
:33 Teehee you're very welcome! <33 :> c::
Ayy I really agree! :D Mphm, Quixii will probably watch Kingsman next. :> Then probably Kindergarten Cop 2, but he also wants to watch some animes. :<

Aye I really agree with yea! :o :D

Teehee yup it is. :> Aye that's also me :< But sometimes I don't because I haven't done anything at all on some vacations xD. Mphm I could say yes, staying in the house doing the same routine every day is enjoying? xDD Aye I agree. :)) Yup. xD Oh you sure Kenzan that it's not weird at all? :3 Okie then. :> Haha yup. :33 I think Quixii wants to apply that in real life! :OO Mphm I guess so. >.> Yup! Well what made it interesting for me was the military equipment and the armies around the world. :3 And conflicts and wars happened, shooting bang bang here and there. :3 Oh okie. :> Oh, I see. xD

:33 Yup I agree. :< Hahah xD kinda me also. :P Oh? What did you eat? And are you still feeling hungry? xD Teehe yup. xDD Aye me too, that would be worse. :< Yup. :)) Teehee yup! They're damn tasty and juicy.. aaaaahhh I'm becoming hungry xDD.

Teehee I guess we're really both spoiled? :o Ooh nice! :D Are you hyped for it? :3 Oh, I see. Mphm I'll try to buy Life is Strange soon. :> When the steam sale come (like summer, autumn, and winter) :3 Yea every game is discounted. :> Yeah it sucks that it's only for ps3, yup I agree. :<. Kek. Teehee, it's okay. :p Yup!! :D Yeah steam summer is REALLY near :< mphm I guess he will find something good but he won't buy anything. :< Maybe during winter sale he will :3 Teehee yup, I think I saw on random top 10 punishments for cheating or something I dunno, I forgot about it. :< Aye I agree. Yup. Mehh even though it's not action I'm sure Quixii will enjoy it. :p I forgot to put s on the wars xD. Aye. :(( It sucks but don't worry that what he also did on To Love Ru, he started on the second than the first so I guess I'm fine watching the 1st even though I've skipped the whole of it. :> Oooh I see. :>, yup I still do like it. :3 Oh I see. Alrighty, if I have a spare time again. x)) Yup. :> Ooh that's nice for me it would be the inn scene where the guy said : " Say "Auf Wiedersehen" to your Nazi balls! "xDD I was like woah! or the whole party scene. x)) Oh it's okay. :p Oh, I see. :> Mphm, Quixii has heard that but never watched it. :< Mphm I'll tell Quixii to watch it! :3 Thanks for recommending! :D
Yup. :> Ooh that's nice! :D
Aye I agree. x)) I happy that there will be Rush Hour 4! :O
Yup I will! :D Teehee thanks! x333 Ooh that's nice too! :D Yup Rush Hour ftw! :D Aside from Rush Hour for Chan, I'd say also The Forbidden Kingdom. :D

Yup! :33 Teehee I'm sure he will! :D Thanks tho! <33

Ooh that's nice! :D
Mphm Quixii likes and loves iced tea and Mountain Dew (mixed with Mirinida sometimes :3). He also likes Dr. Pepper but not all the time. :p
Oh okie. x3
For Quixii it'd probably be Marvel. :> Even though Quixii hasn't watched a lot of Marvel and DC movies. ;3
For heroes :
For Marvel, Deadpool, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk.
For DC, just Batman. :3

Oh and what's your favorite season? :>
And if you have a chance to live anywhere, where would it be and why? (Can be imagination or real life. :P)
Keiski Jun 15, 7:57 PM
Wow, i'm impressed you remember all that, considering you said it's been a while since you've watched it.

Yeah, I agree that the whole scenario with his mother didn't make complete sense, based off what happened with the other characters. Yeah the script is also predictable, ESPECIALLY with how the show ended. I could see that ending coming from a mile away as soon as the girl had her first collapse a few episodes in. Yeah the animation was pretty impressive, but i'd have to say that the ost is the highlight of the show.

Welp, after all of these points you've laid out before me, I can definitely understand how the show isn't as good as I originally rated it. But I still think giving it a 1 is harsh. Then again, that's your opinion, and i'm fine with that.

I did lower my rating for the show though. I mean, I have 3 10's, and now that I think about it, I didn't enjoy the show nearly as much as those other shows.
Keiski Jun 15, 7:01 PM
Well, it's not something I would consider polarizing, so I was wondering what led you to give it a 1.

The "LOL" was for, wow this is a first.
Keiski Jun 15, 6:47 PM
LOL, im extremely interested on why you gave Your lie in April a 1
ProphetOfRagret Jun 15, 9:05 AM
i stopped watching newer anime except LWA(i was tricked into watching it) and berserk cuz its a sequel
i originally started watching anime cuz of the plot but seeing how the industry goes i plan to stop watching completely once these 2 end. ik there are other complete adaptations and source: original anime but id be forcing my self to watch them since the plot doesnt interest me. and more and more anime are made with tags shounen but have full girls cast it makes u feel gay

nice talking to u cya some other time
ProphetOfRagret Jun 15, 8:52 AM
idk i felt like it

arent u tired of watching anime? doesnt it get boring and repeatable?
ProphetOfRagret Jun 15, 8:47 AM
i wouldn't trust information on the internet that easily