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Ookami to Koushinryou
Ookami to Koushinryou
Nov 19, 3:16 AM
Dropped 2/13 · Scored 5
Sora no Manimani
Sora no Manimani
Oct 29, 4:37 AM
On-Hold -/12 · Scored -
Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Oct 29, 2:50 AM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 9
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Jan 4, 9:54 PM
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Hadi Girl
Hadi Girl
Mar 18, 2017 11:45 PM
On-Hold -/30 · Scored 9
Mar 7, 2017 9:40 AM
Dropped 19/48 · Scored 5


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mayoinnaisu Dec 9, 7:31 PM
oh I see
my sister and I have vastly different taste in anime/manga
she likes BL, romance,shoujo,mecha and sports while im into psychological,horror,mystery,slice of life,seinen
yea I did, and I ended up disliking it because of the pacing and its lack of major story development
well I gotta admit their cooking skills are genius lol
weridest? hmm
I have to say its roasted spider (ehh, thinking of it I am disturbed but it tasted decent and was chewable)
I had it in cambodia and my friends kept forcing me into it since we were invited by the locals to enjoy ourselves(god damn peer pressure)
I don't regret eating it since it was an experience for me :>
how about you?
I usually combine those spicy/heavy flavored snacks with something sweet, such as candies
or sometimes I eat them plainly with water
have you tried eating bonita flakes alone before? what's the experience?
well sometimes I misunderstand concepts and history about food as well
I thought bubble teas originated from japan and I later on learned its from taiwan (my home country)
[instantly facing the wall reflecting on myself xd]
yes small animals are really cute! even the piglets
ohh i see i see understandable
speaking of romance, what's your opinon on it? is there a particular type of romance that you'd wish to see more in anime?
应该没有家庭暴力吧 D:
亲人本来关系就应该好 因为家人间要互相照顾
哦哦 XD 你应该搞混了很多单词
我最近比较忙 也可以说很闲
要准备考试 和帮忙布置我爸妈去的教会
平时没啥事情做 除了学习外就自己享受呗
看动漫 玩游戏 听音乐 做运动 和朋友出门逛街 看电影
对了 说到 电影

mayoinnaisu Dec 6, 2:21 AM
yay detective conan!!!
thats my childhood right there
though as I grew up I lost my passion for it
hmm, have you seen the anime shiki before?
its a quality mystery/thriller anime that heavily focuses on the atmosphere as well as characterization + character development
one of the best mystery anime i've ever watched so far
and there is also darker than black as we discussed before if I recalled correctly (it gets mundane later on)
i'm not sure how many seasons but I guess around 3?
well I watched it episodically so I'm not paying attention on seasons
yea kinda
the sesame ia a blast! I shouldn't be eating bonita flakes alone I think but I do it often hahah
i'm talking about eating mayonnaise and cereal alone
not adding bonita flakes into them that would be weird lol
cat talk aw im getting the urge to see my sister's cat now
she's 3 and a half I think and that would make her a young adult? I guess
dang you don't like spice and wolf?
is it because of it's slow pace? or maybe the historical background bores you? xd
mayoinnaisu Nov 28, 10:15 AM
i prefer mysteries but with supernatural or sci fi elements
not much of a fan of crime solving series
im talking about holo from spice and wolf and it is on my list
hmm are we talking about the same thing?
oh the masterchef!
i do watch a lot of cooking shows back in china
and there is one about a hot austrilian guy going around the city gifting random girls ingredients and ask them to cook with him together
i forgot the name though
i usually use it on rice and i think thats it
sometimes i just eat it (i've done the same thing to mayonnaise and cereals)
that is pretty much an anime senario there lol
i don't have one but my sister does
she has a cat and her name is tuna
have you learned any new phrases or vocabs recently? how about idioms?

mayoinnaisu Nov 23, 4:14 PM
dolls with big eyes and long hair
they don't look like those creepy killer dolls in horror movies but still
if you look at them closely you would feel eerie
i've only watched the first season
well im not particularly into tv shows involve crimes so yeah
i haven't watched it yet so no opinion on this anime so far
maybe i will give it a try if im too bored
right now im not investing any time on tv shows because there are enough anime and movies for me to watch
im almost finished with happy suger life!
im a little bit dissapointed but the story is ok
im going to watch aot s3 soon!
bonito flakes! i missed them much
i can only found them in asian markets
thats quite a kind act you commited there!
i love cats :3
though i never thought of cats liking bonito flakes (i've tried it before and they ignored it lol)
what never!? that must be an experience for you then
do you have any pets btw?
我记得我妈妈常叫它 拌饭素
圣诞节 我会和家人一起过!

mayoinnaisu Nov 19, 3:27 PM
the reason why i was afraid of the doll was because i used to have dolls in my room
and when i sleep i usually have them with me so you know...
its this one:

i feel lonely just from watching him doing his things by himself and pretending everything will be ok
the song's lyric perfectly mirrors his feelings and the emptiness within his heart
what do you mean not available?
you can actually just download it from the internet
people do it all the time if you don't mind you can do it too haha
oh blacklist!! thats a good one
holo is my waifu haha shes just too much of a girlfriend for people to have
snow white is really comfy to watch as a romcom hopefully youre enjoying it to an extent
i don't know much about vampire prosecutor
is it a detective/thriller drama? or a romcom with vampire elements?
im just watching the anime that i've missed out from last season right now
if you wanna ask someone from mainland china whether or not they have siblings you can tell them this: 你有兄弟姐妹吗
都吃过 但我最喜欢印度正宗的咖喱

mayoinnaisu Nov 13, 11:41 AM
i enjoy collecting them tbh
when you have a pile of manga in your room
you are just delighted by the sense of achievement alone
oh eng that makes sense since you told me before your chinese isn't good enough
chucky? the one with demon looking doll? that's a creepy one ...
i am legend is quite old i did enjoy the song that constantly played on the radio (its three little birds by bob marley iirc)
rip doggie :(
train to busan!! yeah
i watched it 2 years ago
it reminds me of 'the mist' and snowpiercer for some reasons
what are you recently?
yes it is
though its exclusively used by people in mainland china
i have never heard people using 挺 in taiwan

Charlotte1412 Nov 12, 12:41 AM
Yeah.. you should :)
mayoinnaisu Nov 6, 11:24 PM
im generally fine with digital manga but I do prefer physical ones if they are available
im quite materialistic i guess but i enjoy having physical collections of manga
translated in chinese? thats nice but I guess you wouldn't read manga in chinese after all
the original 'the ring' movie is the first one we've watched
you know, the long haired girl climbing out of the well and then the tv to unleash agony and pain
and 'halloween' - the movie about a serial killer who murders others on halloween, you probably heard of it
the last one is 'the babadook' - a paranormal movie about a sinister spirit who terrorizes people who have connections with the it's lore? (or its tale i guess)
none of them are truly scary to me
you mena a quiet place? I haven't watched it actually its on my ptw list actually
do you like stories with post-apocalytic settings? I do!!!!!
累 因为小孩很调皮
我最喜欢的吃杯子蛋糕和松饼 <3

Animekid3 Nov 6, 12:00 PM
Nod, plus why next movie not out yet (eng sub.....) man... as it normally come out in October, next Detective Conan 23..... just out ... not yet released... bummer
Charlotte1412 Nov 6, 4:57 AM
But if you haven't watched enough DC episodes, the movie can be a spoiler for you..
mayoinnaisu Nov 4, 11:02 AM
oh yeah that's a problem there
there aren't many translated manga to begin with
that's even rarer in non-english speaking countries like china
i do read manga in chinese if they are available but english is fine too
i did dressed up as a monster (cheap costumes btw) and i was giving away candies to kids which was tiredsome
and i watched a few horror movies(not scary at all lol) with my friends
speaking of horror movies, do you like them?
是的 但是很累哈哈
Animekid3 Nov 4, 6:00 AM
Nod, true... lol....just notice from my last reply to u... I been away for a while since MAL was down, so I fully back on MAl now... sorry for late notice
Charlotte1412 Nov 4, 1:59 AM
I liked Dimensional Sniper..
mayoinnaisu Nov 3, 10:30 AM
ah no worries!
do you often read manga digitally or physically?
i know there a lot of stores that sell physical copies of manga in china i wonder if you have bought any before
by the way, do you read chinese manga (manhua)?

oh, i see that makes sense lel
* how was halloween for you? does your family often celebrate hallo?

好我支持你 加油
万圣节 我在扮鬼发糖果给小朋友 你过万圣节了吗

Charlotte1412 Nov 3, 5:47 AM
Haha...ikr! One of my fav too~