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andrew_johnk Aug 18, 2:17 PM

I am messaging you to warn you about AlexShepherd, one of the users on the Megami Tensei Wikia. As you and other admins there have surely noticed, he is an extremely argumentative, longwinded and to put it bluntly annoying user to contend with. I'm here to warn you about other habits he has.

As of today, this user is banned on the Xenosaga Wikia for inserting pedophilia, bestiality, anti-religious and political views into articles, starting constant edit wars and arguments, submitting theories as facts and refusing to source them, and attempting to pass off photoshops as official art. As well, he had been harassing users on their walls.

He has also been blocked from the Silent Hill Wikia for much the same reasons, only he was screaming about circumcision there. You can google that whole mess if it interests you at all.

In short, this user is a known quantity, and every Wikia he goes to, he exhibits the same behaviors. I would, highly, recommend that you block him from further edits, especially as I can tell on his profile page that he has required admins to warn him frequently these days and those are the signs he's going critical.

This has been sent to you here to avoid making a public wall post on your wiki, which AlexShepherd would see, reply to, and turn into a massive shitstorm.

Thank you.
Ethereid Jun 27, 2013 11:28 PM
Gotta agree there. It was the characters especially that really killed it. I found Asuka and Shinji to be extremely annoying and Rei to be uninteresting. Misato's new look in 3.0 has been my favorite thing in the entire franchise thus far.

It could and that's all I'm gonna say on that.

From the new things I've seen, I don't think the gameplay will change that much. It will still feel like good ol SG.
Ethereid Jun 16, 2013 8:38 PM
3.0 was my favorite by far out of all of NGE. I wasn't very impressed by the show at all.

It has its perks yes, but it still does not always fully capture the art of the manga which kills it for me sometimes:
(yes those are two different scenes but still...)
She looks quite different IMO. That being said they have done a very good job at times. Ok so you meant direction and their choices on how to adapt it, so yes that does make more sense.

That's why I hated him. He is way too plain and boring. I was not a fan of his mechanic either. I like his connection to the Egrets as I do like Parasoul though. Yeah a sambo character could be a nice addition, I did like playing Blue Mary. I was hoping Parasoul would have more gun mechanics with her luger and all but I suppose it they gave Adam a full range of weapons to use like MP40s and stuff I would be more interested. Who is your main btw?

I want those new voice packs now dammit!
Ethereid Jun 9, 2013 8:12 PM
Oh and...

Ethereid Jun 9, 2013 8:10 PM
I see. I personally have come to prefer manga over anime these days so that was my initial suggestion lol. The animation can be fantastic, except for all those stills. That writing is from the manga haha, but yes it is good. The one thing I have against the anime so far is that they changed the order of some stuff, which makes me a little worried how much more they might change and hope to god they won't pull a Claymore. Dat OST though, dat OST.

ADAM?!?!?! WHY? He was down tied with Stanley at the bottom for me. Didn't the patch hit the 360 already?
Ethereid Jun 8, 2013 11:10 PM
You should read the manga bro.

Arguably my favorite fighter of all time, which is kind of hilarious since I avoided it like the plague when it first came out. I didn't vote because I found out about the vote too late, but my friend was voting for similar characters so I wasn't too bummed. None of my picks got in and I only really care about Big Band for the rest of the new cast. What about you, have you played it and voted?
Ethereid Jun 7, 2013 10:17 PM
Ethereid Jan 15, 2013 8:50 PM
My friend sent me this:
Satsuki is getting her route! Gotta admit, I'm actually very excited for hers even though I didn't initially like her.

What did you want her to be like? I was hoping for a tough personality but I like her design enough that I guess I'll deal.

I find those strange as hell. I had a totally different impression of what that was going to sound like but it's still good. It's not necessarily boring...just weird as shit. You know, all that absorbing people stuff and getting all obese. It just stands out at the moment from the rest of the series. That's the banchou one right? I REALLY hope he gets in this one at some point.
Ethereid Jan 9, 2013 10:56 PM
Who are you playing with now? I got around to messing with Zafina and I actually have to take back what I said about her before. With her alt costume and actually playing her for a fair amount of time, I gotta say she is quite cool. Heh, yeah I can see that. I'm mostly interested in Bullet. Somewhat in Azrael and Izayoi, though both their designs look meh. Noel looks terrible now, way too generic. Gotta say though Tsubaki looks ballin, I just love characters that have a dark persona. If I ever play the game, it would still be underboob with maybe Bullet or Tsubaki.

Yep. Nope, I believe it's for the VN. I think people assume an anime will follow, I could be wrong though. It's good, though I gotta say the last few episodes are definitely the worst so far. I like how old school the show is but at the same time very new school. That's probably the point though haha. Sometimes the show can be a little too flamboyant but it's pretty easily dismissible. My favorite character so far is probably Dio, his voice is just so badass that I can still like him despite being a huge asshole. I'm guessing this will end up a 7-9 or so for me.
Ethereid Dec 17, 2012 11:06 PM
Alright so I just watched 10 and it was pretty awesome. Joseph was quite the badass with that coke bottle and anyone with a tommy gun is just fucking cool. I will definitely watch this, it's got some great style.

Something else I just found that you might find interesting:
I seriously cannot wait for this remake. Ciel looks HNNNGGGG and Arcs new look is seriously growing on me, despite what I said about her before, she just looks so much better now.
Ethereid Dec 17, 2012 10:02 PM
Alright, I'll give it a watch then.

I didn't know that about King but I can certainly see why it would be true. This was back on T2 or T3 though so he is probably quite different now.

Too much, waaaay too much. She seems almost like a joke character.
Ah ok. Yeah I noticed the similar stances and moves but I wasn't sure what was unique about them. I totally agree with the face comment. She's never been the most appealing to me anyways, even with the trailer face. I think they totally messed up Lily's face, goddamn.

Haha, the hell is with that moustache. Please tell me it has some purpose.
For real? lol He's one badass grandpa I'll give you that. Well, you could always have a main and then 2 other characters you sub into the team depending on what you feel like/are facing. Have you seen Angel's unlockable costume? It's a pretty badass suit of armor IRC. Speaking of characters and such, have you seen the new fighters for the next BB? Tsubaki is getting some love.
Ethereid Dec 7, 2012 11:20 PM
If me fighting my dad in the arcade as a kid counts, then yeah I am a pro lol. He was actually pretty good at King, for what it's worth.

Her voice man, my god, makes my ears bleed. Is she similar in style to her sister? I know they are both Tekken staples but I honestly have never really messed with them. Jinpachi? Didn't see that coming, why him?
Ethereid Dec 3, 2012 3:20 PM
Try Feng then. I remember him having a yakuza-esque costume in T6, but i'm not sure what he has in TT2. By aviator, I meant the aviator glasses because they go well with the peaked least on Jun. One of the formal shirts, forget which character specifically, has a tie that is cut near the bottom. It looks pretty good IMO. I find Zafina bland appearance wise. I meant scary as in the way she fights, but she isn't that scary in game. It's pretty obvious what will work against which stance, high, mid, low etc. I find Xiaoyu or whatever to be way more intimidating simply because of all her acrobatics.

Ewww Miharu. That character seemed cool...until she opened her mouth. Man Anna is sexy as fuck but I just don't know how to use her. Actually I don't even know what type of fighter she is. I still don't know who I'm going to use yet...I started watching the Sopranos (I'm totally addicted) and finals are next week, so I probably won't play for a while.
Ethereid Nov 26, 2012 1:03 PM
Yeah man, I was psyched when I saw her tanned...too bad it only lasted 3 pages...Why would you drop it? Just finish it and then start the manga. It's really not hard to breeze right through the stuff you have already seen and besides I think the anime's voice acting and animation warrants completion.

I don't believe she does. There actually was a glitch that unmasked her, not sure if still works though. Hmm, well almost any character can get a look like that to some level. I just use the peaked cap (Rindou's), aviator's, sometimes a formal shirt and whatever lower body has boots. Some characters definitely do it better than others. Jun is a good example of this, she has some pretty nice customization options. Zafina scares me in general. She originally came off as a cool design but I just think it was bad execution in the end. I'm not a huge fan of characters that have many stances as it gets too confusing.

Trust me bro, when we do play, you will. Though I still haven't decided on who I'm using yet, doh. On a side note Hitman: Absolution is amazing.
Ethereid Nov 23, 2012 12:22 AM
Alright, once I get some other shows out of the way I'll start the 2012 version. That character looks pretty cool, too bad it doesn't look like he is in the new version.

Oh, well maybe that was it then. Do they have the same moves? I honestly have never tried Bob because I tend to stay away from those types of characters. Though, I do find his speed amusing.

Michelle does have her fair share of good throws, most of which I find a lot better than JC's just because of the brutal factor. An example of this would be Michelle picking up large characters and then slamming them head first into the ground. Compared to JC's more fancy run and jump style (she does have brutal throws too though.)
Basically the characters that I'm considering are: Kuni/Mich/Jun/JC. I'm leaning towards using Kuni/Mich atm but I'm still messing with Jun and JC. I might just drop both of them, I'm not sure yet though since I've only had 3 days to play the game. Mich/JC team is pretty tempting though, so Jun will probably kick the bucket regardless.
Yeah he does have his good customization stuff, at least what I've seen from ghost battle cpus. He even has this "shiva-esque" costume/item that I've seen a few time which is really unique looking. Is Lei the kungfu cop guy? I honestly don't pay much attention to most of the male cast in Tekken with very few exceptions.

True, true.

Ah, well if you have it now maybe we can play tomorrow or something. I doubt that man, I really do. As I said before I'm a casual player and if what I've seen before is anything to go by, you will dominate lol. I don't even know how to do tag combos...