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Angel Cop
Angel Cop
Jun 19, 7:01 AM
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Wei, Kanjian Erduo La!
Wei, Kanjian Erduo La!
Jun 17, 10:20 AM
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Rex: Kyouryuu Monogatari
Rex: Kyouryuu Monogatari
Apr 1, 11:20 AM
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Mejirobana no Saku
Mejirobana no Saku
Sep 17, 2021 12:33 AM
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valyrina May 19, 8:07 AM
happy birthday!!
Bern_stein Feb 13, 1:31 PM
Hi again! Just writing to say that I enjoyed Flying Witch very much, it is exactly the kind of show that seeps into my heart. And I finally know where the mandrake scream came from! Probably the part I loved the most was the one-and-a-half episode in the café: I don't even know why, I just loved the concept of going to a secret café, sitting, eating and meeting a bunch of wondrous characters you would have never met otherwise.
Bern_stein Feb 4, 10:59 AM
Hi! I decided to choose you as my Valentine for the February 2022 Challenge. I love many of your Favourites already, Non Non Biyori is one of mine too! I think I'll watch Flying Witch for the challenge, and I wish you a great year!
malefilmica May 23, 2021 2:23 PM
Hey there!!

Sostter Mar 3, 2021 4:15 PM
You're welcome! :)
Sostter Mar 3, 2021 1:58 PM

Rinarin Mar 17, 2020 6:51 AM
You are welcome!
Rinarin Mar 15, 2020 6:39 AM

Rinarin May 26, 2018 1:47 PM

Kreyul Feb 25, 2018 12:29 PM

-shad- Jan 25, 2018 2:09 AM
ooooh, Im right now playing Doki Doki literature club xD Its pretty fun I would say haha. Sorry about the late reply btw, got abit busy with some stuff.

You defintely at least should give it another shot! Its looks like very childish but deep down there's a few things to take in. Aesthetically its still wonderful. I love the world called "Twilight town" ever since I played it back when I was 12 for one. :P

You should defintely teach me some ukranian languange ! I love learning languages though I have to say Im pretty bad academically, or even various cultures I like to learn about them. Are polish/ukranian/russian similar to each other? I cant differentiate them :( sorry though! And yes, I am from Malayaia haha. Its really a hot country and we dont have like the four seasons (winter/spring/summer/autumm) too.

I dont know any japanese unfortunately :( I apologize

=.= yessss exactly, they skipped to many scenes, but at least we got the games as our backdrop, but who knows like only the people who watch the anime but never play the games said its bad, and im like.... "PLAY THE GAMEEEEE" and they are like... "No i only watch anime, how you like this thing" ... and i have to be like =,= "you numbskull" . XD I guess its one way for the producers to have people watching it via fanservice.

I see, I will defintely try the PSP version then! Thank you ^^ I will have to find the time though, since I want to take all in for the full experinece. How long is the game btw?

I never actually watch both of them, but I did watch DnD and Prision school, are they both similar to the one i mentioned?

You can play TWAU without reading fables! I think they explore the world so people wont get too lost without reading fables :P. At least I did enjoy it without reading fables xD
Oooohh, what usually the theme that you like? :)

I remember Contra omg. I havent finished that game yet! IT WAS SO HARDDDD XD
-shad- Jan 19, 2018 9:00 AM
Omg, thats good news ! You can get a vita and play persona 4 golden now xD

Oh nooo, it was suppose to be heartbreaking xD, but i guess its understandable since the ending was spoiled. Personally i dont really like the answer, compared to the main series, it isnt worth it. I would rather just watch the story from youtube to be honest :p

Hahaa, yup youre absolutely right! I am a huge huge fan of the persona series (its because of something personal to me but yeahh ) :).
Ohhh, you should defintely play KH2 and KH1 at least, its the best from the series and its on the PS2/PS3/PS4 if im not mistaken but I played it since I was 12 so its pretty much a childhood game for me and its nostalgia factor speaking.
Oooohh, is it you play from russian subs instead of english? Im assuming its something like CDPR's The witcher is it? But thats more to polish. Im not too sure how similar are them in culture (I mean polish and romanian) Pardon me, but i do also like learning about people's culutre too :)

Omg the Battle Moon does seems to be very interesting for me ( I just googled it) I might try to find it out over on steam or various means :) Thank you !

Ooooh, i see. So maybe thats why it wasnt the fan translation one. Sakura was great too! In the anime scene they cutted a lot of parts, i didnt really enjoy the anime because they changed too much =.= they cut so many scenes too. =.=. It was really silly but is still pretty funny too xD

Oh im sorry, its possibly i didnt notice it, since i typed it out before going to bed usually. From the reviews i gather it sounds like the story is superb amazing that it will make me cry too xD I hope when i play it one day i wont but i would possibly xD. I just love storyies like that, they are the best!

True, those are meh same goes with anime with too much fanservice. Like a little is tolerable and its okay, but if its every time then its not very nice or doesnt make any sense (hopefully this comes out right though from what I want to mentioned) Since i got a hard time explaining my thoughts sometimes.

Yupp its sad, but at least telltale's games are trying to revive the old genre with games like The walking dead and The wolf among us which are two very good games if you like the point and click games. Although they are different somewhat from the older times, but at least its still there :) I dont think I have played games like those before :p

Omg, do you still have the NES in your house? Thats amazing ! I never played the NES since i wasn't born at that time. How is it like?
-shad- Jan 17, 2018 7:27 AM
Yeah haha, i really hope you get to finished the game. It's really good !

That is still alot of gaming consoles haha. I only got an old ps3 and a ps4 unless you want to count the PC which i use alot of emulator on. :)
Ahh that make sense, hope you get tons of rest too since you said your eyes are bad. Wouldnt want to get them worst anyway. I personally love P4 on a more emotional level (Like it make me really really sad when it was over with the ending soundtrack) but in terms of story its a much more lighthearted one compare to p3 but its still good!. I only have a few over on my steam hahaa, but i did play a ton of warframe lately. Over 240 hours of game play xD

I dont have a persay favorite but i have 5 that doesnt follow any order. They are, Last of us, Chrono Trigger, KH2, P5 and p4/p3 xD. (okay those are 6) but still xD I dont play a lot of TRPGs but i did play my fair share of fire enblem. Hahaa I believe we both have very different type of genres that we enjoy :p mine is more.... fantasy-ish as I like to be immerse in the world that im playing with haha. But i do believe TRPGs have stories too right? XD I dont think i played either King's bounties or KB yet.

I do love Disagaea though, I played the old ps2 one but it was really... different to put it lightly. It is still quite good, but my childhood mermory of the game is pretty much fading of it. Battle Moon wars? What is it about since i havent played it haha. What console is it on? :P

Wait...There is a fan translation for it? I just got mine on the vita emulator and it was subbed already so I thought that was the original translation. OMG I love the corny jokes but my favorite character of the series is chiaki ! What's yours? : ) Danganronpa 1 my favorite character got to be aoki (the swimmer girl) and Kirigiri!
Hahaha, did you play ff tactics? I remember i watch a review about it on youtube (I havent played it yet though) and they said the story will make you cry! so i wanted to ask you about it since you like TRPGs xD

Aww I actually like JRPGs with their cornyness xD I reckon i also find a fancy over the Tales series that have been blooming lately with the later series Berseria. It was a really enjoyable ride i reckon. Oooohh, thosse adventure games are really old (well older for my time) Those are like point and click adventures am i right? :) Castlevania is really good, I do love them during my childhood when i play them on the GBA. They were so hard though and i didnt get to finish it D:
-shad- Jan 16, 2018 8:24 PM
Yeah you definitely should, its really fun (Well I would say so since the plot was really really interesting) The battle system does indeed need to get used to since its a whole different world with them. Hahaha, it was so long ago, so i forgotten where it was xD!

P4 can be gotten on the psvita though if you have it. The golden version of the game if you got it. Or you can be like me, and play it via emulation on the pc :P. I can tell you how if you want heh xD
I havent played devil survivor yet though, how are they? They do look very different from the persona series so that scared me a little but i think its just a matter of getting used to the new system haha.

Omg, i love fire enblem too ! Granted i only play it via emulator hehehh xD. I did play danganronpa though that was a very fun ride. >< Try and play thorough 6 at least ! It supposingly one of the best in the series.

Do you mainly play JRPGs or are they more genres do you like? Also, may i add you on friend's here? :)
-shad- Jan 16, 2018 5:56 AM
True, I tried playing P1 and P2. It just felt different from what I started with (p3) but it is still an homage to what it was back in the day and how it transformed. I really love FeMC as you can see on my profile picture too xD. I know right! I like talking to Koro too.

Did you play the later series? P4 and p5? :)