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Lenneth (レナス)

Lenneth is the main character and protagonist. She is one of the three goddesses who govern destiny. She first appears in chapter 1. She is summoned by Odin to take up her mantle as Valkyrie and recruit the souls of men in preparation for Ragnarok.

Lenneth is generally a kind person, but is merciless against her enemies. She is stoic but determined when it comes to tending her duties as a Valkyrie, and then as Lord of Creation. Unlike many of the Aesir, Lenneth does not hold humans in contempt. Rather, she enjoys their company, and eventually becomes their protector. However, those who show little kindness or compassion to others are disliked heavily by Lenneth, who acts very indifferent towards them. She despises those who would disturb the souls of the dead, or those who manipulate humans in general. Towards the end of Valkyrie Profile, Lenneth abandons her allegiance to Odin and the other gods as she vows to prevent Loki from destroying Midgard.

Calm and level-headed, Lenneth speaks with an air of authority and confidence. Her combination of loyalty and independence are considered typical of middle-born children. Her quotes are not insulting, but are meant to warn off her opponents. She is described by most characters as being very beautiful.

Lenneth uses her powers to accomplish this task, picking up the supporting characters of the manga. As they join her on side quests to purge evil from Midgard, Lenneth begins questioning her role and her humanity, finally breaking the memory seal placed upon her by Odin and Freya. Lenneth's soul is suppressed and her body is quickly taken over by her elder sister Hrist. Lenneth does not appear again until the end of the chapter when Arngrim, Mystina, Jelanda and Lezard revive her soul in the body of a homunculi.

During her soul's suppression Lenneth experiences a dream in which she observes Lucian's death at the hands of Loki. After her body is revived by Lezard and the others, she leads them to Asgard to confront Loki.

Upon confronting Loki Lenneth discovers that her rebirth through the body of a homunculi allows her the capacity to grow, unlike other Gods whose powers are stasis, Lenneth now harnesses the powers of Creation. Lenneth is then able to easily defeat Loki and absorb his soul, much like she does with Einherjar. With her new powers she restores Lucian and the others to life and they live happily ever after with Lenneth as the Lord of Creation.

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