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Jun 24, 2019
Over the course of this modern era of anime. Kyoto Animation has a lot of great Slice of Life titles they have provided us over the course of 10 years. From the like of Haruhi Suzumiya, Nichijou, Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon, among others. The art direction is smooth, and not to mention, the storylines were overall great, if not, fantastic yet lacking of supporting plot to cover the missing links like Koe no Katachi.

However, in Non Non Biyori, we're not talking about Kyoto Animation, yes they have the same exact similarities. The environment, the OSTs, comedy similar to Nichijou... But, this is not KyoAni's work. read more
Feb 19, 2019
I know what you feel the first time you watched "Chihayafuru", sofor those who are looking forward to watch this, allow me explain it a little for those who are reading this review. Don't worry, this is a non-spoiler territory as it only explains the rules of Karuta depicted on this anime (for a review, you can skip ahead):

Competitive Karuta or simply Karuta is a game from Japan that are compose of two opponents in one tatami mat. Each should comply under the rules set by the All Japan Karuta Association. There, players must put 25 cards out of 50 in the mat that read more
Feb 7, 2019
It's not your typical Initial D anime, if you think about it. However, when it comes to popularity, it was heavily overshadowed by it, but Wangan Midnight is still one of the rarest gems you should try to watch out for.

Wangan Midnight is the Street Racing equivalent of Initial D without Eurobeat. And unlike Initial D, it was not set on a canyons and mountains across Japan, but only from the real-life Bayshore Route of Shouto Expressway (also known as the "Wangan-sen") and on the latter episodes, in Osaka.

Also, the cars that represented here are not just Japan-made, but also some came from Europe as read more
Jan 17, 2019
This manga was all over the internet. From Internet Memes to Anime Forums, the reaction of Komi-san captivated by most anime and manga fans out there. And as I read it for the first time to know what the fuzz is about, the manga did not disappoint me!

Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu, is an ongoing coming-of-age, rom-com manga that makes it's waves on 2018. And boy, now I understand why.

The Story starts of with the protagonist, Hitohito Tadano as he starts his middle school escades as a "regular guy" in school. From there on, he meets Shouko Komi who suddenly became popular due to her naturislistic read more
Oct 24, 2018
That irony when the anime/manga teaches you about the in-depth analysis on almost every aspect of the human system than what it was being taught on your science class.

It's weird that the animes of 2018 this year is pack of more weirdness, unique characters and storylines, newer seasons and other overused/misused tropes for the past 10 months. And back on between mid-April to June when IGN, Kotaku and others announced an "Anime that's all about the blood cells."

At first, on paper, it sounded like a stupid idea to look forward to. But after patiently waiting for this anime to be finished airing, I've decided to read more
May 16, 2018
This anime is so pure... I had to watch it thrice...

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is purely great from it's standard point of plot and it's slice-of-life quirkiness to its characters. It's fun, not too shallow nor dull, but happiness with living color nonetheless.

Even though the story is quite odd from the beginning — where it tells a story of a living, breathing dragon that has the size of Kobayashi-san's apartment, that brings nothing but destruction and chaos, came to her apartment, hiring herself as a maid and has mad feelings to a human from the present day — the comedic approach and the running read more
May 21, 2017
Mod Edit: This review may contain spoilers.

To start of my review, let me say that, as a simple fan of any british bands of the past decades or so, The Who's "My Generation" - which is the opening song of this movie - is pretty niche to be exact.

I was really surprised why they use it as an opening song. I was expecting to have a Japanese song for the opening for this movie (maybe Asian Kung-Fu Generation or ChouChou,) but instead, besides Radiohead(ED of Ergo Proxy) and Oasis(OP of Eden of the East), we got another british band to perform the Opening song read more
May 9, 2017
OreGairu is pretty great season, sure. But if you wanted to dig in for more OreGairu stuff like this one, filled with a lot of funny moments and maybe a brighter tune, especially those who didn't read the LN and stick to the anime instead, well, I hate to break this up to you, but this season, everything gets serious.

As OreGairu.Zoku starts off with a melodramatic opening, you expect something like; maybe there's going to be a love chemistry is about to happen between Yui and Yukino because of what they've shown you at the Episodes 1 and 2 of the opening, and maybe Hachiman read more
Feb 7, 2017
If you heard another anime that relates to the word under the same name of an anime (IE: Nichijou), and you went from there to here and hoping that this anime is entertaining like Nichijou. Then, you, my friend, have not to worry.

Funnily enough, Daily Lives of the High School Boys is one of the most fascinating comedy, slice-of-life anime you'll ever find.

And based on the title, it tells the story of three main characters doing crazy s***s and funny stuffs that surrounds them. Not only they revolve at these three MCs, but also the other supporting characters from the all-boys High School, and some read more
Dec 21, 2016
You know that studio named White Fox, right? You know, the ones who made Akame ga Kill looks like it was been written by Guillermo del Toro just to torture us about how your favorite characters die in the most painful way while sipping in a cup of tea and laughing as your sorrowfully cry that your fave character is dead. Until everyone hates the whole concept of the story which leads people to hate Akame ga Kill's storyline as a whole.

Well, they're back. With another new torture to binge into. It's like Akame ga Kill's theme, all about brutal killings, dark theme and stuff, read more