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Sep 13, 2019
This is a high bodycount anime. This isnt a spoiler, you get that its that kind of anime in the first 2 episodes.

Dont get attached to any characters. The ones I liked the most died way too soon. Some of the more boring ones lived too long.

As for the death scenes, they are powerful and wonderfully executed. Bravo.

Here is what annoyed me though: It is usually a cheap tatic in anime to show a bland charcters sad backstory right before they die to make the viewer more sensitive to his/her death. Its cheap manipulation that is sometimes necessary when the directors want you to read more
Sep 11, 2019
Ima keep this short. In fact, so short that this paragraph is just filler to reach the minimum amount of words required. Can I start yet? Ok.

Cyber City is amazing, but I suggest you dont go in with absurdly high expectations thinking the entire thing is the best Cyberpunk anime ever made. Let me explain.

Each episode is dedicated to one character and out of the three episodes 1 is good, the other is peak cyberpunk masterpiece and the other is kind of stupid and out of place.

The first episode is good standard cyberpunk action. I don't have much to say about it.

The second episode, o read more
Sep 7, 2019
Ai City (Anime) add (All reviews)
Even as an 80s nostalfag I really couldnt get into this. Its trainwreck, really. Is like they took every bad cliche of the time and threw it in a pot and this came out. Plot is all over the place and soundtrack is really bad, they repeat the same tracks too much and its a 90 minute movie.

Also, way too many flashback scenes. Again, this is a fucking movie.

It does have some pretty colorful psychadellic scenes though, and the first chase sequence was pretty cool.

But franky, only watch this if you have OCD about seeing every 80s cyberpunk movie/ovas out there. If not, stay away

Aug 29, 2019
Before starting this please note there are two versions. One of them is the full unedited ovas. The other one is a remaster that removes some of the more disturbing scenes. this remaster is a movie and has less screen time, obviously.

Despite the ovas having inferior quality, consider watching them or you will be missing out.

Moving on


Considering this site is mostly used by normalf4gs, where shield hero gets an 8, whenever you see an 80s ova with a rating lower than a 7 it has a good chance of being good, which is the case for this one.

Are you a pathetic soyboy who is disturbed read more
Aug 19, 2019
Unless you have serious OCD about completing the bubblegum crisis universe, dont bother with this. Seriously, I would rather have put the 4 hours I spent watching this into trap hentai.

I dont recommend this even to the biggest BGC fan out there. Ad Police (TV) doesnt have any resemblence to BCG and it doesnt do shit to expand the universe or lore. It could be something else entirely if it didnt have the name boomer and genom in it. This basically a shitty cop show. It fails to have a cyberpunk feel to it, and it also falis to have a decent noir vibe, which read more
Jul 9, 2019
Before I reached the final arc this would have been a 9.5 or 9 for me. Unfourtunately the show decides to make a turn and show off its shounen roots and they stick out like a sore thumb.

Extremely long battles for a 26 anime, people pulling out power from their asses in the last minute (which curiously hardly happened throughout the entire series, not to mention the battles themselves. While they are mostly great, they get old after a while because they keep flailing their arms around like an inflatable tube man. You will get if you watch it.

If you are a veteran anime watcher read more