Sep 11, 2019
Typ055 (All reviews)
Ima keep this short. In fact, so short that this paragraph is just filler to reach the minimum amount of words required. Can I start yet? Ok.

Cyber City is amazing, but I suggest you dont go in with absurdly high expectations thinking the entire thing is the best Cyberpunk anime ever made. Let me explain.

Each episode is dedicated to one character and out of the three episodes 1 is good, the other is peak cyberpunk masterpiece and the other is kind of stupid and out of place.

The first episode is good standard cyberpunk action. I don't have much to say about it.

The second episode, o boy, this shit is quite literally peak 80s cyberpunk in its final form. Everything is perfect, the mood, the characters, the fights, the main villain. I wont give any details so I wont spoil it. Its only 40 minutes after all.

The third episode is cool, but I dont know who was the fucking genius who thought it would be cool to put vampires in a Cyberpunk setting. I felt like I was watching vampire hunter D.

Finally, the original japanese soundtrack was kinda meh, specially compared to other stuff that came out at the time.