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Jan 30, 2011
When I first watched this anime, I thought it was just another ecchi anime with a different theme, so after the first episode I stopped watching it for a while. Then I started rewatching it, and I was completely wrong.

Story - 10

The story has a very unique plot that I've never seen in any other anime, which is about a girl named Kirino Kousaka who is obsessed with cute eroge games. She goes through her life hiding a huge amount of eroges with the help of her brother Kyousuke Kousaka, although they don't get along very well.

Art - 10

Even before I saw the anime, I read more
Jan 29, 2011
I was really surprized at how much I enjoyed this anime.It's definately the most softcore hentai I've seen, and I like that. It's also the cutest hentai anime I've seen. It's got a very different feel, look and story to it compared to other hentai/yuri animes.
Although it shows the girls completely naked, it doesn't seem like fanservice to me. It seems more to show the beauty of the girls and their bodies, and the beauty of them being deeply in love and intimate with each other.
It's a very sweet story, and I loved both characters very much despite being quite different. Their voices fit them read more
Dec 31, 2008
At first it's it seems like a sweet show, then suddenly everything gets really strange and everybody's having a bad time. Then the end is just like your heart has been beating so fast and then it suddenly just stops.
It's one of my favorite animes and definately a show to watch if you like cute characters and an exciting story that keeps you on your toes ^^
Aug 31, 2008
Just as good as the first season. Thrilling, suspenceful, funny, inspiring, everything a good horror anime needs. I would give this anime the same description as the first season, except as I mentioned in the first seasons' review, this season is much less scary. This season makes everything in the first season make sense, and it makes it all the more exciting to see how everything is put together. I found that in this season it was very easy to relate to the characters' emotions, and it shows the moral of the anime, which happens to be a very strong and meaningfull one.
Both seasons of read more
Aug 31, 2008
This was a very cool anime to watch. Just the right amount of horror to make it frightening and thrilling, but not unwatchable. In the beginning it's kind of a shock, as you're not used to it yet, but after a while it gets much easier to watch, and it's really worth it. This season has a lot more frightening parts to it though. Both seasons are just as thrilling, but this one definately has more scary scenes.
The storyline is just as thrilling as everything else in the anime, though it's very easy to find spoilers for the series if you try to look read more
Aug 31, 2008
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I believe to be the most "pure" anime out there. It has such a softness to it, that when you watch it you can almost feel the softest silk sliding across your fingers. It's very gentle, but yet not a really cutesy anime. All of the characters are very sweet and loveable, making it very hard to find a favorite character. It's got a very touching storyline, although it is quite sad. It's a very beautiful sadness though. One that everyone would cry at, but yet it's so gorgeous.
It's not hard to get attatched to everyone in it. They all have something about them that read more
Aug 31, 2008
It's the sort of anime that everyone should watch at least once. The whole storyline is so well thought out, making it very inspiring. The storyline also has the effect on you where you feel the need to think, no matter how many times you watch it. With all that goes on through the characters' troubles and acheivements, it makes it a very easy anime to get attatched to, and very easy to relate to how anyone feels just by glancing at their face.
A very unique and heartwarming anime. Although there are the occasional rude sequences, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is by far read more