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February 2nd, 2011
This is a list of my favorite character features for anime characters~ *O*

Thick Eyebrows
Foreheads (No bangs, bangs pushed to the side)
Light hair with tan skin
Very long hair
Drill hair/Curly hair
Hime Cut
Green Hair
Purple Hair
Yellow Eyes
Red Eyes
Red eyes w/ blue hair/ Blue eyes w/ red hair
Blue eyes w/ blonde hair
Rich girl attitude (like Saki Tenjouin) - (rich girl + drill hair = <33!!)
Bitchy attitude (like Ami Kawashima)
Tsumugi Kotobuki attitude (Iunno what to call it XD but characters who act like her)
Glasses (Just for males)

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January 31st, 2011
All my favorite seiyuus, singers, companies, and whoever~ Too many to fit on my list, so here they are~ *O*

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November 23rd, 2010
Here are all my favorite animes because there is no room 8D
No particular order~



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October 20th, 2010
These are all my favorite characters because my list is too small to fit them all 8DDD Oh ho ho ho~ <333
Not all of them are in the order I would favorite them in. I put some of them just where I thought they looked best <3



~Least favorite characters~
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