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Sep 23, 2019
The summer anime that i was looking forward to ever since it was announced and had expectations for this season after watching season 1 last year, and I can gladly say that I was not disappointed one bit! In fact, I fell in love with the anime because one thing was clear from the beginning, something about Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san S2(I'll call the anime Takagi S2 from now on) stood out compared to season 1, and that was Takagi and Nishikata in the final 2 episodes.

Story: The story continues on from S1 with Takagi teasing Nishikata non-stop as usual. However, something felt different read more
Jul 30, 2019
An anime which I watched some, SOME, episodes on Animax, I decided to complete Hanayamata because it had the one element which I love. Tradition. An anime which focuses on Yosakoi, a traditional Japanese dance with cute girls dancing it. Nothing better than cute girls dancing! Plus, we have a gaijin girl in the anime, all the better!!

Story: The story is well, pretty generic when it comes to the Slice of life school life genre. The MC gets pulled in to a club by a random person, and the two of them rope in more people to officially form a club. Sure, they have read more
Jul 30, 2019
One of only 2 animes that I'm watching this season. Yes you heard me right, I'm only watching 2 animes this season(the other being Senko-san). If I were to put it, Senko-san is for the relaxation while Senryuu Shoujo is all about the enjoyment seeing the relationship between Nanako and Eiji blossom.

Story: Senryuu Shoujo's story revolves around writing Senryuus, which are unrhymed Japanese verses which is used in poetry and follows our 2 love birds, Nanako and Eiji in their blossoming relationship as the anime progresses. But that's not all. We have Amame, Kino, Koto and Tao who support Nanako in her quest to read more
May 11, 2019
Ever since I watched Non Non Biyori last year, I was captivated by it's simple yet relaxing story. Being from a city, life is pretty chaotic, busy and fast paced. You rarely get to enjoy life. Non Non Biyori took me back to my childhood when life was still simple and enjoyable.

When I first heard that Non Non Biyori movie was airing last year, I was over the moon! I couldn't wait and now that I've watched it, it has reminded me of my childhood once again. The childhood I love so much.

Story: Though Non Non Biyori has a very simple story, it's read more
Apr 8, 2019
Anime Review: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

One of the best Isekai animes I've watched, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, or as I like to call it, Tensei Slime, is not only an action packed anime, but also a feels anime. I must say that after watching Tensei Slime, my standard of good Isekais has risen and Isekai animes have a lot of pressure to impress me in the future!

Story: As the title says, a man died and got reincarnated to a Slime. He meets a legendary dragon, and instantly becomes one of the most OP anime characters in existence. Along the way he meets countless read more
Dec 29, 2018
I just have 3 words to say: SASUGA P.A. WORKS! Irozuku had all the Nagi no Asukara vibes yet it had it's own originality to set it apart from Nagi no Asukara. I absolutely loved watching Irozuku no Ashita Kara. From the story, to the characters, animation and music, they were all 10/10!!!

Story: It all started when Grandma Kohaku decided to send Hitomi back 60 years to the past. That's when all the feels and romance started. It was as if fate had intervened. Hitomi ended up in Yuito's room and met Yuito when he was drawing. That was when she realized she could see read more
Dec 21, 2018
When I first saw this anime, I thought it was something like cute girls surviving a Zombie apocalypse. Heck even the trailer and description made it look like a Zombie Apocalypse. I thought cool, sounds like a nice anime. How wrong was I. Instead of guns and explosions, we get Zombie idolru and truck-kun. It was still a somewhat decent anime and I really laughed through the whole anime, and at the same time shedding some tears through the way.

Well, first episode in, and the main character already died in Truck-kun's hands. 10/10 best opening for an anime ever. And Sakura revives as a Zombie read more
Dec 3, 2018
I wish I watched Gabriel Dropout sooner, because it was basically a comedy show. Each episode was full of laughs and although it got a bit more serious in the last few episodes, there were still scenes that were worthy of laughing at.

In terms of story there wasn't much in the way of story development the anime is more for the shits and giggles than the story IMO. In summary, the story revolves around Gabriel, Raphiel, Vignette and Satania and their interactions+struggles with the people around them and each other.

Animation wise is nothing too special. It's decent especially the animation of heaven and the character read more
Sep 30, 2018
YES THE TIME HAS COME, TO REVIEW MY AOTS AND FAV ANIME OF SUMMER 2018, REVUE STARLIGHT! I have never been a fan of music/idol anime(THOUGH REVUE IS NOT IDOL). To be honest, I actually didn't plan to watch Revue Starlight this season, it wasnt on my ptw list. Until someone recommended the anime on discord. And I was quite curious as well, so I thought, well, since I dropped quite a few anime already and this season has been pretty meh or bad, maybe I'll just give this anime a try? And boi, not only do I not regret watching this anime, this anime read more
Sep 26, 2018
The claim that sequels are always better than prequels is true, because YNS S3 is better than S2. It's more relatable for me as each and every episode reminds me of the friendship I have with my best friend, the fun we have together, the jealousy and frustration that we have sometimes when we can't seem to find time to hang out with each other, and the problems we face which we share to each other. And YNS S3, it's just that. Less hiking on Yamas and more emphasis on personal relationships. Between Aoi and Hinata(of course cos they're the MCs) and between their friends. read more