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Mardock Scramble: The First Compression
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Ikusagami Feb 9, 3:55 PM
Sakisaka Oct 20, 2018 7:32 PM

Karote May 2, 2018 10:32 AM
Erynys Feb 22, 2018 2:43 AM
Murau Jan 22, 2018 11:01 PM
teruu Jan 21, 2018 5:19 PM
Where the fuck is harleequinn??
Archeologist Nov 5, 2017 11:11 AM
Albert Camus?
NotJustJuice2 Sep 6, 2017 6:32 AM
Eh, I don't remember who you are, but thanks for asking if I was doing alright almost two years ago.

Tl;dr: No, I wasn't. Still aren't, but I'm working on it.

Hope you're doing alright, mate.
WyNdZ Aug 24, 2017 10:18 PM
Press F to pay respect


Message me when you achieve nirvana.
Scorpi0n Jun 15, 2017 9:56 PM
Last time I checked, his ban was extended for a year. He never bothered me personally, but he always acted all macho in the chat threads I used to frequent. Then talked about his skincare routine in the same places.

Rants are interesting to read. Unless if they're riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, lol. I'm a sticker like that.

I agree with you. And I think Shakespearean play themes are thought-provoking, but the characters can be downright unlikable. Recently I translated one of Pessoa's chapbooks called Message. I'm slowly going through Titus and Message, due to some recent real-life duties. Honestly, I find it harder to read literature online than in physical form. (Not that I advocate paperbacks over PDFs, but there are less potential distractions.)

Do you think you've reached that level of self-awareness? I'd consider myself fairly self-aware, but I'm always looking for different ways to grow in that area.

TookMe6Years Jun 11, 2017 1:46 AM
I know you may not care, but j0x came from a time where people hold Conservative views were consider the illogical. Which in some sense is true. From 2000-2008 conservative held power, and consider as irrational. The liberal were consider as the rational. That is why from 2008-2016 you have these progressive movement. I came from a time 2000-2004 as Green environmentalist type of kid. But in 2008+ I became more into independent due to into conspiracy and what not. 2008-2012 I was like a Ron Paul young adult. So in 2016 where people like you or younger are growing up will start to take over our spot, as we are getting older. Based on your profile you are born 1998 which is close to 2000, like my younger sister who was born 2002 so both of your mindset will be somewhat different from me and j0x. But anyway nice to meet you.
Yarub Jun 10, 2017 4:27 PM
Well, the structure itself cannot withstand an force, if no opposite force is occurring. The structure basically gives the chair inertia, as long as there's no resultant force, it's not going anywhere. Here's where Newton's 3rd Law comes in. When you sit, your weight on the chair is nullified by it's perpendicular reaction force. Atleast, that's the idea I went with in my mechanics exam. If Newton's 3rd Law in counter-intuitive, let's talk about relativity next. Mos crazy shit, along with Quantum Mechanics.

Man, you're making me feel old. Who knew it's been almost 17 years since Hybrid Theory?
Yeah, Living Things was also solid imo. 'Lost in The Echo' and 'Castle of Glass' are pretty good. Nah, I'd say Living Things have the best LP songs since Meteora. I find Meteora somehow better than Hybrid Theory. Maybe it's just the better production.
How can you not like Thrash? It's fast, loud and less heavy. Too bad it died long ago.

Let's put something out, sheep herding (in this context) should not be frowned upon, if the quote should be taken seriously. Otherwise, the system would collapse.
Making education interesting is VERY hard, I think the problem is with exams. Humans, generally, lean towards learning new things, but not to be tested and potentially get humiliated by that test. The thing is, school is more like a military camp, rather than a place where you feel you want to learn. Hmm, trying to find talents through education might seem a rather tedious approach.
Maybe every highschool student must have a certified IQ test, and people with high scores can take off from there.

"God must explain everything or he isn't God" I'm not sure I get what you're saying but, he's God, either you like it or not, either He proves it or not, He's God.

We need some lifeless MALers volunteering for this one. Though I'm not quite sure if their brains will provide more data than a chimps'. I just had the most amusing encounter with a MAL user. You will not believe what happened. To think people can be so half-witted.

I wouldn't say reading Rhonda Byrne or Paulo Coelho is bad, but you should balance between serious reading and leisure reading. Reading Dostoevsky, Kafka, Orwell etc.. can be quite intimidating for some people.
I don't see the gain in having sex early, I mean, sex gives you nothing but a temporary feel of relaxation. Something you need in your older days.

But then, people will know he is using them, and thus stop offering their help. It's good to keep relations and connections healthy otherwise you can be in some deep mess and no one will be ready to pull you out of the pile of shit you put yourself into. Yeah, never bothered me really, I just pin the stuff anyway. It's more organized.
I don't know. I'm not even sure if it's biologically possible. Go limp? Lol. Nahh, booties nowadays are all artificial silicon. Pussies cannot be modified, yet. If you're more into natural bodies. I get sick of myself from using MAL. Guess I'm pretty weak then compared to you.

I'm sure they aren't any shorter than the written ones lmao. Not yet, I've had my exams for the whole month and was basically studying my ass off. Haven't had any free time till now. Now I'm done, hopefully I did good. Man, you're gonna read all of Camus' books? Haha, if you return back in time, it would be funny if it you started the conversation with the way Clamence in The Fall started it with you (the reader), and you'd be the reason Camus wrote The Fall.

Just started The Book of Disquiet. I've read some pages and.... I'm confused. It seems so random yet it reveals things so mysteriously rather than in your face. Gotta keep reading.

What did you do? You better stop trolling because the permaban hammer can hit at any moment.
Karote Jun 8, 2017 5:13 PM
I just said that them being biologically worse is not a matter for being less ambitious.
I just don't know how work over your question, I don't the future out of this.

So were you just trollling or what? I didn't think so, you were just arguing with others about stuff, it felt like you had strong ideas there.
I don't know what popular posiitions are those either.
Ikusagami Jun 7, 2017 6:27 PM
I actually found DS1 hard the first time, but then on replays I'm astounded at how easily I mow through everything. That's also why I thought going back to Demon's Souls would be more enjoyable, but in comparison to the rest of the series its difficulty is just based in tedium.
And I think what made DS3 so challenging is they fused elements from Bloodborne, which can be DAMN hard for the reliance on dodging over shield use. That's why I kept getting my ass kicked by the Dancer until I put myself in a Bloodborne mindset and started rolling like mad.

"Assuming you can even run at your age, still no."
LOL. Ass. :P If not for my health I'd be in top shape I'll have you know.

When she first went to the guy it was to figure out how to handle their separation with the kids in mind, but of course, as I warned her, his job is not to break people up but to get them to keep coming back.
And yeah, I hate both the fact I'm abnormally attached AND her. She can be downright vicious when pushing me away--doesn't even resemble who she used to be. I laid into her and her flippant attitude was making it easier to cut all contact, but then she ended it with a sucker punch of saying that the last thing she's going to say to me is that she loves me.
Now I'm struggling to get that hate back, as it was making things easier.
It's just really fucked up two people who commonly discard people without a shred of regret have so much trouble getting away from each other.

And the not-husband she knows through racing. Most men dislike her tomboy hobbies, so it's a big deal he's into guns and bikes... even though he can't hold an intelligent conversation.

I don't know enneagram well enough, but as a 1, I do tend to make a production of cutting people out when pushed, but I don't delete conversations, and he does it for literally no reason. He's fine with debates--they never get heated, at all; he just randomly freaks out he can't handle conversations and purges everything.
Real Shinji Ikari shit.

No, you cannot make an anime about me. Only Urobuchi or Mamoru Oshii could properly handle the subject matter. :D

"The various coping mechanisms suffice to highlight them. Hit the right nerves, and the issues gush forth."
We're not as simpatico as me and the lioness were, but you still think too much like me sometimes. :P
I always say that, in matters of psychology, you can tell where the bodies are buried by where the dirt is heaped up the highest. Of course, if you start shoveling in those exact spots is when you get the greatest stink.

I agree on Canis' tactics. It did come across as bitchy, like many people were being that week. Sangoire says it's just because they can't handle the undercurrent of discord in their safe haven, so to speak, but that clique mentality does seem to me like weakness and pack mentality. Admittedly, we can be guilty too, but it's typically generalizations, not anything deliberately aimed at provoking a single person for being different.
Although I was a bit bitchy at MBP that week.

"But your telling me that his SO is ISTP 8w7"
I gave a pretty thorough inspection, so I'm confident in this call. haha
You'd think just because I had her wear a strap-on and fuck me in the ass I'm gay or something.
And I thought everybody knew. She posted that thread the day after I made a comment about failed relationships, and her acerbic reply was pretty direct. She's been saying she was never coming back to the forum after humiliating herself, but she still pops up whenever we're not talking.
Women. I honestly thought the ENTJ thing would override the gender thing. Ugh.

Actually, while I've never talked to Elistra, aside from you and SRX, I identify most with her posts. I just thought the comment about ENTJs with developed Fi followed by the comment about mentally disturbed 14 year olds seemed like something MBP would say in private about us. But I may just have been reading too much into it. I'm starting to think they're all out to get us, haha. And yeah, MBP has been more civil since Vader showed up. I think the fact he's both successful and strong but still humble shows people we don't have to be hard to be strong.

Yeah, the business trend annoys me too. Hence my love of Vader. I always preferred the old ENTJ archetype "Fieldmarshall" to "Executive." Handsome Jack is pretty smart, but I saw his advice to young ENTJs was all Machiavellian corporate advancement shit.
If I mention I'm a struggling writer, on top of all the other differences, they'll probably kick me off the forum.
Karote Jun 5, 2017 6:38 PM
The future is: that's what I want to know. What about you? What do you think?

If girls are dumb much as guys are, so why did you make that thread? lol