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Mar 29, 2024
Bake Kano (Manga) add
There's really not much to say about this manga, it's a really cute and erotic manga for coomers.

Each chapter gets progressively more absurd than the one before it, and the overall lewdness varies but stays extremely consistent in how horny it is. The girls are extremely cute, and complimented well by the authors art style. Most of the cast is flat chested, which is a huge plus because flat is justice. But for those of you who enjoy oppai, there is a character with a huge chest that is pretty much in 99% of the manga.

The series is short very easy to read in ...
Mar 21, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Heavily spoilers ahead, but I'll cut to the chase

This is a pretty cute manga up until chapter 5, in which the MC is basically cucked by a girl in the student council committee. It's very frustrating to read, and it's made even worse by the fact that MC never really learns he was cheated on.

Two chapters later, there's even a threesome between the MC, his wife, and her mother, where the female lead gets jealous and angry and cuts the threesome short saying word for word "You can't do this, aside from me, no one's allowed too" completely ignoring that that she got ...
Aug 17, 2023
Preliminary (25/? chp)
I had to write this review because every other review is slobbering all over this manhwa like crazy and acting like it's the second coming of Christ himself.

This manhwa does nothing new, it is extremely unoriginal and while the art may be pretty to look at but it's boring to see at this point. Redice Studios has over saturated the market to such insane degrees that this art is just average, it is the very least you should be expecting from a manhwa nowadays and is nothing worth giving the authors a pat on the back over.

You would hope that something action based ...
Aug 13, 2023
Fire Tripper (Anime) add
This was extremely boring, and what's worse is the plot is basically non existent. It all circles back around and you've essentially watched nothing, not to mention the weird incest angle with her little brother type dude, they spend two dire hours they could have spent on saving the town from being exploded by what's essentially a hydrogen bomb tier explosion, kissing one another and being mopey and horny in her bedroom. What? This was just so mid, it felt like they had an idea for something and didn't bother fleshing it out or elaborating on it any further. It needed a lot of fine ...
Aug 13, 2023
Burn Up! (Anime) add
This is a pretty average anime, but it has soul and that's all that matters. You already know what you're getting into with any cop anime set in America, especially if they came out between the 80s and 90s.That was the height of buddy cop schlock and I love it. I highly recommend you watch the dub, with friends if you even have any. The animation is rough but very pleasing to the eyes, the character designs are fun and cute, the setting is grimy and dark but pretty fun to see the characters in. It's just so silly, you gotta go into this one ...
Aug 13, 2023
Mixed Feelings
This manga has a boring cast, that ranges from shallow and boring, to downright insultingly bad.

Everyone is bland and one dimensional until you get to Sagawa, spoilers ahead, Sagawa is a troubled character that is shown to have a brutal past. She was gang raped by her cousin and his friends before attempting to conduct human experiments on her body. To add insult to injury, she is shown to be promiscuous and used as fan service despise this backstory. Not even two chapters after we learn of her backstory, she is shown to be on the brink of killing herself from shame.

And what ...
Aug 12, 2023
This manga has a really bland, uninteresting premise, and as one would expect the manga itself is extremely bland and uninteresting.

Everything about this screams edgy nihilistic pre-teen, it's not doing anything new that you haven't seen done before in the hundreds of edgy smut manga that try to appeal to edge lord chuunibyous. The art is the only redeeming point of the manga but decent art can't carry a really garbage premise.

The entire manga reads like the author googled "cool death facts" then tried to shoe horn them into the manga.

On top of this, the lewd scenarios are extremely generic, we even get ...
May 16, 2023
I really liked the initial premise of this manga, it was interesting enough. It starts out in a way that makes you think it's going to be a typical survival horror series full of edge and nihilism. It kind of is, but it veers off into a more survival guerilla plot that banks on action and thrills, it was good while it lasted.

Up until the halfway point things just start to go off the rails, shit happens for the sake of shit happening and the plot goes from coherent and followable to stupid M Night tier plot twists that are easily guessed. It's very ...
May 2, 2023
Mixed Feelings
This manhwa is a mess

There's a lot of inconsistencies with the magic, one minute the mc is doing crazy out if this world stuff and the next he's crying about how has limited mana because of his rebirth but then not even a few chapters later he'll do things that make even the peak mages in the worlds head implode.

The story itself is ripe with issues and incontinency as well, the side characters are naive to a fault and some of them are even characters that had a hand in the mcs demise and yet it's completely glossed over.

He wants to go into ...
Apr 28, 2023
Zashiki Onna (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Well, there isn't much to say about this manga in all honesty.

It's about a dude who encounters some unhinged phantom of a woman while he's getting ready for bed, doing college dude stuff and killing time.

A lot of horror manga with phantom lady plots start the same way from what I have read, dude has neighbor who has weird stalker creature/woman/thing WHATEVER unbeknownst to him and somehow manages to gain it's love and or attention after the briefest of brief encounters with it.

It's nothing new, at all, and I would honestly say the fact that it takes on such a common and generic cookie cutter ...

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