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Mar 30, 2023
Mada, Ikiteru (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
I like the premise of this manga, it's not very original but it's a concept that isn't really touched on very frequently in the manga medium.

The idea of an old man down on his luck failing to kill himself and just going feral and finding a new love for life and it's beauty is enjoyable and it reminds me of a very toned down Suicide Island.

However, part way through the story we are introduced a pregnant female character and the twos relationship constantly shifts from paternal to romantic enough times that it ruins the already weak and distasteful character of the mc and ...
Jan 22, 2023
I might sound like a hater but everything about this anime was subpar, the writing, the plot itself is pretty contrived and the motivations are pretty far fetched and at times stupid.

The characters themselves are very boring, and lame, and it's hard to find yourself caring about them whatsoever. It's just a very weak series, and for those of you who don't wish to read a heavily spoiler don't read any further, but it's a very annoying and I am going to complain about in 3... 2... 1...

The ending is basically like a cop out that makes everything leading up to not matter ...
Jan 22, 2023
Mouse (Anime) add
This is pretty funny for an ecchi anime, I didn't expect to laugh so much watching it and all the girls are 10/10 and the ecchi is epic no cap.

This anime is perfect for coombrains and normies alike, the last few episodes kind of confused me though but in the end I managed to follow it a bit the short episodes can leave you sort of confused you just have to keep watching for it all to make sense but I think that's because I am not very smart rather than the animes fault itself.

I recommend it, truly, this anime is a shining ...
Jan 19, 2023
I normally like this authors works, he's pretty passionate about food and manages to make what seem like really mediocre stories on paper work out but he kind of fumbled on this one.

If you have no prior knowledge of his other works, the character overlaps and their important are lost on you but the guest stars and in universe cross overs are barely touched on anyways so your left asking yourself what the point is regardless.

The gathering of food club members is a breeze, the training is a breeze and the tournaments are pretty skimmed over too which is dumb because that is the ...
Jan 17, 2023
I really wish I had read this when I was in middle school I would have loved it, you can tell this dropped as light novel adaptions were starting to rear their head before 2016s Isekai apocalypse.

The characters are cute, tropey and feel like they were cut from a 90s ecchi OVA akin to mouse. The roles the girls play are bad ass or just moe blobs.

The action scene are littered with self aware service that kind of get out, and their casual scenes make them seem like ditzy moe comedic relief.

The plot seems hard to follow at times and it's obvious they were ...
Jan 17, 2023
Ame no Furu (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Short and sweet

Candy Flurry feels like Jungle Juice meets Boku no Hero Academia.

The main theme is having about your own outlooks and views on life and staying true to them while understanding conflicting view points without shutting them out, I'm over simplifying it by a bit and I'm very baked but idk it feels that way to me.

The arcs, if you can even call them that, are so fast paced they don't really qualify as arcs but they're enjoyable nonetheless.

I mainly read this to see how far the sweets themed powers would go and honestly I'm disappointed.

I would recommend it though it's ...
Jan 13, 2023
Mixed Feelings
This was a really weird anime, and I like that in the current year the mc is pretty much what you would call an incel.

It's odd, but a nice watch and has a very short run time. The designs are really cool. I like them and the art style itself, the stories are pretty average nothing special but I don't regret watching. They end on a nice little "redemption" arc too, which I did not expect from a horror ova about some creepy chud tbh I think they only thing I can nitpick about it is how quickly these stories are ran through, I ...
Jan 13, 2023
RahXephon (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
This manga is really short, I feel like it could have used maybe two more volumes to help with the plot. It seems to jump along pretty quickly and it takes aways from some of the kick that certain scenes should have behind them.

All things considered though, it's a good read, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Really nice art, all of the characters are likeable though some are pretty two dimensional.

The fan service is very unashamed and it is in a lot of scenes so if that's not your thing, it's not the manga for you.

The ending I also felt was strange and ...
Jan 3, 2023
Mixed Feelings
TL;DR - Boomer soap opera for people into NTR, polygamy etc

I am going to touch on major spoilers here because in order to properly express the distaste I have for this story and really give an idea of how sloppily written it is I feel it is necessary do be warned.

Honestly this manga is all over the place, I don't even like cuckoldry and NTR adjacent stories they just aren't really my thing but I was high and decided to give this a go.

It's a half okay manga but here are my main gripes with it

The love triangle, is teased a lot ...
Jan 3, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Ping Pond Dash is not your average sports manga, it doesn't really take it's premise to seriously it's very much a comedy first and sports manga second and it makes that somewhat known by the start but by the end it seems to jump the shark.

When we start off, the series is very cartoonish and we even have the Ping Pong Players have ping pong stands as a gag here and there but it's not super common at the start. The moves explained are grounded in reality though clearly a loose basis on real skills and techniques but as the series progresses the groundedness ...

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