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Apr 3, 2022
Massive disappointment is an understatement. I was expecting 50% recap at most like the Goblin Slayer movie, but this movie turned out to be >90% recap and honestly just felt like a cash grab. The movie is over 2 hours long, but - no joke - 2 full hours is just recap, and the MAL description of "reconstruction" was giving it too much credit: it was basically just all the characters narrating the scenes from the anime series from their perspective without adding that much. Maybe if you dig really deep you could find some discrepancies/omissions in their narrations for some he-said/she-said type analysis, but ...
Dec 23, 2021
(Spoiler-free review)
In 2019, Kimetsu no Yaiba took the anime world by storm and then followed up with a movie in late 2020 that smashed all box office records to become the top grossing movie of all time in Japan. Jujutsu Kaisen seems to be following the same strategy, having been arguably the most popular anime series released in 2020, and judging by how absolutely packed the movie theater was, it will probably be another record-setting anime film in terms of financial success. However, how is the movie in terms of actual content? Pretty damn good I must say, even coming from someone who enjoyed the ...
Dec 5, 2021
A very fitting conclusion to send-off the series with, and I was at emotional peace at the end of the movie. Unlike the previous movie and (what I remember of) the original series, this movie only focuses on the development of 2 characters and has a good bit of a story going on, so it is not exactly like the usual casual slice-of-life in previous entries. Animation was crisp and the background scenery in the city was gorgeous as always. Soundtrack fit the animation perfectly and was very relaxing, while the ending was a nostalgic new version of the original series' opening. Overall, I very ...
Oct 2, 2021
TL;DR: This is shaping up to be the best arc in the series yet. Can't wait to see the next movie now. 9/10

Up until now, the Princess Principal arcs have all involved trying to help someone else, or trying to keep the Princess' secret from getting exposed. Which is all interesting and helps in world-building, but the girls have never felt in danger or been up against an opponent who truly tested their abilities. I won't spoil any more, but this is the first arc that truly feels like the girls are up against an opponent that is one step ahead and stronger than they ...
Jul 6, 2021
TLDR: Much better than Part 1 in terms of story, characters, and pacing, with more action scenes and actual character development. Definitely worse in terms of animation, with many fight scenes where they obviously ran out of budget and/or outsourced to other animation studios. 7.5/10

I left the first movie impressed with the visuals but underwhelmed by the story. I left this 2nd movie the exact opposite: the story was much more engaging than the first one, and they finally explain all the character motivations and made me care about what was actually going on.

Unfortunately, it was also clear that they ran out of budget for ...
Jun 5, 2021
Visuals: Beautiful background designs, creative character outfits, smooth and detailed animation.
Sound: Catchy and unique songs, perfect performances from voice actresses.
Fight scenes: Well choreographed, absolutely stunning to behold.
Story: WTF did I just watch? I barely understood anything.

As summarized above, the visuals, animation, music, VA performances, and action sequences were all perfect or close to perfect. However, much like the anime series, the story was cryptic and difficult to understand. At a high level, the plot is about the girls graduating and finding their own paths beyond Starlight and high school. The details, however, were very abstract and open to interpretation. The ending may also be unsatisfying ...
Jan 2, 2021
TL;DR: As good as sex, but lasted 60 minutes longer ;)

First off, all I can say as a longtime fan of Seitokai Yakuindomo since all the way back in 2010 (yes, it's been over 10 years!!), is that it was an absolute joy and surprise when I found out they were making another movie for this series. After all, it's not often an anime that debuted more than a decade ago gets a sequel, let alone an anime that's basically just dirty joke after dirty joke. So my sincerest thanks to all the creators (and apparently crowdfunding contributors).

Onto the review - so how was the ...
Dec 8, 2020
TLDR: Like the previous FGO Babylon anime series, this movie was very well animated, full of visually beautiful and sometimes moving moments, with a diverse and memorable cast of characters. However, the story is its weak point, because as expected of an adaptation of a mobile game, the plot is basically just a series of events herding the main characters from Point A to Point B to Point C.
Overall score: 7/10

Note: I am not a FGO player and so will not be comparing the movie to the in-game story. I heard some people complain about things being cut out, but since I do not know ...
Sep 20, 2020
I have to personally give this film a 7/10. It's still far better than average, but the ending misses the mark entirely for me. I will state my reasons below, first in a spoiler-free section and then in a spoiler section.

Before I begin, full disclaimer that I have NOT read the novel, and so the source of my complaint is not "it is different from the original so it sux0rZ!!1!". I am simply giving my thoughts on the story progression and why I was so let down.

Spoiler-free section:
First, let me start off by saying that I loved a lot about this movie. The voice-acting was ...
Sep 8, 2020
UPDATE Feb. 2021: Looks like Season 2 Eps 4-7 cover this movie, so if you've already finished Season 2 of Hataraku Sabou, then there's not much need to watch this movie. Just want to put it out there to save everyone time!

TL;DR: A 2-hour-long episode that dials the cuteness up to 11, with more than a few good laughs. Does have pacing issues and recycled animations from the previous show. Overall very enjoyable, but felt a bit stretched out.

Since Hataraku Saibou is not a particularly story-driven series, I was wondering how they would try to make it into a 2-hour long movie. The answer was ...