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Jan 26, 2017
The story of a boy that lost your parents, home, friends, kingdom and enters in an adventure trying to recover the kingdom from the his enemys. This is a tipical and common introduction to historys, and can lead in a good adventure show, but in Chaos Dragon this doesn´t happen because everything is a failure.

The characters and mainly de protagonist are boring and bad, and the worst is that the anime try to make you feel sad for them. The anime has some death that try to disturb you, making you feel sad about the character that died, but you can´t because you can not read more
Apr 3, 2015
For an anime of 12 episodes, Akuma no riddle is good, although a bit repetitive (in each episode they face an enemy and a problem) it can entertain you for the good action scenes, and the characters often call your attention because the anime show the past of each, the story is quite interesting and different, escaping the cliches.

Throughout the anime I was not bored at any time, and it makes you be curious to know what will be the next enemy, and what will be his plan, which leaves the anime problem is repetitive, something interesting until , art is good, nothing too impressive read more
Mar 9, 2015
Well, when I began to see Terra formars, I thought it would be better for criticism and comments that I heard about the anime, but he did not answer my espectations.The anime is not bad, it until it is cool to watch and have good scenes action but that's it, the characters are flat (with exception of Adolf) and some things make the anime a little ridiculous, like the fact of being cheap strange and resemble humans, which makes no sense, and human take a drug and become half animals, is also another thing I found strange.
The history of anime is very good, and he read more