Jan 26, 2017
Soupa-San (All reviews)
The story of a boy that lost your parents, home, friends, kingdom and enters in an adventure trying to recover the kingdom from the his enemys. This is a tipical and common introduction to historys, and can lead in a good adventure show, but in Chaos Dragon this doesn´t happen because everything is a failure.

The characters and mainly de protagonist are boring and bad, and the worst is that the anime try to make you feel sad for them. The anime has some death that try to disturb you, making you feel sad about the character that died, but you can´t because you can not like anyone. People just appear or appear very little and the anime tries to make in those few time you get attached to them and it just does not work. Because of this the deaths are idiots, superficial and nonsense.

Along the plot much is thrown at you without explanation as if it were your duty to understand, and the animation is terrible, it doesn´t work well in fight scenes and make the show static, the CG are the worst i´ve ever seen. Oterwhise the soundtrack are good, but it´s the only thing whit quality in this show.