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TheImmortalOne50 Apr 7, 11:37 AM
Psst hey, psst. Happy birthday!!!!!!! :)
AreyKyoya Sep 13, 2017 2:41 AM
daninho8 May 21, 2017 9:22 PM
Yup! That was hype, I saw the video link and I was gonna send it to you but I saw you watched it already! What's your thoughts on it? I think it was soooooo good, even though I read the manga before and knew what was going to happen, it was so good. One of the best films I've seen, and the best movie I've seen since Kimi No Na Wa! FYI, if you were interested, you could read the last 5 chapters of the manga because the film ended on the chapter 58/63. Nothing CRAZY, but some extra stuff about Ishida/Nishimiya's relationship afterwards when Ishida starts looking up! But yeah, I loved the film, focused on the growth of character relationships and past troubles. I loved Nishimiya so much! It was so hard watching her being bullied in the beginning, I teared up when she kneeled down and started crying and apologizing to Ishida's mom when he ended in the hospital. Geeez. I guess the only character I didn't like was Kawai that much.. Ueno her reason was that she liked Ishida a lot but was scared to confess properly or stand up for him. Her romantic feelings were shown more in the manga but stilll, I didn't like Ueno either too. WBY? favorite moments/thoughts on it/fav character?

Uraraka vs. Bakugo! I want to see Uraraka win but I don't see Bakugo losing, I think he's going to the finals since he's in the other side of the bracket and he's gonna face either Deku or Todoroki. I think the fight of Urakaka and him will be a good one, and a hard fought one though and it won't be fast like the other fights. Yeah you're right, but maybe Deku can go all out and destroy his body without a worry because he has that doctor to kiss him and heal him LOL. But I think in that episode All Might said he's using 5% of the max 100%? That's crazy because he's already crazy strong but it's only 1/20th of the power he can actually later use. Yup, Boku No Hero has a lot of Naruto vibes, Naruto is a little more serious-ish & there's a shit ton of fillers which aren't even good filler episodes LOL, but overall it wasn't bad, it was actually very good. From what I remember, the beginning is good, but once you get into the shippuden part, that's when it gets really good, the fight scenes are one of the best i've seen. Have fun watching it when you decide to, you'll enjoy it but it's a looooooonnnnnggggg series :P. Ohh okay, yeah that's same for me, I have my finals in June and some in August as well, good luck!! Ahh okay good choices! What characters I would like to meet? Hmmm, Holo from S&W, she's probably my favorite female character, uhmmmm Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata, Furuta so I can punch him :P, Hinami too, I really like her from TG. I'd also like to meet Mikasa (doesn't she look like Touka?) and uhmmm maybe Subaru? idk there's a lot :P, LOL this is like Re:Creators all these anime characters coming into our world, which reminds me, I caught up on it!, that cliffhanger was crazy, I wonder who is the military princess' creator, probably related to Sota because he knows about it. But yeah, what about you? what characters?

SOOO, I spent the past 2 days like grinding on AoT, now I'm all caught up on the series. I forgot how amazing AoT was, it's been 4 years I forgot how awesome the fight scenes were and how gross the scenes of these titans were. My jaw DROPPED when I found out
was a titian, especially the first 2 at the conclusion of episode 6. Now
And also I had a question
But yup, I definitely missed out on this awesome anime, I'm so happy I got the chance to watch it finally. I love the facial expressions, and yeah now I understand why you like Levi so much, the guy's such a badass, the voice actor is so good, and I like eren's voice actor too, he sounds epic. Hmm yeah I really like Mikasa and Levi a lot, not a big fan of some characters like Jean though. I'm so tempted to read the manga but I can't... I can't!! I feel like if I start, I'm not gonna put it down and get screwed with the cliffhangers in the manga, I'm happy I started the anime now though, I feel like some people got spoiled when they started watching it in the beginning. I want to start reading Noragami soon if there's no news of an S3, I loved that series and remember the ending of s2? That was such A BIG ASS CLIFFHANGER HOLLYYY FUCKKKKK. But yeah I love the series, hopefully we get some news about it soon, same with re:zero.

Oh okay, what's your all time favorite anime then? OHH YEAHH, when Hiyori gave Yato the shrine, that was so heart warming, that was an awesome moment, and yeahh in erased that was great too, I felt so bad for Kayo, because she kept waiting for Satoru to wake up because she loved him but Satoru's mom told her to cherish her present and to not be stuck in the past so she had to live her life and get married I guess. Bittersweet & yeah.. that scene was horrific, it just makes you even more mad at
. You can tell me nowww ahaha the other moments in s2 but for me, it was when

Ahhh, okay I see, that's awesome though, idk if I asked you before but is portuguese a tough language to learn? & ohh, forgot to tell you, the anime convention over here is coming up this coming weekend so I'm pretty excited. I'm like 70% i'm gonna go, my first time, hopefully I do get to go, I want to experience what it's like and buy something really cool maybe a manga volume or a poster. I'm very excited! You said the time you went to the convention was fun right?

daninho8 May 20, 2017 11:50 AM
daninho8 May 18, 2017 9:33 PM
Been a busy few days, finally had some time to catch on some shows, I finally caught up on Boku No Hero! I'm pretty hype rn, it's getting some nice backstory like about Todoroki and his dad/mom, I feel kinda bad for him, his dad forcing his ideals onto his son but Todoroki just wants to do things his own way. & that Shinso guy I started liking a little bit more, I didn't like him before b/c he seemed kinda shady. It's gonna cool seeing the other fights take place but I don't think we'll see Todoroki vs. Deku for another episode or two. Who do you think is going to win? idk if it'll be Deku.., kinda cool this show reminds me of the fights in the academy in Naruto. Ohh okay, you and me are on the same boat then, summer school is a drag ahah with all these classes but at least we're doing something productive otherwise we'd both be probably just be watching shows all day and not moving an inch from our chairs :D. & slice of life I'd go to? Hmm, that's kind of difficult, i'd probably do to go Toradora or maybe Hyouka, so if the story doesn't revolve around me I have someone to keep me entertained (Taiga/Chitanda) Or maybe even Kyoukai no Kanata, a little bit of craziness isn't too bad right? XD wby?

& WHAT? Really? If your theory proves to be true then damn, some TG ishida tragedy right there LOL. Now that I caught up on Boku No Hero, I'm gonna start reading AoT tomorrow, up to the part where season 1 ends, chapter 34-35 I think & then I'll start the s2 anime, hopefully I don't tempt myself to read up to the current chapter LOL, you hyped me up for this series so I'll be giving this a go for sure. There's only 12 episodes so hopefully it blows me away! Do you like s1 for AoT or s2 better as of now and what about Boku No Hero? I think I like s2 of Boku No Hero a little more now because Deku is a little more confident and not crying ever 3 seconds like he did in s1 LOL, he wasn't annoying by any means though, but I'm really digging s2.

Oh noo, I haven't seen FT, is it good? I've heard mixed feelings, some people absolutely love it but some people say there's too much fanservice, BUT nonetheless, the fight looks really cool. LOOL, that'd be CRAZY if that happened, I wanna see how the relationship progresses for Kei & Haruhi, I'm behind, I'll catch up on that tomorrow as well & for Re:Creators, but yeah they both have an interest ish for each other i think but I remember from an early episode where Kei kisses her and he asks her if she felt anything and she said "no" so I wonder how's that gonna shape up, after that mini time skip it does look she cares for him and likes him though, there's some scenes where she looks jealous when he's with another girl. & yeah sukasuka is really good, I don't really have a comparison for it, maybe a little bit like re:zero or tg? Like a lot of death flags and romance. Oh yeaaahh, Oral Cigarettes right? I was surprised it was them because they don't sound like the Hey Kids! song on Noragami, but YESS, I loved that song on noragami as well! And I agree I don't like the OP on Sakurada, but the ED is great. Ahh, the biggest impression? Very hard for me to list them all, but from the anime that me and you have both seen: for sure in "your lie in april" when Kousei read that letter from Kaori in the end, :'(, & in "AnoHana" in the end when all the friends yell out to Meiko when she was about to leave, and in "clannad after story" when Tomoya started acknowledging Ushio & in re:zero when Rem had that speech to Subaru by the balcony in episode 18 (can you tell I love that series b/c I even remember the episode number? LMFAO) but yeah those 4 scenes made me shed a tear LOL, and as for just in general uhmm idk everything about Yuki in Mirai Nikki just pissed the fuck out of me LOL, and this song in re:zero I hated this song everytime it came up it gave me goosebumps and i knew that would the moment that subaru was gonna get wrecked LOL. wby? & I'm still amazed that you type all this even though english isn't your first language it's actually so sick, I took french from grade 4-12 and I can barely formulate a paragraph without resorting to google translate. & since I stopped taking it when I went to college now, I basically forgot everything LMFAO.

Darklux May 16, 2017 5:05 PM
thank you <33
daninho8 May 10, 2017 9:59 PM
I'm behind 2 episodes on Boku No Hero, gotta catch up soon, been watching some other shows. & Yeah I didn't like Bakugo either he was so mean towards Deku but after awhile like now I don't take him seriously LOL, I see him as some older brother who's envious of his little brother (in this case Deku) because the little brother is better than him at some things so he's jealous. Yeah, same Todoroki was just any other supporting chracter but now he's in the spotlight, a direct rival to Deku. Yeahhh, like something about his dad right? Probably hates his dad but wants to prove his worth to him so his dad can acknowledge him. Yeah my schedule is horrible, I have summer school twice a week and yoooo, my class schedule is SOOO horrible, I have class from 8am-9pm. I'm literally at school for 13 hours, ughhhhh. Can't even splurge on the anime. Uhhhhhh, I'd probably choose somewhere scary and messed up LOL but if it was like long term and I can't get out and I gotta stay forever then I'd probably choose like a school/slice of life anime setting! Yeah Mikasa and Levi are so badass. Oh are you reading the manga? DOn't spoil me but is it getting darker/better? Do we know what was in that basement? I swear we've been teased about that since the beginning of the first season. A quirk I'd like to have? I like Uraraka's quirk, levitating and picking things up, LOL kinda basic but that would be pretty cool, or maybe something kind of fucked like Tomura Shigaraki's quirk, the disintegration quirk everything just crumbles LOL. That chracter is very interesting, I'd like to see how this whole villain vs hero thing unfolds and if Deku turns into some OP god and if he and Bakugo/Todoroki cna become friends and work together and take down the villains, boku no hero doesn't seem too cliche though so I don't think that's gonna happen. Sakurada reset's turning into some mystery thing, I wonder if Sumire is gonna come back, she seemed like a really important character in the very beginning but she just died randomly, I think maybe she'll pop up sometime soon idk, maybe like Hide from TG ahahah. I LOVE THE ED in Sakurada Reset. & LOOL, that's true, that guy's ears can hear anything and is a prodigy but can't fix a clock. Re:Creators and SukaSuka are easy AOTS for me right, both so good, and that wallpaper LOOL.

daninho8 Apr 30, 2017 1:41 PM
Ouu, yeah I've seen some gameplay of Persona 5, I played some of the previous Personas it's pretty fun! Oh really? That sounds exciting I might pick up AoT very soon then! Yeah, I hope Deku wins, what do you think of Todoroki & Bakugo? I actually don't mind them that much even though they're rivals and act kinda coldly towards Deku. Yeah Re:Creators is really good, I'm definitely digging this series, it's an original too so it might end on a good note too rather than stopping halfways of a story and making us wait another 2-3 years for another season to get a conclusion. LOOOL, yeah being in an anime world of AoT or TG would be crazy hectic. My favorite characters in AoT? I like Mikasa & Levi a lot, Eren's not bad either but I really like Mikasa and Levi, they're both just badasses. & anime world...hmm maybe re:zero? If I was like in Subaru's place that would be crazy, I can just live life and do whatever and if I die I just go back to a previous checkpoint and then just keep doing whatever in the fantasy world aha. Idk if there's a limited number of times where I can go back to a checkpoint before I just die forreal & idk anything about the witch or the 7 sins but I'll take my chances :P. Being in Boku No Hero's world would be sick too, especially if I had a cool quirk, if I had a crappy one then it'd be pretty lame, I like Bakugo's quirk and Todoroki, Deku... idk I don't want to destroy my body from using it LOL.
Yeaaah, it was just so weird LOL, I am a bit interested in the relationship between the boy and the mecha girl but nyeehh, maybe I'll come back to it later, and yeah I totally understand about that policy. & yooooooo, that trailer looks so realistic it's actually crazy.

daninho8 Apr 25, 2017 8:45 PM
Exams were good! Hmm, no I haven't, I've been hearing praise about Horizon! & Nier Automata, so those 2 look pretty cool, I might check those out and see some gameplay on what it's like. & I haven't started AoT because I gotta go see the first season again since I forgot some stuff on what happened but I'm on track with Boku no Hero Academia 2nd season. It's AWESOME. I'm really digging it, the OP for it is great, and I like how Deku is getting more self confidence and being less of a pushover. I love how this series is showcasing the MC's wits rather than just brute strength, so that's what makes this series unique from other shounen. Deku is intelligent and chooses when to use his quirk. His first place finish in the first phase of the festival was EPIC, gonna be cool how this phase 2 wraps up with this calvary challenge. Re:Creators is aweeesome, wonder why the main character is so involved in this and how the character in the very beginning knows him, it'll be interesting how this shapes out. Uhmmmmmmmmmm, probably being in an anime world tbh, my escape from reality, something different must be epic too maybe having some powers or something LOL, wby? Yeah, I think you'll LOVEE sukasuka, that's probably my favorite non-sequel one now, it's action with a great backstory + romance with substance!! Clockwork Planet... tbh I'm disappointed. I was hype reading the synopsis and people buzzing about it, but I think it's bad. Remember that scene where the girl asks the MC to be contracted for her? & then she just starts slurping on his finger for like 25 seconds? That was so stupid LMFAO. I just around 25 chapters of the manga, which is equivalent to one season and it wasn't good tbh so I just dropped it :/. & ouuuu thanks for the link.

Chapter 121 -
Yeah, Kanou... we've been talking about him for weeks & we still haven't gotten any hints about his true motives, it's honestly annoying me because we haven't gotten a proper backstory as to why he's like this. All we got was that a flashback he looked at other humans in disgust and looked at them like bugs, but that doesn't justify why he's doing all this stuff so I don't know, I'm so confused. I don't think Ishida would make him just typical crazy scientist but honestly at this point I don't care about his backstory or what his motives are. I just clump him with the bad guys because he's helping Furuta. :/ Just kill the guy already LOL, he's a human but I guess his little experiments would protect him..

Yeah, I'm with you for that. I love making ships and stuff but at the end of the day, I'm reading this for the plot and stuff not for some lovey dovey relationship (though I wouldn't mind that for Touken XD) I'm still dying bout that Touka question, so straight up, I've probably read that panel alone like 20 times LMAO.

Chapter 122 -
OHHHHHHHHHHH, I was gonna talk about that. Remember the previous volume where the cover was of Arima? But there was a red lne across his neck? We know Ishida is obsessed with his parallels and stuff, and that red line on Arima's neck turned out to be that he slit his throat and died. :'( THIS ISN'T GOOD!! Something is gonna happen to Touka, I don't know what but if I had to speculate, she's getting stabbed in the stomach or even worse... she dies.. idk. Ugh, I don't wanna think about this. The goodness chapters have ended, the tragedy has resumed my friend.

I loveeee Touka from the first few pages too, & yes, we got the old innocent ken kaneki from the very beginning, that was sooooo good. I loved the first few pages so much. Touka's like "make sure you wipe the floor" LMFAO. Aww, and how she said "There's only one of us who think it would be better if you were gone, and that's you" That's really nice of her, I hope this guy finally gets it drilled in his dense head of his that there's ACTUALLY people that love and care for him and that he's not gonna run off and die some tragic death. "When the time comes, I'll let you do it with me" ... I spat out hr water I was drinking and was dying of laughter. I haven't read anything where the character was so straight up and didn't beat the bush whatsoever. Very commendable coming from a girl whose probably talking about sex with her love interest for the first time. Yes, that line catapulted Touka over Eto for me too LOL, I just love how she's actually a boss like she's actually strong in the battlefield and not some damsel in distress, she actually wants to be involved and help out and not be the cheerleader in the sidelines.

"Then I guess I'm more of an idiot for feeling happy at being looked at like that" That was so sweet too yeah I agree with that, that's just her acknowledging her feelings towards Kaneki and Kaneki didn't deny he looked at her like that, so that's showing he likes her too. Maybe this will make him even stronger, he has his group of friends to protect and now a love interest and cares for him. LMFAOOOO I felt the same my friend, I was like, TSUKIYAMA BRUH FUCK YOU FUCK OFF" Tbh, I'm not sure either but the next page was crazy. Heads on pikes, Furuta being the radical leader he is and having his own fan club because he's good looking, c'mon people the guys nothing but evil whos gives a fuck if he's good looking or not he's about to wreck your lives not just ghouls' lives. Koori Ui's face was so grim, I don't know what is his stance, maybe he'll eventually rebel? I don't know, I don't know if the inspectors know the strength of Furuta probably not since he hasn't revealed his ghoul side, they probably jsut think he's some psycho.

LMFAOOOO, when I just saw the hair I was like omg, ETO IS BACK LOVE TRIANGLE OR WHAAAA, but then I was like Eto wouldn't say "Sensei <3" and then I saw the fucking eyepatch and I was like great this idiot is back. Ohh from Mirai Nikki? Yeah for sure, but I kinda liked Yuno ish, Mutsuki, you can't even give her any sympathy, she's been fucked up since her childhood, the only reason why she's in the CCG is because she holds high potential as a Q, probably as much if not more than Urie. Like remember the whole thing with Torso? I know Torso was fucked up but... wait I just remember how fucked Torso was, bad example LMFAO, but like previous experiences and flashbacks.. Mutsuki is NOT normal and is SOOO dangerous. & of fucking course of anyone to pop in and burst the bubble Touka and Kaneki is in, it just HAD to be Mutsuki. What's gonnna happen next chapter, who knows. How'd she find out where Kaneki is, she probably found out Kaneki was fake when Furuta cut the fake Kaneki. There's probably gonna be a fight next chapter, Touka might step in fight and push Kaneki away saying, you've left me in the sidelines, it's time I'm stepping in and doing the dirty work. I don't think she'll get pierced in the stomach this soon though, maybe later since, Arima was killed way later in the volume after the cover picture of him. So as always, looking forward to the next chapter. Really gotta hand it to Ishida, I swear each week his illustrations get better and his chapters stay consistent, it's never a dull chapter or some chapter that's just filled with bs to prolong the story. What hairstlye did you like Touka more? New or Old? I personally like old hairstyle tbh :P

YouRuinedMyMojo Apr 23, 2017 7:10 AM
Thanks for accepting my request! Hope we will get along in the future! :)

Looking forward to it!
Sonal1988 Apr 22, 2017 12:11 PM
Karma x Nagisa is my OTP from Assassination Classroom.
Aki grew on me too, but nobody beats Haru. That boy is delicious.
Sonal1988 Apr 21, 2017 7:34 AM
Aki Kaido is your #1 fav? That's a surprise.

And I like Karma and Nagisa too. In fact, I ship them so hard 😉
daninho8 Apr 18, 2017 11:59 AM
FINALLY done, finally free at least for a few weeks then summer school :( but only twice a week so it won't be too bad. What game are you playing? I might get into a gaming fix soon too LOL, been probably a year since I've played a game other then fifa lol. YUP, watching AoT & Boku No Hero S2, pretty hyped for it. Sagrada Reset (yeah I saw Sakurada as well) is pretty decent, the shocker at the end of the 2nd episode was like...damn, unexpected, hopefully it gets better though the voice acing is a little monotone. Re:Creators is actually great it lived up to the hype I was expecting. You should check out SukaSuka & Gromoire of Zero, I think those 2 alongside Re:Creators have some real potential to be AOTS non-sequel, the other ones I'm watching (Sakura Quest/Alice To Zouroku/Sagrada Reset/Atom the Beginning/KADO) are good but I don't expect any of those to blow my socks off. & aha no worries, hope you had a fun day!

Ouu that wallpaper looks soo sick, I might make it my new desktop background

Anyways, good to back on this anime life LOL, i'll be rotting away watching anime at least for the next week or two weeks :D

daninho8 Apr 7, 2017 5:53 AM
LOL, same I couldn't help myself, had to check out some of this season's new anime, probably won't start the big names (AoT & Boku) until my exams are officially over though since I kinda forgot some stuff that happened in the previous seasons. So far I like Sakura Quest the most, which makes me surprised because the synopsis was kinda boring but it turned out really good! Uhm, Alice to Zouroku & KADO are pretty decent though I'm not digging the animations too much, will check out Clockwork Planet today, hopefully that and Grimoire of Zero live up to my expectations of being the best ones of this season, Sagrada Reset kinda disappointed me first episode but still has potential. Let me know when you start watching some of these shows so we can talk about it like TG, probably won't be writing essays on those shows like I do on TG though :P & THANKs, my finals start today actually but wanted to wish you a happy birthday and reply to your previous msg bfore I go ghost XD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hope you have an amazing day and that this will be your best year yet!

Anywayssss, I might not be able to reply for a few days or so, but happy birthday again, let me know your thoughts on the upcoming chapter, I'll definitely read what you think about it when i get to reading it!

Tachibana-chan Apr 4, 2017 11:26 PM
You're welcome !