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Monogatari Series: Second Season
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Hori-san to Miyamura-kun
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun
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Cryptotaku Feb 12, 9:44 PM
LOL, your half-way reply being longer than your essay has got me bustin up right now x'DD Thanks for blessing me, I am honored ;]
Cryptotaku Feb 12, 12:53 PM
Nice, glad to hear that you made it through the first wave! Good ol' midterms for ya, hah. Is there a course that you are enjoying the most this quarter?
Cryptotaku Feb 5, 4:01 PM
New S;G0 PV was dropped

They also posted new character designs

and a new key visual

TLDR: hyped af countdown T-(5.011 * 10^6) seconds (yes, that math is accurate x''DD)
Cryptotaku Jan 26, 5:25 PM
No worries my bro! I know how it is to be swamped with midterms....I'd rather you do a good job on them than worry about getting back to me. ;D I'll always be here, so take your time homie. Thanks for hitting me up though, I appreciate it! Looking forward to talking to you about Violet Evergarden, more Tokyo Ghoul, my rewatch of Re:Zero, things that are new with you, and all the good jazz that is going on.

Stay blessed! (I changed my username btw just so you know (I'm sure it was obvious) - it'll be the last time I change my username, I was kinda feeling Cryptotaku over Misesama since I'm a crypto nerd haha.)
Cryptotaku Jan 7, 9:08 PM
Alright nvm, I finished Root A and ended up having my questions answered. Kaneki explained why he joined Aogiri the episode after I made that comment to you lol. Everything else makes sense now after Root A, I just think the start of the first season's pacing was a little fast.
Cryptotaku Jan 6, 3:16 PM
V Sorry, I didn't mean to type such a long reply! It was kind of hard not to then when having to talk about Monster, Monogatari, Tokyo Ghoul, the 2018 season, Shinsekai Yori, and.....the world, all in one post. Stay well dood!
Cryptotaku Jan 6, 3:14 PM
Heya --

yeah the currently airing shows are still pretty enjoyable in my opinion. It's nice seeing them continue on into the Winter season! 3Gatsu is something that I continue to look forward to, I really like the storywriting as of the last 7-8 episodes. Mahoutsukai is picking up as well! There's actually a bit of an underlying plot that develops and there's a lot more action than I would have originally expected out of the series. Not consistent action, but when it comes up, it goes in. x'D

2018 has a lot in store for it. I thought 2017 was going to be the year of really good anime (I think I even wrote you something about that earlier), but 2018 is probably going to be even better. x'D I mean we'll be getting Heaven's Feel, SG;0 (for sure), Violet Evergarden, Fate/Extra (animated by studio Shaft, low-key super hyped for this), Attack on Titan Season 3, Tokyo Ghoul;re, Zoku Owarimonogatari, Code Geass R3, Seven Deadly Sins Season 2, and more. Definitely a lot to look forward to, hopefully at least one or two of those will be REALLY good. I have big hopes for SG;0 -- which, in agreement with you, deals with the concept of time travel very well. In fact, I think Steins;Gate is one of the best pieces of science-fiction (period) to deal with time travel and quantum mechanics with the use of multiple universe theory. It did it with minimal plot holes and in a way that is relatively believable without having to question any underlying assumptions. The "thrill" that was thrown into the mix with the added romance+comedy factors (with enjoyable and memorable characters) makes the series a masterpiece imo (I'm a bit biased though, it's my #1, what can I say?). I actually find the concept of time travel or time dsyphoria in general to be interesting, which is why I tend to enjoy anime that make use of the concept decently (S;G, Madoka Magica, Re:Zero, Higurashi.....there is a pattern here). I digress.

YES, the official release date of S;G0 has me more excited that White Fox might announce a second season for Re:Zero in the nearer future. Like you said, there is still a lot of material to cover. I felt like the story and scale of the worldbuilding is on the level of HxH in the sense that 140+ episodes are needed to completely flesh out the story and all of the possibilities. Like you said, Season 1 of Re:Zero was basically just the prologue LOL. So yeah, we definitely need answers about the witch, the sins, Emilia, and a lot more. Thinking back on RZ, I can't recall too many fillers (if any, at all). Fillers usually piss me off, but I vividly remember being stoked for each weekly episode of RZ as if each episode was gonna be game 7 of the NBA finals. I definitely need another re-watch very soon to refresh my memory of the RZ greatness. I was actually thinking about it after finishing Monster, but went ahead with a quick powerthrough of Tokyo Ghoul (more on that below) since my brain was conditioned to the many episodes of a long runner haha. As of how Subaru can grow his character to rely less on return by death....I've actually thought about a couple of theories: maybe there will come a time when Subaru begins to lose things after returning by death (so there begins to be an additional cost on him in order to make that decision). Maybe he will become completely deaf in one ear upon return, for example. Or maybe there will come a point in the series where Subaru gets rid of the "return by death," but is in a situation where he can sacrifice himself to save others he cares about (Rem/Emilia/other characters). It'd also be interesting if the author had Subaru figure out a way to communicate his problem to other characters without them getting destroyed, perhaps leading to strategic use of return by death. I'm not even sure tbh, there's too much to theorize on and the author is pretty good at keeping me entertained. All I know is that I can't wait to find out! I might have to get on that Translation Chicken grind with you, it's super tempting x']]

So I see that you've been watching the Monogatari series...VERY nice. Your ratings are precisely along the lines of what I rated mine if the tags are examined. Nisemonogatari was a mix of "meh" and cringe, whereas Monogatari Second Season is masterful with solid series/movies taking place in between (Kizu, Neko, Bake). I think the 2nd Season of Owari is really strong too. Ahh that series overall is amazing, so many great characters, I can gush on and on about it. The fanservice gets creepy at times, but dammit, my love for the characters, color schemes, wordplay, and BRILLIANT story board overpower the distastefulness of said toothbrushing scenes and Araragi+Hachikuji grope scenes (never thought I'd see the day where I typed such words to the screen, by the way ;D). Like you said, I am not in the boat of classifying Monogatari as "the greatest series ever created," though if somebody tells me that, I can understand why they enjoy it so much. I'm pretty curious now, what are your favorite arcs from the Monogatari Series Second Season? (I feel like this is on the level of asking, YorkNew City or Chimera Ant? x]]) From Bake, my top 2 are (#1) Hitagi Crab and (#2) Tsubasa Cat. For Monogatari Series Second Season, I have to go with a top 3 of (#1) Hitagi End, (#2) Mayoi Jiangshi, and (#3) Shinobu Time. Shinobu is a reaaallly good character -- do you have any other characters that you enjoyed? Monogatari series has such a great cast, I thought that Hitagi, Meme, Kanbaru, Kaiki, and Hachikuji are also really good characters in their own way.

Now that I've finished Monster, I'm trying to figure out how to tell you about what I think without writing so many paragraphs and eventually unleashing the monster inside of me. Where to begin? Well, to address your questions -- I really liked Tenma, Nina, and Johan. One of my favorite characters lowkey was GRIMMER-SAN! I loved Grimmer because he knew himself (even though he didn't know things like his name) and knew what he didn't know. He was in some of the best scenes in the story, even though he wasn't considered a main character. I really enjoyed the scene where he first found his emotions and needed to use them in order to pretty much save Antonin's life. I also found it touching when Grimmer died and he cried because he felt sad about his child dying. Not knowing or being able to understand his emotions, but "learning how to smile" and ironically being one of the happier/more upbeat characters in the series was a twist. But it contributes to one of the larger underlying points that I think Monster tries to make - a point that goes beyond ethics and transcends into metaphysics. More specifically, the topics of identity, self, and their inextricably connection with human nature. On the surface, Monster seemed to be about an ethical dilemma. At first I was not sure how the show would be able to go on for 74 episodes solely based on such a dilemma. Turns out....Monster became something much more than the dilemma that the audience is presented with. It turned into a story that forces the audience to deal with the idea of revenge in a more absolutist way, in addition to the concept of human nature.

Metaphysical questions and human nature are things that more people tend to stay away from, because addressing such questions honestly takes a lot of time and can make people feel quite uncomfortable. Monster's ability to deal with these topics and force the audience to think about them are one of the reasons I gave the series a 10. This is seriously making me want to go akimbo keyboards and write a master thesis like I was feeling about EVA...the name "Monster" is really fitting for the anime and pretty much summarizes the deeper underlying themes. Are some people born a monster and other people aren't? Or is everyone born with a monster inside of them? It's a really fascinating way of asking the audience, are people born inherently good/evil, or is there some amount of nurturing that goes into shaping goodness/evilness? After thinking about it, I think it's a bit of both. I think we are all born with a monster inside of us, but that monster can be nurtured to do really evil and wicked things. Even then, there's still a great amount of choice involved. Look at Nina -- she was the one who actually went through the brainwashing, sensory deprivation, and torture at a young age. She was exposed to the murder of those she loved the most multiple times and had a monster inside of her that wanted to kill Johan. I think she realized that we all make mistakes and seeking revenge or fueling hate only contribute to nurturing the monster in other people, so she chose to suppress her monstrous urges and forgive Johan. This was the same pattern that Tenma (and virtually all other characters that appeared in the show) had to face. No matter how virtuous the person is or is not, each person is flawed (whether a wrong was done to us or we ourselves wronged somebody else). These flaws leave human beings vulnerable at times, and if humans don't have some of the things they need in life (an identity, a support group, love, understanding), they can unleash the monster inside of them as a reaction to the weight crumbling beneath them.

Humans are capable of doing monstrous things -- rape, murder, war, torture, and everything in between that took place in the series. People are also capable of doing amazing things, despite having been a victim and potentially having demons of their own that they battle with. People who engaged in monstrous acts are also capable of changing (Grimmer, Bonaparta, Eva), while people who generally lived virtuous lives ended up committing monstrous acts (Milan Kolacsh). Things that most humans probably all need are a sense of identity, which comes from having somewhere to belong, being understood, being loved, and having others to share problems with. Absent our emotions, absent our sense of self, absent a place of belonging ..... absent our identity, we are nameless. A nameless monster.

Johan and Grimmer were both nameless monsters, but in different ways based on different conditions and with different end results. That's why I think looking at these two characters who both came from Kinderheim 511 is useful. Johan lost his sense of identity the moment when he started questioning if his mother meant to choose him or his sister when she was forced to choose a child to give up for experimentation. Having to live your life as a young child questioning if you were really loved or were really meant to be chosen would be terrifying and disturbing. It's quite easy to understand why Johan derived the view that "nobody is chosen to live, but everyone is equal in death." In addition to Johan never knowing if his mother wanted to protect him or was confused over which child she chose to send to experimentation, he was subjected to the events of Kinderheim 511, had all of his friends died, and never truly knew his name. He became the nameless monster just like in Bonaparta's story, with nobody alive left to remember anything about Johan -- or in other words, with no external mechanism to shape his identity.

Grimmer, who also went through Kinderheim 511, lost track of his name from the brainwashing. However, unlike Johan, Grimmer chose to create a new identity. It was rooted in the loss of his child and in the new friendships he made throughout the story. This is more evidenced in his dying scene when he mentions that he doesn't even have a name, to which Tenma, Dieter, or Antonin (can't remember which one tbh) responded by saying "no, it's Grimmer!" He would be remembered as Grimmer even after he died. Indeed, just as it was code in Kinderheim 511 for your friends to carry your name, Grimmer made new friends who would carry on remembering him after he died. He established a new identity and cemented it when he confirmed his feelings for his dead child, a direct contradiction to Johan's "perfect suicide."

Regarding the topic of "when is it right to take a life," Tenma answered that question at the end of the series while simultaneously showing how Tenma -- generally regarded as a virtuous character -- could have engaged in a monstrous action fueled out of revenge. Johan had a way of bringing out the monster in people by reading their psychological cues and figuring out people's vulnerabilities, it was honestly one of the creepiest things I've seen out of any villain. He almost brought this monster out of Tenma, by making a doctor question his identity. Tenma's identity is to literally save people's lives. When Johan made Tenma want to commit murder, it was a direct contradiction to Tenma's identity. How can somebody take an oath to preserve life while simultaneously engaging in murder? Johan lured Tenma into questioning if it was the right decision to save Johan, which in effect, was a direct attack on Tenma's identity. Not to be cliche, but to drive the point home: had Tenma let his identity be shattered, as almost happened a few times in the series, he would be close to a nameless monster and capable of committing actions that the audience would not expect out of Tenma. Murdering Johan out of a motive for revenge is the wrong action, an action that is monstrous and contradictory to Tenma's identity as a doctor. Neutralizing Johan in self-defense (and not out of revenge), as the drunken dad did against Johan (to save his son), is the ethically right decision to do. So is saving the life of somebody who is down, despite how evil or wicked they might be. When it comes to taking life, a more "meritocratic" (situational, or based on the merit of an action that is happening against you) approach is warranted (namely in cases of immediate self-defense), whereas when it comes to saving life, a more "egalitarian" approach is warranted and we shouldn't be one to judge who lives and dies and that point. It says a lot about Tenma's character and how he held onto his identity and ideals when he chose to save Johan (again) at the end of the series.

I can honestly say much more about Monster, but will holster the akimbo keyboards for now LOL. Sorry about that, I've been wanting to write out my thoughts on Monster for a bit and figured that my reply to you would be a good place since you asked me about it. Anyhow, I would love to know what you think about Monster and some of the underlying concepts that the story conveyed. Who were your favorite characters? Do you think that Monster dealt with the nature of humanity (nature versus nurture) and identity, or am I looking too much into things? Any other thoughts that you had about the series? I understand that you read the manga...I think the anime was AMAZING, so I might have to get in on the manga sometime (I know I say that a lot haha) and have another discussion with you about this.

Now that you mention it, yes, Madoka Magica and EVA do have a lot of similarities. I think I preferred EVA's ending (End of Evangelion), whereas I preferred Madoka Magica's plot twists. It seemed to me that Anno added more mindfuckery and showcasing the depression of his characters deeper, while Gen the Butcher focused on building up the characters and having them fight through the despair only to be left with a numb ending. I think both series had a good amount of symbolism (EVA kind of goes crazy with it, but Madoka Magica's ending was very symbolic imo -- Madoka and Homura essentially became countering forces in the universe, almost like Yin and Yang or God and the Devil). Overall, similar to what you said -- EVA's ending message is surprisingly one of hope, whereas Madoka's is empty (though conclusive if you think about it, just in a bittersweet way). I think you summarized the differences well. Did you have a favorite character from Madoka Magica btw? I thought the entire cast was great and I like a different character a bit more after each re-watch. I think I would go with Homura. The fact that she would go to such great lengths for a friend and do what she did to fulfill a promise is admirable. Although she gets criticized by some for her decision at the end of Rebellion, I think her decision is a logical choice to make from her point of view and based on her experiences. I think I'm in the minority that thinks that: Homura wasn't wrong. I'd love to hear different thoughts and interpretations if you have any!

Mushishi as an overall series doesn't give me the same feeling as "blockbusters" like S;G, FMA:B, HxH, R:Z, S&W, etc. It does, however, have many individual stories within episodes that are moving in some sort of way. It is because of this that, although the series as a whole does not reach spectacular heights with its overall story, it is highly rewatchable and has something for everyone. I don't want to downplay Mushishi when I say that (because I personally think it is worthy of an honorable mention), but I don't want to overhype it either. With regard to if the episodic nature is similar to Cowboy Bepop, I'd say "kind-of": different things happen in each episode, but there isn't an overarching plot in Mushishi with a villain (as there is in Cowboy Bebop). That said, I think it follows the "3 episode rule" accurately: you will know if you'll enjoy the series or not after watching a few episodes. If you do ever check it out you should let me know what your favorite episodes are! There are a quite a few actually that were memorable to me.

Yah, I pre-ordered the Koe no Katachi boxset back in November and got surprised by it when it arrived at the end of December. x'D The boxset is a work of art, here's a pic:

Also copped the 2nd volume of Your Name! Yah, even though I don't read manga that often right now you can see that I'm priming up to go innnn haha! I will definitely let you know when I start reading all of these great manga and light novel so that we can extend our discussion to beyond anime. I'm excited to see the differences between Koe no Katachi's anime and manga, since I thought the anime was great but had heard that the original source was amazing. (I'd actually heard about the original source before the anime, it seems to get a lot of praise for good reasons) I am also looking forward to that extra little snippet after the movie, like you said. ;-D

I don't blame you for putting Shinsekai Yori in your top 10. It was original, is a bit underrated for how good of a story it is, and had interesting dynamics between groups. In my opinion, after you take the time to think about the story and understand everything that happened and all of the character relationships, it makes the series almost twice as good. Unfortunately for me, I didn't put all the pieces together until like 1 month after watching the series and never went back for a re-watch. Talking about it with you again though makes me want to throw it up on the re-watch list (in there with all my favorites + a couple of honorable mentions). Shinsekai Yori is a series that I might dare to say does everything right. I think that it is probably A1's best production, even though I am a huge sucker for Ano Hi Mita. The first half of Shinsekai Yori had subtle gestures that setup the second half? Interesting, that probably WOULD make me enjoy the series more -- I'm curious, what did you notice during your re-watch? I'd love to hear your analysis of how the first half setup the second half that lead to the grand conclusion. Regarding what you already said about the series though, I actually didn't consider how the laughing of the humans to Squealer demonstrated ignorance and pride. This is exactly one of the reasons why I like having these conversations, it lets me see some of these anime in a different light, so thank you for that.

Damn well I did not know that about the Oregairu light novels. I really want to go read 12, but it'd probably be a bad idea because I'd want 13 and 14 even more. x'D I would love if Studio feel announced a movie or something, but I doubt they'll do anything until Watari officially finishes the series. I think it'd be a mistake for feel to try to adapt their own ending, oh God, that usually doesn't go well LOL. But like you said, there's so much that Watari can potentially do with the relationships and Yukino's problem. I really wish he'd go beyond 14 volumes perhaps based on Yukino's problem or some sort of reactions based on the problem, but no good things can go on forever I suppose. Please let me know if you hear anything more about this series, I'd flip out quick if feel announced something.

Yaaah, I've not come across any spectacular gangster or "shoot-em-up" anime. I tried that with Jormungand (produced by WhiteFox) and was left with a "meh" impression. I've been keeping an eye on 91 Days, some of the previews gave off some decent mobster vibes, but my expectations aren't too high. I don't see any anime coming close to the level of Godfather or Scarface, let alone any Western produced film as of recent. I should probably bite my tongue though -- have you heard about Scorsese's Irish gangster film set for Summer of 2018? I'm HYPED for that! Baccano was a pretty fun series, but it's over-the-top blend of comedy and violence doesn't compare to the raw brutality that we can see in traditional gangster series. The same is also when compared to some of the non-traditional (but still very good gangster movies) like Menace II Society.

I have very good things to say about Gurren Lagann: it has good characters, noticeable character development, STUNNING animation (especially considering its time), a story of epic proportions, and a way of going from "ok that was cool" to unfathomable amounts of energy/power/badassery/alphaness. It's one of the only anime I've watched that blended classical music with rap, and it did it perfectly. The MC also goes through the traditional slump that they have to overcome, but they overcome it and do so with style. That's what I mean by good character development, the change in the MC's attitude isn't random but is due to his own drive. It's a pretty fun series and also has a good dub! I watch most of my anime subbed, but I watched Gurren Lagann dubbed and had no complaints. It is re-watchable, and I will be doing so next time subbed. Let me know your thoughts if you pick it up past the first episode, I'd love to know who your favorite characters are and what you think about the build up and ending.

Ah, and speaking about the awesomeness of Fate....later this month we are getting Fate/Extra. Normally I'm not too big a fan of these alternative stories (Fate/Prototype, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Grand Order), but this one actually looks like a gem. We get Rin and Saber in this rendition (in the Nasuverse) and it is being animated by Studio Shaft! OH MAN, I'm gonna cry if I get a Rin head tilt. x']] Seriously though, I think that series is something you might consider keeping on your radar if you enjoy Fate (at the very least to see how well Shaft does adapting a Type Moon story). I plan on watching the first episode as soon as it comes out and watching it on a weekly basis, so I'll be sure to drop you my initial impressions of the series.

OK, about Tokyo Ghoul: I can see what you mean about the pacing of the first season. I really like the story and the grand potential it has and its cast of characters are nice (Kaneki, Touka, Shuu) and I like the whole idea of there being different ghoul communities and organizations that are a reflection of individual ghoul ideals. It's also interesting seeing the conflict between humans and ghouls and how at the end of the day humans aren't much different from ghouls in a lot of ways. All of that said, there were some discrepancies in the first season (of the anime, I haven't gotten into the manga) that took away from my enjoyment. It seemed like some things happened just for the sake of happening, or maybe some things weren't explained well enough. It almost seemed like Studio Pierrot assumed that the audience had already read the manga and decided that it would be alright to introduce certain events believing that the audience was aware of unspoken assumptions. For example, between the last episode of the first season and the first episode of Root A, it didn't make sense to me why Kaneki joined Aogiri. After watching Root A a little further, I can guess that Kaneki joined Aogiri because he wants to get stronger and doesn't want his friends to die (it seems like Kaneki knows something that the audience does not know, so maybe I just need to keep watching Root A -- I'm on Episode 5 as I write this). I also absolutely ADORE the soundtrack in Tokyo Ghoul (and especially Root A), I just wish that the audio was synced up with the visuals a little better or that the emotional music was invoked at more appropriately placed times. It's a stupid nitpick, I know, but when you have something as beautiful as Glassy Sky start playing randomly during nothing too meaningful, I wish the placing and timing was a little different.

I feel like the story has massive amounts of potential and I really love the characters, but I feel like something is being robbed from Studio Pierrot's adaptation of the story. I think I recall you saying that they had a script given to them by the author, but they trashed it and went with their own routes for certain things. If true that just inspires me to pick up the manga as my next read, even before Koe no Katachi. If you could please clear up some of the confusion I am having about why Kaneki joined Aogiri (unless it's a spoiler) and what's exactly going on between these different factions of ghouls, that would be much appreciated.

Back on the grind again, huh? Well I'm like you, putting in work throughout the week is nice. It makes rewards like anime and sports that much better! It's also nice seeing things you've learned being put to use and seeing how you grew. Are you taking anything interesting this term? Yahh, I actually just got my degree yesterday -- thanks for your kind words / blessings! I'm pretty happy with where I'm at now. I can continue being a professional Otaku without having to worry about finding a job or massive amounts of student debt. You make a good point though, I'm probably in the minority compared to the average college graduate nowadays. Because of that, I am really thankful and also open to hearing about other people's circumstances and experiences. I think that some people being unable to find work after landing an expensive degree is partially due to the educational system and how it integrates with government. I don't blame individual professors, but I think we are getting to a point in North America where there is a lack of competition relating to: the quality of educational material as defined by bureaucratic requirements (instead of as determined by student needs and industry demand), admissions, and the number of degrees awarded. The value of a degree is defined by what employers think the average degree yields. Right now, a lot of degrees only yield massive amounts of debt and outdated knowledge (knowledge that won't serve useful in industry, at least relating to computer science: they were teaching some 10 year old concepts where I got my degree, and this unfortunately happens at a lot of universities). It doesn't make logical sense for an employer to hire somebody fresh out of college with a CS degree compared to the guy who has 5 years of experience in the industry without the degree. This wouldn't be the case if degrees had more value, but nowadays they sadly don't (at least in my opinion, and I hate saying that because I support people pursuing their dreams, getting an education, and doing well).

Increasing the value of a degree is a matter of decreasing the supply of awarded degrees (in the short-term, but in the long-term striving to see a lot of young people achieve higher education) while increasing the demand to earn a degree. Increasing the demand of a degree is in part a matter of increasing the quality of educational material, which is a function of competition and not bureaucratic rule. I just don't think that some high level faculty members and politicians can stay up to date with all of the latest information, which results in today's standards for particular curriculum (that professors are required to abide by) becoming generally antiquated by a decade in some fields. I haven't thought of any specific suggestions that I could advocate for to create those conditions, I've only thought about it in general terms. If somebody is in a situation where they are in lots of debt and can't find a job after graduating, however, the best thing I could recommend they do is find a different job (that doesn't require college education) temporarily. It might be disheartening to apply for a job that you could apply for without a degree (especially after you recently achieved the degree), but it gets your foot in the door on making money to pay off the debt and also building up experience in industry (however minimal it is). Even if the experience isn't directly related to what you studied, you take away "people skills" that can be applied to any job. Then, while working the temporary job and paying off debt, I'd recommend continuing to apply elsewhere, study to achieve additional certifications, and accumulate volunteer experience for the field you want to work in. When you can't get the experience you want in industry, you can always get (less of) it by volunteering. Doing so could put you in a position to get a job that you weren't able to previously land.

In some cases, people are being deceived by being told that "after you get a degree you'll get a nice paying job and everything will be well. Just go to college!" This is becoming an irresponsible myth (fueled out of genuinely good intentions) that is contributing to the situation of overvalued degrees that we are currently witnessing. For people who aren't yet in the predicament that you describe, sometimes taking an apprenticeship, internships, or even getting a job directly out of high school can be a better decision than pursuing the college degree. There isn't any universal rule, it's all subject to a person's circumstances, interests, etc. But I do know people who worked their way up to 6 figures without a college degree and with constant grind. I mean if some people put their anticipated college debt into buying their own truck, truck drivers can make 6 figures a year with no degree. (It's just an example, that isn't something for me and I don't recommend everyone become truckers haha)...anyways, yeah, I also like to think about how society is structured, politics (even though it can get toxic at times), and especially economics. I'm more sympathetic to Austrian and Chicago schools of economics to be completely honest (which generally puts me in the contrarian position), but I like to hear about other people's ideas and thoughts too (Keynesianism and even radically different economic models like syndicalism or Marx's ideas). If you ever wanna talk about some of that stuff too I'm down! Though it's okay if we just stick to sports/anime/the hopz, too. (I'm down to talk about whatever haha)

So what's your take on all of the educational stuff? Do you have any friends or know anyone who ended up in the unfortunate predicament that you described? My heart really goes out to those is some of the most stressful times, and to not find any employment after getting through all that? Talk about disheartening...anyhow, thanks again for taking the time to reply to me! Like I said, I always enjoy reading your thoughts on different things because they really open my mind up. Best of luck with this term bro - stay well and talk in a bit! (Take your time replying though, there's no rush I'll be around ;D)

Cryptotaku Jan 3, 10:38 PM
Started writing my reply! I'm about half way complete and should have the rest ready to send within the week! Stay blessed ;-D (saw you rated Monogatari Series: Second Season high btw. YES! That was my favorite season out of the entire series, it was pretty much masterful tbh) Talk soon

(p.s. your profile updates are looking flyyyy, very nice!)
KungFuIndian Dec 24, 2017 11:22 AM
🎅🎅Have a good holiday, my dude.🎅🎅
Cryptotaku Dec 22, 2017 5:44 PM
I've got a couple PVs to send your way for the holidays ;-D

Man...2018 is going to be so blessed! Merry Christmas bro!
Cryptotaku Dec 15, 2017 11:10 PM
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Hey! Hope you've doing doing well as of recent. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you - I was finishing up my last course at college and also wrapping up job negotiations. It also didn't really help that I lost the reply I was typing to you when I entered the command "sudo killall firefox" , thinking that Firefox would preserve the data in the textbox (since it preserved the web page when I open up the browser again). I was disappointed when I found out I lost it =/ Anyways, I've got the mechanical keyboard busted out so it's no problem haha x'D Mask off boooooi

Ahhh yes - after experiencing the Shinjis and the like, a healthy dose of alpha MCs and or general badassery is always welcome. I've actually heard a lot of good things about the series, especially Diamond wa Kudakenai. We'll probably have some good stuff to talk about with that series. ;P Ah, yeah this season's currently airing anime is lit. I think this is actually my favorite season and AoT2 went hard. 3-Gatsu 2nd Season started off a little slow imo. But with the start of this new arc (Episode 4 I believe), wheeew. So much character development and Kawamoto sisters greatness! I'll be interested to hear about your reaction to how Rei responds to certain events that are to come.

Mahoutsukai has, in my opinion, continued to maintain a high quality story and animation beyond the first 3 episodes. I totally agree with you that the entire ambiance, atmosphere, and general audiovisuals gives off a nice feeling. I know it's cliche to say, but the only way I can keep describing it is a magical feeling. And I like how the show gets dark at times. Your observations about those undertones are accurate and they might actually play out a little bit when you keep watching x'D I was actually kind of surprised at times. I'm still waiting to find out more about Elias and his past, but apparently, the entire next episode (11) is dedicated to that very subject. I concur with you that Wit Studio is building up that rep game! They consistently output quality anime and I hope they do more new projects in the future (in addition to endless Attack on Titan, of course).

Oh wow, I didn't even notice Houseki no Kuni tbh. That actually looks enjoyable, those genres are right up my alley. The synopsis sounds interesting...I'm down to battle some genderless super life form that is trying to turn us into "decorations". x'D Yeah, Girl's Last Tour is good ol' White Fox. Nothing groundbreaking with the story imo, but it's a nice fun show to chillax to. It has some chill ambiances with the world building and music. OH! SPEAKING OF WHITEFOX, BEFORE I FORGET (I never usually spam in all caps, but CERN is onto us man): Steins;Gate 0 was announced for Spring 2018! The hype is real af, I was so excited when I found out that news. If we can get a Re:Zero Season 2 announcement in like Q3 or Q4 of 2018, I would be ecstatic. I'm probably going to do a re-watch of Steins;Gate right before Steins;Gate0 airs. I'm planning on watching all the way to Episode 23, then watching the Beta episode, then watching all of S;G0, then finishing the remaining episode from Steins;Gate. Should be epic.

Ahh, glad you enjoyed Kizu! Yeah after sitting on it for a while (and watching the rest of the Monogatari series), I give Kizu a 9 overall. The despair that Araragi felt when he walked in on Shinobu eating dude's face reminded me of a thrill similar to when Mayuri was first murdered in S;G. I agree with you that it would have been insane for Araragi's character development if he had killed Shinobu then, but I was also fine with how it ended. I thought the battle scene at the end might have been a bit drawn out (although I didn't really mind, I'd rather have that drawn out than that drawn out fanservice scene haha), but the story itself was tragic. Araragi could have returned to a normal life as a human if he had killed Shinobu, and Shinobu would have gotten what she wanted to and finally died. Instead, Araragi's choice of sparing Shinobu had lasting consequences for both of the characters, which goes on to play an important part later on in the Monogatari series. Araragi had to remain half-vampire and constantly feed Shinobu, while Shinobu had to stay alive and live in Araragi's shadow. It's a happy ending for the audience that all of the characters got to live, but for the characters themselves, that's painful. Did you have a favorite movie out of the trilogy? It's hard for me to choose between the second or third one, but I'd probably go with the third one because of the climax and conclusion.

LOL yeah, I finished the Monogatari series pretty fast. I don't know if I beat my record of watching HxH in 15 days, but I made good time. x'D The fanservice element continued to play a part of the Monogatari series. Is there a bit of fanservice in the LN's dialogue? In the anime, some arcs have a ton of fanservice (Karen Bee, Tsukihi Phoenix) while others have virtually no fanservice (Ougi Dark). When I think of the Monogatari series though, I can't imagine the series without the fanservice. There's something about it that makes Monogatari "Monogatari" , even though I'd personally prefer less of it and thoroughly enjoyed Monogatari for the strong characters, story, and dialogue / interactions. The fast paced, constant, and rapid dialogue with different camera angles at different pieces of time really fascinated me from a technical point of view. It reminded me of Scorsese's fast-paced work, but it seems strange saying that about an anime. If you can get by some of the outrageous fanservice that occurs at times, I'm comfortable recommending taking the time to consume the entire story of the Monogatari series. The anime was great, I'm holding onto the series overall as an honorable mention.

Yeah now that winter break should be coming up soon, I'd love to hear your review of Re:Zero after you re-watch it. I'll be curious to see if you think it is just as good as when you first saw it and how hyped you are/aren't for the next season. ;D After I finish Monster, I have a few re-watches of my own to do. I'm holding off on S;G until right before S;G0 in Spring 2018, but am thinking about watching Madoka Magica, Re:Zero, and Clannad again. Speaking of Clannad, I'd have to say that Akio (Nagisa's dad) was my favorite character outside of Nagisa/Tomoya. I also ended up liking Kyou (though Tomoyo's beatdowns of Sunohara were always great).

I recently finished the final OVA of Mushishi. I'd still say it's worth keeping an eye out for, each episode feels like a movie I swear. x'D Speaking of movies, which Ghibli movies are high on your radar? Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, Mononoke Hime, and Howl no Ugoku Shiro are high on my list. Regarding Elfen Lied...yes, I can see similarities to Kara no Kyoukai Movie 3. The MC in Elfen Lied has similarities to the antagonist in the 3rd Movie - they both have similar powers and have sad backstories + the shows are both brutal. When it comes to Koe no Katachi and Kimi no Na wa, I'm kind of the converse of you: I think I've seen Your Name like 5 times haha, I really want to watch Koe no Katachi again because it was such a beautiful movie with a great message. I'm so excited to get that manga boxset, but I guess it doesn't get released for another week. I thought it was going to come out on November 19th, not December 19th, but oh well. x'D

WHAT, no, I did not know that volume 12 came out for SNAFU! That is great news to me. Have you read it yet? Ahhh, dang I need to get in on that asap. I've been waiting for so long to find out how the series would conclude. There are things that I must know about. x'D What I liked about SNAFU, in addition to the realness of the characters, was the nice blend of a good story with touches of comedy. The comedy wasn't overboard and the story was GOOD. Like, really good. Good enough that maybe I should just rewatch Oregairu instead. x'D Speaking of Oregairu, I like what you had to say about Hachiman as one of your favorite characters. I liked how he didn't care about popularity or what seemed to be superficial things. His character grew in the series and he said a lot of real messages about genuineness that I really liked. Regarding the series that got you thinking, I can definitely see why you went with Fate Zero and Monster. Fate Zero was one of the more philosophical anime that I watched (without "having" to be philosophical if you were just watching the anime for the action). And although I am not finished viewing the anime of Monster (currently 28 episodes in), it's already got me thinking a lot. I think in hindsight nobody wants to have saved a serial killer, because you feel partially responsible for enabling the murders that occurred. After thinking about it for a bit though, the doctor can't be culpable for the actions of another person. It's only a doctor's job to safe human life and be impartial about it. I think the MC made the right decision at the time (saving Johan's life and not knowing that Johan was a psychopath at the time). Even if the doctor knew ahead of time that Johan was a psychopath, it's still probably the right thing to do to save his life. It's up to the criminal justice system and mental health system to deal with Johan's violent actions, but I don't think it is up to doctors to play judge of who lives and who dies. That's just my opinion on it, Monster has obviously got me thinking a lot hahaha so I can understand how it also got you thinking.

I was the same as you re: Shinsekai Yori. The beginning of the series was kind of meh to me, it was either too slow or it didn't hook me in fast enough. That's probably one of the only reasons that I gave it an 8, because by mid-way through the series it was impossible for me to stop watching. xD The ending was a twist...when Squeeler gave the bones to the ethics committee everything clicked in my mind about Maria and Mamoru. I think Squeeler straight up helped them escape, waited for them to have a baby, killed Mari and Mamoru, raised the daughter, and gave the bones of Mami and Mamoru to the ethics committee. o.O I kind of felt bad for Squeeler at the end of the anime, but at the same time, I felt disgusted when I realized what happened to Mami and Mamoru. It was a very conflicted feeling that had me thinking about the anime for a couple of weeks.

Regarding the pay of animators getting smaller and smaller...I don't like it. I personally would like to see them paid more and do everything I can as a consumer to support them, but most of those profits aren't going to them which is frustrating. Anime is something like a $16 billion industry if I remember correctly, there is a lot of demand from consumers and money to be made. If animators keep getting skimped, they will take jobs that are more profitable to them. This could lead to either decreased quality of anime or a shortage in highly skilled animators, either of which would affect the profits of the companies that were skimping the animators in the first place. It might take such conditions to urge the companies to pay animators more money, because at some point it will cost them LESS to pay their animators MORE compared to paying their animators less and losing more. Things aren't so cut and dry and it might not turn out like that, but I think that with the amount of demand, companies will need to adapt if they want me to keep buying their shit. ;P That's my two cents on that topic hahaha. What about you, what are your thoughts?

Have you read any good manga lately? I saw you going HAM with it and you also mentioned that you were reading a lot of manga lately with school. I think I might have asked this in the past, but I forgot...what app do you use to read your manga? I use Tachiomi, though I haven't read manga in a minute. I still really want to get back to my Spice and Wolf light novels. ;P, I can totally relate to you about the stress of school. Hang in there man, I'm sure you'll do fine with your hard work and studying. How long do you have until break? Anything new with you? I just wrapped up my final course at college last week. Finally done! Feels good man x'D I also landed a full-time job as a software developer and am stoked as all hell about it. It's a good choice sticking with what you are passionate about though, you're making the right choice. If you take any interesting courses you should let me know xD Although I am done with college, I don't mind talking about cool shit haha. I didn't watch any basketball at all in November or December yet, which is a bummer ;*( I'm thinking about buying the League Pass soon though, so I should hopefully have a lot more to say again soon. Got myself a new TV for anime purpos---I mean, as a reward to myself for graduating. x'D Gotta put it to use with more basketball!

I also think it is pretty cool how long we've been talking. I hope we can do so more in the future -- if you ever decide to bounce from MAL, you should give me your email or some way of staying in contact. You're awesome to talk to ^ _ ^ If you ever find yourself on the West Coast in the US, I've got your back on a place to stay + food if needed! Stay well dude, hope to talk again! :-) Nice update to your avatar + profile description, btw.
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Yoo, I'm gonna get back to you this weekend. Thanks for the reply - talk soon
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MiA sequel confirmed!
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Oh, I forgot to ask when typing that last what are your thoughts on fanservice in anime? Also, what did you think about Shinsekai Yori? I thought it started off a bit slow but got interesting mid-way through. Little twist there at the end too lol. I also had a question about Kizu since you said that you read the LN. In the novel, does Kiss-Shot speak using a classical dialect? For example, saying "thou" for "you" , "art" for "are", "wilt" for "will" , etc. ? I saw Kizu with Edo subtitles that mimicked archaic Japanese. Was it like that in the Light Novel?