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Feb 9, 2017
​Unspoken rule of anime #55: if, at any time, that one ^-^ faced character opens their eyes, it means that some serious bat-sh*t craziness is going to happen. In the case of Kekkai Sensen: comedic "lol what is even happening" craziness! With a touch---punch?---of style.

OVERALL - rounded up 8.5
Kekkai Sensen is fun, jazzy, and chaotic. I jumped in expecting a serious shounen action anime, but I was quickly proved wrong. Meandering from side story to side story in a way usually reserved for slice of life or select mystery series, it is a show that I notice goes two ways: people are either confused as read more
Jan 3, 2017
It doesn't take long to know whether you'd like AJIN or not. Ok with/like full CG? Prefer/interested in a generally apathetic MC? Into/loving the idea of an antagonist that's like that one especially difficult Dark Souls boss but with the ability to almost instantly revive? AJIN is here for you!

[Warning: halfway through this season, AJIN diverges from the original manga, but remarkably it doesn't hurt the show very much. The manga's a real good read, you should try it.]

OVERALL - rounded up 8.5
I feel bad typing this, but modern-day stories about terrorism always fascinates me (I'm looking at you, beautifully animated Zankyō no Terror! >_>). read more
Dec 31, 2016
It's Natsume Yuujinchou. If you aren't following this series, you've either not tried it or slice of life anime is just not for you. That's okay if you don't like slower shows. Otherwise... Join us in the iyashikei world, where the world is good and pureness reigns and smiles are protected! Go! We'll see you at Roku!

Always happy for more Natsume Yuujinchou. Heartwarming. Fluffy. Pure. Activates the "I must protect this smile!" instinct. Feels. Feels that are sometimes happy. Feels that are sometimes REALLY KINDA HEARTBREAKING??? Iyashikei but with an undertone of constant melancholy that almost makes you have multiple existential crises but read more
Dec 28, 2016
This anime is not a perfect 10. This anime is, however, a masterpiece---flaws and all. Yuri!!! On Ice may not be the best of this year or this season, but there is a reason why it has earned its place in many hearts. Objectively, this anime is a 8.5/10; but it is difficult to be completely objective when something gifts you with so much unbridled joy and shares with you as much pure-hearted love as it can provide. Hear me out.

It's the first Wednesday after Yuri!!! On Ice ended. While there is the usual emptiness that comes with a great show ending, YOI read more
Oct 3, 2016
(Tbh I ought to be sleeping by now.)

Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin (Alderamin for short) is a military anime with intelligent nods to the issues that come with imperialism and religion. While it does have fantasy themes, this is used to give reason to the war. Don't expect huge, spiraling battles as the heroes rain down their bossness from the skies! This is down and gritty and most of all REAL: the protagonists and their troops are outnumbered, under-supplied, 90% of their superiors are incompetent, their country isn't even worth protecting, and their enemies often have completely legitimate reasons for war. read more
Oct 1, 2016
91 Days (Anime) add (All reviews)
(It's 2AM and this is my first anime review. Bear with me.)

Let me say this straight. 91 Days is an anime you should watch for the thrill of it---ignore the animation quality slips that newborn-studio Shuka is still outgrowing. This is a highly story-driven, character-development heavy show with a very twisted but still realistic plot that likes to seduce you into thinking you got her all figured out. 91 Days is quite the summery masterpiece, although with (jarring) flaws; and it is the gritty mafia, Prohibition era revenge anime you want.

Fair warning, however. There will be blood, but the murder-happy beware! This read more