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Mar 30, 2019
11:59 PM, 30th March 2019
the exact time of me writing this review

after watching the last episode, i'm not sure if everyone felt the same thing as i am but truthfully, i'm filled with mixed feelings of happiness, sorrow.
before that, let me explain this series in a bigger picture.

kaguya sama is just a normal romantic comedy, we have 2 main characters who is naive in their own way. im not saying this is a bad thing. in fact, their naiveness of love is what makes this anime worth watching. it takes me back to my high school life where love life is such a beautiful thing. read more
Mar 25, 2019
tensei shitara slime datta ken is just a generic isekai anime like others.
just a guy transported to a fantasy world but as a slime.

despite the common concept of a story that they use, its still enjoyable. when i say enjoyable, i mean really enjoyable. to be honest, i cant stop watching this anime and i even read the manga and the web novel and with that i can say that this series is a walking masterpiece.
i know saying this anime as a masterpiece is just a stupid idea but in my opinion, i found this series very very interesting. just the idea of starting a read more
Feb 20, 2019
out of all manga that i could read, i cant believe i read a shoujo manga and really got obsessed with it.

maybe it's just that i have a big guy's body with a little girl's heart. but enough with that, lets just get straight in with the review.

i cant really compare to any manga due to the fact that i think its my first time reading shoujo manga. well i can compare it with the anime Maid sama though. both of them really put on some similar vibes.
but what differs them is that amount of insecurities that i got while reading this manga. its read more
Feb 12, 2019
“Live… and be free. From the bottom of my heart, I love you.” – Gilbert Bougainvillea

as i watch Violet Evergarden, i've come to a conclusion that i hate reality.
reality is a cruel world.
but then without reality, we will also lose ourself in a delusional world.

for such a long time, i've been holding back tears in hopes so that i won't be a crybaby but Violet Evergarden has really easily erased all of that effort that i have put in. maybe i really am a crybaby but, not a single episode has made me not feel emotional.
every episode has been filled with beautiful writings, gorgeous animation read more
Feb 10, 2019
have you really think about what will you do if you know that you only have few days to live ?

i found this manga while scrolling through the top manga list and i was quite surprised to see a 16 chapters manga to be on the top list.
since it's not that much, i decided to read it in hopes to have a relaxing day reading something that is worth the time and oh boy i would say that i would sell my lifespan just to have an alternate version of the main characters not in the same state as they are in the manga.

this manga read more
Feb 8, 2019
well, lets start things of with some one word review

tbh this manga is just like that one manga where a girl tease a guy and all the fun happens. but somehow, i enjoy this more though. its just so enjoyable and cute to see both of the mc doing fun things together and somehow i just want to ship them. i hope they do that at the end of the manga.

well for the story, i guess its just a normal slice of life story where you get to know what the mc doing each day. as expected from this kind of manga. i mean you read more
Feb 5, 2019
i just can't stand the fact that this manga is not getting what it deserves! i started reading this manga bcs i saw someone recommend this in a forum post. and ohh boy i didn't regret it at all.
this is truly a heartwarming pure romance that has been developed with care. me as a fan of pure romance feels blessed after reading this manga. it's just a manga that you can read while you relax and all without worrying about anything.
before i started reading this, i felt insecure due to some personal reasons and watching anime and reading manga has been my escape. by read more
Jan 31, 2019
his is a non-spoiler review. though if there's one, it wont hurt you or something bcs this anime is your typical slice of life where you just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

when i said that this anime is your typical slice of life anime, i mean it. but it has a twist in it. welp as you can see, its about a novelist who just got a cat and thats the only thing you probably need to know before watching this. the entire show is about the life of the mc which is an author with his cat. with that simple idea can read more
Jan 28, 2019
i guess i'll be writing a review for this. after spending my weekend just to read through chapter 212 from scratch, i think i have quite things to say.
well the anime adaptation is on air so due to the fact that i'm a bit persistent, i've decided to read the manga so here's what i got.

i don't think i have a strong obsession with a manga that has this genre before. well if you look at it in general, it's just your typical romance / drama manga. i dont blame you to think like that bcs theres alot manga that has similar vibes but since read more
Jan 21, 2019
first of all, let me say that im the kind of guy who will read the manga if the front cover is attractive or interesting. and welp they did well with this
without seeing the tag or the synopsis, i think im a bit screwd...
i didnt expect it to be a gender bender manga though...

welp with that aside, let me give you an honest review.
i never actually read a gender bender manga and at first it's a bit weird knowing the fact that the mc are both male and its a hentai... but since the mc got his gender swapped, i think its not that weird read more